Best War Movies of 1923


Cirano di Bergerac

6.8/10 IMDB

Cyrano de Begerac is joyous, witty, a poet, a leader and filled with plenty of charisma and bravado in 17th Century France. He has only one flaw: an unusually long nose which makes him unattractive to any woman. Thus, he cannot have the woman he loves, his cousin Roxanne. Roxanne loves an officer in his army who gets tongue-tied in front of women. Who will Roxanne love? Will Cyrano ever find love? Or will he find happiness in helping the officer woo Roxanne? This is a story of split personalities, human frailty and unrequited love.

Starring: Alex Bernard, Umberto Casilini, Gemma De Sanctis, Pierre Magnier, Angelo Ferrari, Linda Moglia, Maurice Schutz, Roberto Parisini ..
Directed by: Augusto Genina
Release date: 1923-11-30
Best War Movies of 1923 : Johan Ulfstjerna

Johan Ulfstjerna

6.8/10 IMDB

The story of a man who makes a great sacrifice for his country and for his son. Based on the play of the same title by Tor Hedberg.

Starring: Ivan Hedqvist, Anna Olin, Einar Hanson, Mary Johnson, John Ekman, Rudolf Wendbladh, Albion Örtengren ..
Directed by: John W. Brunius
Release date: 1923-12-02

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