Best Tv Movie Movies of 1999


Mulholland Dr.

Initially, "Mulholland Dr." was to mark David Lynch's return to television. It is a retooling of a script originally shot as a 94-minute pilot for a TV series (co-written with TV screenwriter Joyce Eliason) for the channel ABC, which had approved the script, but chose not even to air the pilot once it was done in 1999, despite Lynch's labours to cut the project to their liking. It was left in limbo until 18 month later French company Studio Canal Plus (also producer of 'The Straight Story') agreed to pay ABC $7 million for the pilot, and budget a few million more to turn the pilot into a two-hour, 27-minute movie. The cost of the film doubled to $14 million as sets had to be reconstructed and actors recalled.
Starring: Justin Theroux, Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Ann Miller, Robert Forster
Directed by: David Lynch
Release date: 1999-01-01

Olive, the Other Reindeer

After mis-hearing a radio broadcast about Santa canceling his Christmas trip due to an injured reindeer, Olive the dog decides to travel to the North Pole and volunteer to be a replacement. Unfortunately, Olive must deal with an evil postman who's tired of handling all the extra Christmas mail. Will Martini the penguin be able to help Olive realize her dream?
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Ed Asner, Dan Castellaneta, Joe Pantoliano, Peter MacNicol
Directed by: Steve Moore
Release date: 1999-12-17

The Jack Bull


The Jack Bull tells the story of Myrl Redding, a Wyoming horse trader who clashes with Henry Ballard, a fellow rancher, after Ballard abuses two of Myrl's horses and their Crow Indian caretaker, Billy. When Judge Wilkins throws out Myrl's complaint, the war he wages to force Ballard to nurse the emaciated animals back to health escalates into a vigilante manhunt, murder and the possible defeat

Starring: John Cusack, John Goodman, L.Q. Jones, Miranda Otto, John Savage
Directed by: John Badham
Release date: 1999-04-17

Don't Look Under the Bed

A girl calls on her brother's imaginary friend to banish a mischievous boogeyman who has framed her for his pranks.
Starring: Erin Chambers, Ty Hodges, Robin Riker, Steve Valentine, Mary Parker Williams
Directed by: Kenneth Johnson
Release date: 1999-10-09

Bravo Two Zero


When an elite eight-man British SAS team is dropped behind enemy lines, their mission is clear: take out Saddam Hussein's SCUD missile systems. But when communications are cut and the team finds themselves surrounded by Saddam's army, their only hope is to risk capture and torture in a desperate 185-kilometer run to the Syrian border. Based on the true story of a British Special Forces unit behind enemy lines during the Gulf War, Bravo Two Zero explores the tragedies and triumphs of men taken to the edge of survival in the Persian Gulf War.

Starring: Sean Bean, Steve Nicholson, Rick Warden, Robert Hobbs, Richard Graham
Directed by: Tom Clegg
Release date: 1999-10-07

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zenon Kar, a 13-year-old girl who lives on a space station in the year 2049, gets into some trouble and is banished to Earth. With help from some Earth friends she must find her way back.
Starring: Kirsten Storms, Raven-Symoné, Stuart Pankin, Holly Fulger, Frederick Coffin
Directed by: Kenneth Johnson
Release date: 1999-01-23

Smart House

Ben Cooper and his family struggling to get a grip on household chores, school and work. Ben is the family caretaker. So when Ben sees that a Smart House is being given away, he enters the competition as often as he can. The family wins the house (named Pat). After moving in Pat's personality begins to radically change, the family starts to resent her.
Starring: Katey Sagal, Ryan Merriman, Katie Volding, Kevin Kilner, Jessica Steen
Directed by: LeVar Burton
Release date: 1999-06-26

Johnny Tsunami

A Hawaiian teenage surfer shows off his skills when he takes to the snow slopes in Vermont.
Starring: Brandon Baker, Yuji Okumoto, Mary Page Keller, Lee Thompson Young, Kirsten Storms
Directed by: Steve Boyum
Release date: 1999-07-24

The Thirteenth Year


A teen learns that his birth mother is a mermaid after he begins to grow fins and slimy scales on his thirteenth birthday.

Starring: Chez Starbuck, Justin Jon Ross, Courtnee Draper, Dave Coulier, Kristen Stewart
Directed by: Duwayne Dunham
Release date: 1999-05-15

Love Letters

United States Senator, Andrew Ladd, revisits his life after a woman he loved, but only wrote letters to, dies. Having met as children the two grow apart as he enters politics and she aspires to be an artist. While success follows him, she has a more trying life.
Starring: Steven Weber, Laura Linney, Kirsten Storms, Tim Redwine, Chas Lawther
Directed by: Stanley Donen
Release date: 1999-05-12

Sabrina, Down Under

Sabrina and her friend Gwen, while on vacation at Australia's Great Barrier Reef, try to save a secret mermaid colony who's habitat is threatened by ocean pollution.
Starring: Melissa Joan Hart, Tara Strong, Scott Michaelson, Lindsay Sloane, Nick Bakay
Directed by: Kenneth R. Koch
Release date: 1999-01-01

