Best Thriller Movies of 1928



7.3/10 IMDB

A working-class love story set in and around the London Underground of the 1920s. Two men - gentle Bill and brash Bert - meet and are attracted to the same woman on the same day at the same Underground station. But the lady chooses Bill, and Bert isn't the type to take rejection lightly...

Starring: Brian Aherne, Elissa Landi, Cyril McLaglen, Norah Baring ..
Directed by: Anthony Asquith
Release date: 1928-07-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1928 : Easy Virtue

Easy Virtue

5.6/10 IMDB

Larita Filton is named as correspondent in a scandalous divorce case. She escapes to France to rebuild her life where she meets John Whittaker. They are later married, but John's well-to-do family finds out Larita's secret.

Starring: Isabel Jeans, Franklin Dyall, Eric Bransby Williams, Ian Hunter, Robin Irvine, Violet Farebrother, Frank Elliott, Dacia Deane, Dorothy Boyd, Enid Stamp-Taylor ..
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Release date: 1928-03-05

The First Born

7.3/10 IMDB

Would-be politician Sir Hugo Boycott and his wife Madeleine have an unhappy marriage. Madeleine is aware that Hugo is a serial philanderer, and their problems are exacerbated when she fails to produce the heir he wants.

Starring: Miles Mander, Madeleine Carroll, John Loder, Ella Atherton, Margot Armand, Ivo Dawson, Marjorie Roach, John St. John, Naomi Jacobs, Bernard Vaughan ..
Directed by: Miles Mander
Release date: 1928-10-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1928 : Hangman's House

Hangman's House

6.6/10 IMDB

Forced by her mean-spirited father, Lord Chief Justice James O'Brien (Hobart Bosworth), to marry a man she doesn't love, Connaught O'Brien (June Collyer) gives up hope of ever with her true love, Dermot McDermot (Larry Kent). After her father dies and a hunted rebel leader (Victor McLaglen) returns to town, however, Connaught finds a renewed hope that the tides of oppression will shift and she might again find happiness. This silent romantic drama, set in Ireland, is the first film in which a then-unknown John Wayne is clearly visible.

Starring: Victor McLaglen, June Collyer, Earle Foxe, Hobart Bosworth, Larry Kent, Joseph Burke, Mary Gordon, Brian Desmond Hurst, Eric Mayne, Jack Pennick ..
Directed by: John Ford
Release date: 1928-05-13
Best Thriller Movies of 1928 : The Night Flyer

The Night Flyer

5.9/10 IMDB

Jimmy Bradley, a fireman on the old locomotive No. 99, loves Kate Murphy, daughter of the proprietress of the local lunch counter. His rival, Bat Mullins, is engineer of the new mail train scheduled to make a competition run. When Mullins overturns the new train, Bradley completes the run and earns the contract for his company by delivering the mail in record time on No. 99. A promotion to engineer helps him win Kate.

Starring: William Boyd, Jobyna Ralston, Philo McCullough, Anne Schaefer, DeWitt Jennings, John Millerta, Robert Dudley ..
Directed by: Walter Lang
Release date: 1928-02-05
Best Thriller Movies of 1928 : The Terror

The Terror

7.6/10 IMDB

Guests at an old English manor house are stalked by a mysterious killer known only as "The Terror".

Starring: May McAvoy, Louise Fazenda, Edward Everett Horton, Alec B. Francis, Matthew Betz, Holmes Herbert, Otto Hoffman, Joseph W. Girard, John Miljan, Frank Austin ..
Directed by: Roy Del Ruth
Release date: 1928-09-06
Best Thriller Movies of 1928 : Toni


0.0/10 IMDB

Depressive Toni is diagnosed with idlesness by his doctor who recommends more excitement and danger. Another patient, a celebrated detective who bears a striking resemblance to Toni, is diagnosed with exhaustion and told to rest. The two swap places but Toni's first client turns out to be an exiled princess whose jewels are about to be stolen by a ruthless gang and the amateur detective finds more thrills than he bargained for.

Starring: Jack Buchanan, Dorothy Boyd, W. Lawson Butt, Moore Marriott, Forrester Harvey ..
Directed by: Arthur Maude
Release date: 1928-01-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1928 : The Last Warning

The Last Warning

6.8/10 IMDB

A producer decides to reopen a theater, that had been closed five years previously when one of the actors was murdered during a performance, by staging a production of the same play with the remaining members of the original cast.

Starring: Laura La Plante, Montagu Love, Roy D'Arcy, Margaret Livingston, John Boles, Burr McIntosh, Mack Swain, Bert Roach, Carrie Daumery, Slim Summerville ..
Directed by: Paul Leni
Release date: 1928-12-25

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