Best Western Movies of 1919


Back to God's Country

6.2/10 IMDB

After her father is killed by an outlaw, Dolores marries Peter. While they're at sea in the Arctic, Dolores meets the ship's captain, who is the man who killed her father. The captain causes an 'accident' to happen to Peter, so Dolores is all alone and defenceless as they drop anchor in a remote harbour.

Starring: Nell Shipman, Charles Arling, Wheeler Oakman, Wellington A. Playter, Ronald Byram, William Colvin, Roy Laidlaw, Kewpie Morgan, Charles Murphy ..
Directed by: David Hartford, Nell Shipman
Release date: 1919-10-27
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Wagon Tracks

Wagon Tracks

6.6/10 IMDB

Buckskin Hamilton guides a wagon train across the wasteland, caring well for the pioneers he escorts, but hoping to solve the murder of his brother by one of the travellers.

Starring: William S. Hart, Jane Novak, Robert McKim, Lloyd Bacon, Leo Pierson, Bert Sprotte, Charles Arling ..
Directed by: Lambert Hillyer
Release date: 1919-07-28
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Billy Blazes, Esq.

Billy Blazes, Esq.

6.0/10 IMDB

Billy Blazes confronts Crooked Charley, who has been ruling the town of Peaceful Vale through fear and violence.

Starring: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, 'Snub' Pollard, Sammy Brooks, Billy Fay ..
Directed by: Hal Roach
Release date: 1919-07-06
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Jubilo


6.1/10 IMDB

Jubilo, a tramp, makes himself useful doing odd jobs in a small farming community while he looks for the wife who deserted him while he was off in the war. He discovers that young Rose is his own daughter and not the daughter of prominent Judge Hardy, with whom Jubilo's wife had run off years before....

Starring: Will Rogers, Josie Sedgwick, Charles K. French, Willard Louis, Jim Mason, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams ..
Directed by: Clarence G. Badger
Release date: 1919-12-07
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Last Outlaw

The Last Outlaw

4.7/10 IMDB

The Last Outlaw (1919) proved very tantalizing. An end-of-the-West Western, it shows its grizzled hero revisiting the town of his youthful exploits. But now, in an anticipation of Ride the High Country (1962), civilization has taken over. Cars chase Bud off the streets and the theatre features movies (Universal Bluebirds at that, a bit of product placement). Ford heightens the contrast by letting us into the hero’s memory, introduced by the title: “Memories of the past flashing back to him”—the earliest reference to the term “flashback” I recall seeing in the movies.

Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-06-15
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Scarlet Days

Scarlet Days

5.4/10 IMDB

Rosie Nell, a woman of disreputable dance halls in early lawless California, is wrongly charged with the murder of one of her fellow entertainers. Because her daughter, who knows nothing of her mother's station in life, is to return the next day from her school in the east, Rosie is granted three days of grace to be spent in company with her daughter at a nearby cabin. The three days begin happily enough, thanks to the serenades of heroic bandit Alvarez and the poetry of romantic Randolph. But Bagley, the dance hall manager, has seen the daughter and has determined to make her his own.

Starring: Richard Barthelmess, Eugenie Besserer, Carol Dempster, Clarine Seymour, Ralph Graves, George Fawcett, Walter Long, Kate Bruce, Adolph Lestina, Rhea Haines ..
Directed by: D.W. Griffith
Release date: 1919-11-18
Best Western Movies of 1919 : By Indian Post

By Indian Post

5.5/10 IMDB

Jode MacWilliams, a cowboy working on the Circle O ranch, has a crush on the boss's daughter, Peg. After his friend writes a love letter for him, an Indian steals and delivers it to Peg. Meanwhile, word of Jode's affection reaches Peg's father, who has a decidedly less romantic view of this young couple.

Starring: Pete Morrison, Duke R. Lee, Magda Lane, Edward Burns, Hoot Gibson, Jack Woods, Harley Chambers, Jim Moore, Jack Walters, Otto Meyer ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-05-23
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Rowdy Ann

Rowdy Ann

5.4/10 IMDB

Ann is one tough cowgirl. After she beats up Hank, her parents send her East to college, hoping she'll come back a lady.

