Best War Movies of 1917


The Battle of the Ancre and Advance of the Tanks

7.0/10 IMDB

Official film of the British Army’s autumn campaign on the Somme, which ran from 15th September to 18th November 1916.

Directed by: Geoffrey Malins
Release date: 1917-09-11
Best War Movies of 1917 : The Little American

The Little American

6.3/10 IMDB

A young American has her ship torpedoed by a German U-boat but makes it back to her ancestral home in France, where she witnesses German brutality firsthand.

Starring: Mary Pickford, Jack Holt, Raymond Hatton, Hobart Bosworth, Walter Long, Wallace Beery, Norman Kerry, Colleen Moore, Ramon Novarro, Sam Wood ..
Directed by: Cecil B. DeMille, Joseph Levering
Release date: 1917-07-12
Best War Movies of 1917 : On Dangerous Ground

On Dangerous Ground

8.7/10 IMDB

Carlyle Blackwell stars as an American in Germany at the outbreak of World War I. A mysterious stranger bursts into his room and proclaims him her husband. What's a gentleman to do? He poses as her husband to deliver "papers" to French headquarters. Adventure follows.

Starring: Carlyle Blackwell, Gail Kane, William Bailey, Stanhope Wheatcroft, Frank Leigh, Florence Ashbrooke, John Burkell ..
Directed by: Robert Thornby
Release date: 1917-01-08
Best War Movies of 1917 : Cheyenne's Pal

Cheyenne's Pal

4.8/10 IMDB

During World War I, westerner Cheyenne Harry is a horse seller, but he refuses to part with his favorite horse and friend, Cactus. One night, broke and drunk, he sells Cactus to an Englishman for $350 which he soon loses gambling. When Harry discovers that Cactus is being sent to the war in France and probable death, he gets a horse- tending job on the ship. When they get the opportunity Harry jumps off the ship with Cactus and they swim to shore. Harry is eventually caught but is allowed to work off his debt and keep Cactus.

Starring: Harry Carey, Jim Corey, Gertrude Astor, Vester Pegg, Steve Pimento, William Steele, Hoot Gibson, Ed Jones, Pete Carey ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1917-08-13
Best War Movies of 1917 : Womanhood, the Glory of the Nation

Womanhood, the Glory of the Nation

8.2/10 IMDB

When the nation of Ruthania declares war on the United States, an army of enemy soldiers invades the U.S. and captures New York. But the American forces have prepared adequately for such an event, and hidden booby traps, trick fortifications, and remote-controlled bombs...

Starring: Alice Joyce, Harry T. Morey, Naomi Childers, Joseph Kilgour, Walter McGrail, Mary Maurice, James Morrison, Peggy Hyland, Templar Saxe, Bobby Connelly ..
Directed by: J. Stuart Blackton, William P.S. Earle
Release date: 1917-04-09
Best War Movies of 1917 : The Spirit of '76

The Spirit of '76

5.8/10 IMDB

Catherine Montour, a striking half-breed Indian princess, and mistress of King George III aspires to become the first Queen of America when the revolution breaks out.

Starring: Adda Gleason, Howard Gaye, George Chesebro, Dark Cloud, Doris Pawn, Jack Cosgrove, Norval MacGregor, Jane Novak, William Colby, Lottie Kruse ..
Directed by: Frank Montgomery
Release date: 1917-01-01
Best War Movies of 1917 : The Hostage

The Hostage

0.0/10 IMDB

The Highlanders and Lowlanders are sworn enemies until Lieutenant Kemper, the son of Brigadier Kemper, the leader of the militaristic Lowlanders, is held hostage by the Highlanders until his father's army has retreated to its own boundaries. Much to his surprise, the lieutenant is treated with kindness and consideration by his captors, especially by Boyadi and his beautiful daughter Nathalia, whom he learns to love. Thus, instead of obeying his father's command to escape at an appointed time when the Lowlanders plan to violate their pledge and storm the fortress, he keeps his promise to his captors and remains a prisoner.

Starring: Wallace Reid, Dorothy Abril, Gertrude Short, Clarence Geldart, Guy Oliver, Marcia Manon, Noah Beery, George Spaulding, Lillian Leighton, Lucien Littlefield ..
Directed by: Robert Thornby
Release date: 1917-09-10

War and the Woman

0.0/10 IMDB

After learning that her stepfather, John Braun, is a spy, Ruth leaves him and starts out upon a cross-country journey. In her travels, she sees a plane crash to earth and rushes to assist its pilot, John Barker. The two fall in love and are married. In the midst of their honeymoon, war breaks out and John is called to his post, leaving Ruth alone with only the servants to protect her. In John's absence, the enemy invades the countryside, commandeers the Barker house and imprisons Ruth in her room. Meanwhile, John takes leave to search for his wife. Managing to get through the enemy line, he arrives just as Ruth, enraged at the action of the invaders, dynamites the cellar of the house. As the building explodes, Ruth and John escape in his plane.

Starring: Florence La Badie, Ernest C. Warde, Tom Brooke, Wayne Arey, Grace Henderson, Arthur Bauer, Ralph Faulkner ..
Directed by: Ernest C. Warde
Release date: 1917-09-09
Best War Movies of 1917 : Who Was the Other Man?

Who Was the Other Man?

