Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year (So Far)


Teen Wolf: The Movie

5.7/10 IMDB

The wolves are howling once again, as a terrifying ancient evil emerges in Beacon Hills. Scott McCall, no longer a teenager yet still an Alpha, must gather new allies and reunite trusted friends to fight back against this powerful and deadly enemy.

Starring: Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Crystal Reed, Orny Adams, Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Colton Haynes, Ryan Kelley ..
Directed by: Russell Mulcahy
Release date: 2023-01-18

A Prince in Paradise

7.6/10 IMDB

Olivia, struggling with writer's block after a break up, takes a tropical holiday in hope of some inspiration and meets Prince Alexander, who needs some distance from his duty to marry royalty.

Starring: Rhiannon Fish, Mitchell Bourke, Cara McCarthy, David Hooley, Juan Fernando Monge, Andrea Moor, Dirk Hunter, Naomi Sequeira, Kym Jackson, Jasmine Barui ..
Directed by: Adrian Powers
Release date: 2023-01-07
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: My Sister's Serial Killer Boyfriend

My Sister's Serial Killer Boyfriend

6.0/10 IMDB

Maddie, a local reporter investigating a series of killings targeting similar looking women is caught off guard when her younger sister Olivia, is attacked in her own home. Urging on the side of caution, Maddie suggests they take a self-defense course. When Olivia starts to fall for their instructor, Maddie becomes skeptical when he refuses to reveal anything about himself, and tries to intervene before the relationship turns into a deadly obsession.

Starring: Brianna Cohen, Rib Hillis, Revell Carpenter ..
Directed by: Danny J. Boyle
Release date: 2023-01-08
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: The Wedding Veil Expectations

The Wedding Veil Expectations

6.7/10 IMDB

Avery and Peter try to keep the romance alive while renovating the old house they bought and juggling work, but everything takes on a new perspective when they get some news they’ve been hoping for.

Starring: Lacey Chabert, Kevin McGarry, Autumn Reeser, Alison Sweeney, Karen Kruper, Marco Soriano, Barry W. Levy, Doron Bell, Oliver Rice, Fiona Vroom ..
Directed by: Peter Benson
Release date: 2023-01-07

A Deadly Mistake

8.4/10 IMDB

After a car accident leaves her boyfriend in a coma, April’s panic attacks return and make her life a living hell. However, once she accepts the kindness of a stranger trying to help her, she realizes that he might not be the stranger she thought he is.

Starring: Nicole Marie Johnson, Philip Boyd, Rachel Petsiavas, Cameron Jebo, Brian Childers, Sharonne Lanier, Erin Dangler, Christie Leverette, Crystal Day, Bruce Cooper ..
Directed by: Danny J. Boyle
Release date: 2023-01-23

House of Grucci

7.3/10 IMDB

An illuminating look inside the lives of the Grucci family, whose Long Island-based fireworks business has been lighting up night skies around the world with spectacular displays since the 1800s.

Starring: Felix Grucci, Debra Grucci, Christopher Grucci, Lauren Grucci, Donna Grucci, Corey Grucci, Voula Saridakis ..
Release date: 2023-01-02

The Wedding Veil Journey

7.2/10 IMDB

Tracy and Nick agree to set aside work to make time for a long overdue honeymoon to Greece. However, they soon find themselves confronting life choices when they get stranded on a secluded island.

Starring: Alison Sweeney, Victor Webster, Lacey Chabert, Autumn Reeser, Ché Grant, Katerina Geronikolou, Alexander Nicolaou, Jane Asher, Nicholas Banks, Andreas Karras ..
Directed by: Ron Oliver
Release date: 2023-01-21
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: The Wedding Veil Inspiration

The Wedding Veil Inspiration

7.1/10 IMDB

Emma's plans get thrown off course when Paolo returns to Italy to take care of his father and she discovers a new passion for making art accessible to all.

Starring: Autumn Reeser, Paolo Bernardini, Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, Carlo Marks, Kacey Rohl ..
Directed by: Terry Ingram
Release date: 2023-01-14
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Sweeter Than Chocolate

Sweeter Than Chocolate

7.3/10 IMDB

A local bakery is rumored to have the secret recipe to finding true love on Feb. 14, drawing in a TV reporter to investigate.

Starring: Eloise Mumford, Dan Jeannotte, Brenda Strong, Lesley Mirza, Linda Ko, Nik Andrews, Bobby Stewart, Lesley Mirza, Liam Boland, Jillian Knowles ..
Directed by: David Weaver
Release date: 2023-02-04

Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance

6.1/10 IMDB

Sparks fly when Hannah, an expert in avalanche forecasting, brings her new technology to Glacier National Park and faces pushback from the director of Mountain Rescue, who relies more on intuition and common sense. Their dual approach bring more than forecasting to the forefront of their hearts.