Starring: Fay Tincher, Eddie Barry, Katherine Lewis, Harry Depp, Al Haynes, Patricia Palmer, Blue Washington, Earle Rodney ..
Directed by: Al Christie
Release date: 1919-05-24
Best Western Movies of 1919 : A Gun Fightin' Gentleman

A Gun Fightin' Gentleman

4.4/10 IMDB

Cheyenne Harry, owner of the biggest cattle ranch in his corner of the west, is having trouble with John Merritt, a land-grabbing Chicago meat-packer. By some artifice of shrewd legal aid, Merritt manages to seize Harry's ranch under a bogus writ of foreclosure. Failing to get justice by his many letters to Merritt, Cheyenne Harry goes east and calls at the millionaire's mansion. At first, Merritt refuses to see him. Then, to cause amusement for his daughter, Helen, and her guests, he invites the "uncouth" westerner into his dining hall. He is sure that he will make some grave error in table deportment and afford them all a laugh. To the amazement of Merrit and the guests Harry's table manners are faultless. Then, to trick him into an embarrassing position, Merritt eats with his knife. Harry, realizing that it is proper for the guest to follow the example of the host, does likewise. He leaves the house chagrined but more determined than ever to get justice from Merritt.

Starring: Harry Carey, J. Barney Sherry, Kathleen O'Connor, Harry von Meter, Lydia Yeamans Titus, Duke R. Lee, Joe Harris, John Cook, Ted Brooks ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-11-29
Best Western Movies of 1919 : South o' Santa Fe

South o' Santa Fe

6.6/10 IMDB

A ranch owner hires a young woman (Texas Guinan) to serve as foreman over a rambunctious group of cowboys.

Starring: Texas Guinan, George Chesebro, Jack Richardson, Anna Purdon, Donna Wayne ..
Directed by: Clifford Smith
Release date: 1919-05-24
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Well, I'll Be

Well, I'll Be

6.6/10 IMDB

Larry Semon goes out west.

Starring: Larry Semon, Lucille Carlisle, Frank Alexander, William Hauber, Charles Amador ..
Directed by: Larry Semon
Release date: 1919-04-14
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Son-of-a-Gun

The Son-of-a-Gun

6.9/10 IMDB

A young man is lured into a cardgame by a crooked dealer. He is about to lose all the money that was given to him to get medicine for his mother when a local cowboy comes to his rescue.

Starring: Gilbert M. Anderson, Joy Lewis, Fred Church, Frank Whitson, A.E. Witting, Mattie Witting ..
Directed by: Gilbert M. Anderson, Jess Robbins
Release date: 1919-02-02
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Square Deal Sanderson

Square Deal Sanderson

6.4/10 IMDB

Square Deal Sanderson is in pursuit of a horse thief, but someone else shoots the varmint before Sanderson can offer him a "square deal."

Starring: William S. Hart, Ann Little, Frank Whitson, Lloyd Bacon, Edwin Wallock, Tom O'Brien, Andrew Robson, Bob Kortman ..
Directed by: Lambert Hillyer, William S. Hart
Release date: 1919-06-15

Letters of Fire

6.7/10 IMDB

A female sheriff is framed for cattle rustling by the real rustlers. The head of the gang brands her with his initials. After she recovers, she sets out to catch the gang and pay back the man who branded her.

Starring: Texas Guinan ..
Release date: 1919-01-01
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Girl of the Rancho

The Girl of the Rancho

6.2/10 IMDB

A young woman rejects the advances of a Mexican bandit. He kidnaps her sister, saying he will keep her until the woman changes her mind. The young woman organises a posse to rescue her sister.

Starring: Texas Guinan, Pat Hartigan ..
Directed by: Jay Hunt
Release date: 1919-12-01

The Crow

6.5/10 IMDB

The Crow is a 1919 Western short.

