Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965


Star Trek: The Cage

7.6/10 IMDB

Capt. Pike is held prisoner and tested by aliens who have the power to project incredibly lifelike illusions.

Starring: Jeffrey Hunter, Susan Oliver, Leonard Nimoy, Majel Barrett, John Hoyt, Peter Duryea, Laurel Goodwin ..
Directed by: Robert Butler
Release date: 1965-01-22

The Satan Bug

6.1/10 IMDB

A US government germ warfare lab has had an accident. The first theory is that one of the germs has been released and killed several scientists. The big fear is that a more virulent strain, named The Satan Bug because all life can be killed off by it should it escape, may have been stolen.

Starring: George Maharis, Anne Francis, Dana Andrews, Richard Basehart, Ed Asner, Frank Sutton, Richard Bull, John Larkin, Simon Oakland, John Clarke ..
Directed by: John Sturges
Release date: 1965-03-26

Crack in the World

5.9/10 IMDB

Dr. Steven Sorenson plans to tap the geothermal energy of the Earth's interior by means of a thermonuclear device detonated deep within the Earth. This experiment causes a crack to form and grow within the Earth's crust, which threatens to split the earth in two if it is not stopped in time.

Starring: Dana Andrews, Janette Scott, Kieron Moore, Alexander Knox, Peter Damon, Jim Gillen, Gary Lasdun, Alfred Brown, Mike Steen, Emilio Carrere ..
Directed by: Andrew Marton
Release date: 1965-04-15
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Thirteen to Centaurus

Thirteen to Centaurus

7.5/10 IMDB

Interstellar travel at sub-light speeds: the enormous distances, isolation from human culture and the aching loneliness of space are enough to drive the strongest personality insane. Better to block all memories of human contact and to program the 12-strong crew to accept only the reality they can see and touch within their spacecraft. But a child born on "the Station" becomes insistent on learning the truth about 'Outside'.

Starring: Donald Houston, James Hunter, John Abineri, Noel Johnson, Robert James, John Line, Robert Russell, Lionel Stevens, Wendy Johnson, Carla Challoner ..
Directed by: Peter Potter
Release date: 1965-12-13

Dr. Who and the Daleks

5.6/10 IMDB

Scientist Doctor Who accidentally activates his new invention, the Tardis, a time machine disguised as a police telephone box. Doctor Who, his two grand-daughters, and Barbara's boyfriend Ian are transported through time and space to the planet Skaro, where a peaceful race of Thals are under threat of nuclear attack from the planet's other inhabitants: the robotic mutant Daleks.

Starring: Peter Cushing, Roy Castle, Jennie Linden, Roberta Tovey, Barrie Ingham, Michael Coles, Geoffrey Toone, Yvonne Antrobus, Michael Coles ..
Directed by: Gordon Flemyng
Release date: 1965-08-23

Die, Monster, Die!

5.6/10 IMDB

A young man visits his fiancé's estate to discover that her wheelchair-bound scientist father has discovered a meteorite that emits mutating radiation rays that have turned the plants in his greenhouse to giants. When his own wife falls victim to this mysterious power, the old man takes it upon himself to destroy the glowing object with disastrous results.

Starring: Boris Karloff, Nick Adams, Freda Jackson, Suzan Farmer, Terence de Marney, Patrick Magee, Paul Farrell, Leslie Dwyer, Sydney Bromley, Billy Milton ..
Directed by: Daniel Haller
Release date: 1965-10-26

Curse of the Fly

5.2/10 IMDB

The son of the inventor of a matter-transporter, which turned him into a monster when he tried to transport himself along with a tiny housefly, continues to pursue his father's experiment, while his own two sons attempt to extricate him, themselves and the family name from further disaster and scandal.

Starring: Brian Donlevy, George Baker, Carole Gray, Yvette Rees, Burt Kwouk, Mary Manson, Michael Graham, Rachel Kempson, Jeremy Wilkin, Warren Stanhope ..
Directed by: Don Sharp
Release date: 1965-05-01

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

5.0/10 IMDB

In this campy spy movie spoof Dr. Goldfoot (Vincent Price) has invented an army of bikini-clad robots who are programmed to seek out wealthy men and charm them into signing over their assets. Secret agent Craig Gamble (Frankie Avalon) and millionaire Todd Armstrong set out to foil his fiendish plot.

