Best Western Movies of 1983


Lone Wolf McQuade

6.3/10 IMDB

The archetypical renegade Texas Ranger wages war against a drug kingpin with automatic weapons, his wits and martial arts after a gun battle leaves his partner dead. All of this inevitably culminates in a martial arts showdown between the drug lord and the ranger, and involving the woman they both love.

Starring: Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Barbara Carrera, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Dana Kimmell, Robert Beltran, L.Q. Jones, R. G. Armstrong, Jorge Cervera Jr., Sharon Farrell ..
Directed by: Steve Carver
Release date: 1983-04-15
Best Western Movies of 1983 : Little House: Look Back to Yesterday

Little House: Look Back to Yesterday

7.7/10 IMDB

Albert Quinn Ingalls wants to be a doctor. But soon he discovers that he is fatally ill. He decides to spend the rest of his life in Walnut Grove. Meanwhile children from school are preparing for their traditional climbing of the mountain.

Starring: Melissa Gilbert, Dean Butler, Richard Bull, Victor French, Jonathan Gilbert, Allison Balson, Leslie Landon, Henry Brandon, Michael Landon, Matthew Labyorteaux ..
Directed by: Victor French
Release date: 1983-12-12


6.9/10 IMDB

In New Zealand in the 1860s the native Maori people fought the British colonials to keep the land guaranteed to them by treaty. The warrior Te Wheke fights for the British until betrayal leads him to seek utu (revenge). The settler Williamson in turn seeks revenge after Te Wheke attacks his homestead. Meanwhile Wiremu, an officer for the British, seems to think that resistance is futile.

Starring: Anzac Wallace, Bruno Lawrence, Tim Elliott, Kelly Johnson, Wi Kuki Kaa, Ilona Rodgers, Merata Mita, Faenza Reuben, John Bach, Tom Poata ..
Directed by: Geoff Murphy
Release date: 1983-01-01

Eyes of Fire

6.3/10 IMDB

A preacher is accused of adultery and he and his followers are chased out of town and become stranded in an isolated forest which is haunted by the spirits of long dead Native Americans.

Starring: Dennis Lipscomb, Guy Boyd, Rebecca Stanley, Sally Klein, Karlene Crockett, Fran Ryan, Rob Paulsen, Kerry Sherman, Erin Buchanan, Will Hare ..
Directed by: Avery Crounse
Release date: 1983-10-21
Best Western Movies of 1983 : The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez

The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez

7.0/10 IMDB

Forced to run from the Texas Rangers after a heated misunderstanding leads to the death of a lawman, Mexican American farmer Gregorio Cortez sets off in desperate flight, evading a massive manhunt on horseback for days.

Starring: Edward James Olmos, James Gammon, Tom Bower, Bruce McGill, Brion James, Alan Vint, Timothy Scott, Pepe Serna, Michael McGuire, William Sanderson ..
Directed by: Robert M. Young
Release date: 1983-08-19
Best Western Movies of 1983 : The Gambler II: The Adventure Continues

The Gambler II: The Adventure Continues

6.3/10 IMDB

Brady Hawkes, Billy Montana, and Jeremiah Hawkes are on a train bound for a huge gambling event when the train is taken over by a gang of vicious killers in search of money. As ransom, the gang takes young Jeremiah hostage. Brady and Billy embark on a quest to rescue him and form a small gang of their own along the way.

Starring: Kenny Rogers, Bruce Boxleitner, Linda Evans, Johnny Crawford, Charles Fields, David Hedison, Robert F. Hoy, Brion James, Paul Koslo, Cameron Mitchell ..
Directed by: Dick Lowry
Release date: 1983-11-28
Best Western Movies of 1983 : September Gun

September Gun

5.7/10 IMDB

Ben Sunday, a long-in-tooth gunfighter forms an uneasy alliance with a Catholic nun. The single-minded sister wants to erect a sanctuary for a group of Apache orphans. Ben Sunday picks an ideal spot, right in the center of town--the local saloon and "bawdy house".