Starring: Hoot Gibson, Mildred Moore, Arthur Mackley, Charles Newton ..
Directed by: B. Reeves Eason
Release date: 1919-09-15
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Sandy Burke of the U-Bar-U

Sandy Burke of the U-Bar-U

6.6/10 IMDB

Brave and good-natured cowboy Sandy Burke saves young Dolly after her father is killed in the saloon. He entrusts the girl to kindly Widow Mackey, who is having trouble paying her mortgage and decides he is responsible for the pair so he best start earning some money. Soon he is seeking work at the U-Bar-U ranch but who could predict the trouble he will have with the rancher's daughter, Molly, or the surly foreman, Jim Diggs!

Starring: Louis Bennison, Virginia Lee, Alphonse Ethier, H.H. Pattee, Echlin Gayer, Lucy Beaumont, Wilson Bayley, Nadia Gary, Phil Sanford, Robert Narin ..
Directed by: Ira M. Lowry
Release date: 1919-02-23
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Knickerbocker Buckaroo

The Knickerbocker Buckaroo

6.6/10 IMDB

A lost film. Teddy Drake is a pleasure-seeking aristocrat who ends up expelled from his exclusive Fifth Avenue club for playing practical jokes and other rambunctious antics. He decides to reform his selfish ways and boards a train heading heading for the Southwest.

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks, Marjorie Daw, William A. Wellman, Frank Campeau, Edythe Chapman, Albert MacQuarrie, Theodore Reed ..
Directed by: Albert Parker
Release date: 1919-05-25
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Masked Rider

The Masked Rider

6.6/10 IMDB

The setting of the story is Mexico. Violent bandit and cattle rustler Pancho, his rude henchman Santas and a group of raiders have sworn to drive the settlers out of the Border country. In the conflict that follows, Harry's father Bill is mortally wounded, and Pancho's hands are crushed, supposedly by the ranchers, though the act is actually committed by his traitorous and vengeful lieutenant Santas and his equally slimy compatriot Rodriguez, whom Pancho has offended by denying one his daughter's hand, and the other permission to pursue Rancher's daughter Ruth Chadwick. Pancho swears bitter revenge on the Burrels and the two factions resolve to destroy each other.

Starring: Harry Myers, Ruth Stonehouse, Paul Panzer, Edna Holland, Marie Treador, Blanche Gillespie, Robert Taber, George Chapman ..
Directed by: Aubrey M. Kennedy
Release date: 1919-05-07
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Money Corral

The Money Corral

5.8/10 IMDB

Cowhand Lem Beason wins a shooting contest at a Western rodeo, and as a result is hired by railroad president Gregory Collins to return to Chicago with Collins to take charge of security for Collins' vaults. Lem is reluctant to go, but Collins' pretty niece Rose changes his mind. In Chicago, Lem finds a great deal of criminal activity, but none of it can get the best of him.

Starring: William S. Hart, Jane Novak, Herschel Mayall, Winter Hall, Rhea Mitchell, Patricia Palmer ..
Directed by: William S. Hart
Release date: 1919-04-20
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Heart of Wetona

The Heart of Wetona

5.9/10 IMDB

After the half-breed daughter of a Comanche chief falls for a young engineer who deserts her, she turns to a white Indian agent who marries her.

Starring: Norma Talmadge, Fred Huntley, Thomas Meighan, Gladden James, F.A. Turner, Princess Uwane Yea, Charles Edler, Chief White Eagle, Black Wolf, Black Lizard ..
Directed by: Sidney Franklin
Release date: 1919-01-05
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Lightning Bryce

Lightning Bryce

5.6/10 IMDB

Two prospectors, one the father of Skye "Lightning" Bryce and the other the father of Kate Arnold, find a large gold deposit belonging to an Indian tribe. They head for home but each sends a note to their respective off-springs advising them of their good fortune. One of the fathers conceives a plan of taking a dagger and wrapping a piece of string around the blade, after which he prints on the string with a lead pencil, the exact location of their find. If something happens to them, the string goes to the son and the knife to the daughter. That night an Indian approaches their camp and blows some mysterious wolf powder which causes a man to see wolves in place of human beings. Lightning's father see his partner as a wolf and stabs him to death; later he is brought into town in a dying condition but before dying, hands the knife and the string over to the sheriff with instructions to deliver to Lightning and Kate.