Starring: Vincent Price, Frankie Avalon, Dwayne Hickman, Jack Mullaney, Fred Clark, Susan Hart, Patti Chandler, Mary Hughes, Salli Sachse, Luree Holmes ..
Directed by: Norman Taurog
Release date: 1965-11-06

The Monkey's Uncle

5.9/10 IMDB

College whiz-kid Merlin Jones concocts a method for teaching advanced information to a chimpanzee, then creates a flying machine of his own design, ultimately raising havoc on the campus.

Starring: Tommy Kirk, Annette Funicello, Leon Ames, Arthur O'Connell, Frank Faylen, Leon Tyler, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine ..
Directed by: Robert Stevenson
Release date: 1965-08-18

War-Gods of the Deep

5.3/10 IMDB

A chance discovery leads American mining engineer Ben Harris and acquaintance Harold to discover a lost city under the sea while searching for their kidnapped friend Jill. Held captive in the underwater city by the tyrannical Captain (Vincent Price), and his crew of former smugglers, the three plot to escape...

Starring: Vincent Price, David Tomlinson, Tab Hunter, Susan Hart, John Le Mesurier, Henry Oscar, Derek Newark, Roy Patrick, Dennis Blake, Steven Brooke ..
Directed by: Jacques Tourneur
Release date: 1965-05-26

Sins of the Fleshapoids

6.1/10 IMDB

The survivors of a nuclear war are taken care of by robots called "fleshapoids." One day one of the fleshapoids runs wild, kills its "mistress," and hides in the home of a human female, for whom it begins to develop feelings.

Starring: Bob Cowan, George Kuchar, Donna Kerness, Maren Thomas, Gina Zuckerman, Julius Middleman ..
Directed by: Mike Kuchar
Release date: 1965-01-04


5.6/10 IMDB

Routine tests on a traffic accident victim lead to shocking discoveries when the man's blood is found to be unidentifiable and x-rays reveal a disc embedded in his brain. His fabulous tale of being an escaped prisoner from an alien spaceship takes a turn for the sinister when the hospital staff realise that they're under a state of siege...

Starring: Edward Judd, Yoko Tani, Valerie Gearon, Lyndon Brook, Ric Young, Tsai Chin, Barrie Ingham, Anthony Sharp, Glyn Houston, Ann Castle ..
Directed by: Alan Bridges
Release date: 1965-10-01
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Phenomena


6.3/10 IMDB

". ..As though you were approaching earth as a god, from cosmic consciousness. You see the same things but with completely different meaning."

Directed by: Jordan Belson
Release date: 1965-07-18

The Night Caller

5.5/10 IMDB

The inhabitants of Ganymede need to find mates from another world or they will become extinct. They soon discover a suitable breeding stock amongst the females of planet Earth.

Starring: John Saxon, Patricia Haines, Alfred Burke, John Carson, Maurice Denham, Robert Crewdson, Jack Watson, Stanley Meadows, Marianne Stone, Warren Mitchell ..
Directed by: John Gilling
Release date: 1965-12-31
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Pinocchio in Outer Space

Pinocchio in Outer Space

5.8/10 IMDB

Pinocchio tries to save the Earth from Astro the Space Whale

Starring: Peter Lazer, Arnold Stang, Ray Owens, Conrad Jameson, Jess Cain, Mavis Mims, Minerva Pious, Kevin Kennedy, Norman Rose, Bret Morrison ..
Directed by: Ray Goossens
Release date: 1965-12-22

Mutiny in Outer Space

4.9/10 IMDB

An expedition to the lunar ice caves contracts a deadly moon-fungus. Stopping en route they contaminate a space station with the fungus, which soon begins to take over the entire place.

Starring: William Leslie, Dolores Faith, Richard Garland, James Dobson, Pamela Curran, Glenn Langan, Boyd Holister, Harold Lloyd Jr., Ron Stokes, Francine York ..
Directed by: Hugo Grimaldi
Release date: 1965-03-03

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster

3.8/10 IMDB

When an atomic war on Mars destroys the planet's women, it's up to Martian Princess Marcuzan and her right-hand man Dr. Nadir to travel to earth and kidnap women for new breeding stock. Landing in Puerto Rico, they shoot down a NASA space capsule manned by an android. With his electronic brain damaged, the android terrorizes the island while the Martians raid beaches and pool parties

Starring: Marilyn Hanold, James Karen, Lou Cutell, Nancy Marshall, David Kerman, Robert Reilly, Robert Alan Browne, Bruce Glover, Susan Stephens, Lucy Fabery ..
Directed by: Robert Gaffney
Release date: 1965-09-22

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

3.8/10 IMDB

In 2020, after the colonization of the moon, the spaceships Vega, Sirius and Capella are launched from Lunar Station 7. They are to explore Venus under the command of Professor Hartman, but an asteroid collides and explodes Capella. The leader ship Vega stays orbiting and sends the astronauts Kern and Sherman with the robot John to the surface of Venus, but they have problems with communication with Dr. Marsha Evans in Vega. The Sirius lands in Venus and Commander Brendan Lockhart, Andre Ferneau and Hans Walter explore the planet and are attacked by prehistoric animals. They use a vehicle to seek Kern and Sherman while collecting samples from the planet. Meanwhile John helps the two cosmonauts to survive in the hostile land.

