Best Music Movies of This Year (So Far)


Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)

7.6/10 IMDB

Miley Cyrus takes the stage in this must-see, Disney+ music event featuring debut performances of her highly anticipated eighth studio album, "Endless Summer Vacation." The global superstar’s cinematic, one-of-a-kind performances are threaded together with exclusive interviews where she provides insight to her new album and the person she is today.

Starring: Miley Cyrus ..
Directed by: Brendan Walter, Jacob Bixenman
Release date: 2023-03-10

Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming with Dave Letterman

8.1/10 IMDB

Filmmaker Morgan Neville captures Dave Letterman on his first visit to Dublin to hang out with Bono and The Edge in their hometown, experience Dublin, and join the two U2 musicians for a concert performance unlike any they’ve done before.

Starring: Bono, The Edge, David Letterman, Glen Hansard ..
Directed by: Morgan Neville
Release date: 2023-03-17

The Weeknd: Live at SoFi Stadium

8.1/10 IMDB

Filmed at LA’s SoFi Stadium, The Weeknd brings down the house – and your living room – in this epic concert event.

Starring: The Weeknd, Jim Carrey ..
Directed by: Micah Bickham
Release date: 2023-02-25

When You Finish Saving the World

5.6/10 IMDB

Evelyn and her oblivious son Ziggy seek out replacements for each other. As Evelyn tries to parent an unassuming teenager at her shelter, Ziggy fumbles through his pursuit of a brilliant young woman at school.

Starring: Finn Wolfhard, Julianne Moore, Billy Bryk, Alisha Boe, Sara Anne, Jack Justice, Jay O. Sanders, Eléonore Hendricks, Sarah Minnich, Jordyn Aurora Aquino ..
Directed by: Jesse Eisenberg
Release date: 2023-01-20

Rock Dog 3: Battle the Beat

6.0/10 IMDB

After touring the world, Bodi takes some time off and returns to his village. When he learns that the girl group, K-9, doesn't know who rock legend Angus Scattergood is, he is compelled to join the musical competition show, “Battle the Beat,” to inspire a new generation of rock stars. But after joining the show, Bodi quickly realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew when he becomes an overnight TV personality sensation.

Starring: Eddie Izzard, Andrew Francis, Ashleigh Ball, Bethany Brown, Brian Dobson, Graham Hamilton, Kathleen Barr, Nicole Oliver, Doron Bell, Jason Simpson ..
Directed by: Anthony Bell
Release date: 2023-02-02
Best Music Movies of This Year: Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration

Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration

6.7/10 IMDB

This two-hour animated and live-action blended special pays tribute to the original Disney Animation’s “Beauty and the Beast” and its legacy by showcasing the fan-favorite movie, along with new memorable musical performances, taking viewers on a magical adventure through the eyes of Belle.

Starring: H.E.R., Josh Groban, Joshua Henry, Martin Short, David Alan Grier, Shania Twain, Rita Moreno, Jon Jon Briones, Elle Naomi, Leo A. Perry ..
Directed by: Hamish Hamilton
Release date: 2023-02-24

Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC

7.6/10 IMDB

Documentary about the legendary nightclub Max's Kansas City and the New York Rock Scene of the 70s.

Starring: Alice Cooper, H.R., Billy Idol, Lenny Kaye, Harley Flanagan, Penny Arcade, Jayne County, Paul 'H.R.' Hudson, Penny Arcade ..
Directed by: Danny Garcia
Release date: 2023-03-10

Revival69: The Concert That Rocked the World

9.0/10 IMDB

"Revival69: The Concert That Rocked the World", is the remarkable, behind-the-scenes story of how a little known music festival came together against all odds. Young, scrappy concert promoter John Brower puts his life on the line to turn his failing Toronto Rock n Roll Revival into a one-day event, later coined in rock mythology as “the second most important event in rock n’ roll history.” And it almost didn't happen. The festival united rock legends and the almost famous, but it was the 11th hour arrival of John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band that ignited a truly seminal moment for the 20,000 fans at Toronto’s Varsity Stadium, triggering Lennon's final decision to leave the Beatles forever.