0.0/10 IMDB

While waiting in a hotel lobby for instructions from his government, Ludwig Schumann, an agent of the Black Legion, is enchanted by Marion Washburn, the daughter of a Texas senator. As he is about to speak to the girl, Schumann is stunned to see a young American enter who could be his double. The American is James Walbert, whom Schumann's contact mistakes for the agent. The contact passes to Walbert a photograph of a woman spy, Wanda Bartell, whom the agent is to meet aboard a steamer. Walbert realizes the mistake and determines to protect his country.

Starring: Francis Ford, Duke Worne, William T. Horne, Beatrice Van, Mae Gaston ..
Directed by: Francis Ford
Release date: 1917-09-03
Best War Movies of 1917 : The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

0.0/10 IMDB

Stephen Stephani leaves Nordhoff with his daughter Mary to visit Zandria, an enemy country, where he tries to steal the war plans of the hostile nation. There, Mary meets Paul Ekald, a Zandrian captain, falling in love with him at first sight. While Mary remains in Zandria for the moment, Stephani returns to Nordhoff. Meanwhile, Vesta, Mary's illegitimate half-sister, has managed to get hold of important war plans stolen from Count Wenzel. But, to get them, she had to kill the count.

Starring: Margaret Illington, Jack Holt, Winter Hall, Noah Beery ..
Directed by: Frank Reicher
Release date: 1917-03-03
Best War Movies of 1917 : The Little Yank

The Little Yank

0.0/10 IMDB

Sallie is a beautiful Kentucky girl who belongs to a family of Union sympathizers. Her brother is a lieutenant in the Union army, and on a visit home brings Major Rushton, his superior officer, who falls in love with Sallie, "the little Yank."

Starring: Dorothy Gish, Frank Bennett, Allan Sears, Bob Burns, F.A. Turner, Alberta Lee, Kate Toncray, Hal Wilson ..
Directed by: George Siegmann
Release date: 1917-01-14
Best War Movies of 1917 : The Spy

The Spy

0.0/10 IMDB

An American is sent to Germany to unearth the identities of German agents operating in the U. S. He infiltrates the German secret service in an attempt to abscond with a list of undercover German operatives.

Starring: Dustin Farnum, Winifred Kingston, William Burgess, Charles Clary, William Lowery, Howard Gaye ..
Directed by: Richard Stanton
Release date: 1917-08-17
Best War Movies of 1917 : Sweetheart of the Doomed

Sweetheart of the Doomed

0.0/10 IMDB

Betrayed by a man when she was a naive young girl, Honore hates all men and takes her revenge on every man she can. When she meets Gen. Durand--the uncle of the man who betrayed her--she sees a chance to ruin his whole family. Durand falls in love with her and proposes, and she sees her plan for revenge about to come to fruition. Then she falls for a young French soldier who knows nothing about her past. Complications ensue.

Starring: Louise Glaum, Charles Gunn, Tom Guise, Roy Laidlaw ..
Directed by: Reginald Barker
Release date: 1917-04-08
Best War Movies of 1917 : Treason


0.0/10 IMDB

The enemy's success in smuggling a spy through the lines places the Stratiria armies in a dangerous position. The spy is intercepted and killed by Pettrus Baariot, the telegraph operator, who then succeeds in sending a message that saves the Stratiria forces from defeat. For his heroism, Pettrus is promised a promotion, but after his recovery from his severe wounds, he is humiliated through the treachery of Danick Rysson, a government official who desires to marry Floria Natarre, Pettrus' beloved. Bitter, Pettrus listens to the overtures of one of the enemy and steals the new telegraph code.

Starring: Allen Holubar, Lois Wilson, Dorothy Davenport, Joseph W. Girard, George C. Pearce, Edward Hearn, Leo Pierson, Burton Law, L.M. Wells ..
Directed by: Allen Holubar
Release date: 1917-05-14
Best War Movies of 1917 : The Dark Road

The Dark Road

0.0/10 IMDB

Jim Morrison is an English army officer who comes from a very old and prominent family. He marries the ravishingly beautiful but unscrupulous Cleo, who has no qualms about using her sexual allure to get the luxuries her husband can't provide. When Jim is sent off to war, Cleo embarks on a series of affairs, one of which results in her becoming the love slave of a German spy, the very spy that her husband has been assigned to track down.

Starring: Dorothy Dalton, Jack Livingston, John Gilbert, Robert McKim, Walt Whitman, Lydia Knott ..
Directed by: Charles Miller
Release date: 1917-03-31
Best War Movies of 1917 : The Field of Honor

The Field of Honor

0.0/10 IMDB

Although she is secretly in love with Wade Clayton, Laura Sheldon accedes to the wishes of her parents and marrries George Baring. Soon after, war breaks out between the North and South, and Clayton is made captain of the regiment. The entreaties of Laura prompt Baring to enlist against his will. Seized with fear during battle, Baring attempts to run away but is shot by a comrade and left for dead. At the finish of the war, Clayton returns home and relates how bravely Baring died in action. A few years later, Baring, who had been hiding in Cuba, returns.

Starring: Allen Holubar, Frank MacQuarrie, Sydney Deane, Louise Lovely, Helen Wright, Millard K. Wilson, Frankie Lee ..
Directed by: Allen Holubar
Release date: 1917-06-11

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