Best Thriller Movies of 1958



8.3/10 IMDB

A retired San Francisco detective suffering from acrophobia investigates the strange activities of an old friend's wife, all the while becoming dangerously obsessed with her.

Starring: James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes, Tom Helmore, Henry Jones, Raymond Bailey, Ellen Corby, Konstantin Shayne, Lee Patrick, Bess Flowers ..
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock, Z-Dogg, Busta Nut
Release date: 1958-05-28

Touch of Evil

8.0/10 IMDB

When a car bomb explodes on the American side of the U.S./Mexico border, Mexican drug enforcement agent Miguel Vargas begins his investigation, along with American police captain Hank Quinlan. When Vargas begins to suspect that Quinlan and his shady partner, Menzies, are planting evidence to frame an innocent man, his investigations into their possible corruption quickly put himself and his new bride, Susie, in jeopardy.

Starring: Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, Orson Welles, Joseph Calleia, Akim Tamiroff, Joanna Moore, Ray Collins, Dennis Weaver, Valentin de Vargas, Mort Mills ..
Directed by: Orson Welles
Release date: 1958-03-30

The Lineup

7.3/10 IMDB

In San Francisco, a psychopathic gangster and his mentor retrieve heroin packages carried by unsuspecting travelers.

Starring: Eli Wallach, Robert Keith, Richard Jaeckel, Mary LaRoche, William Leslie, Emile Meyer, Marshall Reed, Raymond Bailey, Vaughn Taylor, Cheryl Callaway ..
Directed by: Don Siegel
Release date: 1958-06-11

Murder by Contract

7.3/10 IMDB

Claude is a ruthless and efficient contract killer. His next target, a woman, is the most difficult.

Starring: Vince Edwards, Phillip Pine, Herschel Bernardi, Caprice Toriel, Michael Granger, Kathie Browne, Joseph Mell, Frances Osborne, Steven Ritch, Don Garrett ..
Directed by: Irving Lerner
Release date: 1958-12-18

The Snorkel

6.8/10 IMDB

On the Italian coast, writer Paul Decker has grown unhappy in his marriage and executes what appears to be a perfect murder of his wife. While Paul is believed to be writing a book in France, his stepdaughter, Candy, suspects him of murdering her mother, as well as her father years before. With the police unwilling to investigate any further, Candy sets out to confirm her suspicions and take Paul down herself.

Starring: Peter van Eyck, Betta St. John, Mandy Miller, William Franklyn, Marie Burke, Irene Prador, Henri Vidon, Flush, Grégoire Aslan ..
Directed by: Guy Green
Release date: 1958-07-07

Thunder Road

6.6/10 IMDB

Unrepentant Tennessee moonshine runner Luke Doolin (Robert Mitchum) makes dangerous high-speed deliveries for his liquor-producing father, Vernon (Trevor Bardette), but won't let his younger brother Robin (James Mitchum) join the family business. Under pressure from both out-of-town gangster Kogan (Jacques Aubuchon), who wants a piece of the local action, and Treasury agent Barrett (Gene Barry), who wants to destroy the moonshine business, Luke fights for his fast-fading way of life.

Starring: Robert Mitchum, Gene Barry, Jacques Aubuchon, Keely Smith, Trevor Bardette, Sandra Knight, James Mitchum, Betsy Holt, Francis Koon, Randy Sparks ..
Directed by: Arthur Ripley
Release date: 1958-05-10

The Quiet American

6.7/10 IMDB

Cynical British journalist Fowler falls in love with a young Vietnamese woman but is dismayed when a naïve U.S. official also begins vying for her attention. In retaliation, Fowler informs the communists that the American is selling arms to their enemy.

Starring: Audie Murphy, Michael Redgrave, Claude Dauphin, Giorgia Moll, Yoko Tani, Fred Sadoff, Bruce Cabot, Kerima, Richard Loo, Peter Trent ..
Directed by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Release date: 1958-02-08
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Cry Terror!

Cry Terror!

6.6/10 IMDB

A mad bomber holds an innocent family hostage.

