Best War Movies of 2013


Lone Survivor


Four Navy SEALs on a covert mission to neutralize a high-level Taliban operative must make an impossible moral decision in the mountains of Afghanistan that leads them into an enemy ambush. As they confront unthinkable odds, the SEALs must find reserves of strength and resilience to fight to the finish.

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, Eric Bana
Directed by: Peter Berg
Release date: 2013-12-24

How I Live Now


An American girl on holiday in the English countryside with her family finds herself in hiding and fighting for her survival as war breaks out.

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, George MacKay, Tom Holland, Harley Bird, Danny McEvoy
Directed by: Kevin Macdonald
Release date: 2013-09-10

The Kill Team


In 2010, the media branded a platoon of U.S. Army infantry soldiers “The Kill Team” following reports of its killing for sport in Afghanistan. Now, one of the accused must fight the government he defended on the battlefield, while grappling with his own role in the alleged murders. Dan Krauss’s absorbing documentary examines the stories of four men implicated in heinous war crimes in a stark reminder that, in war, innocence may be relative to the insanity around you.

Directed by: Dan Krauss
Release date: 2013-10-15

A Terrible Beauty


A Terrible Beauty is the story of the men and women of the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916, Irish and British, caught up in a conflict many did not understand and of the innocent men and boys, executed because of what transpired in The Battle of Mount Street Bridge. The British soldiers were the last of the Great War volunteers, who joined up together to fight the Germans. They knew that there was a strong chance they would die in France, but to die in Dublin would never have crossed their minds. The Irish Volunteers were weekend warriors many of whom had no idea they were about to take part in large scale battles on the streets of Dublin.

Starring: Hugh O'Conor, Owen McDonnell, Rick Burn, Karen Ardiff, Megan Cassidy
Directed by: Keith Farrell
Release date: 2013-02-16

The Ghost Army


During World War II, a hand-picked group of American GI's undertook a bizarre mission: create a traveling road show of deception on the battlefields of Europe, with the German Army as their audience. The 23rd Headquarters Special Troops used inflatable rubber tanks, sound trucks, and dazzling performance art to bluff the enemy again and again, often right along the front lines. Many of the men picked to carry out these dangerous deception missions were artists. Some went on to become famous, including fashion designer Bill Blass. In their spare time, they painted and sketched their way across Europe, creating a unique and moving visual record of their war. Their secret mission was kept hushed up for nearly 50 years after the war's end.

Starring: Wesley Clark, Peter Coyote
Directed by: Rick Beyer
Release date: 2013-05-26

The Master: Back Beyond

The Master: Back Beyond
A short film consisting of deleted scenes from Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master".
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Mike Howard, Ambyr Childers
Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson
Release date: 2013-02-26

Burning Blue


Following two fatal aircraft accidents aboard an Aircraft Carrier, a government agent is placed aboard the ship. His mission is to determine what may be at the root of these mishaps and prevent the inevitable third chain breaking accident which abruptly changes course when a sailor reports seeing one of the top ranking fighter pilots in a gay club. The aviator and three of his squadron mates and their spouses all become the subject of a deadly modern day witch hunt entangling them in a web of jealousy and deceit which tests their concept of love, friendship and honor and changes their lives forever.

Starring: Trent Ford, Tammy Blanchard, Morgan Spector, Rob Mayes, William Lee Scott
Directed by: D.M.W. Greer
Release date: 2013-06-29

The Wipers Times


When Captain Fred Roberts discovered a printing press in the ruins of Ypres, Belgium in 1916, he decided to publish a satirical magazine called The Wipers Times - "Wipers" being army slang for Ypres. Full of gallows humour, The Wipers Times was poignant, subversive and very funny. Produced literally under enemy fire and defying both authority and gas attacks, the magazine proved a huge success with the troops on the western front. It was, above all, a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity. In his spare time, Roberts also managed to win the Military Cross for gallantry.

Starring: Ben Chaplin, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Michael Palin, Emilia Fox, Ben Daniels
Directed by: Andy De Emmony
Release date: 2013-09-11

WWII From Space

WWII From Space
WWII from Space delivers World War II in a way you've never experienced it before. This HISTORY special uses an all-seeing CGI eye that offers a satellite view of the conflict, allowing you to experience it in a way that puts key events and tipping points in a global perspective. By re-creating groundbreaking moments that could never have been captured on camera, and by illustrating the importance of simultaneity and the hidden effects of crucial incidents, HISTORY presents the war's monumental moments in a never-before-seen context. And with new information brought to the forefront, you'll better understand how a nation ranked 19th in the world's militaries in 1939 emerged six years later as the planet's only atomic superpower.
Release date: 2013-01-05

Return to the Hiding Place


When a young resistance fighter witnesses atrocities towards the Jews, he's drawn into a web of espionage and clandestine activities. When he meets a young physics students and resistance journalist - Hans Poley - they embark on a hunt through underground tunnels, Gestapo hijacks and daring rescues.

