Best Crime Movies of This Year (So Far)


The Dry

7.7/10 IMDB

Aaron Falk returns to his drought-stricken hometown to attend a tragic funeral. But his return opens a decades-old wound - the unsolved death of a teenage girl.

Starring: Eric Bana, Genevieve O'Reilly, Keir O'Donnell, John Polson, Matt Nable, Eddie Baroo, Martin Dingle Wall, BeBe Bettencourt, Joe Klocek, Sam Corlett ..
Directed by: Robert Connolly
Release date: 2021-01-01

Batman: Soul of the Dragon

5.9/10 IMDB

Bruce Wayne faces a deadly menace from his past, with the help of three former classmates: world-renowned martial artists Richard Dragon, Ben Turner and Lady Shiva.

Starring: David Giuntoli, Mark Dacascos, Kelly Hu, Michael Jai White, James Hong, Josh Keaton, Eric Bauza, Jamie Chung, Chris Cox, Robin Atkin Downes ..
Directed by: Sam Liu
Release date: 2021-01-12

The Marksman

6.2/10 IMDB

Jim Hanson’s (Liam Neeson) quiet life is suddenly disturbed by two people crossing the US/Mexico border – a woman and her young son – desperate to flee a Mexican cartel. After a shootout leaves the mother dead, Jim becomes the boy’s reluctant defender. He embraces his role as Miguel’s protector and will stop at nothing to get him to safety, as they go on the run from the relentless assassins.

Starring: Liam Neeson, Katheryn Winnick, Teresa Ruiz, Juan Pablo Raba, Dylan Kenin, Luce Rains, Chase Mullins, Christopher Mele, Grayson Berry, David DeLao ..
Directed by: Robert Lorenz
Release date: 2021-01-15
Best Crime Movies of This Year: Initiation


8.7/10 IMDB

Whiton University unravels the night a star-athlete is murdered, kicking off a spree of social media slayings that force students to uncover the truth behind the school's hidden secrets and the horrifying meaning of an exclamation point.

Starring: Lochlyn Munro, Jon Huertas, Yancy Butler, Isabella Gomez, Gattlin Griffith, Froy Gutierrez, Bart Johnson, Nick Ballard, Patrick R. Walker, Kent Faulcon ..
Directed by: John Berardo
Release date: 2021-01-01
Best Crime Movies of This Year: The Pembrokeshire Murders

The Pembrokeshire Murders

7.2/10 IMDB

Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins reopens two unsolved murder cases from the 1980s. When new forensic methods link the crimes to a string of burglaries, Steve's team has to race to find more evidence before the perpetrator is released from prison.

Starring: Ioan Hefin, Charles Dale, Matthew Lee, Simon Nehan, Kieth allen, Caroline Berry, Steffan cennydd, Richard Corgan, Luke Evans, Roger Evans ..
Directed by: Marc Evans
Release date: 2021-01-11
Best Crime Movies of This Year: Troll


7.3/10 IMDB

Counter-injury is always more ruthless than injury !!

Release date: 2021-01-21
Best Crime Movies of This Year: 2021 Metro Awards

2021 Metro Awards

0.0/10 IMDB

The 2021 Metro Awards took place on the 16th of January, 2021, hosted by Holeden and created by Andrew.

Starring: Holeden, Andrew, Norbit, Dakota, !barley, Ghostman ..
Release date: 2021-01-16
Best Crime Movies of This Year: Portrait of Slinky

Portrait of Slinky

0.0/10 IMDB

A narcissistic pimp becomes embroiled in a territory war.

Starring: Julian Reese, Logan Perkins, Jack Reese ..
Directed by: Julian Reese
Release date: 2021-01-06

Lamar Roasts Franklin (Live Action)

0.0/10 IMDB

Due to the splurge in memes surrounding this iconic scene, the original cast has banded together to recreate the hardest roast known to man.

Starring: Gerald 'Slink' Johnson, Shawn Fonteno ..
Directed by: Gerald 'Slink' Johnson
Release date: 2021-01-12
Best Crime Movies of This Year: Bonk


0.0/10 IMDB

A Stop Motion Animated Scene of Someone Getting Shot.

Directed by: Thomas Medel
Release date: 2021-01-14

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