Best Tv Movie Movies of 1973


Frankenstein: The True Story


This much-requested, made-for-TV adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel stars Michael Sarrazin as the creature given life by Victor Frankenstein (Leonard Whiting), who witnesses his creation turn uncontrollable after he's duped by his associate, Dr. Polidori (James Mason). David McCallum, Jane Seymour, Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud and Tom Baker also star.

Starring: James Mason, Leonard Whiting, David McCallum, Jane Seymour, Nicola Pagett
Directed by: Jack Smight
Release date: 1973-11-28

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Turkey, cranberries, pumpkin pie... and the Peanuts gang to share them with. This is going to be the greatest Thanksgiving ever! The fun begins when Peppermint Patty invites herself and her pals to Charlie Brown's house for a REALLY big turkey party. Good grief! All our hero can cook is cold cereal and maybe toast. Is Charlie Brown doomed? Not when Linus, Snoopy and Woodstock chip in to save the (Thanksgiving) Day. With such good friends, Charlie Brown - and all of us - have so many reasons to be thankful.
Starring: Todd Barbee, Robin Kohn, Stephen Shea, Stephen Shea, Christopher DeFaria
Directed by: Bill Melendez, Phil Roman
Release date: 1973-11-20

The Night Strangler

After being run out of Las Vegas, Kolchak heads for Seattle and another reporting job with the local paper. It's not long before he is on the trail of another string of bizarre murders. It seems that every 21 years, for the past century, a killer kills a certain number of people, drains them of their blood and then disappears into the night. Kolchak is on his trail, but can he stop him?
Starring: Darren McGavin, Jo Ann Pflug, Simon Oakland, Scott Brady, Wally Cox
Directed by: Dan Curtis
Release date: 1973-01-16

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark


A young couple inherits an old mansion inhabited by small demon-like creatures who are determined to make the wife one of their own.

Starring: Kim Darby, Jim Hutton, William Demarest, Barbara Anderson, Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
Directed by: John Newland
Release date: 1973-10-10


Two truck drivers are hired to transport a top-secret cargo from New York to Houston. Along the way they must evade attempts by a terrorist group to hijack the material.
Starring: David Janssen, Keenan Wynn, Lee Purcell, Jeanette Nolan, William Schallert
Directed by: Leonard Horn
Release date: 1973-09-26

Dr. Seuss on the Loose

The pressure to conform, the inevitability of change, and the resistance to trying something new form the basis for the usual madcap adventures associated with the creative mind of Dr. Seuss. "Dr. Seuss on the Loose" builds upon three short stories - "The Sneetches," "The Zax" and "Green Eggs and Ham" - to create a thematic trio that explores the often fickle and flexible world of attitudes.
Starring: Allan Sherman, Hans Conried, Paul Winchell, Bob Holt
Directed by: Hawley Pratt
Release date: 1973-10-15

Dying Room Only

A married couple are traveling on a deserted desert road at night. They stop at a diner and the husband goes to the men's room. He never returns and the wife begins to suspect serious foul play.
Starring: Cloris Leachman, Ross Martin, Ned Beatty, Dana Elcar, Louise Latham
Directed by: Philip Leacock
Release date: 1973-09-18

The Man Without a Country

At his court-martial, an American Army officer renounces his country. For his punishment he is ordered to spend the rest of his life on a ship that sails all over the world, but he will never be allowed to set foot on his country's soil. nor come within site of it, nor be allowed to know anything about the country
Starring: Cliff Robertson, Beau Bridges, Peter Strauss, Robert Ryan, John Cullum
Directed by: Delbert Mann
Release date: 1973-04-24


This TV-pilot, later made into a TV-series, is about a cop in Newark, New Jersey, who defies his superiors to try to bring down the head of a Mafia numbers racket.
Starring: Tony Musante, Susan Strasberg, Simon Oakland, Nicholas Colasanto, David Toma
Directed by: Richard T. Heffron
Release date: 1973-03-21

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Adaptation of the novel by Oscar Wilde.
Starring: Shane Briant, Nigel Davenport, Fionnula Flanagan, Vanessa Howard, Charles Aidman
Directed by: Glenn A. Jordan
Release date: 1973-04-22

The Bait

An undercover policewomen risks her life to trap a homicidal rapist
Starring: Donna Mills, Michael Constantine, William Devane, Arlene Golonka, June Lockhart
Directed by: Leonard Horn
Release date: 1973-03-14

Terror On The Beach

A family's outing turns out badly as they are terrorized by a gang of young thugs.
Starring: Dennis Weaver, Estelle Parsons, Kristoffer Tabori, Susan Dey, Scott Hylands
Directed by: Paul Wendkos
Release date: 1973-09-18

The President's Plane Is Missing

When the President's plane mysteriously disappears with him on board, it is left to the seemingly weak Vice President to try and advert a nuclear exchange with the Chinese.
Release date: 1973-10-23


A scientist obsessed with creating life steals body parts to put together his "creation." Released as a feature on video, this was originally shown on in two installments on TV as part of the Wide World of Entertainment series.
Starring: Robert Foxworth, Susan Strasberg, Bo Svenson, Heidi Vaughn, Philip Bourneuf
Directed by: Glenn A. Jordan
Release date: 1973-01-16

The Love-Girl and the Innocent

A BBC television adaptation of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's novel.
Starring: David Leland, Gabrielle Lloyd, Richard Durden, Patrick Stewart, Allan Surtees
Directed by: Alan Clarke
Release date: 1973-09-16

Guess Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?

A divorcee wakes up one morning to find her penniless ex-husband, his new wife and baby and their big dog camped out on her doorstep, looking for a place to stay.
Starring: Barbara Eden, Dean Jones, Kenneth Mars, Susanne Benton, Reta Shaw
Directed by: Theodore J. Flicker
Release date: 1973-10-13

The Borrowers

An eight-year-old boy discovers a family of tiny people, only a few inches tall, living beneath the floorboards of a Victorian country home.
Starring: Eddie Albert, Judith Anderson, Tammy Grimes, Beatrice Straight, Barnard Hughes
Directed by: Walter C. Miller
Release date: 1973-12-14

She Cried Murder

A model, while riding in the front car of a subway train, witnesses a woman being pushed in front of the train. But when the police come to interview her, she recognizes one of them as the man who did the pushing. She spends the rest of the movie trying to convince the good cop, that Telly is a bad cop; and Telly spends the rest of the movie chasing her around the city and finally to the subway yards. Only now the police, having finally been convinced, have joined in the chase.
Starring: Telly Savalas, Lynda Day George, Mike Farrell, Kate Reid
Directed by: Herschel Daugherty
Release date: 1973-09-25

Death Race

In the North African desert in World War II, a crippled American fighter plane that is unable to take off tries to evade and destroy a pursuing Nazi tank.
Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Roy Thinnes, Eric Braeden, Doug McClure
Directed by: David Lowell Rich
Release date: 1973-11-11

The Cat Creature

When a rich man dies, some items from a collection of his are stolen- an ancient Egyptian gold amulet and the mummy that was wearing it. The police consult scholars from the local University to help with the investigation, which is taking a more serious turn as people connected with the case are killed by wounds that seem to be from a housecat.
Starring: Meredith Baxter, David Hedison, Gale Sondergaard, John Carradine, Keye Luke
Directed by: Curtis Harrington
Release date: 1973-12-11

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