Best War Movies of 1926


The General

8.1/10 IMDB

During America’s Civil War, Union spies steal engineer Johnnie Gray's beloved locomotive, 'The General'—with Johnnie's lady love aboard an attached boxcar—and he single-handedly must do all in his power to both get The General back and to rescue Annabelle.

Starring: Buster Keaton, Marion Mack, Glen Cavender, Jim Farley, Frederick Vroom, Charles Henry Smith, Frank Barnes, Joe Keaton, Mike Donlin, Tom Nawn ..
Directed by: Clyde Bruckman, Buster Keaton
Release date: 1926-12-25
Best War Movies of 1926 : What Price Glory

What Price Glory

6.9/10 IMDB

U.S. Marine sergeants Quirt and Flagg are inveterate romantic rivals on peacetime assignments in China and the Philippines. In 1917, W.W. I brings them to France, where Flagg, now a captain, takes up with flirtatious Charmaine, inn-keeper's daughter. Of course, Quirt has to arrive and spoil his fun. But the harsh realities of war and the threat of a shotgun marriage give the two men a common cause...

Starring: Edmund Lowe, Victor McLaglen, Dolores del Río, William V. Mong, Phyllis Haver, J. Carrol Naish ..
Directed by: Raoul Walsh
Release date: 1926-11-23
Best War Movies of 1926 : The Better 'Ole

The Better 'Ole

6.3/10 IMDB

The adventures of Old Bill and his friends Bert and Alf in the trenches of the first World War.

Starring: Syd Chaplin, Harold Goodwin, Jack Ackroyd, Edgar Kennedy, Charles K. Gerrard, Arthur Clayton, Doris Hill, Olaf Hytten, Tom Kennedy, Theodore Lorch ..
Directed by: Charles Reisner
Release date: 1926-10-23
Best War Movies of 1926 : Behind the Front

Behind the Front

6.4/10 IMDB

During World War I a young man joins the army and winds up befriending another young recruit, not knowing that it's the same pickpocket who stole his watch. After finishing basic training, the two are sent to the front lines in France, where they wind up in trouble with the MPs, getting involved with some cute French girls and "volunteering" for a dangerous front-line mission, and their antics result in their endangering the armistice.

Starring: Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton, Mary Brian, Richard Arlen, Hayden Stevenson, Chester Conklin, Tom Kennedy, Frances Raymond, Melbourne MacDowell, Jerry Mandy ..
Directed by: A. Edward Sutherland
Release date: 1926-02-22

The Unknown Soldier

7.3/10 IMDB

The Unknown Soldier is a 1926 American silent drama film directed by Renaud Hoffman and written by Richard Schayer and James J. Tynan. The film stars Charles Emmett Mack, Marguerite De La Motte, Henry B. Walthall, Claire McDowell, and George Cooper. The film was released on May 30, 1926, by Producers Distributing Corporation.

Starring: Charles Emmett Mack, Marguerite De La Motte, Henry B. Walthall, Claire McDowell, George Cooper ..
Directed by: Renaud Hoffman
Release date: 1926-05-29
Best War Movies of 1926 : The Greater Glory

The Greater Glory

7.0/10 IMDB

A story of Vienna following World War I, in which the butchers became millionaires and the aristocrats became beggars, told against a background of mother-love and sacrifice.

Starring: Conway Tearle, Anna Q. Nilsson, May Allison, Ian Keith, Lucy Beaumont, Jean Hersholt, Nigel De Brulier, Bridgetta Clark, John St. Polis, Marcia Manon ..
Directed by: Curt Rehfeld
Release date: 1926-05-02
Best War Movies of 1926 : Across the Pacific

Across the Pacific

5.7/10 IMDB

Following the Spanish-American War, a soldier is given the assignment of finding the leader of a band of rebels in the Philippines. In order to do this, he must romance Roma, a cabaret spy working for the rebels. This does not please the daughter of his commanding officer, whom he is romancing.

Starring: Monte Blue, Jane Winton, Myrna Loy, Charles Stevens, Tom Wilson, Walter McGrail, Herbert Prior, Edgar Kennedy, Theodore Lorch, Sôjin Kamiyama ..
Directed by: Roy Del Ruth
Release date: 1926-10-02

The Whole Town's Talking

5.8/10 IMDB

Chester Binney, a wounded war veteran, erroneously believes he is carrying a silver plate in his head and must avoid all excitement. He returns to his hometown, and there his former employer, George Simmons, attempts to arrange a match between Chester (who is to inherit a fortune) and his daughter Ethel. Ethel, however, finds Chester unexciting as a lover; and to enliven the affair, the father invents a lurid past for the boy by displaying a signed photograph of Rita Renault, a famous movie star. Rita, accompanied by her jealous husband, Jack Shields, arrives in the town for a personal appearance. By chance, Jack discovers the photograph of Rita, presumably the property of Chester, and when he sees his wife kissing Chester, a running fight ensues.

Release date: 1926-12-26
Best War Movies of 1926 : Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum

6.8/10 IMDB

The story of a female German spy who willingly sacrifices her life for her country.

Starring: Apollon Uni, Álex Nova, Kada-Abd-el-Kader, Hughie Mack, Alice Terry, Antonio Moreno, Mademoiselle Kithnou, Mickey Brantford, Rosita Ramírez, Frédéric Mariotti ..
Directed by: Rex Ingram
Release date: 1926-02-15
Best War Movies of 1926 : Midnight Lovers

Midnight Lovers

6.6/10 IMDB

A 1926 film directed by John Francis Dillon.

Starring: Lewis Stone, Anna Q. Nilsson, John Roche, Chester Conklin, Dale Fuller, Purnell Pratt ..
Directed by: John Francis Dillon
Release date: 1926-10-25

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