Starring: Basil Rathbone, Faith Domergue, John Bix, Gennadi Vernov, Georgi Zhzhyonov, Georgiy Teykh, Vladimir Yemelyanov, Yuriy Sarantsev ..
Directed by: Curtis Harrington
Release date: 1965-08-01
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Vinyl


4.3/10 IMDB

Andy Warhol’s screen adaptation of Burgess's "A Clockwork Orange”.

Starring: Tosh Carillo, Larry Latrae, Gerard Malanga, J.D. McDermott, Ondine, Jacques Potin, Edie Sedgwick ..
Directed by: Andy Warhol
Release date: 1965-06-04

Psycho a Go-Go

4.2/10 IMDB

Jewel thieves quickly dispose of the loot when the alarm is raised, then track down the family upon whose truck they threw them, meanly interrogating them in the hope of getting them back.

Starring: Roy Morton, Tacey Robbins, Kirk Duncan, Tanya Maree, John Armond, Lyle Felice, Joey Benson, Al Adamson, John Talbert, K.K. Riddle ..
Directed by: Al Adamson
Release date: 1965-01-01

Village of the Giants

3.6/10 IMDB

"Genius" accidentally invents "goo" which causes living things to rapidly grow to an enormous size. Seeing an opportunity to get rich, some delinquent teenagers steal the "goo" and, as a result of a sophomoric dare, consume it themselves and become thirty feet tall. They then take over control of the town by kidnapping the sheriff's daughter and dancing suggestively.

Starring: Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford, Beau Bridges, Joy Harmon, Robert Random, Gail Gilmore, Tisha Sterling, Tim Rooney, Kevin O'Neal, Charla Doherty ..
Directed by: Bert I. Gordon
Release date: 1965-10-20
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters

Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters

4.2/10 IMDB

The adventures of the Lemon Grove Kids in this Bowery Boys inspired kiddie film.

Starring: Ray Dennis Steckler, Mike Kannon, Carolyn Brandt, Don Snyder, Coleman Francis, Herb Robins, Bob Burns, Kedric Wolfe, Joseph Bardo, Linda Steckler ..
Directed by: Ray Dennis Steckler, Peter Balakoff, Ed McWatters
Release date: 1965-01-01

Evil Brain from Outer Space

3.5/10 IMDB

An evil brain from outer space unleashes monsters with deadly diseases on Earth with trying to conquer the universe. Superhero Starman must battle them all to save his planet.

Starring: Ken Utsui, Sachihiro Ohsawa, Junko Ikeuchi, Minako Yamada, Shoji Nakayama, Hiroshi Hayashi, Minoru Takada, Utako Mitsuya, Chisako Hara, Reiko Seto ..
Directed by: Teruo Ishii, Akira Miwa, Nagayoshi Akasaka
Release date: 1965-01-01
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Atomic Rulers

Atomic Rulers

3.9/10 IMDB

Super criminals are planning to infiltrate Earth with mass nuclear destruction! Only Starman can defend civilization by thwarting evil!

Starring: Ken Utsui, Junko Ikeuchi, Shoji Nakayama, Minoru Takada, Sachihiro Ohsawa, Minako Yamada, Hiroshi Hayashi, Utako Mitsuya, Chisako Hara, Reiko Seto ..
Directed by: Teruo Ishii, Akira Miwa, Nagayoshi Akasaka
Release date: 1965-01-01

Gonks Go Beat

4.3/10 IMDB

A swiftly assembled musical fantasy movie made to capitalise on the mid-Sixties, British craze for gonks (a sort of soft, furry toy). Today it is of more interest for featuring music by such artists as Lulu, The Nashville Teens, and The Graham Bond Organisation.