Starring: James Mason, Inger Stevens, Rod Steiger, Neville Brand, Angie Dickinson, Jack Kruschen, Terry Ann Ross, Jack Klugman, Kenneth Tobey, Carleton Young ..
Directed by: Andrew L. Stone
Release date: 1958-05-02
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Corridors of Blood

Corridors of Blood

6.4/10 IMDB

An 1840s British surgeon, experiments with anesthetic gases in an effort to make surgery pain-free. While doing so, his demonstration before a panel of his peers ends in a horrific mishap with his patient awakening under the knife; he is forced to leave his position in disgrace. To complicate matters, he becomes addicted to the gases and gets involved with a gang of criminals, led by Black Ben and his henchman Resurrection Joe.

Starring: Boris Karloff, Betta St. John, Christopher Lee, Finlay Currie, Adrienne Corri, Francis de Wolff, Francis Matthews, Frank Pettingell, Basil Dignam, Nigel Green ..
Directed by: Robert Day
Release date: 1958-12-01

I Bury the Living

6.3/10 IMDB

A newly appointed cemetery chairman believes that, merely by inserting a black plot-marking pin into a wall-sized map of the cemetery, he can cause the deaths of that plot's owner.

Starring: Richard Boone, Theodore Bikel, Peggy Maurer, Howard Smith, Herbert Anderson, Robert Osterloh, Russ Bender, Glen Vernon, Lynette Bernay, Ken Drake ..
Directed by: Albert Band
Release date: 1958-07-01

I Married a Monster from Outer Space

6.3/10 IMDB

Aliens from Outer Space are slowly switching places with real humans -- one of the first being a young man about to get married. Slowly, his new wife realizes something is wrong, and her suspicions are confirmed when her husband's odd behaviour begins to show up in other townspeople.

Starring: Tom Tryon, Gloria Talbott, Peter Baldwin, Robert Ivers, Chuck Wassil, Valerie Allen, Ty Hardin, Ken Lynch, Maxie Rosenbloom, John Eldredge ..
Directed by: Gene Fowler Jr.
Release date: 1958-10-01

High School Confidential!

6.1/10 IMDB

A tough kid comes to a new high school and begins muscling his way into the drug scene. This is a typical morality play of the era, filled with a naive view of drugs, nihilistic beat poetry, and some incredible '50s slang.

Starring: Russ Tamblyn, Jan Sterling, John Drew Barrymore, Mamie Van Doren, Jackie Coogan, Diane Jergens, Ray Anthony, Charles Chaplin, Jr., Michael Landon, Jerry Lee Lewis ..
Directed by: Jack Arnold
Release date: 1958-05-30


5.7/10 IMDB

After his wife and her blind sister have died under his care, a doctor's small daughter is kidnapped and reported as buried alive, and he is given just five hours to find and rescue her.

Starring: William Prince, Jim Backus, Christine White, Jacqueline Scott, Susan Morrow, Philip Tonge, Jonathan Kidd, Ellen Corby, Dorothy Morris, Howard Hoffman ..
Directed by: William Castle
Release date: 1958-10-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Orders to Kill

Orders to Kill

7.1/10 IMDB

A grounded American fighter pilot is switched to espionage on a special job in which he must kill a small-time Paris lawyer suspected of double-crossing France by selling out radio operators to the Nazis.

Starring: Eddie Albert, Paul Massie, Lillian Gish, James Robertson Justice, Irene Worth, Leslie French, John Crawford, Lionel Jeffries, Anne Blake, Nicholas Phipps ..
Directed by: Anthony Asquith
Release date: 1958-07-25

Floods of Fear

6.5/10 IMDB

A man framed for murder escapes from prison during a flood and helps a young woman in distress.

Starring: Howard Keel, Anne Heywood, Cyril Cusack, Harry H. Corbett, John Crawford, Eddie Byrne, John Phillips, Guy Kingsley Poynter, James Dyrenforth ..
Directed by: Charles Crichton
Release date: 1958-11-18

Nowhere to Go

6.8/10 IMDB

A professional thief is sprung from prison with the assistance of a new partner who wants to know where he's hid his loot.