Starring: Alice Cooper, John Brower, Robby Krieger, Klaus Voormann, Alan White, Danny Seraphine, Geddy Lee, Claudja Barry, Shep Gordon, Robert Christgau ..
Directed by: Ron Chapman
Release date: 2023-03-12

Southern Gospel

5.3/10 IMDB

Samuel Allen's life collapses, but he wants to pursue his childhood goals and become a preacher. To do this, the rock n roll star has to fight against his past demons.

Starring: Max Ehrich, Braxton Bjerken, Katelyn Nacon, Beau Hart, Liam Pileggi, Friedman Twinkies, Burgess Jenkins, Alex Sgambati, Gary Weeks, Jeffrey A. Smith ..
Directed by: Jeffrey A. Smith
Release date: 2023-03-10
Best Music Movies of This Year: Facing the Laughter: Minnie Pearl

Facing the Laughter: Minnie Pearl

8.6/10 IMDB

She was a dichotomy – Sarah was educated, serious, intelligent, articulate, ambitious and untraditional in many ways. Minnie was uncomplicated, direct, playful and quite traditional. A young girl hailing from a small Tennessee town with big dreams of being a Shakespearian actress on the world stage was more like a delusion in the 1930’s. But she did make it on the world stage – with her recognizable costume and same opening line that never grew tiresome. The legacy she left was one of compassion, empowerment and innovation. But mostly she made us laugh. This is her story… simple, yet complicated. A permanent fixture in country music yet music was clearly not her gift.

Directed by: Barbara Hall
Release date: 2023-02-06
Best Music Movies of This Year: Flora and Son

Flora and Son

7.9/10 IMDB

Single mom Flora is at war with her teenage son, petty thief Max. Encouraged by the police to find Max a hobby, she rescues a beat-up guitar from a dumpster and finds that one person's trash can be a family's salvation.

Starring: Eve Hewson, Orén Kinlan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Amy Huberman, Jack Reynor ..
Directed by: John Carney
Release date: 2023-01-22

Happy FKN Sunshine

8.2/10 IMDB

A teenager growing up in a poor industrial town struggles to create a better life through music.

Starring: Matt Close, Mattea Brotherton, Dana Hodgson, Connor Rueter, Maxime Lauzon, Maestro, Ted Dykstra, Bridget Graham, Kelly Boegel ..
Directed by: Derek Diorio
Release date: 2023-01-10

Carole King: Home Again

7.7/10 IMDB

On Saturday May 26th, 1973 before 100,000 plus fans on the Great Lawn of Central Park in New York City, a generational talent singer-songwriter at the undeniable top of her game enjoyed a humbling homecoming a mere 14 miles from the house in Brooklyn where she grew up. The historic event highlighted the earth-moving power she’d unleashed with her watershed Tapestry (already being touted as one of the highest selling albums in history a mere two years after its release), all the way through her soon-to-be released song-cycle album Fantasy, (her fourth consecutive Lou Adler-produced album to land in Billboard’s Top Ten), Carole King’s performance that day was, according to Jack Nicholson, one of only two current events “proper” to be seen at in public.

Starring: Carole King ..
Directed by: George Scott
Release date: 2023-01-19
Best Music Movies of This Year: Jamojaya


6.9/10 IMDB

A rapper with a rising career hires a US manager and label, taking over from his father who has steered it to date.