Starring: Ashley Newbrough, Stephen Huszar, Amélie Will Wolf, Tegan Moss, Devon Alexander, Teagan Vincze, Maia Rose Michaels ..
Directed by: Christie Will
Release date: 2023-01-28
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Family History Mysteries: Buried Past

Family History Mysteries: Buried Past

6.7/10 IMDB

Genealogist Sophie McClaren is an expert at bringing families together. When her close friend Jonathan urgently needs to find a bone marrow donor, the case becomes personal.

Starring: Janel Parrish, Niall Matter, Morgan David Jones, Dave Rose, Sherry Miller, Kyana Teresa, Ron Lea, Carlisle J. Williams, Judah Katz, Kelly McNamee ..
Directed by: Jonathan Wright
Release date: 2023-02-05

We Are Not Alone

6.0/10 IMDB

Six weeks after the Gu'un aliens have invaded and completely conquered Earth, hapless Stewart becomes the Gu'uns' official human liaison who ends up saddled with alien Greggs for a housemate. Stewart must help the Gu'uns deliver their message to the masses and win favour with humankind, while also aiding the human resistance and managing his enduring crush on Elodie.

Starring: Declan Baxter, Joe Thomas, Georgia May Foote, Vicki Pepperdine, Amanda Abbington, Bruce Mackinnon, Rebecca Yeo, Evelyn Mok, Laurence Rickard, Ben Willbond ..
Directed by: Fergal Costello
Release date: 2023-01-27

Harry: The Interview

5.3/10 IMDB

An exclusive interview with Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, in which he talks in-depth to Tom Bradby, journalist and ITV News at Ten presenter, covering a range of subjects including his personal relationships, never-before-heard details surrounding the death of his mother, Diana, and a look ahead at his future. The 90-minute programme was broadcast two days before Prince Harry’s autobiography ‘Spare’ was published on 10 January.

Starring: Prince Harry, Tom Bradby ..
Release date: 2023-01-14
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: How to Murder Your Husband: The Nancy Brophy Story

How to Murder Your Husband: The Nancy Brophy Story

5.4/10 IMDB

Author Nancy Crampton-Brophy often writes stories about female protagonists who fantasize about killing their own husbands. In a shocking and ironic turn of events, Brophy faces accusations of doing the same thing in real life.

Starring: Cybill Shepherd, Steve Guttenberg, Lisa Durupt, Camille Mitchell, Rylea Nevaeh Whittet, Jason D. Johnson, Kate Mitchell, Hilary Jardine, Serge Houde, Aaron Craven ..
Directed by: Stephen Tolkin
Release date: 2023-01-14

Hoax: The True Story Of The Kidnapping Of Sherri Papini

5.4/10 IMDB

Young mother Sherri Papini disappears while jogging and reappears three weeks later on Thanksgiving Day. She claims that two Hispanic women kidnapped and abused her. Four years later, new evidence reveals that her abduction was a hoax she perpetrated to spend time with an ex-boyfriend.

Starring: Jaime King, Matt Hamilton, Josh Collins, Christina Sicoli, William Carson ..
Directed by: Marta Borowski
Release date: 2023-01-28

Luckless in Love

6.9/10 IMDB

Winnie, a dating blogger who anonymously writes under the pen name Luckless, goes viral for a post about a disastrous date with Holden, a perpetually single sports agent who refuses to settle. When Winnie’s boss offers her very own column on the popular lifestyle site, Mush, Winnie has no choice but to keep dating Holden for content. But things get complicated when feelings develop and Winnie learns that Holden has a teenage son.

Starring: Paniz Zade, Brett Donahue, Steffi DiDomenicantonio, Maria Ricossa, Dale Whibley, Jennifer Gibson, Lexie Galante, Liam MacDonald, Michael Grant, Lauren Howe ..
Directed by: John Bradshaw
Release date: 2023-01-25
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating

The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating

6.2/10 IMDB

Simon believes Chloe is the girl of his dreams, but can’t seem to win over her beloved pup. He enlists dog trainer Alex and soon finds himself wondering where his real connection might be.

