Best War Movies of 1993


Schindler's List

9.0/10 IMDB

The true story of how businessman Oskar Schindler saved over a thousand Jewish lives from the Nazis while they worked as slaves in his factory during World War II.

Starring: Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes, Caroline Goodall, Jonathan Sagall, Embeth Davidtz, Malgorzata Gebel, Shmuel Levy, Mark Ivanir, Béatrice Macola ..
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Release date: 1993-12-15

Hot Shots! Part Deux

6.6/10 IMDB

Topper Harley is found to be working as an odd-job-man in a monastery. The CIA want him to lead a rescue mission into Iraq, to rescue the last rescue team, who went in to rescue the last rescue team—who went in to rescue hostages left behind after Desert Storm.

Starring: Charlie Sheen, Lloyd Bridges, Valeria Golino, Richard Crenna, Rowan Atkinson, Miguel Ferrer, Brenda Bakke, Jerry Haleva, David Wohl, Mitchell Ryan ..
Directed by: Jim Abrahams
Release date: 1993-05-21


7.6/10 IMDB

In the summer of 1863, General Robert E. Lee leads the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia into Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with the goal of marching through to Washington, D.C. The Union Army of the Potomac, under the command of General George G. Meade, forms a defensive position to confront the rebel forces in what will prove to be the decisive battle of the American Civil War.

Starring: Jeff Daniels, Tom Berenger, Martin Sheen, Sam Elliott, Stephen Lang, Richard Jordan, Andrew Prine, Cooper Huckabee, Patrick Gorman, Bo Brinkman ..
Directed by: Ronald F. Maxwell
Release date: 1993-10-08

Heaven & Earth

6.8/10 IMDB

Le Ly lives in a small Vietnamese village whose serenity is shattered when war breaks out. Caught between the Viet Cong and the South Vietnamese army, the village is all but destroyed. After being both brutalized and raped, Le Ly resolves to flee. She leaves for the city, surviving desperate situations, but surviving nonetheless. Eventually she meets a U.S. Marine named Steve Butler who treats her kindly and tells her he would like to be married -- maybe to her.

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Robert John Burke, Timothy Carhart, Tim Guinee, Hiep Thi Le, Debbie Reynolds, Haing S. Ngor, Joan Chen, Dustin Nguyen, Liem Whatley ..
Directed by: Oliver Stone
Release date: 1993-12-24
Best War Movies of 1993 : Sharpe's Eagle

Sharpe's Eagle

7.8/10 IMDB

Sharpe is a Captain saddled with the South Essex, a battalion run by incompetents and filled with soldiers who have never been in battle. When the South Essex loses its colours (its regimental flag), Sharpe vows to save the honor of the regiment by capturing a French Imperial standard: an eagle.

Starring: Sean Bean, Brian Cox, Daragh O'Malley, Assumpta Serna, Michael Cochrane, David Troughton, Daniel Craig, John Tams, Lyndon Davies, Jason Salkey ..
Directed by: Tom Clegg
Release date: 1993-05-12
Best War Movies of 1993 : Sharpe's Rifles

Sharpe's Rifles

7.6/10 IMDB

During the Peninsular War in Spain against the French, Sergeant Richard Sharpe saves the life of Arthur Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington and is promoted to Lieutenant. In order to pay the troops Wellesley needs a money draft from the banker Rothschild, but fears he has been captured by the French and sends Sharpe behind enemy lines to find him. Sharpe is given command of a platoon of crack riflemen, led by the surly Irishman Harper and including Hagman and Harris, who resent Sharpe as not being a 'proper officer'.

Starring: Sean Bean, Brian Cox, Daragh O'Malley, Assumpta Serna, David Troughton, John Tams, Jason Salkey, Michael Mears, Julian Fellowes, Lyndon Davies ..
Directed by: Tom Clegg
Release date: 1993-05-05

Map of the Human Heart

7.0/10 IMDB

Fantastic improbabilities, happenstance and the undying bridge of love are part of this romantic fantasy about an Inuit who crosses years, oceans and the ravages of WWII to find his childhood love, a Metis girl, but finds that their cultures are the most difficult spaces to gap.