Starring: George Nader, Maggie Smith, Bernard Lee, Geoffrey Keen, Bessie Love, Harry H. Corbett, Andrée Melly, Lionel Jeffries, Barbara Hicks, George Hilsdon ..
Directed by: Seth Holt
Release date: 1958-12-02

The Two-Headed Spy

6.9/10 IMDB

Wartime thriller with film noir elements based on a true story as written in A.P. Scotland's autobiography "The London Cage". The plot has greatly exaggerated the actual events of A.P. Scotland's experiences, including the addition of a fictional love interest.

Starring: Jack Hawkins, Gia Scala, Michael Caine, Erik Schumann, Alexander Knox, Felix Aylmer, Walter Hudd, Edward Underdown, Laurence Naismith, Geoffrey Bayldon ..
Directed by: André de Toth
Release date: 1958-11-17
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Raw Wind in Eden

Raw Wind in Eden

5.8/10 IMDB

Passengers struggle to survive after their plane crashes on a remote island. Director Richard Wilson's 1958 drama stars Esther Williams, Jeff Chandler and Rosanna Podesta.

Starring: Esther Williams, Jeff Chandler, Rossana Podestà, Carlos Thompson, Rik Battaglia, Eduardo De Filippo ..
Directed by: Richard Wilson
Release date: 1958-09-19
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Voice in the Mirror

Voice in the Mirror

6.7/10 IMDB

Jim Burton, chronic alcoholic, is cared for by Ellen, his incredibly patient, sexy, hard-working wife. A doctor's warning that Jim could become mentally ill strikes enough fear into him that he really wants to cure himself...but can't. One night, he meets William Tobin, a fellow drunk, and finds that he helps himself by trying to help Tobin. Thus is born, amid setbacks, a group resembling Alcoholics Anonymous.

Starring: Richard Egan, Julie London, Walter Matthau, Troy Donahue, Harry Bartell, Peggy Converse, Ann Doran, Mae Clarke, Max Showalter, Hugh Sanders ..
Directed by: Harry Keller
Release date: 1958-08-13
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : The Fearmakers

The Fearmakers

6.2/10 IMDB

A Korean War veteran returns to Washington D.C. only to discover his business partner had died and their public-research business sold, so he works there undercover to find out the truth.

Starring: Dana Andrews, Dick Foran, Marilee Earle, Veda Ann Borg, Mel Tormé, Kelly Thordsen, Roy Gordon, Joel Marston, Dennis Moore, Oliver Blake ..
Directed by: Jacques Tourneur
Release date: 1958-10-01

The Gun Runners

6.3/10 IMDB

Remake of "To Have and Have Not" based on Hemingway short story. Plot reset to early days of Cuban revolution. A charter boat skipper gets entangled in gunrunning scheme to get money to pay off debts. Sort of a sea-going film noir with bad girl, smarmy villain, and the "innocent" drawn into wrong side of law by circumstances.

Starring: Audie Murphy, Eddie Albert, Patricia Owens, Richard Jaeckel, Paul Birch, Jack Elam, Lee Strasberg, Everett Sloane, John Qualen, John A. Alonzo ..
Directed by: Don Siegel
Release date: 1958-08-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Hell's Five Hours

Hell's Five Hours

5.7/10 IMDB

The manager (Stephen McNally) of a rocket-fuel plant deals with a worker (Vic Morrow) threatening to blow himself up.

Starring: Stephen McNally, Coleen Gray, Vic Morrow, Maurice Manson, Robert Foulk, Dan Sheridan, Will J. White, Robert Christopher, Charles J. Conrad, Ray Ferrell ..
Directed by: Jack L. Copeland
Release date: 1958-04-13
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : The Strange Awakening

The Strange Awakening

5.8/10 IMDB

Peter Chance suffers a blow to the head and wakes up with amnesia in a luxurious home, where a doctor and several women tell him he's a missing heir who's inherited millions. But Peter soon suspects something is not quite right with their story. He sets out to learn the truth before he's forced to sign a document that purportedly finalizes the transfer of the estate. This drama is based on Hugh Wheeler's novel Puzzle for Fiends.