Starring: Kenneth Connor, Frank Thornton, Iain Gregory, Terry Scott, Reginald Beckwith, Barbara Brown, Derek Thompson, Pamela MacDonald, Lulu ..
Directed by: Robert Hartford-Davis
Release date: 1965-05-24
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Lost in Space - No Place to Hide

Lost in Space - No Place to Hide

7.5/10 IMDB

The Robinsons, Earth's first family of outer space, head to colonize Alpha Centauri in their flying saucer, the Gemini 12, but crash land on an uncharted planet where they deal with its challenges and dangers.

Starring: June Lockhart, Guy Williams, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Bill Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Don Forbes, Lamar Lundy, Robert 'Big Buck' Maffei, Ford Rainey ..
Directed by: Irwin Allen
Release date: 1965-01-01
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Space Probe Taurus

Space Probe Taurus

3.8/10 IMDB

In the year 2000 the spaceship Hope One sets off to find new galaxies for colonization. However, an encounter with an alien being and a swarm of meteorites sends the ship streaking off course into a sea of monsters on an uncharted world. Written by Jeremy Lunt

Starring: Francine York, James Brown, Baynes Barron, Russ Bender, John Willis, Bob Legionaire, James Macklin, Phyllis Selznick, John Lomma ..
Directed by: Leonard Katzman
Release date: 1965-01-01

Spaceflight IC-1

3.9/10 IMDB

In the year 2015, a spaceship, the IC-1, travels through outer space looking for a suitable planet to settle on. The commander, Captain Ralston, is stern and brutal in which one cadet, Steven, plots a revolt to turn the leadership of the command over to him.

Starring: Bill Williams, Norma West, John Cairney, Jeremy Longhurst, Kathleen Breck, Donald Churchill, Margo Mayne, Linda Marlowe, John Lee, Tony Doonan ..
Directed by: Bernard Knowles
Release date: 1965-08-01


7.4/10 IMDB

FTII Diploma film for acting students of 1964-65 by Ritwik Ghatak

Starring: Subhash Ghai, Sudha Rani ..
Directed by: Ritwik Kumar Ghatak
Release date: 1965-01-01
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : The Wizard of Mars

The Wizard of Mars

3.4/10 IMDB

In 1974, four astronauts, silver shoe-clad Dorothy, overweight Doc, goofy Charlie, and wooden Steve, crash land on Mars when taking readings, with only four days of supplies. They must try to survive on the surface, which is barren except for some canals with huge maggots with fins. After embarking through a golden igneous cavern, braving a storm and finding an unmanned Earth vessel, they discover a golden road which leads them to the unchanging ruins of what was once a beautiful Martian city. The Martians are modeled on the Flatheads of Oz, and their collective consciousness, the "Wizard," forbids them to leave until they perform a very small task...

Starring: John Carradine, Roger Gentry, Vic McGee, Jerry Rannow, Eve Bernhardt ..
Directed by: David L. Hewitt
Release date: 1965-01-01
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : The World of George Orwell: 1984

The World of George Orwell: 1984

6.9/10 IMDB

Early adaption of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four as part of the Theatre 625 series.

Starring: David Buck, Joseph O'Conor, Jane Merrow, Cyril Shaps, Norman Chappell, John Garrie, John Mincer, Eden Fox, George Wilder, Peter Bathurst ..
Directed by: Christopher Morahan
Release date: 1965-11-28

Monster a Go-Go

1.8/10 IMDB

American astronaut Frank Douglas mysteriously disappears from his spacecraft as it parachutes to Earth. He is apparently replaced by or turned into a large, radioactive, humanoid monster. A team of scientists and military men attempt to capture the monster.

Starring: Phil Morton, Henry Hite, Peter M. Thompson, June Travis, Aviva Crane, Stu Taylor, George Perry, Lois Brooks, Rork Stevens, Robert Simons ..
Directed by: Bill Rebane, Herschell Gordon Lewis
Release date: 1965-07-01
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Creature of the Walking Dead

Creature of the Walking Dead

2.6/10 IMDB

Brought back to life by his grandson, a diabolical scientist with an unquenchable thirst for blood goes on a rampage. A revision of the Mexican horror film LA MARCA DEL MUERTE, considerably edited and with 20 minutes of new American-made footage.

Starring: Rock Madison, Ann Wells, George Todd, Willard Gross, Bruno VeSota, Lloyd Nelson, Robert Christopher, Chuck Niles, Katherine Victor, Fred Hoffman ..
Directed by: Jerry Warren
Release date: 1965-06-15
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : The Beast from the Beginning of Time

The Beast from the Beginning of Time

4.8/10 IMDB

After being dug up by two archaeologists, the preserved body of a prehistoric man returns to life and wreaks havoc.

