Best War Movies of 2013


How I Live Now

6.5/10 IMDB

An American girl on holiday in the English countryside with her family finds herself in hiding and fighting for her survival as war breaks out.

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, George MacKay, Tom Holland, Harley Bird, Anna Chancellor, Corey Johnson, Sophie Ellis, Sabrina Dickens, Natasha Jones, Danny McEvoy ..
Directed by: Kevin Macdonald
Release date: 2013-09-10

A Terrible Beauty

7.7/10 IMDB

A Terrible Beauty is the story of the men and women of the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916, Irish and British, caught up in a conflict many did not understand and of the innocent men and boys, executed because of what transpired in The Battle of Mount Street Bridge. The British soldiers were the last of the Great War volunteers, who joined up together to fight the Germans. They knew that there was a strong chance they would die in France, but to die in Dublin would never have crossed their minds. The Irish Volunteers were weekend warriors many of whom had no idea they were about to take part in large scale battles on the streets of Dublin.

Starring: Hugh O'Conor, Owen McDonnell, Rick Burn, Karen Ardiff, Megan Cassidy, Gina Costigan, Johnny Eveson, Neill Fleming, Seamus Hughes, Duncan Lacroix ..
Directed by: Keith Farrell
Release date: 2013-02-16

Un Dios prohibido

5.6/10 IMDB

August 1936, the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. 51 members of the Claretian community of Barbastro (Huesca) are martyred, die for their faith. The film recounts the last weeks of his life, since they are held until they are finally shot. During that time, they perform various writings they talk about their situation, of his fellow captives, people who saw them. These writings have been the basic testimony used to narrate this real fact in film version.

Starring: Jacobo Muñoz, Ainhoa Aldanondo, Guido Balzaretti, Emma Caballero, Eneko Capapay, Chema Coloma, Elena Furiase, Iñigo Etayo, Jerónimo Salas, Álex Larumbe ..
Directed by: Pablo Moreno
Release date: 2013-06-14

Open Wound

6.6/10 IMDB

Jorge, a young Ecuadorian, is unexpectedly in the middle of the jungle as an inexperienced soldier. At first, Jorge is confident that military experience makes you a recognized and respected man. But he finds out that the reality is very different; as the private may face neglect, hunger, death and nature, especially human nature. Captive in an enemy camp, Jorge must discover who he has become as he recovers from his injuries and struggles to escape with his fellow prisoner Hugo or stay there under the care of the Peruvian nurse Dolores. Difficult decisions ... beyond the target and border that divides them are abound.

Starring: Rene Pastor, Melania Urbina, Pietro Sibille, Bruno Odar, Enrique Veintemilla, Alfredo Espinosa ..
Directed by: Alfredo León León
Release date: 2013-09-06
Best War Movies of 2013 : Memory of Forgotten War

Memory of Forgotten War

7.6/10 IMDB

Unknown or forgotten by most Americans, the Korean War divided a people with several millenniums of shared history. Memory of Forgotten War conveys the human costs of military conflict through deeply personal accounts of four Korean American survivors whose experiences and memories embrace the full circle of the war: its outbreak and the day-to-day struggle for survival, separation from family members across the DMZ, the aftermath of a devastated Korean peninsula, and immigration to the United States. Each person reunites with relatives in North Korea conveying beyond words the meaning of four decades of family loss. Their stories belie the notion that war ends for civilians when the guns are silenced and foreshadow the futures of countless others displaced by ongoing military conflict today.

Release date: 2013-01-01

Ridge War Z

2.6/10 IMDB

The last surviving veterans of the worst battle of a zombie war recount their horrific memories to an author who is writing a book about their experiences.

Starring: Dominique Marsell, Tyler Allen, Alek Gearhart, Gordon Kyle, Eoin Hartel, Andrew Jackson, Will Le Fevre ..
Directed by: Alek Gearhart
Release date: 2013-11-05

The Wipers Times

7.0/10 IMDB

When Captain Fred Roberts discovered a printing press in the ruins of Ypres, Belgium in 1916, he decided to publish a satirical magazine called The Wipers Times - "Wipers" being army slang for Ypres. Full of gallows humour, The Wipers Times was poignant, subversive and very funny. Produced literally under enemy fire and defying both authority and gas attacks, the magazine proved a huge success with the troops on the western front. It was, above all, a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity. In his spare time, Roberts also managed to win the Military Cross for gallantry.

Starring: Ben Chaplin, Patrick Fitzsymons, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Steve Oram, Josh O'Connor, Jarrod Cooke, Colin Ash, Hugh Skinner, Ben Daniels, Michael Palin ..
Directed by: Andy De Emmony
Release date: 2013-09-11

Forbidden Ground

4.9/10 IMDB

Three British soldiers find themselves stranded in No Man's Land after a failed charge on the German Trenches. Set in France 1916.

Starring: Johan Earl, Tim Pocock, Martin Copping, Denai Gracie, Sarah Mawbey, Barry Quin, Damian Sommerlad, Oliver Trajkovski, Igor Breakenback, Byron J. Brochmann ..
Directed by: Johan Earl, Adrian Powers
Release date: 2013-08-16
Best War Movies of 2013 : Drone Strike

Drone Strike

0.0/10 IMDB

A day in the life of a devoted father and serving RAF drone pilot - juggling the normality of his domestic life with the warped reality of firing Hellfire missiles 4000 miles away in Afghanistan - and how one fateful decision shatters his conviction.

Starring: Lesley Harcourt, Mark Bazeley, Ait Hammou Haytam, Andrew-Lee Potts, Hamid Botbaldin, Pip Torrens, Olivia Onyehara ..
Directed by: Chris Richmond
Release date: 2013-01-01

The Kill Team

7.0/10 IMDB

In 2010, the media branded a platoon of U.S. Army infantry soldiers “The Kill Team” following reports of its killing for sport in Afghanistan. Now, one of the accused must fight the government he defended on the battlefield, while grappling with his own role in the alleged murders. Dan Krauss’s absorbing documentary examines the stories of four men implicated in heinous war crimes in a stark reminder that, in war, innocence may be relative to the insanity around you.

Directed by: Dan Krauss
Release date: 2013-10-15

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