Best Tv Movie Movies of 2013


Downton Abbey: The London Season

8.5/10 IMDB

Summer of 1923. It's summer and as part of Rose's 'coming out' she is to be presented at Buckingham Palace. The Crawley family go to London to prepare Grantham House for this busy social program.

Starring: Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Brendan Coyle, Michelle Dockery, Kevin Doyle, Joanne Froggatt, Lily James, Robert James-Collier, Allen Leech ..
Directed by: Jon East
Release date: 2013-12-25

Teen Beach Movie

5.9/10 IMDB

Cowabunga! Catch a perfect wave of fun in the sun, splashed with excitement, surprises and budding romance. Life's a beach for surfers Brady (Ross Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) – until a rogue wave magically transports them inside the classic '60s beach party flick, "Wet Side Story," where a full-blown rivalry between bikers and surfers threatens to erupt. There, amidst a sea of surfing, singing and dancing, Brady and Mack accidentally change the storyline, and the film’s dreamy hero and heroine fall for them instead of for each other! Can our heroes get the plot back on track, or will they be trapped there forever? Overflowing with hilarious comedy and high-energy musical numbers, "Teen Beach Movie" makes it an endless summer all year long!

Starring: Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton, John DeLuca, Chrissie Fit, Kevin Chamberlin, Steve Valentine, Jordan Fisher, Oskar Rodriguez ..
Directed by: Jeffrey Hornaday
Release date: 2013-07-19

The Good Witch's Destiny

7.1/10 IMDB

All Cassie Nightingale wants for her birthday is for her family and friends to be together. While her husband Jake suggests an intimate dinner at a fancy restaurant in their hometown of Middleton, Cassie would rather have a party at The Grey House, with all her loved ones in attendance. And since Jake's kids, Brandon and Lori, are growing up with lives of their own, it might be their last chance to unite as a family for a long time. As Cassie's special day is fast approaching, Lori discovers disturbing parallels between Cassie and Cassie's great aunt, nicknamed the Grey Lady, who disappeared at her own birthday party years before. With signs of a curse looming over her, it's clear that Cassie needs to conjure up more than a little magic to make things right again. Is there birthday magic in the air or is it a birthday curse?

Starring: Catherine Bell, Ashley Leggat, Matthew Knight, Chris Potter, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, Robin Dunne, Dani Kind ..
Directed by: Craig Pryce
Release date: 2013-10-26
Best Tv Movie Movies of 2013 : MR James: Ghost Writer

MR James: Ghost Writer

7.5/10 IMDB

Mark Gatiss steps into the mind of MR James, the enigmatic English master of the supernatural story. How did this donnish Victorian bachelor, conservative by nature and a devout Anglican, come to create tales that continue to chill readers more than a century on? Mark attempts to uncover the secrets of James's inspiration, taking an atmospheric journey from James's childhood home in Suffolk to Eton, Cambridge and France, venturing into ancient churches, dark cloisters and echoing libraries along the way.

Starring: Mark Gatiss, Robert Lloyd Parry, Martin Bassindale, Adam Collier, Harry de Moraville, Peter Edwards, Alec Fellows-Bennett ..
Directed by: John Das
Release date: 2013-12-25
Best Tv Movie Movies of 2013 : Jack Taylor: Priest

Jack Taylor: Priest

7.7/10 IMDB

Feature-length crime drama, starring Iain Glen as the private detective created by author Ken Bruen. Taylor is asked for help after a priest is beheaded, and soon finds himself mixed up in a murky world of child abuse and revenge.

Release date: 2013-03-10
Best Tv Movie Movies of 2013 : Inside the Mind of Leonardo

Inside the Mind of Leonardo

7.5/10 IMDB

Inside The Mind of Leonardo is based on the artist’s private journals dating from the Italian Renaissance. With over 6,000 pages of handwritten notes and drawings, da Vinci’s private journals are the most comprehensive documents that chronicle the work of the world’s most renowned inventor, philosopher, painter and genius. Using this precious collection of writings and drawings to recount Da Vinci’s story in his own words, and combining them with stunning visual effects and 3D technology, we re-create the mindscape and ideas of mankind’s greatest polymath.

Starring: Peter Capaldi ..
Directed by: Julian Jones
Release date: 2013-03-24
Best Tv Movie Movies of 2013 : Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts

Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts

6.3/10 IMDB

John Goodnight crosses paths with a stagecoach under attack and comes to the rescue of its passengers, one of whom is a beautiful woman who may or may not have been a prisoner being transported by a detective who did not survive the attack. Their journey together takes them to a gambling riverboat, where Goodnight discovers her true identity.

Starring: Luke Perry, Katharine Isabelle, Ricky Schroder, Ryan Robbins, Ryan Robbins, Jerry Wasserman, Ted Mann, Kerry James, Serge Houde, Adam Greydon Reid ..
Directed by: Luke Perry
Release date: 2013-01-26
Best Tv Movie Movies of 2013 : The Psychopath Next Door

The Psychopath Next Door

6.8/10 IMDB

She drops in and starts disrupting this close, cozy little community. She wants to be queen bee But there's already one. so she sets out to destroy her. This means having to break her legs, then feeding her cake so she gets fat, stealing her friends, etc...

Starring: Anna Friel, Eva Birthistle, Flora Nicholson ..
Directed by: Kieron J. Walsh
Release date: 2013-10-01
Best Tv Movie Movies of 2013 : Time of Death

Time of Death

5.8/10 IMDB

Following the death of CEO Robert Loring at precisely 10:44 pm, the FBI sends in Jordan Price, one of their best and brightest to solve the case. As other key executives are murdered at exactly the same time, Jordan finds herself investigating the past in order to solve the case. She quickly discovers the ultimate cover up and is under the gun to solve the mystery before the next victim is killed.

Starring: Kathleen Robertson, Gianpaolo Venuta, Sarah Power, Link Baker, Daniel Fathers, Dean Armstrong, Christian Campbell, Jonas Chernick, Terry Chen, Nigel Bennett ..
Directed by: Frédéric D'Amours
Release date: 2013-07-19

Star Spangled Banners

5.7/10 IMDB

Ten years following the breakup of the family band, The Banner Project, siblings Desiree, Johnny, and Mitchel Banner, are faced with the decision to reunite in order to save their home town from bankruptcy.

Starring: Christian Campbell, Brooke White, Mercedes Ruehl, Kristin Booth, Chad Connell, Dylan Roberts, Kim Roberts, Michael Barbuto, Anthony Sherwood ..
Directed by: Don McBrearty
Release date: 2013-06-29

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