Starring: Ralph Seeley, Dick Welsbacher, Marc Clark, Suzanne Farrar, John Froome, Henry Harvey, Webb Smith, Dusty Herring, Karla Kessler, Tom Leahy, Jr. ..
Directed by: Tom Leahy, Jr.
Release date: 1965-10-31

The Human Duplicators

3.1/10 IMDB

An alien is dispatched from a faraway galaxy to take over the Earth by "duplicating" humans and creating a race of zombies.

Starring: George Nader, Barbara Nichols, George Macready, Richard Kiel, Hugh Beaumont, Dolores Faith, Richard Arlen, John Indrisano, Ted Durant, Margaret Teele ..
Directed by: Hugo Grimaldi
Release date: 1965-03-03
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot

The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot

5.6/10 IMDB

Dr. Goldfoot schemes to use his Bikini Machine to kidnap a young man with infinite information stored in his head by the government.

Starring: Vincent Price, Tommy Kirk, Susan Hart, Aron Kincaid, Harvey Lembeck, Patti Chandler, Mary Hughes, Salli Sachse, Luree Holmes, Sue Hamilton ..
Release date: 1965-11-18
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Operation Poker

Operation Poker

4.5/10 IMDB

The invention everyone is after is definitely of the science fiction type. It's a special tie-clip that when used with a pair of infra-red contact lenses enables the user to see through walls! The guy that stole them from the professor is putting it to good use by wearing it while playing poker and cleaning up! He should think bigger. The first thing Roger does when he discovers this little novelty is use it to spy on his girlfriend getting dressed! That's more like it. This film really gets around. We travel from the Riviera to Geneva to Paris to Casablanca (the Casbah no less), and to Copenhagen. We even get a tour of the Tuborg brewery. There's a prolonged gun battle amongst the giant beer tanks. Talk about product placement!

Starring: Roger Browne, José Greci, Sancho Gracia, Roberto Messina, Carla Calò, Andrea Scotti, Helga Liné, Ángel Ter ..
Directed by: Osvaldo Civirani
Release date: 1965-12-30
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : TV - Future World Channel

TV - Future World Channel

0.0/10 IMDB

Science fiction short

Directed by: Gavin Owen
Release date: 1965-08-02
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Willy McBean and His Magic Machine

Willy McBean and His Magic Machine

5.9/10 IMDB

Little Willy McBean joins up with a Mexican monkey named Pablo to travel back in time and stop the evil Prof. von Rotten from changing history.

Starring: Larry D. Mann, Billie Mae Richards, Alfie Scopp, Paul Kligman, Bernard Cowan, Paul Soles, Peggi Loder, Corinne Conley, James Doohan, Claude Rae ..
Directed by: Arthur Rankin, Jr.
Release date: 1965-06-23
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Doctor Who: The Chase

Doctor Who: The Chase

0.0/10 IMDB

The Doctor and his companions are pursued through time and space by the Daleks on the desert planet Aridius and beyond.

Starring: William Hartnell, Jacqueline Hill, William Russell, Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves, Robert Marsden, Roger Hammond, Vivienne Bennett, Hugh Walters, Richard Coe ..
Directed by: Richard Martin, Douglas Camfield
Release date: 1965-06-26
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Doctor Who: The Time Meddler

Doctor Who: The Time Meddler

0.0/10 IMDB

In England, 1066, the Doctor confronts a mysterious Monk who is attempting to change history.

Starring: William Hartnell, Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves, Peter Butterworth, Alethea Charlton, Peter Russell, Michael Miller, Michael Guest, Geoffrey Cheshire, Norman Hartley ..
Directed by: Douglas Camfield
Release date: 1965-07-24
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Doctor Who: Galaxy 4

Doctor Who: Galaxy 4

0.0/10 IMDB

The Doctor, Vicki and Steven arrive on an arid planet where they meet the beautiful Drahvins and the hideous Rills. Each has crash-landed after a confrontation in space. The Rills are friendly, compassionate explorers. The Drahvins are dull-witted, cloned soldiers, terrorised by the intelligent, warlike matriarch Maaga.