Starring: Rich Brian, Yayu A.W. Unru, Henry Ian Cusick, Anthony Kiedis, Sonya Balmores, Kate Lyn Sheil, Taiana Tully ..
Directed by: Justin Chon
Release date: 2023-01-22
Best Music Movies of This Year: Schoolhouse Rock! 50th Anniversary Singalong

Schoolhouse Rock! 50th Anniversary Singalong

4.5/10 IMDB

Black Eyed Peas, Derek Hough, Hayley Erbert, Fortune Feimster, Jason Biggs, Jenny Mollen, Julianne Hough, Kal Penn, The Muppets, NE-YO, Raven Symoné and Retta perform classic Schoolhouse Rock! hits.

Starring: Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough, Kal Penn, Jason Biggs, Shaquille O'Neal, Derek Hough, Ne-Yo,, Raven-Symoné, Retta ..
Directed by: Nick Florez, R.J. Durell, Lauren Quinn
Release date: 2023-02-01
Best Music Movies of This Year: The 65th Annual Grammys

The 65th Annual Grammys

5.0/10 IMDB

Comic Trevor Noah hosts the Grammy awards in Los Angeles, with top nominees including Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Adele, Brandi Carlile, Mary J. Blige, DJ Khaled, Terius "The-Dream" Gesteelde-Diamant, Randy Merrill, Harry Styles and more.

Release date: 2023-02-05

Rosebud Lane

7.2/10 IMDB

When a middle aged Hollywood filmmaker receives an unexpected card from his young son whom he has never met, he makes the difficult decision to go see him in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Both of their lives then take a life-altering turn as drama surrounding the boy’s mother unfolds in the small mountain town.

Starring: Tess Harper, Tyne Stecklein, Josh Daugherty, Paul Pape, Brad Abrell, Lucia Tarantino, Wes Robertson, Bronson Leder, John Kennedy, Ashley S. Evans ..
Directed by: John Lacy
Release date: 2023-02-24

Lacee: Rise 2 the Top

0.0/10 IMDB

After a run in the girl group LACEE, Karin decides to step out on her own as a solo artist. As she preps for her solo debut, a former lover brings out a new artist that will compete, for the reigning spot as the new R&B diva.

Starring: Trish Redford, Yolanda Dare Williams, Tracey Dukes ..
Directed by: Reuben Johnson
Release date: 2023-02-21


0.0/10 IMDB

Teaching people to put down their devices and give themselves time to appreciate more analogue forms of media to become closer to and connect more to an art form.

Starring: Sid Forbes ..
Directed by: Rufus Boothe
Release date: 2023-02-17
Best Music Movies of This Year: Transatlantic: The Final Flight: Live At L'Olympia

Transatlantic: The Final Flight: Live At L'Olympia

0.0/10 IMDB

Following the release of 2021’s ambitious studio album ‘The Absolute Universe’, progressive[1]rock supergroup Transatlantic present ‘The Final Flight: Live At L'Olympia’. A document of the bands triumphant show in Paris, the last night of their tour in support of their most recent studio album, it sees Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Roine Stolt & Pete Trewavas (along with Ted Leonard) performing the entirety of „The Absolute Universe (The Ultimate Version)”, before returning to the stage to perform some of their extensive back catalogue. A night as special as they come, this audio/visual document presents the band at their most majestic. Mixed by Rich Mouser, ‘The Final Flight - Live At L'Olympia’ will be available as a 3CD+Blu-ray Digipak & as a Gatefold 180g 4LP Vinyl with LP-booklet, featuring stunning photos from the evening. The Blu-ray features the entire concert film, plus 5.1 surround sound mix option.

Starring: Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Pete Trewavas, Roine Stolt, Ted Leonard ..
Release date: 2023-02-17

Different Than Before

0.0/10 IMDB

An Asian family celebrating at a Chinese restaurant for their daughter's engagement joyfully sing karaoke on stage when suddenly a group of racist hecklers shout at them. The head of the family, usually quiet and reserved, gets up on stage to sing next.Through a dreamscape fantasy and a montage of childhood flashbacks, the father is transformed into mega pop star "Baba", and finds his courage to be the force needed for good. He snaps back to reality, back to the restaurant, and back to the hecklers in the room. With a newfound sense of urgency, the father confronts the hecklers and rallies the entire restaurant of onlookers to boot them out.