Starring: Rebecca Dalton, Corey Sevier, Emily Stranges, Justin Gerard Nurse, Elisa King, Pat Dempsey, Mikaela Dyke, Anshuman Pandey, Alexis Koetting, Eliza King ..
Directed by: Max McGuire, Craig Pryce
Release date: 2023-01-01

Soul of the Ocean

8.9/10 IMDB

The undersea world has often been depicted as a dangerous place filled with lethal predators. A world where sharks are mindless eating machines. A world where the only relationship between species is that big fish eat little fish. Of course, stories of sensational danger and violent predation are seductive to wildlife film audiences. But is that what the ocean is really like?

Starring: Noma Dumezweni, Jonathan Pryce ..
Directed by: Howard Hall
Release date: 2023-01-25
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Vacation Home Nightmare

Vacation Home Nightmare

5.1/10 IMDB

When a woman is attacked in her rental home, the company's shady clean-up team steps in to help her pick up the pieces. However, she soon learns that the head of the team might be cleaning up his own crimes and will go to any measures to silence her.

Starring: Aubrey Reynolds, Justin Berti, Felisha Cooper, Yolanthe Cabau, Grant Wright Gunderson, Anastacia McPherson, Nick Checket, Christopher Sky, Monique Sypkens, Maria Breese ..
Directed by: Lindsay Hartley
Release date: 2023-01-29
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket

James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket

8.3/10 IMDB

James Baldwin was at once a major 20th century American author, a Civil Rights activist and, for two crucial decades, a prophetic voice calling Americans, black and white, to confront their shared racial tragedy.

Starring: James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka, David Baldwin, David Leeming, Lucien Happersberger, Bernard Hassel, William Cole, Ishmael Reed, William Styron ..
Directed by: Karen Thorsen
Release date: 2023-02-01
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: My Daughter's Deadly Roommates

My Daughter's Deadly Roommates

6.1/10 IMDB

New beginnings have disastrous consequences as a young woman starts college and quickly finds herself trapped inside a secret society that has sinister motives. As the society isolates her from her family with increasing intensity, she must decide whether to resign herself to their deadly manipulation, or if she will fight back to stop them once and for all. ~Courtesy of

Starring: Timylle Adams, Elle Mason, Lily Brody, David Dittmeier, Nemanja Filipovic, Kaci Fullinwider, Kaci Fullinwider, Molly Grace, Haley Jennings, Grace Montie ..
Directed by: Adam Biddle
Release date: 2023-01-27

Meet You in Scotland

6.0/10 IMDB

An aspiring writer is sent to Scotland to collect a prestigious literary award for her famous boss and is quickly mistaken for someone else by a dashing Scottish poet. Now, caught in the beauty of the Highlands, she’ll need to decide if telling the truth is worth possibly losing the man of her dreams.

Starring: Emma Fischer, Finlay Bain ..
Directed by: David Lumsden
Release date: 2023-01-22

Burned by Love

4.6/10 IMDB

A divorcee meets her seemingly perfect match on an online dating site, only to discover he's a scammer who's looking to destroy her life. When she tries to bring him to justice, he turns into a violent stalker.

Starring: Shiva Negar, Dillon Casey, Drew Nelson, Mikaela Dyke, Danny McLeod, Alexis Koetting, Jillian Rees-Brown ..
Directed by: Michelle Ouellet
Release date: 2023-01-15
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Fall Into Winter

Fall Into Winter

6.3/10 IMDB

Keely is aghast when her brother sells his half of their family-owned, upscale candy shop to his best friend from high school orcing a sudden urgency to find connection and common ground. Keely has been hurt before; change is her new nemesis. Brooks’ past is a mirror of Keely’s. He, too, has a fortress around his heart. Fate brings the pair together. Might it also offer new beginnings?

Starring: Lori Loughlin, James Tupper, Darrin Baker, Marc Senior ..
Release date: 2023-01-28
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: National Geographic Investigates - Invaders: Colombia's Hippos

National Geographic Investigates - Invaders: Colombia's Hippos

0.0/10 IMDB

Hippos are invading Colombia, thanks to Escobar, and the government must act.

Release date: 2023-02-02

National Geographic Investigates - Battle for Alaska's Oil

0.0/10 IMDB

Drill or not to drill is the big question in the battle for oil in the Arctic Refuge.

Release date: 2023-02-09
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Curious Caterer: Grilling Season

Curious Caterer: Grilling Season

0.0/10 IMDB

Caterer Goldy Berry reunites with detective Tom Schultz when a realtor is murdered. As they uncover personal and professional rivalries, they realize the culprit is closer than expected.