Starring: Ann Little, Jack Hoxie, Paul Hurst, Jill Woodward, Steve Clemente, Yakima Canutt, George Champion, Ben Corbett, Edna Holland, Yakima Canutt ..
Directed by: Paul Hurst
Release date: 1919-10-14
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Ace of the Saddle

The Ace of the Saddle

4.7/10 IMDB

When cattle rancher Cheyenne Harry Henderson discovers that rustlers are attacking his herd, he informs Yucca County's sheriff but learns that the lawman is in cahoots with the outlaws.

Starring: Harry Carey, Joel Harris, Duke R. Lee, Peggy Pearce, Jack Walters, Vester Pegg, William Cartwright, Zoe Rae, Howard Enstedt, King Fisher Jones ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-08-18
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Rustlers

The Rustlers

4.0/10 IMDB

Disguised as a peaceful sheepman, Clayburn is actually a government ranger sent to Point Rock to find the leaders of a band of rustlers. When he is himself accused of being one of them, Nell saves him from a lynch mob and together they round up the real outlaws.

Starring: Pete Morrison, Helen Gibson, Jack Woods, Hoot Gibson ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-04-26
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Marked Men

Marked Men

4.6/10 IMDB

Three outlaws rescue a baby in the desert and with barely any water left try to return to the town in which they just robbed a bank. Lost film. A remake of 1916's "The Three Godfathers," which also starred Harry Carey.

Starring: Harry Carey, Winifred Westover, J. Farrell MacDonald, Joe Harris, Ted Brooks, Charles Le Moyne, David Kirby ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-12-21
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Rider of the Law

Rider of the Law

4.4/10 IMDB

Jim Kyneton, once a member of an outlaw gang, joins the Texas Rangers and is forced to track down his former friends and his half brother Nick, who have been robbing a gold mine.

Starring: Harry Carey, Vester Pegg, Ted Brooks, Joe Harris, Jack Woods, Duke R. Lee, Gloria Hope, Claire Anderson, Jennie Lee ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-11-03
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Gun Law

Gun Law

4.1/10 IMDB

Secret Serviceman Allen takes a job at Bart Stevens' mine in order to find evidence proving that Stevens is a mail robber named Smoke Gublen. He does - but by then, he is in love with the man's sister - and to make things harder, Stevens saves his life...

Starring: Pete Morrison, Helen Gibson, Hoot Gibson, Jack Woods, Otto Meyer, Harry Chambers, Ed Jones ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-05-10
Best Western Movies of 1919 : A Fight For Love

A Fight For Love

4.2/10 IMDB

The Northwest Mounties are after Cheyenne Harry for the murder of an Indian boy, and the only witness to the crime is a priest - who can't tell what he saw because the real killer, Black Michael, has confessed to him.

Starring: Harry Carey, Joe Harris, Neva Gerber, Mark Fenton, J. Farrell MacDonald, Neola May, Chief John Big Tree ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-03-24
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Outcasts of Poker Flat

The Outcasts of Poker Flat

3.9/10 IMDB

The owner of a gambling hall is entrusted with the care of a pretty young girl. He falls in love with her, but he must decide whether to let her go to his best friend, with whom he believes her to be in love, or to try to win her for himself.

Starring: Harry Carey, Cullen Landis, Gloria Hope, J. Farrell MacDonald, Vester Pegg, Joe Harris, Frank Capra, Virginia Chester, Duke R. Lee, Louise Lester ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-06-29
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Bare Fists

Bare Fists

3.9/10 IMDB

Harry's father is killed in a gunfight, and his mother makes him swear he'll never again use his gun, and rely only on his bare fists. But when his little brother is branded on the chest by cattle rustlers, will Harry break his promise?

