Best Thriller Movies of 1914


A Friend in Need

0.0/10 IMDB

Jimmy Donovan gets a passenger for his automobile to make an all-day trip to the Stanley Ranch. When they have almost reached their destination, the engine goes "dead," but the Stanley girls, riding broncos, come to the rescue and drag the car on to the ranch at the end of their ropes.

Starring: William Duncan, Florence Dye, Eleanor Blevins, Lester Cuneo, Tom Mix, Charles Wheelock ..
Directed by: William Duncan
Release date: 1914-01-22

By Unseen Hand

0.0/10 IMDB

Arthur Baxter comes to spend the week end with John Masterson, a wealthy merchant. With him are his nephew, Jack Warrington, and his niece. Margaret Warrington. Arthur is in love with Margaret; she repels his advances, but he persists. Her uncle, however, rather favors the match, as he thinks Baxter is wealthy.

Starring: William Duncan, Myrtle Stedman, Lester Cuneo, Rex De Rosselli, Marshall Stedman, Tom Mix ..
Directed by: William Duncan
Release date: 1914-01-07

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