Starring: Lex Barker, Carole Mathews, Lisa Gastoni, Nora Swinburne, Peter Dyneley, Joe Robinson, Malou Pantera, Richard Molinas, John Serret, Stanley Maxted ..
Directed by: Montgomery Tully
Release date: 1958-04-16

The Female Animal

6.1/10 IMDB

Jaded movie star Vanessa Windsor, saved from a studio accident by handsome extra Chris Farley, pursues him, and soon he's the 'caretaker' of her beach house. Vanessa's sexy, alcoholic adult daughter Penny accidentally meets Chris, who rescues her from an 'octopus' boyfriend. Before you know it, Chris is involved with both mother and daughter, and his only way out is to take a job in a Mexican picture about man-eating orchids...

Starring: Hedy Lamarr, Jane Powell, George Nader, Jan Sterling, James Gleason, Mabel Albertson, Jerry Paris, Gregg Palmer, Ann Doran, Max Showalter ..
Directed by: Harry Keller
Release date: 1958-01-22
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Cop Hater

Cop Hater

6.4/10 IMDB

Members of the 87th Precinct search for a cop killer who has already murdered two of their own.

Starring: Robert Loggia, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Ellen Parker, Shirley Ballard, Russell Hardie, Hal Riddle, Bill Neff, Gene Miller, Vincent Gardenia, John Gerstad ..
Directed by: William Berke
Release date: 1958-10-01

Intent to Kill

6.7/10 IMDB

While resisting pressure from his upper-class wife to take a higher-paying job in London, a Montreal physician prepares to carry out brain surgery on a Latin American president. They don't suspect that a trio of assassins is also waiting, for their chance to carry out a political assassination on the operating table.

Starring: Richard Todd, Betsy Drake, Herbert Lom, Warren Stevens, Carlo Giustini, Paul Carpenter, Alexander Knox, Lisa Gastoni, Peter Arne, Catherine Boyle ..
Directed by: Jack Cardiff
Release date: 1958-07-16
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : The Secret Man

The Secret Man

5.4/10 IMDB

A physicist finds himself drawn into an investigation to track down a spy at his research station.

Starring: Marshall Thompson, John Loder, Henry Oscar, John Stuart, Anne Aubrey, Magda Miller, Murray Kash, Michael Mellinger, Robert MacKenzie, Tom Bowman ..
Directed by: Ronald Kinnoch
Release date: 1958-12-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Edge of Fury

Edge of Fury

6.1/10 IMDB

A psychopathic young beachcomber pretends to befriend a mother and two daughters living at their summer home.

Starring: Michael Higgins, Lois Holmes, Jean Allison, Doris Fesette, Malcolm Lee Beggs, Craig Kelly, John Harvey, Beatrice Furdeaux, Mary Elizabeth Boylan, John Harvey ..
Directed by: Robert J. Gurney Jr., Irving Lerner
Release date: 1958-05-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Live Fast, Die Young

Live Fast, Die Young

6.5/10 IMDB

A teenager finds her wayward sister running with thieves in San Francisco.

Starring: Mary Murphy, Norma Eberhardt, Mike Connors, Sheridan Comerate, Peggy Maley, Jay Jostyn, Troy Donahue, Norman Leavitt, Carol Varga, Joan Marshall ..
Directed by: Paul Henreid
Release date: 1958-04-01

Screaming Mimi

5.8/10 IMDB

A blonde night club dancer is being stalked. Will anyone believe her?

Starring: Anita Ekberg, Philip Carey, Gypsy Rose Lee, Harry Townes, Linda Cherney, Romney Brent, Red Norvo, Vaughn Taylor, Thomas Browne Henry, Sarah Padden ..
Directed by: Gerd Oswald
Release date: 1958-06-25
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : The Spaniard's Curse

The Spaniard's Curse

5.7/10 IMDB

A convicted murderer uses an ancient curse to take his revenge on those responsible for sending him to prison.

Starring: Tony Wright, Lee Patterson, Michael Hordern, Susan Beaumont, Ralph Truman, Henry Oscar, Brian Oulton, Olga Dickie, Roddy Hughes, Joe Gibbons ..
Directed by: Ralph Kemplen
Release date: 1958-06-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : The Mugger

The Mugger

5.8/10 IMDB

A police shrink tries to identify and capture an elusive mugger that scars his female victims before stealing their purse.