Starring: Harry Carey, Betty Schade, Joe Harris, Vester Pegg, Mollie McConnell, Anna Mae Walthall, Howard Enstedt, Joseph W. Girard ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-05-05
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Roped


3.7/10 IMDB

Wealthy ranch owner Cheyenne Harry decides he needs a housekeeper, but his cowboys decide he needs a wife and advertise in an eastern newspaper. The ad is answered by Aileen Judson-Brown, as dictated by her fortune-hunting mother. Harry marries Aileen and a baby is born a year later. Deciding to gain more money and social standing, Mrs. Judson-Brown then tries to break up the marriage so that Aileen can marry Ferdie Van Duzen. Mrs. Judson-Brown steals the baby and tells Harry the baby has died and Aileen no longer loves him. Harry goes out West in sorrow, but when Mrs. Judson-Brown's butler wires Harry the truth, Harry locates the baby and discovers Aileen still loves him. The reunited family goes West together, leaving Mrs. Judson-Brown behind.

Starring: Harry Carey, Neva Gerber, Molly McConnell, J. Farrell MacDonald, Arthur Shirley ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-01-03
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Fighting Brothers

The Fighting Brothers

3.6/10 IMDB

When Sheriff Larkin's brother is falsely accused of a murder, Larkin still does his job - arrests the boy and takes him to prison. But, his duty done, the sheriff takes off his badge and helps his brother to escape.

Starring: Pete Morrison, Hoot Gibson, Yvette Mitchell, Jack Woods, Duke R. Lee ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-03-01
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Riders of Vengeance

Riders of Vengeance

3.6/10 IMDB

Harry's bride is murdered at their wedding along with Harry's mother and father, and the good-hearted outlaw turns grimly malevolent.

Starring: Harry Carey, Seena Owen, Joe Harris, J. Farrell MacDonald, Alfred Allen, Jennie Lee, Clita Gale, Betty Schade ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-06-09
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Gun Packer

The Gun Packer

3.4/10 IMDB

With the help of a reformed gunman (and a gang of outlaws), the sheepmen aim to win their water rights from the cattle barons of Rimrock Valley.

Starring: Ed Jones, Pete Morrison, Magda Lane, Jack Woods, Hoot Gibson, Jack Walters, Duke R. Lee, Howard Enstedt ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1919-05-24

The Lone Hand

0.0/10 IMDB

A government detective poses as a holdup, on the trail of masked riders.

Starring: Hoot Gibson, Josephine Hill, Frank MacQuarrie, Charles Brinley ..
Directed by: George Holt
Release date: 1919-12-13

The Double Hold-Up

0.0/10 IMDB

The hero impersonates a "spook" bandit and aids in bringing the band to justice.

Starring: Hoot Gibson, Josephine Hill, Clark Comstock, Madge Hunt, Charles Brinley, Robert Walker, Harry Schumm ..
Directed by: Phil Rosen
Release date: 1919-12-20
Best Western Movies of 1919 : A Man's Country

A Man's Country

0.0/10 IMDB

Dance-hall queen Kate Carewe is the toast of the gold-mining camp of Huxley's Gulch. One day a minister, Ralph Bowen, arrives to "clean up" the town. He is scorned by the miners, gamblers and "loose women" of the place, especially Kate, who resents that Bowen calls her a "scarlet woman".

Starring: Alma Rubens, Alan Roscoe, Lon Chaney, Joseph J. Dowling, Edna Mae Wilson, Alfred Hollingsworth, Phil Gastrock ..
Directed by: Henry Kolker
Release date: 1919-07-13

The Two Doyles

0.0/10 IMDB

Second of 12 in the Franklyn Farnum two-reel Western series produced by Canyon Pictures Corp.

Starring: Franklyn Farnum, Mary Bruce, Louella Maxam, Vester Pegg, Buck Jones ..
Directed by: Leon De La Mothe
Release date: 1919-02-01

A Chicken Epic Decomposition Time-lapse chicken rotting to the bone Day 1 to Day 240

0.0/10 IMDB

A Chicken Epic Decomposition Time-lapse A chicken rotting to the bone Day 1 to Day 240

Starring: Adam Driver ..
Directed by: Adam Driver
Release date: 1919-12-24
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Sheriff's Son

The Sheriff's Son

0.0/10 IMDB

Sheriff's son Royal Beaudry is thought a coward, even by the young woman he has his heart set on. But he disproves cowardice when he rescues his father's friend from kidnappers.