Starring: Nikki DeLoach, Andrew W. Walker, Neil Webb, Jaycie Dotin, Amanda May, Howie Lai, Rob LaBelle, Beverley Elliott, Riley Davis, Veenu Sandhu ..
Directed by: Paul Ziller
Release date: 2023-02-05

National Geographic Investigates: Great Lakes Wreckage

0.0/10 IMDB

Release date: 2023-02-09

Black Travel Across America

0.0/10 IMDB

A host will journey to living Green Book Sites and modern black business.

Release date: 2023-02-07
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: A Date with Deception

A Date with Deception

0.0/10 IMDB

Released from prison for a crime she didn't commit, Diana tries to prove her innocence by tracking down her ex-husband, Elias, who framed her for fraud. However, she soon uncovers a much more nefarious plot that involves a mysterious disappearance.

Starring: Hannah Jane McMurray, Rib Hillis, Kia Dorsey, Alexandra Harris, Paul Diaz, Mike Stutz, Chris Connell, Angela Baumgardner, Dean Chandler Bowden, Kathryn Forbes ..
Directed by: Leena Pendharkar
Release date: 2023-02-09
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Titanic: 25 Years Later with James Cameron

Titanic: 25 Years Later with James Cameron

0.0/10 IMDB

The Academy Award-winning director and National Geographic Explorer-at-Large James Cameron adds a postscript to his fictional retelling of the tragedy. After hearing fans continue to insist Jack didn’t have to die that night, he mounts tests to see, once and for all, whether both Jack and Rose could have fit on that raft and survived.

Starring: James Cameron ..
Directed by: Thomas C. Grane
Release date: 2023-02-06
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: National Geographic Investigates: LSD and Psychedelics

National Geographic Investigates: LSD and Psychedelics

0.0/10 IMDB

For years psychedelics were forced into the shadows in a de facto prohibition. But today we're learning just how much they can help heal modern ills.

Release date: 2023-01-25
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: The Plot to Kill My Mother

The Plot to Kill My Mother

5.4/10 IMDB

A young woman who unknowingly grew up in federal witness protection reels after her mother’s murder, leading her to question everything that she thinks is true. She decides to leave the program and find the killer before he kills again, but reclaiming a life she never knew isn’t going to be easy.

Starring: Romy Weltman, Milton Barnes, Samantha Brown, Arwen Humphreys ..
Directed by: Simone Stock
Release date: 2023-01-22
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias

Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias

6.0/10 IMDB

Jodi Arias befriends Donavan Bering and Tracy Brown in prison, and they became inseparable. Donavan is released from prison before Jodi's trial and becomes her mouthpiece, posting on social media and defending Jodi. When the details of the case and Jodi's story no longer add up, Donavan refuses to continue her work, bringing out Jodi's vengeful side.

Starring: Celina Sinden, Tricia Black, Lynn Rafferty, Elias Edraki, Maggie Cassella, Adriano Sobretodo Jr., Christine Noble, Michelle Haffey, Adesola Adesina ..
Directed by: Rama Rau
Release date: 2023-01-21
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation

Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation

6.0/10 IMDB

Gwen Shamblin, a charismatic with a curated image, became known with her Christian diet program "Weigh Down Workshop", and was accused of exploitation and emotional, psychological, and physical abuse by the church's alleged cult practices.

Starring: Jennifer Grey, Brittany Drisdelle, Jorja Cadence, Karen Cliche, Vincent Walsh, Connor McMahon, Michael Hearn, Frank Fiola, Evelyne Morissette, Willow Astbury ..
Directed by: John L'Ecuyer
Release date: 2023-02-04
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: The Love Club: Nicole's Story

The Love Club: Nicole's Story

0.0/10 IMDB

Four women, each dealing with their dating failures, make a promise to call each other if they ever run into romantic trouble again. 10 years later they revive their "Love Club" to help them to find true love.

Starring: Brittany Bristow, Marcus Rosner, Lily Gao, David Pinard, Chantel Riley, Camille Stopps, Alex Woods, Derick Agyemang, Tyler Murree, Jennifer Foster ..
Directed by: Jill Carter
Release date: 2023-02-02

Fashionably in Love

0.0/10 IMDB

Avery, a socialite on the path to follow in her powerful political family’s footsteps, is harboring a secret dream to be a fashion designer and work for Lisette Monique. When notorious upper east side player Oliver offers Avery the chance to work for Lisette in exchange for publicly dating him in order to rehab his bad boy so he can keep his trust fund, Avery must choose between her family’s expectations and risking it all to be a designer.