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Demons of Deception

September, 1916. As Corporal Henri Defense, young Indiana Jones has become a motorcycle courier stationed near the trenches at Verdun. His friend Remy is still in the trenches, and both grow more disillusioned about the war each day. Chosen to sneak into enemy territory on account of his gift for languages, Indy overhears German officers speaking of the imminent arrival of their most powerful artillery guns, nicknamed Big Bertha. A month later Indy and Remy are granted leave to Paris, where Indiana meets the exotic dancer Mata Hari at a dinner party. He falls for her immediately, but soon finds out she is dating other men as well, including the French Minister of War.
Starring: Sean Patrick Flanery, Ronny Coutteure, Domiziana Giordano, Ian McDiarmid, Jacqueline Pearce
Directed by: René Manzor, Nicolas Roeg
Release date: 1999-10-31

The Wishing Tree

When her storyteller mother (Mary Alice) dies, attorney Clara Collier (Alfre Woodard) returns to her Georgia hometown and is soon captivated by a local legend of the "Magic Man" (Blair Underwood). While looking for the source of the tale, Clara uncovers suprising family secrets. Czech filmmaker Ivan Passer directs this family drama that delves into the storytelling tradition of the Deep South. Blair Underwood and Helen Shaver co-star.
Starring: Alfre Woodard, Helen Shaver, Mary Alice, Blair Underwood, Charles Weldon
Release date: 1999-01-01

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Tales of Innocence

June 1918. Indiana Jones is working to get Austrian deserters safely to the allies side in the Italian Alps. In his spare time, he is wooing an Italian beauty named Guiletta. When he finds out another man is vying for her attention, Indy and his new pal, ambulance driver Ernest Hemingway make plans to crush Indiana's competitor by smothering Guiletta with presents and compliments. Afterwards, Indiana is begrudgingly ordered to Casablanca to find a traitor who is selling arms to the Berber rebels. Traveling incognito, he is joined by American novelist Edith Wharton and journalist Lowell Thomas. Indy and Edith soon find themselves attracted to each other despite their age difference.
Starring: Sean Patrick Flanery, Clare Higgins, Veronica Logan, Jay Underwood, Pernilla August
Directed by: Bille August, Michael Schultz
Release date: 1999-07-14

The Simple Life Of Noah Dearborn


A 91 years old carpenter, who is still in completely good health, has to fight developers who are trying to force him to sell his land.

Starring: Sidney Poitier, George Newbern, Mary-Louise Parker, Dianne Wiest, Roxzane T. Mims
Directed by: Gregg Champion
Release date: 1999-05-09

A Lesson Before Dying


In the 1940s South, an African-American man is wrongly accused of the killing a a white store owner. In his defense, his white attorney equates him with a lowly hog, to indicate that he didn't have the sense to know what he was doing. Nevertheless convicted, he is sentenced to die, but his godmother and the aunt of the local schoolteacher convince school teacher go to the convicted man's cell each day to try to reaffirm to him that he is not an animal but a man with dignity.

Starring: Don Cheadle, Cicely Tyson, Mekhi Phifer, Irma P. Hall, Brent Jennings
Directed by: Joseph Sargent
Release date: 1999-05-22

Replacing Dad

Linda and George live in a small town. He is the school principal. They are about to celebrate their 16th anniversary. She catches him with her daughter's young teacher, and has to deal with the kids, the town and her love to him.
Starring: Mary McDonnell, William Russ, Jack Coleman, Erik von Detten, Camilla Belle
Directed by: Joyce Chopra
Release date: 1999-03-14

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Adventures in the Secret Service

Indiana Jones, now a captain in the French army, is assigned to escort two Austrian princes to meet with Emperor Karl I and convince him to broker a peace deal with France and Britain at the expense of Austria's alliance with Germany. Two months later, at the French Embassy in Petrograd, Indy must decide between his loyalty to his friends and his work in French Intelligence when he is pressed to discover details of a possible bolshevik revolution in Russia which would cripple the French war effort.
Starring: Sean Patrick Flanery, Benedict Taylor, Matthew Wait, Christopher Lee, Patrick Ryecart
Directed by: Vic Armstrong, Simon Wincer
Release date: 1999-11-21

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Masks of Evil


A top-secret mission for French Intelligence brings Indy to Istanbul during the First World War. Exploring the city's dark and dangerous streets, he is thrust into a web of betrayal and murder when he discovers a vile Turkish plot to assassinate French espionage agents. Evil of a more enduring kind awaits him in Transylvania where he engages in mortal combat with bloodthirsty Vlad the Impaler and his horrific army of the living dead. With his very life at stake, Indy must garner all his strength and wits in order to defeat the fiend and save mankind.

Starring: Sean Patrick Flanery, Katherine Butler, Keith Szarabajka, Peter Firth, Bob Peck
Directed by: Dick Maas, Mike Newell
Release date: 1999-11-28

Atomic Train

A train headed for Denver carrying nuclear waste and toxic materials is en route for disaster when it becomes a runaway. Renegade investigator and train enthusiast John Seger jumps on board in a bid to save thousand of innocent lives...
Release date: 1999-05-16

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