Starring: Charles Ray, Seena Owen, J.P. Lockney, Charles K. French, Otto Hoffman, Lamar Johnstone, Clyde Benson, Buck Jones ..
Directed by: Victor Schertzinger
Release date: 1919-03-30

Hell's Fury Gordon

0.0/10 IMDB

Hell's Fury Gordon

Starring: Franklyn Farnum, Buck Jones, Bud Osborne ..
Directed by: Leon De La Mothe
Release date: 1919-03-01
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Four-Gun Bandit

The Four-Gun Bandit

0.0/10 IMDB

A woman holds up an Eastern millionaire, who then tells a big story of his encounter with a bandit, and afterward gives a large check to keep from being exposed.

Starring: Pete Morrison, Magda Lane, Janet Eastman, Louis Fitzroy, Jay Dwiggins, Gibson Gowland ..
Directed by: George Holt
Release date: 1919-07-05
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Breed of Men

Breed of Men

0.0/10 IMDB

Boss rider "Careless" Carmody is made sheriff of an Arizona frontier town by Chicago swindler Prentice. The naive Carmody actually believes Prentice to be on the up and up and vouches for him in a land deal with Ruth Fellowes. Taken to the cleaners, so to speak, Ruth blames Carmody, who, in love with the girl, follows Prentice back to Chicago.

Starring: William S. Hart, Seena Owen, Bert Sprotte, Buster Irving ..
Directed by: Lambert Hillyer
Release date: 1919-02-02
Best Western Movies of 1919 : Leave It to Susan

Leave It to Susan

0.0/10 IMDB

A Clarence G. Badger silent cowboy western kidnapping mistaken identity romantic comedy, based on a story by Rex Taylor; about a rich woman who gets lost in the West, and is found by an engineer who she mistakes for an outlaw. tHe plays along because he enjoys it, but then four real outlaws show up, and he tells them he was kidnapping her. They get found out, the girl gets one of the outlaws' guns and rescues them, and of course, they discover they love each other!

Starring: Madge Kennedy, Wallace MacDonald, Alfred Hollingsworth, Anna Dodge, Walter Hiers, George Kunkel ..
Directed by: Clarence G. Badger
Release date: 1919-05-25
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Westerners

The Westerners

0.0/10 IMDB

Michael, a half-breed Indian, is forced off a wagon train by scout Michael. Seeking revenge, he murders the wife of a college professor, kidnaps her baby daughter, and raises her as his own.

Directed by: Edward Sloman
Release date: 1919-08-03

The Uphill Climb

0.0/10 IMDB

A dying lady tells a woman she must marry Frank Cameron. She unknowningly marries the almost always drunken Ford Cameron by mistake and immediately flees. Ford takes a job of ranch foreman and gives up drinking. Only after being attacted to a woman on the ranch does he suddenly remember he is already married.

Starring: Franklyn Farnum, Louella Maxam, Buck Jones, Vester Pegg ..
Directed by: Leon De La Mothe
Release date: 1919-05-03
Best Western Movies of 1919 : The Puncher and the Pup

The Puncher and the Pup

0.0/10 IMDB

The Puncher and the Pup

Starring: Franklyn Farnum, Buck Jones, Bud Osborne, Vester Pegg ..
Directed by: Leon De La Mothe
Release date: 1919-06-08

Shackles of Fate

0.0/10 IMDB

Shackles of Fate

Starring: Franklyn Farnum, Buck Jones, Bud Osborne ..
Release date: 1919-07-01
Best Western Movies of 1919 : When Pals Fall Out

When Pals Fall Out

0.0/10 IMDB

When Pals Fall Out

Starring: Franklyn Farnum, Buck Jones, Louella Maxam ..
Directed by: Leon De La Mothe
Release date: 1919-08-05

Brother Bill

0.0/10 IMDB

Brother Bill is a 1919 silent Western

Starring: Franklyn Farnum, Buck Jones, Louella Maxam, Vester Pegg, Bud Osborne ..
Directed by: Leon De La Mothe
Release date: 1919-09-01

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