Starring: Tzi Ma, Olivia Cheng, Howie Lai, Jasmine Chen, Amanda Sum ..
Directed by: Mayumi Yoshida
Release date: 2023-03-13
Best Music Movies of This Year: Trouble


0.0/10 IMDB

Set in 1952, this musical thriller is what happens when a traveling salesman shows up on the doorstep of a dying old man and can't contain the song within his heart. A dark riff on a classic musical.

Starring: Anthony Rapp, John Rubinstein, Gwen Hollander, Chace Castle, Joshua Pelatzky, Traci Swartz ..
Directed by: Jacob Chase
Release date: 2023-02-07
Best Music Movies of This Year: Pre-Raphaelite Tango de Roxanne

Pre-Raphaelite Tango de Roxanne

0.0/10 IMDB

The Montage of Pre-Raphaelite paintings with a musical song from Moulin Rouge.

Directed by: Mete Kaan Özdilek
Release date: 2023-02-28
Best Music Movies of This Year: Patti LuPone: Songs From a Hat

Patti LuPone: Songs From a Hat

0.0/10 IMDB

Does anyone still wear a hat? Yes: three-time Tony Award-winner Patti LuPone. And her hat is filled with songs, both new and old. See Patti up close and unscripted as she sings and tells stories from her illustrious career—whatever she pulls from the hat. Filmed live at 54 Below on New Year's Day 2023.

Starring: Patti LuPone ..
Release date: 2023-01-01
Best Music Movies of This Year: Eric Schroeder: The Last Hope for Rock n Roll

Eric Schroeder: The Last Hope for Rock n Roll

0.0/10 IMDB

A documentary following The Eric Schroeder Band on their treacherous, ill-fated 2022 West Coast tour.

Starring: Eric Schroeder, Ismahel Orduno, Kabir Malhotra ..
Directed by: Kabir Malhotra
Release date: 2023-03-10
Best Music Movies of This Year: Run On Youth

Run On Youth

0.0/10 IMDB

A rambunctious group of young individuals make claims they believe to be true and significant, while the world sets fire in the background.

Directed by: Dashiell Dekker
Release date: 2023-01-06
Best Music Movies of This Year: Love: The Fractalmix

Love: The Fractalmix

0.0/10 IMDB

A very long and cinematic music mashup by JDII about the story of a romantic relationship.

Directed by: JohnnyDabb2
Release date: 2023-02-19
Best Music Movies of This Year: I Pierce the Darkness, Remembrance and Fondness

I Pierce the Darkness, Remembrance and Fondness

0.0/10 IMDB

A sleeper seeks a place to sleep. Bench Music.

Directed by: Benjamin Zumbrun
Release date: 2023-03-08
Best Music Movies of This Year: Meat Loaf - A Celebration Of Life

Meat Loaf - A Celebration Of Life

0.0/10 IMDB

A short film tribute about the musician Meat Loaf, released by his family in 2023 on the anniversary of his death.

Release date: 2023-01-20
Best Music Movies of This Year: Hung Up on a Dream

Hung Up on a Dream

0.0/10 IMDB

A journey trough the 60 year career of The Zombies documenting the formation of the band in the 1960s and their hits “She’s Not There” and “Time Of The Season”. It will also follow the solo careers of the band members and their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019. Scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023.

Starring: Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent, Chris White, Hugh Grundy ..
Directed by: Robert Schwartzman
Release date: 2023-03-12

Burn This City

0.0/10 IMDB

A rockumentary documenting the rise and fall of IVY WHY

Starring: Devante Fleming, Robert De Haan, Lewis Griffiths, Jamal Price, Thomas George, Harvey Thompson, Tyler Morgan, Jordan Smith, Ross Owen, Seth Rayton ..
Directed by: Robert De Haan
Release date: 2023-01-12

Working Hands

0.0/10 IMDB

A short film about the time-consuming process of fixing a clock.

