Best Science Fiction Movies of 1964


The Last Man on Earth

6.8/10 IMDB

When a disease turns all of humanity into the living dead, the last man on earth becomes a reluctant vampire hunter.

Starring: Vincent Price, Franca Bettoia, Emma Danieli, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Umberto Raho, Christi Courtland, Antonio Corevi, Ettore Ribotta, Carolyn De Fonseca, Giuseppe Mattei ..
Directed by: Sidney Salkow, Ubaldo Ragona
Release date: 1964-03-08

First Men in the Moon

6.6/10 IMDB

The world is delighted when a spacecraft containing a crew made up of the world's astronauts lands on the moon, but are shocked when the astronauts discover an old British flag and a document declaring that the moon is taken for Queen Victoria proving that the astronauts were not the first men on the moon.

Starring: Edward Judd, Martha Hyer, Lionel Jeffries, Miles Malleson, Norman Bird, Gladys Henson, Hugh McDermott, Betty McDowall, Erik Chitty, Douglas Ives ..
Directed by: Nathan H. Juran
Release date: 1964-07-01

Robinson Crusoe on Mars

6.5/10 IMDB

Stranded on Mars with only a monkey as a companion, an astronaut must figure out how to find oxygen, water, and food on the lifeless planet.

Starring: Paul Mantee, Victor Lundin, Adam West, The Woolley Monkey, The Woolly Monkey ..
Directed by: Byron Haskin
Release date: 1964-06-01

The Incredible Mr. Limpet

6.5/10 IMDB

Milquetoast Henry Limpet experiences his fondest wish and is transformed into a fish. As a talking fish he assists the US Navy in hunting German submarines during World War II.

Starring: Don Knotts, Carole Cook, Jack Weston, Andrew Duggan, Larry Keating, Oscar Beregi Jr., Charles Meredith, Elizabeth MacRae, Paul Frees, Wesley Gale ..
Directed by: Arthur Lubin
Release date: 1964-03-28

Children of the Damned

6.2/10 IMDB

Six children are found spread through out the world that not only have enormous intelligence, but identical intelligence and have a strange bond to each other.

Starring: Ian Hendry, Alan Badel, Barbara Ferris, Alfred Burke, Sheila Allen, Ralph Michael, Patrick Wymark, Martin Miller, Clive Powell, Yoke-Moon Lee ..
Directed by: Anton Leader
Release date: 1964-01-10

The Evil of Frankenstein

6.1/10 IMDB

Once hounded from his castle by outraged villagers for creating a monstrous living being, Baron Frankenstein returns to Karlstaad. High in the mountains they stumble on the body of the creature, perfectly preserved in the ice. He is brought back to life with the help of the hypnotist Zoltan who now controls the creature. Can Frankenstein break Zoltan's hypnotic spell that incites the monster to commit these horrific murders or will Zoltan induce the creature to destroy its creator?

Starring: Peter Cushing, Peter Woodthorpe, Duncan Lamont, Sandor El├Ęs, Katy Wild, David Hutcheson, James Maxwell, Howard Goorney, Kiwi Kingston, Caron Gardner ..
Directed by: Freddie Francis
Release date: 1964-05-08
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1964 : Goodbye Charlie

Goodbye Charlie

6.2/10 IMDB

When a cavorting Hollywood writer is killed by the angry husband of a woman he was having an affair with, he comes back as a spirit in the form of a beautiful woman and moves in with his/her best friend as a base operation for enacting sweet revenge.

Starring: Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Pat Boone, Joanna Barnes, Ellen Burstyn, Laura Devon, Martin Gabel, Roger C. Carmel, Harry Madden, Myrna Hansen ..
Directed by: Vincente Minnelli
Release date: 1964-11-18
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1964 : Of Stars and Men

Of Stars and Men

6.9/10 IMDB

Of Stars and Men is a 1964 animated film from the Hubley family of animators, based on the 1959 book of the same name by astronomer Harlow Shapley, who also narrates. Made in the style of a documentary, it tells of humankind's quest (in the form of a child) to find its place in the universe, through themes such as outer space, physical matter, the meaning of life and the periodic table. There are no character voices; instead, they "talk" through their actions. It has been cited as an example of an "animated documentary".

Starring: Harlow Shapley, Mark Hubley, Ray Hubley ..
Directed by: John Hubley, Faith Hubley
Release date: 1964-04-27

The Earth Dies Screaming

5.9/10 IMDB

A crack space pilot returns to earth to find the planet has been devastated by some unknown forces. There are a few survivors, so he organizes them in a plan to ward off control by a group of killer robots.

Starring: Willard Parker, Virginia Field, Dennis Price, Thorley Walters, Vanda Godsell, David Spenser, Anna Palk ..
Directed by: Terence Fisher
Release date: 1964-10-14

The Flesh Eaters

5.9/10 IMDB

An alcoholic actress, her personal assistant, and their pilot are downed on a secluded isle by bad weather, where a renegade Nazi scientist is using ocean life to develop a solvent for human flesh. The tiny flesh-eating sea critters that result certainly give our heroes a run for their money - and lives.

Starring: Martin Kosleck, Byron Sanders, Barbara Wilkin, Rita Morley, Ray Tudor, Barbara Wilson, Ira Lewis, Jack Curtis ..
Directed by: Jack Curtis
Release date: 1964-03-18

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