Starring: William Hartnell, Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves, Stephanie Bidmead, Marina Martin, Susanna Caroll, Lyn Ashley, Jimmy Kaye, William Shearer, Angelo Muscat ..
Directed by: Derek Martinus, Mervyn Pinfield
Release date: 1965-10-02
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Doctor Who: The Myth Makers

Doctor Who: The Myth Makers

0.0/10 IMDB

When the TARDIS arrives on the plains of Asia Minor not far from the besieged city of Troy, the Doctor is hailed by Achilles as the mighty god Zeus and taken to the Greek camp. He meets Agamemnon and Odysseus. Forced to admit he is a mere mortal — albeit a traveller in space and time — he is given two days to devise a scheme to capture Troy. Steven and Vicki, meanwhile, have been taken prisoner by the Trojans. Vicki, believed to possess supernatural powers, is given two days to banish the Greeks to prove she is not a spy.

Starring: William Hartnell, Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves, Adrienne Hill, Max Adrian, Cavan Kendall, Alan Haywood, Barrie Ingham, Frances White, James Lynn ..
Directed by: Michael Leeston-Smith
Release date: 1965-11-06
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Patient 411: A Progress Report

Patient 411: A Progress Report

0.0/10 IMDB

A UCLA student film by Ronald Raley. Fellow UCLA student Jim Morrison (future member of The Doors) participated as the director of photography. A faux scientific film supposedly made by the "California Institute of Neuropsychiatry." An arrogant scientist, who also narrates the course of the "treatment," picks up a Hollywood street hustler and gets him to agree to a program of retraining. Using shock treatment, the patient is taught to loathe images of himself as a male escort and love the new personality created in the lab.

Directed by: Ron Raley
Release date: 1965-06-11
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Star Trek: The Cage

Star Trek: The Cage

7.6/10 IMDB

Captain Pike is held prisoner and tested by aliens who have the power to project incredibly lifelike illusions. The original pilot episode of the first Star Trek series.

Starring: Jeffrey Hunter, Leonard Nimoy, Susan Oliver, Majel Barrett, John Hoyt, Peter Duryea, Laurel Goodwin ..
Directed by: Robert Butler
Release date: 1965-02-01
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Doctor Who: The Space Museum

Doctor Who: The Space Museum

0.0/10 IMDB

On the planet Xeros, the TARDIS crew discover their own future selves frozen in time as exhibits in a galactic museum and must avert this potential future.

Starring: William Hartnell, Jacqueline Hill, William Russell, Maureen O'Brien, Richard Shaw, Ivor Salter, Salvin Stewart, Peter Diamond, Lawrence Dean, Ken Norris ..
Directed by: Mervyn Pinfield
Release date: 1965-05-15
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Doctor Who: The Rescue

Doctor Who: The Rescue

0.0/10 IMDB

On the planet Dido, the Doctor, Ian and Barbara meet two survivors from a crashed spaceship who are terrorised by the monster Koquillion.

Starring: William Hartnell, Jacqueline Hill, William Russell, Maureen O'Brien, Ray Barrett, Tom Sheridan, John Stuart, Colin Hughes ..
Directed by: Christopher Barry
Release date: 1965-01-09
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Doctor Who: The Romans

Doctor Who: The Romans

0.0/10 IMDB

The TARDIS crew take up residence near Rome in 64AD, where Ian and Barbara are kidnapped by slave traders, and the Doctor's imitation of Maximus Pettulian sees him taken to the court of Emperor Nero where he inadvertently plays a part in deciding the course of history...

Starring: William Hartnell, Jacqueline Hill, William Russell, Maureen O'Brien, Derek Francis, Michael Peake, Brian Proudfoot, Kay Patrick, Peter Diamond, Derek Sydney ..
Directed by: Christopher Barry
Release date: 1965-02-06
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Doctor Who: The Web Planet

Doctor Who: The Web Planet

0.0/10 IMDB

On the planet Vortis, the Doctor and his companions aid the butterfly-like Menoptra in their battle against the parasitic Animus and its mind-controlled minions, the ant-like Zarbi.

Starring: William Hartnell, Jacqueline Hill, William Russell, Maureen O'Brien, Catherine Fleming, Roslyn de Winter, Arne Gordon, Arthur Blake, Jolyon Booth, Jocelyn Birdsall ..
Directed by: Richard Martin
Release date: 1965-03-20
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1965 : Doctor Who: The Crusade

Doctor Who: The Crusade

0.0/10 IMDB

In 12th century Palestine, the Doctor and his friends are drawn into the holy war between the forces of King Richard the Lionheart and the Saracen ruler Saladin.

Starring: William Hartnell, Jacqueline Hill, William Russell, Maureen O'Brien, Julian Glover, Jean Marsh, Walter Randall, Roger Avon, Bernard Kay, David Anderson ..
Directed by: Douglas Camfield
Release date: 1965-04-17

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