Starring: Paul Sonnichsen, John Deland ..
Directed by: Jeshua Hamel, Alexandra McNab
Release date: 2023-02-26
Best Music Movies of This Year: Lingua Ignota Tour Diary

Lingua Ignota Tour Diary

0.0/10 IMDB

A look inside Lingua Ignota's winter 2022 tour.

Starring: Kristin Hayter ..
Release date: 2023-02-16

299 Queen Street West

0.0/10 IMDB

During the rise of the music video era in the 80s, Canada launched "MuchMusic", a low budget TV network that revolutionized how the world's biggest stars connected with their fans and influenced the culture for the next three decades.

Starring: Steve Anthony, Rick Campanelli, Monika Deol, Denise Donlon, Erica Ehm, Namugenyi Kiwanuka, Sook-Yin Lee, George Stroumboulopoulos, Bill Welychka, Michael Williams ..
Directed by: Sean Menard
Release date: 2023-03-13
Best Music Movies of This Year: The Musical: Welcome To The Night Of Your Life!

The Musical: Welcome To The Night Of Your Life!

0.0/10 IMDB

Rodney, one of Hollywood's most sought-after directors, puts his next movie on hold to work on his passion project, directing a Broadway musical. An open call audition in New York City delivers a cast of up-and-coming Broadway performers, including Aster, a talented newcomer who seems to be perfect for the lead role. Rehearsals begin and Aster soon realizes she may be in over her head. Even with help from her cast mates including Danica, the ultimate triple threat, and Corey, her love interest in the show (and maybe outside of it too), Aster cant seem to make Rodney happy. Things only get worse as the show loses investors, the sets and costumes are trapped on a boat, and Aster accidentally pushes Corey off the stage.

Starring: Savannah Clarke, Josh Beauchamp, Heyoon Jeong, Lamar Morris, Sina Deinert, Zane Carter, Alex Mandon Rey, Mélanie Thomas, Shivani Paliwal, Nour Ardakani ..
Release date: 2023-03-22
Best Music Movies of This Year: Blue Light

Blue Light

0.0/10 IMDB

This is a music video about dancing in blue light

Starring: Danial Hajibarat ..
Directed by: Danial Hajibarat
Release date: 2023-01-01
Best Music Movies of This Year: Tripping and Falling

Tripping and Falling

0.0/10 IMDB

After taking a pill, a dude goes on a trippy journey involving legos, puppets, skateboards, and more.

Starring: Ronan McGurn, Ronan McGurn, Ronan McGurn, Ronan McGurn, Ronan McGurn ..
Directed by: Ronan McGurn
Release date: 2023-03-19
Best Music Movies of This Year: EIN SOF


0.0/10 IMDB

A classic “talent show” set in a parallel galaxy where living beings have migrated to a more evolved state. These beings from planet EIN SOF have gathered here to perform and present all their wonderful attributes

Directed by: Orly Anan
Release date: 2023-02-07
Best Music Movies of This Year: Kefi


0.0/10 IMDB

A short for all those who worship life and have a poetic soul

Directed by: Mohammed T. Abbas
Release date: 2023-02-24
Best Music Movies of This Year: If You Don’t Watch the Way You Move

If You Don’t Watch the Way You Move

0.0/10 IMDB

If You Don't Watch the Way You Move features Derek "Dripp" Whitfield Jr. and Taymond "choSkii" Hughes of the music group BmE composing and recording their latest composition, "Shiesty", in the Columbus, Mississippi studio of Jermaine "Country Blakk" Brown only to be interrupted by a John Cage score.