Starring: Jason Scott Lee, Robert Joamie, Anne Parillaud, Annie Galipeau, Patrick Bergin, Clotilde Courau, John Cusack, Jeanne Moreau, Ben Mendelsohn, Jerry Snell ..
Directed by: Vincent Ward
Release date: 1993-04-22
Best War Movies of 1993 : Cabaret


8.0/10 IMDB

A filmed stage performance of the 1993 London revival. Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Skyfall) directed this new production for the Donmar Warehouse in London's West End. It starred Jane Horrocks as Sally, Adam Godley as Cliff, Alan Cumming as the Emcee and Sara Kestelman as Fräulein Schneider. Cumming received an Olivier Award nomination for his performance and Kestelman won the Olivier for Best Supporting Performance in a Musical. Mendes's conception was very different from either the original production or the conventional first revival. The most significant change was the character of the Emcee. The role, as played by Joel Grey in both prior incarnations, was an asexual, edgy character dressed in a tuxedo with rouged cheeks. Alan Cumming's portrayal was highly sexualized, as he wore suspenders (i.e. braces) around his crotch and red paint on his nipples.

Starring: Alan Cumming, Jane Horrocks, Adam Godley, Sara Kestelman, Loveday Smith, George Raistrick, Michael Gardiner, Charlotte Medcalf, Charlotte Storey, Michael Gardiner ..
Directed by: Sam Mendes
Release date: 1993-12-09
Best War Movies of 1993 : Bread & Roses

Bread & Roses

7.1/10 IMDB

Based upon the life of activist and trade unionist (and later MP) Sonja Davies. The film covers her life up to 1956, when, at age 33, she was elected to the Nelson Hospital Board. During this period she develops strong socialist beliefs, marries and divorces, at age 17 trains as a nurse, has a romance (and a child) with an American marine who is killed in WWII action. She battles tuberculosis and marries a former boyfriend when he returns from the war. She becomes part of a women's ill-fated campaign to save the Nelson railway line from closure and begins to be elected to political bodies.

Starring: Geneviève Picot, Mick Rose, Donna Akersten, Raymond Hawthorne, Tina Regtien, Erik Thomson, Theresa Healey, Frances Kewene, Emily Perkins, Larissa Matheson ..
Directed by: Gaylene Preston
Release date: 1993-07-18
Best War Movies of 1993 : Stalag Luft

Stalag Luft

6.6/10 IMDB

Few wartime prisoners have attempted escape quite as many times as bumbling RAF Officer James Forrester. Though Officer Forrester has twenty-three escape attempts to his name, each successive attempt he makes to break free somehow seems to go worse than the last. But this time there's a difference, because Officer Forrester isn't just plotting his own escape, but the escape of all 327 of his fellow prisoners as well - and all at once. In fact even the Germans want to escape!

Starring: Stephen Fry, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Geoffrey Palmer, Sam Kelly, Hugh Bonneville, David Bamber, Marston Bloom, Todd Boyce, Roger Hyams, Benedick Blythe ..
Directed by: Adrian Shergold
Release date: 1993-10-27


5.0/10 IMDB

During a daring mission in Vietnam, a helicoptor squadron is downed. While the soldiers try to escape capture by the Viet Cong, clues that the copter was sabotaged lead to brutal infighting, as they search for the traitor among them.

Starring: Martin Kove, Matt Salinger, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, Ronald Asinas, Raffy Curtis, Henry Strzalkowski, James Gregory Paolleli, Vic Trevino, Jeff Yonis, Raffael Soquez ..
Directed by: Cirio H. Santiago
Release date: 1993-01-06
Best War Movies of 1993 : Absent Without Leave

Absent Without Leave

6.2/10 IMDB

In 1942 Wellington, Daisy Edwards, 16 and pregnant, relies totally on her just-wed husband, Ed, who is little older than she. Ed is suddenly drafted into the army and is to be sent overseas to battle while Daisy is sent to her father in Auckland. When Ed's leave is cancelled at the last minute he takes the dangerous decision to go absent without leave to be with Daisy on her journey home. As a deserter, Ed is hunted, captured and imprisoned. Life inside is bad enought without the worry of what is going on outside. The film is based upon a true story.