Starring: Kent Smith, Nan Martin, James Franciscus, Stefan Schnabel, Dick O'Neill, Leonard Stone, Beah Richards, John Alexander, Arthur Storch, Connie Van Ess ..
Directed by: William Berke
Release date: 1958-11-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Step Down to Terror

Step Down to Terror

6.1/10 IMDB

Pursued by detectives, Johnny Walters leaves the city to visit his family in a small California town. Among the household: his dead brother's luscious widow Helen, who soon is attracted to him. Ominous events and conflicting evidence leave Helen suspicious, but uncertain about her brother-in-law as tension builds...

Starring: Colleen Miller, Charles Drake, Rod Taylor, Josephine Hutchinson, Jocelyn Brando, Alan Dexter, Ricky Kelman ..
Directed by: Harry Keller
Release date: 1958-09-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Girls on the Loose

Girls on the Loose

5.7/10 IMDB

A nightclub operator (Mara Corday), her sister (Barbara Bostock), a beautician (Lita Milan) and two other women rob a payroll.

Starring: Mara Corday, Barbara Bostock, Peter Mark Richman, Joyce Barker, Lita Milan, Abby Dalton, Barbara Bostock, Peter Mark Richman, Joyce Barker, Abby Dalton ..
Directed by: Paul Henreid
Release date: 1958-04-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : The Invisible Avenger

The Invisible Avenger

5.4/10 IMDB

Lamont Cranston, aka The Shadow, investigates the murder of a New Orleans bandleader.

Starring: Richard Derr, Mark Daniels, Helen Westcott, Jack Donner, Jeanne Neher, Steve Dano, Dan Mullin, Leo Bruno, Lee Edwards, Sam Page ..
Directed by: James Wong Howe, Ben Parker, John Sledge
Release date: 1958-12-02
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Blind Spot

Blind Spot

5.2/10 IMDB

US Army Officer Dan Adams, blinded during the war, is framed for a diamond smuggling rap. Upon regaining his sight, Adams goes after the real thieves in an effort to clear his name. In order to trap the wily criminals, Adams pretends that he's still bereft of his vision.

Starring: Robert MacKenzie, Delphi Lawrence, Gordon Jackson, John Le Mesurier, Anne Sharp, George Pastell, Ernest Clark, Ronan O'Casey, Michael Caine, Arthur Lowe ..
Directed by: Peter Maxwell
Release date: 1958-07-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Hong Kong Confidential

Hong Kong Confidential

5.3/10 IMDB

An undercover U.S. agent searches for an Arab ruler's son kidnapped by communists in Hong Kong.

Starring: Gene Barry, Beverly Tyler, Noel Drayton, Allison Hayes, Philip Ahn, King Calder, Michael Pate ..
Directed by: Edward L. Cahn
Release date: 1958-10-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Never Love a Stranger

Never Love a Stranger

5.4/10 IMDB

Orphan turns bad, finds redemption with some help from boyhood pal. This movie is of interest because of the presence of a young Steve McQueen, the leading man being John Drew Barrymore, father of the more famous Drew, and for being based on a novel by Harold Robbins, famous for steamy writing in his day.

Starring: John Drew Barrymore, Steve McQueen, Robert Bray, Lita Milan, Douglas Rodgers, Salem Ludwig, R. G. Armstrong, Felice Orlandi, Augusta Merighi, Vincent Barbi ..
Directed by: Robert Stevens
Release date: 1958-06-22
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Mark of the Phoenix

Mark of the Phoenix

4.7/10 IMDB

A jewel thief finds himself a target when a smuggled cigarette case made from a stolen new metal falls into his hands.

Starring: Julia Arnall, Sheldon Lawrence, Anton Diffring, Eric Pohlmann, George Margo, Michael Peake, Martin Miller, Roger Delgado, Bernard Rebel, Frederick Schrecker ..
Directed by: Maclean Rogers
Release date: 1958-10-31

The Screaming Skull

3.9/10 IMDB

Newlyweds Eric and Jenni Whitlock retire to his desolate mansion, where Eric's first wife Marianne died from a mysterious freak accident. Jenni, who has a history of mental illness, begins to see strange things including a mysterious skull, which may or may not be a product of her imagination.