Starring: John Rhys-Davies, Mimi Sagadin, Craig Robert Young, David Thomas Jenkins, Rachel Spencer Hewitt
Directed by: Peter C. Spencer
Release date: 2013-08-22

The Exit Room


Imprisoned journalist Joseph Michaels faces a government execution during a future American Revolution.

Starring: Christopher Abbott, Ana Kayne, Andrew Halliday, Maisha Dang, Talia Herara Clark
Directed by: Todd Wiseman Jr.
Release date: 2013-04-20



An unlikely friendship between 2 young men becomes everything, when an Australian soldier takes refuge under the canopied jungles of Singapore, during the violent Japanese invasion in World War II. Jim is lost, injured and defenseless in a hostile, tropical world, hunted by Japanese troops, Seng, a Singapore-Chinese resistance fighter emerges from the jungle and the two young men find themselves thrown together hoping to survive.

Starring: Khan Chittenden, Robert Menzies, Edwina Wren, Mok Chi-Yee
Directed by: Aaron Wilson
Release date: 2013-09-08

The Patrol


Afghanistan, 2006, Helmand Province becomes one of the most dangerous places on Earth as the British Army is deployed into the Taliban heartland. The Operation, Herrick, became synonymous with the struggle as British troops fought a losing battle against this unseen enemy.

Starring: Owain Arthur, Nicholas Beveney, Daniel Fraser, Alex McNally, Oliver Mott
Directed by: Tom Petch
Release date: 2013-10-04

Memory of Forgotten War

Unknown or forgotten by most Americans, the Korean War divided a people with several millenniums of shared history. Memory of Forgotten War conveys the human costs of military conflict through deeply personal accounts of four Korean American survivors whose experiences and memories embrace the full circle of the war: its outbreak and the day-to-day struggle for survival, separation from family members across the DMZ, the aftermath of a devastated Korean peninsula, and immigration to the United States. Each person reunites with relatives in North Korea conveying beyond words the meaning of four decades of family loss. Their stories belie the notion that war ends for civilians when the guns are silenced and foreshadow the futures of countless others displaced by ongoing military conflict today.
Release date: 2013-01-01

The Enclave

The Enclave
Commissioned for the Irish representation at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013, The Enclave is an immersive, six-screen video art installation by Irish contemporary artist Richard Mosse. Partly inspired by Joseph Conrad’s modernist literary masterpiece Heart of Darkness, the visceral and moving work was filmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo using 16mm colour infra-red film, which captures otherwise invisible parts of the spectrum. The resulting imagery in Mosse’s work is hallucinatory and dream-like with the usual greens of jungle and forest replaced by shimmering violet. The Enclave depicts a complicated, strife-ridden place in a way that reflects its complexity, using a strategy of beauty and transfixion to combat the wider invisibility of a conflict that has claimed so many.
Directed by: Richard Mosse
Release date: 2013-06-11

Born Of War

Born Of War
Mina, a young college student, has her life ripped away after her family is killed. When she finds out their murder was part of a botched kidnapping to return her to her real father—a terrorist in the middle east.
Starring: James Frain, Sofia Black-D'Elia, Lydia Leonard, Joey Ansah, Michael Maloney
Directed by: Vicky Jewson
Release date: 2013-12-05


The film tells the tragic date in the history of the Crimean Tatar people - May 18, 1944 - Stalin's deportation of the Crimean Tatars. The plot of the film - a pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Amethan Sultan. In May, the 44th year after osovobozhdeniya Sevastopol Amethan goes on vacation to her native Alupka. On May 18 his eyes and begins deportation of the Crimean Tatars.
Directed by: Akhtem Seitablaiev
Release date: 2013-05-18

Unmanned: America's Drone Wars


This documentary from Brave New Foundation and director Robert Greenwald, investigates the impact of U.S. drone strikes at home and abroad through more than 70 separate interviews, including a former American drone operator who shares what he has witnessed in his own words, Pakistani families mourning loved ones and seeking legal redress, investigative journalists pursuing the truth, and top military officials warning against blowback from the loss of innocent life.

Directed by: Robert Greenwald
Release date: 2013-10-30

Robotech: Love Live Alive

Robotech: Love Live Alive
It is the year 2031, as the spores of the Flower of Life spread over the remains of the SDF-1 and SDF-2, the Invid land out of Hyperspace, on a head-on collision with the Earth. They crash on the spot, quickly turning it into their massive hive, later to be called Reflex Point. In a matter of moments, the Invid take control of the devastated planet.
Starring: Frank Catalano, Cam Clarke, Richard Epcar, Barbara Goodson, Alexandra Kenworthy
Release date: 2013-09-21

Forbidden Ground


Three British soldiers find themselves stranded in No Man's Land after a failed charge on the German Trenches. Set in France 1916.

Starring: Johan Earl, Tim Pocock, Martin Copping, Denai Gracie, Sarah Mawbey
Directed by: Johan Earl, Adrian Powers
Release date: 2013-08-16

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