Starring: Craig McLachlan, Katrina Hobbs, Tony Barry, Judie Douglass, Ken Blackburn, Tony Burton, Francis Bell, Robyn Malcolm, David Copeland, Desmond Kelly ..
Directed by: John Laing
Release date: 1993-02-20

Going Home

6.7/10 IMDB

Johan Ten Berghe joins the Dutch army when the Dutch East Indies unilaterally declare independence as Indonesia. He initiates his naive driver Twan in life in the East, having grown up there as son of colonial official Hendrik, now missing. Their adventures intertwine with Johan's childhood memories, especially concerning his native best friend, Oeroeg, who joined the rebellion, as well as their nanny and later de facto stepmother. Conflicting loyalties become tangible in extreme situations

Starring: Jeroen Krabbé, Rik Launspach, Martin Schwab, Peter Faber, Joris Putman, Ramelan Bekkema, José Rizal Manua, Joris Putman ..
Directed by: Hans Hylkema
Release date: 1993-06-10

For the Moment

6.0/10 IMDB

This Canadian film presents and old-fashioned war time romance. It is set during 1942 in Manitoba and traces the doomed affair between a young farmer's wife (Christianne Hirt) whose husband is fighting abroad and a dashing Australian pilot (Russell Crowe). The pilot has come to train in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan of Canada. When the pilot, Lachlan, is not training, he is surreptitiously wooing Lill, the farmer's wife. At the other end of town, Betsy (Wanda Cannon) who supports her two kids by bootlegging, charges for her services. She gets involved with Zeek (Scott Kraft), an American flight instructor.

Starring: Russell Crowe, Christianne Hirt, Wanda Cannon, Scott Kraft, Peter Outerbridge, Sara McMillan, Bruce Boa, Katelynd Johnston, Tyler Woods, John Bekavac ..
Directed by: Aaron Kim Johnston
Release date: 1993-10-01
Best War Movies of 1993 : Grey Knight

Grey Knight

4.6/10 IMDB

During the Civil War, Confederate soldiers accidentally free an evil voodoo entity brought back by slave traders. The entity possesses the dead bodies of both Union and Confederate soldiers creating an army of its own bent on conquest.

Starring: Corbin Bernsen, Adrian Pasdar, Ray Wise, Cynda Williams, Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Sheen, Dean Cameron, David Arquette, Alexis Arquette, Matt LeBlanc ..
Directed by: George Hickenlooper
Release date: 1993-03-07
Best War Movies of 1993 : The Last P.O.W.? The Bobby Garwood Story

The Last P.O.W.? The Bobby Garwood Story

5.5/10 IMDB

Marine Private First Class Robert Garwood spent fourteen harrowing years as a Vietnam P.O.W. only to finally be released and immediately arrested by the U.S. Marine Corps on charges of collaboration with the enemy. He is found guilty on the strength of the testimony from those P.O.W.s he tried to take care of so many years before and is branded a traitor.

Starring: Ralph Macchio, Martin Sheen, Noah Blake ..
Directed by: Georg Stanford Brown
Release date: 1993-06-28
Best War Movies of 1993 : The Broken Chain

The Broken Chain

5.8/10 IMDB

The true story of Iroquois warrior Thayendanegea participating in the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War.

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Eric Schweig, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Wes Studi, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Elaine Bilstad, Kim A. Snyder, Graham Greene, Michael Spears, Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse ..
Directed by: Lamont Johnson
Release date: 1993-11-11

A Foreign Field

7.8/10 IMDB

Nostalgic comic drama in which Cyril and Amos, two veterans of the Normandy landings, return to France to visit the grave of their wartime buddy. They encounter Waldo, an American on a similar mission, and the meeting sparks memories of an old girlfriend from the past. With the mysterious American lady Lisa in their wake, Cyril and Waldo decide to try and track her down.

Starring: Alec Guinness, Leo McKern, Edward Herrmann, John Randolph, Geraldine Chaplin, Lauren Bacall, Dorothy Grumbar, Jeanne Moreau, Michelle Gheleyns-Hue, Cateline Alteirac ..
Directed by: Charles Sturridge
Release date: 1993-09-10
Best War Movies of 1993 : For Love and Glory

For Love and Glory

6.5/10 IMDB

A failed pilot about a rich Virginia plantation owner and his family caught up in the American Civil War. He has a slave for a mistress, his older son is to marry a working class Irish girl and his younger son promotes the Confederacy.

Starring: Daniel Markel, Tracy Griffith, Zach Galligan, Tom O'Brien, Olivia d'Abo, Patrick Fabian, Laura Carrington, Victor Love, Kate Mulgrew, Robert Foxworth ..
Directed by: Roger Young
Release date: 1993-09-11
Best War Movies of 1993 : The Unforgiving

The Unforgiving

6.6/10 IMDB

As Serb forces close in on Srebrenica a Serbian mother seeks the body of her 11-year old son, who was tortured and killed by Muslims in Bosnia.

