Best Western Movies of 1982


The Man from Snowy River

7.2/10 IMDB

Jim Craig has lived his first 18 years in the mountains of Australia on his father's farm. The death of his father forces him to go to the lowlands to earn enough money to get the farm back on its feet.

Starring: Tom Burlinson, Terence Donovan, Kirk Douglas, Tommy Dysart, Bruce Kerr, David Bradshaw, Sigrid Thornton, Jack Thompson, Tony Bonner, June Jago ..
Directed by: George T. Miller
Release date: 1982-03-25

Honkytonk Man

6.6/10 IMDB

During the Great Depression, a young boy leaves his family's Oklahoma farm to travel with his country musician uncle who is trying out for the Grand Ole Opry.

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood, John McIntire, Alexa Kenin, Verna Bloom, Matt Clark, Barry Corbin, Jerry Hardin, Tim Thomerson, Macon McCalman ..
Directed by: Clint Eastwood
Release date: 1982-12-15

The Grey Fox

7.4/10 IMDB

Old West highwayman Bill Miner, known to Pinkertons as "The Gentleman Bandit," is released in 1901 after 33 years in prison, a genial and charming old man. Entering a world unfamiliar to him, he returns to the only thing that gives him purpose — robbery.

Starring: Richard Farnsworth, Jackie Burroughs, Ken Pogue, Wayne Robson, Timothy Webber, Gary Reineke, David Petersen, Don MacKay, Samantha Langevin, Samantha Langevin ..
Directed by: Phillip Borsos
Release date: 1982-12-16


6.4/10 IMDB

Karl Westover, an inexperienced farm boy, runs away after unintentionally killing a neighbor, whose family pursues him for vengeance. He meets Barbarosa, a gunman of near-mythical proportions, who is himself in danger from his father-in-law Don Braulio, a wealthy Mexican rancher. Don Braulio wants Barbarosa dead for marrying his daughter against the father's will. Barbarosa reluctantly takes the clumsy Karl on as a partner, as both of them look to survive the forces lining up against them.

Starring: Willie Nelson, Gary Busey, Isela Vega, Gilbert Roland, Danny De La Paz, Alma Martinez, George Voskovec, Sharon Compton, Howland Chamberlain ..
Directed by: Fred Schepisi
Release date: 1982-01-01

The Shadow Riders

6.6/10 IMDB

After starring in "The Sacketts", Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott team up again but this time as Mac and Dal Traven, in a movie based on a classic Louis L'Amour novel. They are brothers, who meet up at the end of the Civil War fighting on opposite sides. They go home only to find their family in dire need and their sisters and brother kidnapped by ruthless raiders. They set out to rescue their family.

Starring: Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Dominique Dunne, Ben Johnson, Geoffrey Lewis, Katharine Ross, Scanlon Gail, Jeff Osterhage, Gene Evans, R. G. Armstrong ..
Directed by: Andrew V. McLaglen
Release date: 1982-09-28

Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann

5.4/10 IMDB

Lyle Swann is a successful off-road racer who mistakenly gets sent back in time 100 years. When a band of outlaws robs Swann of his motorcycle, he's forced to outfox the gangsters and give in to the seductions of a gorgeous local lady. With only his smarts and a map from an Exxon station, Lyle must try to make it out of the Old West alive and find a way back to modern times.

Starring: Fred Ward, Peter Coyote, L. Q. Jones, Tracey Walter, Richard Masur, Belinda Bauer, Ed Lauter, Chris Mulkey, Macon McCalman, Jonathan Bahnks ..
Directed by: William Dear
Release date: 1982-08-27

We of the Never Never

6.9/10 IMDB

Based on the well-loved Australian classic by Mrs. Aeneas Gunn, this is the remarkable true story of Jeannie Gunn, a woman who fought to overcome sexual and racial prejudice amid the harsh beauties of the outback. Leaving her Melbourne existence for a new life on her husband's isolated ranch, Jeannie's feisty, good-natured attitude soon wins over the misogynistic stockmen, but she faces a much tougher challenge in trying to change their racist attitudes towards the indigenous aboriginal population.

Starring: Angela Punch McGregor, Arthur Dignam, Tony Barry, Tom E. Lewis, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Martin Vaughan, John Jarratt, Tex Morton, Donald Blitner, Kim Chiu Kok ..
Directed by: Igor Auzins
Release date: 1982-11-04
Best Western Movies of 1982 : Harry Tracy, Desperado

Harry Tracy, Desperado

6.1/10 IMDB

By the turn of the 20th century, Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Billy the Kid and virtually all of the West's legendary outlaws are either dead or in jail pending execution. Well, all, except train robber and escape artist extraordinaire, Harry Tracy. As the last survivor of the Wild Bunch, Tracy pulls off a series of profitable robberies before making his way west to Portland, Oregon, in search of Catherine Tuttle -- a judge's daughter who has captured his heart. But on the way, Tracy is betrayed, arrested, and imprisoned. However, no jail can hold him for long and after making his escape, Tracy becomes the target of the largest manhunt in the history of North America.

Starring: Bruce Dern, Helen Shaver, Michael C. Gwynne, Gordon Lightfoot, Jacques Hubert, Daphne Goldrick, Lynne Kolber, Alec Willows, Frank C. Turner, Fred Diehl ..
Directed by: William A. Graham
Release date: 1982-01-21
Best Western Movies of 1982 : The Legend of Walks Far Woman

The Legend of Walks Far Woman

5.5/10 IMDB

Walks Far Woman is a squaw of the Blackfoot tribe. She takes revenge on two men who killed her husband and then she is ostracized by her tribe. She then is adopted by the Sioux, the tribe of her mother, and there she tries to start a new life.

Starring: Raquel Welch, Bradford Dillman, Nick Mancuso, Branscombe Richmond, Eloy Casados, George Clutesi, Frank Salsedo, Hortensia Colorado ..
Directed by: Mel Damski
Release date: 1982-05-30
Best Western Movies of 1982 : Dragon Blood

Dragon Blood

4.8/10 IMDB

Liu travels to the USA from China in search of his relatives and the hopes of finding a peaceful life. However, he has in his possession a sacred dragon medallion that was taken from the Qing court. An assassin from the Qing is sent after him, and soon he discovers that life in the Wild West is no fun at all.

Starring: John Liu Chung-Liang, Cyrielle Clair, Phillip Ko, Roger Paschy ..
Directed by: John Liu Chung-Liang
Release date: 1982-01-01
Best Western Movies of 1982 : The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch

The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch

5.2/10 IMDB

It's quiet in Chastity Gulch, a small town in the Wild West. The men of the village are all in the army and fight their battles far away. The women are getting very bored! At once a bunch of robbers drops into the saloon. They love the beer but are also looking for beautiful women. Will the town whores keep these delightful men for themselves or will the doctor's wife and the mayor's wife also get a part of the fun?

Starring: Priscilla Barnes, Lee Horsley, Howard Duff, Pamela Bellwood, Phyllis Davis, Jeanette Nolan, Morgan Brittany, Donny Osmond, Lisa Whelchel, Joan Collins ..
Directed by: Philip Leacock
Release date: 1982-10-31

Bret Maverick: Faith, Hope and Clarity

0.0/10 IMDB

Bret Maverick: Faith, Hope, and Clarity starring James Garner is a two-part episode of the 1981-82 television series Bret Maverick edited together and released to local television stations as a TV-movie. The show involves a religious cult that swindles the townspeople out of a tract of land and Maverick winds up straightening everything out.

Starring: James Garner, Ed Bruce, Darleen Carr, Stuart Margolin ..
Directed by: Leo Penn
Release date: 1982-04-13

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