Starring: Celeste Desjardins, Andrew Bushell, Michelle Nolden, Sana Asad, Alison Brooks, Jim Annan, Hayden Rose, Glen Michael Grant, Mary-Lu Zahalan, Alejandro Zapico ..
Directed by: Samantha MacAdam
Release date: 2023-01-11
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Secrets In the Marriage

Secrets In the Marriage

5.4/10 IMDB

Framed for murder by her cheating husband, a newlywed must find a way to absolve herself of a crime she didn't commit while exposing her spouse before it's too late.

Starring: Brianna Cohen, Alex Trumble, Karen Strassman, Grace McClanahan, Liana Giurissevich, Damon McKinnis, Lauren McCullough, Chuck Meré, Lauren Palmer, Karsyn Elizabeth ..
Directed by: Nigel Thomas
Release date: 2023-02-03

Soul of a Nation Presents: Black in Vegas

0.0/10 IMDB

This special explores the history of Black entertainers in Las Vegas and celebrating those who are now ruling the historic strip.

Starring: Usher, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Marsha Warfield, George Wallace, Eddie Griffin, Ne-Yo ..
Directed by: Tine
Release date: 2023-02-02
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: My Landlord Wants Me Dead

My Landlord Wants Me Dead

0.0/10 IMDB

A college dropout unwittingly puts her own life at stake when she investigates a series of strange and terrifying events at her aunt's secluded ranch house.

Starring: Emily Roslyn Villarreal, Roy Abramsohn, Joey Heyworth, Anzu Lawson, Lauren Vaz, Clara Carlo ..
Directed by: Farah White
Release date: 2023-02-05

Horror in Idaho: The Student Murders

0.0/10 IMDB

What happened when terror gripped the rural town of Moscow, Idaho, when authorities found four University of Idaho students ? Ethan Chapin (20), Madison Mogen (21), Xana Kernodle (20) and Kaylee Goncalves (21) ? stabbed to death in an off-campus house in November.

Starring: Kayna Whitworth, David Muir ..
Release date: 2023-01-14

Miss Universe 2022

0.0/10 IMDB

The 2022 Miss Universe will be held on Saturday, January 14, at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT., live from the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

Release date: 2023-01-14
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper

0.0/10 IMDB

When Dillon's love life falls apart she returns to her grandfather's farm in Colorado, where she works with Jordan, a handsome hardware store owner, to restore a vintage 1960s travel trailer, and along the way, finds new love.

Starring: Daniela Bobadilla, Beau Wirick, Gigi Orsillo, James Eckhouse, Walter Anaruk, Andi Davis, Jenna Hawkins, Kelly Nicole Turner, Orion Carrington, Keir Kirkegaard ..
Directed by: Brandon Clark
Release date: 2023-02-05
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: For The Future

For The Future

0.0/10 IMDB

Luz and her friends continue their race against Belos to confront the Collector and save the Boiling Isles.

Starring: Sarah-Nicole Robles, Wendie Malick, Alex Hirsch, Issac Ryan Brown, Tati Gabrielle, Mae Whitman, Zeno Robinson, Cissy Jones, Matthew Rhys, Elizabeth Grullon ..
Release date: 2023-01-21
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: It Is Not Good, Maybe.

It Is Not Good, Maybe.

0.0/10 IMDB

Kaminiida Midori is a member of "Pon Poko Pi", a three-person streamer group. The number of views of their videos has been dropping and Midori has been tasked by her friends to be the "test subject" of a surprise documentary project, "Let a cute girl approach a guy who looks like he has never dated anyone". One day, Midori approaches an unattractive man named Ishibashi Wataru, and begins dating him, but gradually feels guilty about it.

Starring: Ai Yoshikawa, Amane Okayama, Sayu Kubota, Yuki Inoue, Hamao Noritaka, Yuu Tokui, Analog Taro, Omasa Rin, Shitara Mone, Sakiko Kato ..
Directed by: Iseda Seyama
Release date: 2023-01-06

A Deadly Surrogacy

0.0/10 IMDB

Before the death of her husband, Susie froze an embryo. Surrogate Lorna agrees to carry the child to help Susie. Danger begins to follow Susie and when Lorna disappears, she'll do all she can to save the life of her unborn child.

Starring: Rhonda Dent, Emily Tennant, Jason Cermak, Ashley Alexander ..
Directed by: Chester Sit
Release date: 2023-01-31
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Fight For The Future

Fight For The Future

0.0/10 IMDB

Luz and pals fight for the future!

Release date: 2023-01-21
Best Tv Movie Movies of This Year: Jeremy Clarkson: King of Controversy

Jeremy Clarkson: King of Controversy

0.0/10 IMDB

A look at the career of Jeremy Clarkson and the many controversies surrounding him.

Starring: Wendy Lloyd ..
Release date: 2023-01-29

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