Starring: Radovan Karadži?, Željko Mejaki?, Mujo Omerovi? ..
Directed by: Clive Gordon
Release date: 1993-01-01

Kill Zone

4.2/10 IMDB

An American colonel will pay any price to defeat the Viet Cong. When his unauthorized fighting force in Cambodia is discovered, he becomes a one man army, fighting a war of his own for a cause he knows is just.

Starring: David Carradine, Anthony Dorsett, Rob Youngblood, Vic Trevino, James Gregory Paolleli, Geno Bolda, Jim Moss, Francis Evaristo, Richard White, Bob Larson ..
Directed by: Cirio H. Santiago
Release date: 1993-01-01


4.6/10 IMDB

Major James Prentis VC is a British spy of World War II and war hero who goes under the code name of "Shuttlecock". Alienated from his family and children, he ends up in a mental institution in Lisbon, Portugal.

Starring: Alan Bates, Lambert Wilson, Kenneth Haigh, Jill Meager, João Perry, Luísa Barbosa, Arthur Cox, Gregory Chisholm, Beatrice Buchholz, John Cassady ..
Directed by: Andrew Piddington
Release date: 1993-04-07
Best War Movies of 1993 : El general y la fiebre

El general y la fiebre

3.9/10 IMDB

While sick in the small town of Saldán, the General José de San Martín remembers his life and achievements

Starring: Rubén Stella, Licia Tizziani, Raúl Brambilla, Jorge Arán, Jorge Marziali, Germán Mendieta, Alejandro Cuevas, Elena Durá Márquez, Osvaldo Hueges, Nelly Tulla ..
Directed by: Jorge Coscia
Release date: 1993-08-12
Best War Movies of 1993 : Classic British Jets: Vulcan

Classic British Jets: Vulcan

0.0/10 IMDB

The Avro Vulcan was the world's first large delta-wing strike aircraft. It entered service as a V-bomber with the RAF's Bomber Command squadrons in July 1957 with the capability to carry a 21,000 lb conventional bomb load - or an atomic bomb. The larger, more powerful B2 version, capable of flying 46,000 miles without refueling, appeared in 1960. Vulcans remained in service until 1984, after seeing combat duty in The Falklands, and until 1992 they were the star attraction at airshows throughout Britain.

Release date: 1993-06-01

Sarajevo Film Festival

7.5/10 IMDB

Short documentary about the Sarajevo Film Festival. Sarajevo in the twentieth month of its besiegement. The situation is critical but the city chooses to organise an international film festival. Dutch filmmakers Johan van der Keuken and Frank Vellenga present Van der Keuken's documentaries Face Value and Brass Unbound there and one of the festival organisers asks a festival visitor: `What is the significance of film in war? In Sarajevo Film Festival Film, a reflection on film, war and daily life, fictional images are juxtaposed in a disconcerting way with the gruesome reality of the lives of the festival visitors. (netherlands film commission)

Starring: Marijela Margeta, Marijeta Margeta, Marko Margeta, Haris Pasovi? ..
Directed by: Johan van der Keuken
Release date: 1993-11-01
Best War Movies of 1993 : Down Among the Big Boys

Down Among the Big Boys

0.0/10 IMDB

Set in Glasgow, Louie, the detective son of an upright police sergeant, is about to marry. His intended is the daughter of JoJo (Connolly), a wealthy and compulsive thief who attempts a spectacular robbery. Louie is put in charge of the investigation of JoJo's latest enterprise. JoJo learns of his peril and begins an exercise in risk management.

Starring: Billy Connolly, Maggie Bell, Ashley Jensen, Douglas Henshall, John Murtagh, Ewan Stewart, Rab Affleck, Ken Drury, Alex Norton, Katherine Stark ..
Directed by: Charles Gormley
Release date: 1993-09-19
Best War Movies of 1993 : Beyrouth, Le Dialogue Des Ruines

Beyrouth, Le Dialogue Des Ruines

0.0/10 IMDB

Architecture in Beirut was the second greatest victim of the civil war, with pages of ancient and modern history erased by the end of the conflict. This documentary interviews citizens calling for a reconstruction plan that would preserve Beirut’s spirit of culture and openness.

Directed by: Bahij Hojeij
Release date: 1993-01-01

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