Best Thriller Movies of 1913



7.4/10 IMDB

An isolated house is too remote for a lone servant, who leaves a note, quietly exits the back door, and puts the key under the mat. Left alone in the house is a mother and her infant. A tramp has watched the servant leave and begins to skulk. When the lady of the house sees him outside as he discovers the key, she's terrified and desperately phones her husband, who's at work in town. He jumps into a car that's idling in front of his office and races toward home, the car's owner, and police, in hot pursuit.

Starring: Lois Weber, Val Paul, Sam Kaufman, Douglas Gerrard, Lule Warrenton ..
Directed by: Phillips Smalley, Lois Weber
Release date: 1913-07-06

The King of Prison

0.0/10 IMDB

Fernand Pradier (Gabriel Signoret) is an honest merchant and a simple person at heart who tries to make her daughter Germaine (Gabrielle Robinne) happy. She is engaged to a rich banker St-Bris (René Alexandre). However, the fiance once belonged to a criminal organization and, despite his efforts of rehabilitation, one of his ancient accomplices makes their engagement impossible. Eventually imprisoned, she escapes with the help of a beautiful typist (Stacia Napierkowska)...

Starring: Gabrielle Robinne, René Alexandre, Jean Dax, Stacia Napierkowska, Gabriel Signoret ..
Directed by: René Leprince
Release date: 1913-01-01
Best Thriller Movies of 1913 : The Only Chance

The Only Chance

0.0/10 IMDB

Charley West, a lineman, complains about his rickety old hand-car, and is given one that is up-to-date. He tries it out and finds he can send it sixty miles an hour. The train dispatcher, forgetting an oncoming special freight, allows a passenger train to leave the yard before he discovers his mistake.

Starring: William Duncan, Lester Cuneo, Rex De Rosselli, Tom Mix ..
Directed by: William Duncan
Release date: 1913-06-14

A Sawmill Hazard

0.0/10 IMDB

Mrs. Herton, a widow, lives in comfortable circumstances with her son, Roland. Over forty years of age, she is still an attractive woman, but lacks self-reliance and is greatly impressed by Geoffrey Stern who seeks her hand. Roland objects to Stern and endeavors to convince his mother that the selfish and unscrupulous suitor has been attracted by the comfortable home and timber lands owned by the widow. But the good woman is deceived by Stern's well-feigned devotion and agrees to marry him.

Starring: Earle Foxe, Alice Hollister, Helen Lindroth, Robert G. Vignola ..
Directed by: J.P. McGowan
Release date: 1913-01-11
Best Thriller Movies of 1913 : Alone in the Jungle

Alone in the Jungle

0.0/10 IMDB

The Brown family, which consists of Hon. John Brown, his wife, two sons, Harold and Billy, and a young sister named Helen, has settled on an isolated plantation in the Jungles. Jack Arden, son of another English planter, who comes over frequently to hunt with the boys has fallen in love with Helen. But Papa Brown discourages the lovers, saying that Helen is too young to be married. Jack agrees to wait. Some time afterward the Browns receive a letter from Jack stating that he is coming for another week-end of shooting- with the Brown boys. On his way to the Brown's home, Jack knocks down Concho, an overseer, for being cruel to one of the slaves. His action is approved of by the Browns. In honor of Jack the family starts on a lion hunt, and, after a long trip, they return by the river route. They espy a lioness drinking at the river's edge. She is killed by Jack and taken aboard. That night Jack again asks Mr. Brown for Helen's hand and is again told to wait.

Starring: Tom Santschi, Bessie Eyton, Frank Clark, Lillian Hayward, Wheeler Oakman, Eddie James, William Scott, Scott R. Dunlap ..
Directed by: Colin Campbell
Release date: 1913-06-14

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