Starring: Robert Preston, Patty Duke, Geoffrey Lewis, Sally Kellerman, Christopher Lloyd, David Knell, Jacques Aubuchon, Jon Gries, Clayton Landey, Pat Anderson ..
Directed by: Don Taylor
Release date: 1983-10-08
Best Western Movies of 1983 : Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground

5.9/10 IMDB

SACRED GROUND tells the fact-based story of a mountain man and his Indian wife who happen upon a partially built cabin and finish it for their own home, not realizing that they occupy a sacred burial ground. A Paiute burial party clashes with the couple and in the ensuing skirmish, the wife is critically wounded while in the middle of childbirth. Bitter over her loss and needing a wetnurse for his baby, he steals one of the Paiute woman who had just lost a baby. In this modern version of Helen of Troy, the battle is on, as he takes on the whole band in a desperate attempt to survive. Written by Dale Roloff

Starring: Tim McIntire, Jack Elam, L.Q. Jones, Ty Randolph, Eloy Casados, Serene Hedin, Vernon Foster, Lefty Wild Eagle, Larry Kenoras, Franklin Fritz ..
Directed by: Charles B. Pierce
Release date: 1983-03-11

Triumphs of a Man Called Horse

5.3/10 IMDB

Shunka Wakan, formerly Lord John, helps his Dakota son defend their tribe against gold rushers.

Starring: Richard Harris, Michael Beck, Ana De Sade, Vaughn Armstrong, Anne Seymour, Buck Taylor, Lautaro Murúa, Simón Andreu, Roger Cudney, Jerry Gatlin ..
Directed by: John Hough
Release date: 1983-01-01
Best Western Movies of 1983 : I Married Wyatt Earp

I Married Wyatt Earp

5.8/10 IMDB

Based on the memoirs of Josephine Marcus Earp, a young opera singer from San Francisco, this docudrama tells the story of how she became the wife of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp.

Starring: Marie Osmond, Bruce Boxleitner, Jeffrey DeMunn, John Bennett Perry, Alison Arngrim, Ross Martin, Ron Manning, Josef Rainer, Charles Benton, Earl W. Smith ..
Directed by: Michael O'Herlihy
Release date: 1983-01-10
Best Western Movies of 1983 : Savage Journey

Savage Journey

3.1/10 IMDB

They forged a new land in the untamed wilderness - with their heart, their hands, and their faith in god.

Starring: Maurice Grandmaison, Richard Moll ..
Directed by: Tom McGowan
Release date: 1983-01-01


7.3/10 IMDB

Based on the diary of Sara Charity Karker. In 1874 three young women set off for Nebraska in search of fun, idealism and family ties. Over the next 12 years the harshness of the frontier, the lawlessness, work, illness and childbirth, wreak havoc in their lives.

Starring: Jessica Nelson, Teresanne Joseph, Lyn Traverse, Steven Geiger, Michael Stabile III, George Kasiski ..
Directed by: Ed Stabile
Release date: 1983-10-01
Best Western Movies of 1983 : Cowboy


6.4/10 IMDB

A man from the city returns to his small home town in the countryside to live like a farmer. He finds couple of friends among the locals, but people running the town want his land.

Starring: James Brolin, Ted Danson, George DiCenzo, Robert Keith, Michael Pataki, Annie Potts, Randy Quaid ..
Directed by: Jerry Jameson
Release date: 1983-04-30
Best Western Movies of 1983 : Wild West Winnie

Wild West Winnie

0.0/10 IMDB

Starring: Jessica Chastain ..
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Release date: 1983-09-11
Best Western Movies of 1983 : El ahorcado

El ahorcado

3.6/10 IMDB

Three greedy relatives scheme for an inheritance and frame the good guy for the murder of the maker of the will.

Starring: Arturo Martínez hijo, Hilda Aguirre, Pedro Infante Jr., Juan Gallardo, Julio Alemán, Silvia Derbez, Bruno Rey, Víctor Alcocer ..
Directed by: Juan Gallardo
Release date: 1983-11-05

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