Best Horror Movies of This Year (So Far)


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5.4/10 IMDB

During a weekend getaway to Joshua Tree, a group of teenagers find themselves under mental and physical assault from a supernatural entity that mimics their appearances as it completes an ancient ritual.

Starring: Isaac Jay, Ashleigh Morghan, Sam Marra, Chelcie May, Bevin Bru, Cooper Rowe, Tory Freeth, Billy Meade, Michael Herman, Amaka Obiechie ..
Directed by: Elle Callahan
Release date: 2021-02-04


4.1/10 IMDB

When Mia, a social media star, becomes the target of an online terror campaign, she has to solve a series of games to prevent people she cares about from getting murdered.

Starring: Daisye Tutor, Emily Goss, Nicola Posener, Octavius J. Johnson, Grant Rosenmeyer, Stephanie Simbari, Joy Gohring, Lesley Wolff ..
Directed by: Jennifer Harrington
Release date: 2021-02-18

Red Woods

3.0/10 IMDB

A group of urbex enthusiasts travel to the backwoods of Appalachia to capture footage of abandoned houses, when they unwittingly become the subjects of a much darker video - made by a different kind of "enthusiast".

Directed by: Nicholas Danko
Release date: 2021-02-05
Best Horror Movies of This Year: INIT!ATION


8.7/10 IMDB

Whiton University unravels the night a star-athlete is murdered, kicking off a spree of social media slayings that force students to uncover the truth behind the school's hidden secrets and the horrifying meaning of an exclamation point.

Starring: Lochlyn Munro, Jon Huertas, Yancy Butler, Isabella Gomez, Gattlin Griffith, Froy Gutierrez, Bart Johnson, Nick Ballard, Patrick R. Walker, Kent Faulcon ..
Directed by: John Berardo
Release date: 2021-01-01
Best Horror Movies of This Year: Saga


5.1/10 IMDB

A Black Metal music video director wants to make a viking feature with the help of his rocker and biker friends. In the Norse classic Eyrbyggja saga they find an ancient zombie story.

Starring: Ted Skjellum, Terje Sødal, Ingvild Hogstad, Trond Hannemyr, Trym Sigurdsen, Jørn Steen ..
Directed by: Jørn Steen
Release date: 2021-01-01
Best Horror Movies of This Year: Attack of the Giant Blurry Finger

Attack of the Giant Blurry Finger

4.2/10 IMDB

In this zany, dry, tongue-in-cheek sci-fi horror comedy, a giant blurry finger comes down from outer space and terrorizes a woman, interrupting her lonely night at home.

Starring: Chloe Pelletier, Cody Clarke ..
Directed by: Cody Clarke
Release date: 2021-01-07

Cactus Jack

4.0/10 IMDB

When a hateful, vitriolic basement dwelling podcaster goes viral, he garners an audience of violent sycophants and incensed enemies - and faces deadly backlash when he's doxxed by activist hackers.

Starring: R. Michael Gull, Chris Thornton, Christy Sandberg ..
Directed by: Chris Thornton, Jay Thornton
Release date: 2021-01-22

Bloody Nun 2: The Curse

2.3/10 IMDB

The Bloody Nun is back, this time unleashed on a brothel, will the unholy victims survive the night?

Starring: Shawn C. Phillips, Tina Krause, Natalie Peri, Laura Ellen Wilson, Kyle Rappaport, Will Collazo Jr., Angie Hansen, Mark C. Fullhardt, Matt Bruzzio, John Ward ..
Release date: 2021-01-01
Best Horror Movies of This Year: Antihumanism


0.0/10 IMDB

Predation collides with human space as their creation disrupts environmental stability.

Directed by: Sahil Khan
Release date: 2021-02-07

Willy's Wonderland

0.0/10 IMDB

When his car breaks down, a quiet loner agrees to clean an abandoned family fun center in exchange for repairs. He soon finds himself waging war against possessed animatronic mascots while trapped inside Willy's Wonderland.

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Emily Tosta, Beth Grant, Ric Reitz, Chris Warner, Terayle Hill, Caylee Cowan, Grant Cramer, Chris Schmidt Jr., Duke Jackson ..
Directed by: Kevin Lewis
Release date: 2021-02-12

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