Starring: Derek "Dripp" Whitfield Jr., Taymond "ChoSkii" Hughes, Jermaine "Country Blakk" Hughes ..
Directed by: Kevin Jerome Everson
Release date: 2023-02-20
Best Music Movies of This Year: Raggedy Anne

Raggedy Anne

0.0/10 IMDB

"Raggedy Anne" follows the story of a young girl, Anne, who loves to play with her Raggedy Ann doll along with her brother, Andy. When Anne grows up, she copes with his recent death through songwriting.

Starring: Riley Richardson, Aaron Ott, Clementine Speagle, Shannon Speagle, Steven Tye ..
Directed by: Ellie Smith
Release date: 2023-01-18
Best Music Movies of This Year: I'm Not Gay

I'm Not Gay

0.0/10 IMDB

Plagued by a hidden childhood trauma that is destroying his life, an obsessive-compulsive MMA fighter moves to Fire Island and pretends to be gay in order to buy the house of his dreams and exorcise his demons.

Starring: Sydney James Harcourt, Alan Mingo Jr., Brad Bradley, George Dvorsky, Griffin Santopietro ..
Directed by: Scott L. Semer
Release date: 2023-03-10


0.0/10 IMDB

SWEAT tells the story of a group of women working in the garment industry and sets their individual aspirations against the demands of global capitalism.

Directed by: Jennifer Nichols
Release date: 2023-03-04

The Magic of Spirituals

8.1/10 IMDB

Glimpse behind the curtain at opera legends Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman’s famed concert at Carnegie Hall on March 18, 1990, featuring performance clips and new interviews with opera star Angel Blue, Met Opera General Manager Peter Gelb, and more.

Starring: Kathleen Battle, Jessye Norman, Angel Blue, Peter Gelb, Queen Esther Marrow, Darryl Pinckney, Evelyn Simpson-Curenton, Jocelyn B. Smith ..
Directed by: Dag Freyer
Release date: 2023-02-24
Best Music Movies of This Year: PAINSTAR


0.0/10 IMDB

A 3D animation adapting a portion of the song "Famous Prophets (Stars)" by Car Seat Headrest.

Directed by: Gloria Cook
Release date: 2023-01-15


0.0/10 IMDB

Directed by: oki
Release date: 2023-02-27
Best Music Movies of This Year: The Sound Of Alton Towers

The Sound Of Alton Towers

0.0/10 IMDB

A comprehensive look at the music of Alton Towers

Starring: Bill Ross ..
Directed by: Bill Ross
Release date: 2023-01-05

Ten Years Without Rami Holding

0.0/10 IMDB

Music video for Cheap City's "Ten Years Without Rami Holding"

Starring: Cheap City ..
Directed by: Alex Miklowski
Release date: 2023-01-25

Billie Eilish: Live at the O2

0.0/10 IMDB

For the first time in her career, global superstar Billie Eilish is releasing a visual record of her formidable live performance. Featuring intimate and unforgettable moments between Billie and her audience, this compelling concert film takes viewers on a visually captivating journey from beginning to end, to the heart of Eilish's record-breaking sold-out Happier Than Ever, The World Tour.

Starring: Billie Eilish ..
Directed by: Sam Wrench
Release date: 2023-01-27

Black Broadway: A Proud History, A Limitless Future

0.0/10 IMDB

Celebrate legendary performances and roles made famous by Black artists as well as the new generation of Black Broadway stars. An acclaimed cast performs classic songs from “The Wiz,” “The Color Purple” “Porgy and Bess” and many more that honor the rich history and evolution of Black roles and voices on Broadway. Weaving the history, prominence and hopes for the future through music, the cast includes Stephanie Mills, Norm Lewis, Corbin Bleu and more. Making special appearances are Clayton Cornelius, James Monroe Iglehart and more.

Starring: Stephanie Mills, Nova Payton, Corbin Bleu, Norm Lewis, Tiffany Mann, John Manzari, Amber Iman, Nikki Renée Daniels, Sydney James Harcourt, Brian Stokes Mitchell ..
Release date: 2023-02-28

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