Starring: John Hudson, Peggy Webber, Russ Conway, Alex Nicol, Tony Johnson ..
Directed by: Alex Nicol
Release date: 1958-01-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : The Crooked Road

The Crooked Road

8.2/10 IMDB

A couple driving through a rural location discover that the police and judge of the town of Robertsville are more intent on extorting money from them than being honest servants of the people.

Starring: Richard Kiley, Walter Matthau, Patricia Breslin, Richard Erdman ..
Directed by: Paul Henreid
Release date: 1958-10-26
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Together


7.6/10 IMDB

A husband gets locked in a secure office with the body of his beautiful young mistress, who he has just murdered.

Starring: Joseph Cotten, Christine White, Sam Buffington ..
Directed by: Robert Altman
Release date: 1958-01-12
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Dip in the Pool

Dip in the Pool

7.4/10 IMDB

William Botibol is a compulsive gambler. While on a cruise he enters a betting pool to guess the number of miles the ship will travel in the course of 24 hours. William thinks he has figured out a way to guarantee he will win the bet.

Starring: Keenan Wynn, Fay Wray, Philip Bourneuf, Louise Platt, Doreen Lang ..
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Release date: 1958-06-01

She Gods of Shark Reef

2.8/10 IMDB

Two brothers, one wanted for murder, are shipwrecked on an island inhabited by nubile young women who have amassed a valuable cache of pearls.

Starring: Bill Cord, Don Durant, Lisa Montell, Jeanne Gerson, Carol Lindsay, Ed Nelson, Beverly Rivera ..
Directed by: Roger Corman
Release date: 1958-08-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Damn Citizen

Damn Citizen

6.5/10 IMDB

Louisiana's governor asks war hero Francis C. Grevemberg (Keith Andes) to lead the state police against corruption.

Starring: Keith Andes, Margaret Hayes, Gene Evans, Lynn Bari, Jeffrey Stone, Edward Platt, Ann Robinson, Sam Buffington, Clegg Hoyt, Kendall Clark ..
Directed by: Robert Gordon
Release date: 1958-03-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : The Restless Years

The Restless Years

6.3/10 IMDB

A pretty, sheltered teenager falls for a boy from the wrong side of town.

Starring: John Saxon, Sandra Dee, Teresa Wright, James Whitmore, Luana Patten, Margaret Lindsay, Virginia Grey, Alan Baxter, Dorothy Green, Jody McCrea ..
Directed by: Helmut Käutner
Release date: 1958-12-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Operation Abduction

Operation Abduction

6.5/10 IMDB

The Secret Service abducts a "rocket scientist" to better protect him against gangsters acting for Chinese agents.

Starring: Danielle Godet, Dalida, Georges Lannes, Frank Villard ..
Directed by: Jean Stelli
Release date: 1958-10-08


0.0/10 IMDB

This 1958 filmed version of Verdi's masterful Otello stars Mario Del Monaco, perhaps the greatest Otello of the 21st century, as the tragic moor who is consumed by jealousy thanks to the machinations of the villainous Jago.

Starring: Mario Del Monaco, Renato Capecchi, Rosanna Carteri, Gino Mattera, Athos Cesarini, Plinio Clabassi, Nestore Catalani, Bruno Cioni, Luisella Ciaffi ..
Directed by: Franco Enriquez
Release date: 1958-01-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1958 : Fraction of a Second

Fraction of a Second

8.4/10 IMDB

After spending the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. Ellis takes her child to the bus depot. When she returns home, she finds her furniture rearranged and three strangers insisting that they own the house.

Starring: Bette Davis, Marian Seldes, Barry Atwater, Judson Pratt, Linda Watkins, Whit Bissell, Dorothy Adams, Marjorie Bennett, Ben Wright, Paul Newlan ..
Directed by: John Brahm
Release date: 1958-04-21

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