Best Science Fiction Movies of 1962


The Day of the Triffids

6.1/10 IMDB

A shower of meteorites produces a rare night time spectacle that blinds anyone that looks at it. As it was such a beautiful sight, most people were watching, and as a consequence, 99% of the World's population go completely blind. In the original novel, this chaos results in the escape of Triffids: farmed plants harvested for their oils, which are capable of moving themselves around and are carnivorous. In this film version, however, the Triffids are not indigenous plants. Instead they are space aliens whose spores have arrived in this and an earlier meteor shower. Derided by the original novel's author, John Wyndham, for straying so far away from the source material.

Starring: Howard Keel, Nicole Maurey, Janette Scott, Kieron Moore, Mervyn Johns, Ewan Roberts, Alison Leggatt, Geoffrey Matthews, Janina Faye, Gilgi Hauser ..
Directed by: Steve Sekely, Freddie Francis
Release date: 1962-07-05

Panic in Year Zero!

6.6/10 IMDB

While on a fishing trip, Harry Baldwin (Ray Milland) and his family hear an explosion and realize that Los Angeles has been leveled by a nuclear attack. Looters and killers are everywhere. Escaping to the hills with his family, he sets about the business of surviving in a world where, he knows, the old ideals of humanity will be first casualties.

Starring: Ray Milland, Jean Hagen, Frankie Avalon, Mary Mitchel, Joan Freeman, Richard Bakalyan, Rex Holman, Richard Garland, Willis Bouchey, Neil Burstyn ..
Directed by: Ray Milland
Release date: 1962-07-05

The Three Stooges Meet Hercules

6.3/10 IMDB

The Three Stooges manage to crash through the time barrier with their slap-happy antics in this classic feature-length comedy. Larry, Moe, and Curly-Joe are friends of a young scientist, Schuyler Davis, who has created a time machine. Together with Schuyler's girlfriend, Diane, they are all transported back to ancient Ithaca which is ruled by the tyrannical King Odius. The lecherous king promptly takes a liking to Diane and banishes Schuyler and The Stooges to the galleys. When they manage to escape, they begin promoting Schuyler as "Hercules" at local gladiatorial combats - until the real Hercules shows up. But, with their unique "charm," The Stooges convince Hercules to help them rescue Diane. Written by Robert Lynch

Starring: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe DeRita, Vicki Trickett, Marlin McKeever, Mike McKeever, Emil Sitka, Barbara Hines, Terry Huntingdon, Diana Piper ..
Directed by: Herb Wallerstein, Edward Bernds
Release date: 1962-02-15
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1962 : Martian Through Georgia

Martian Through Georgia

6.5/10 IMDB

Way out in space, on another world whose population is contented, one of its people decides that travel broadens the mind and relieves boredom. So, he flies to Earth in hope of helping the alien Earthlings improve their lot, only to cause panic and be declared a monster just because he looks different. So, he decides to return home, where, at least, he can find love.

Starring: Mel Blanc, Ed Prentiss ..
Directed by: Chuck Jones, Abe Levitow
Release date: 1962-12-28

Icarus Montgolfier Wright

6.5/10 IMDB

The film focuses on the thoughts inside the head of a man, an astronaut scheduled to go to the Moon. As he ponders the flight, he laments having an “ordinary” name he fears will not resonate throughout history. His thoughts lead him to consider some of the pioneers of flight-Icarus and his wings, the Montgolfier brothers and their balloon and the Wright brothers and heavier than air flight. (IMDb)

Starring: James Whitmore, Ross Martin ..
Directed by: Osmond Evans
Release date: 1962-01-01

The Creation of the Humanoids

5.7/10 IMDB

Many years after a nuclear war, the human survivors have created a new society where much of the work done by androids, referred to derisively by humans as "clickers". A police official who is concerned that his sister has become involved with an android is sent to investigate a larger rumor that the androids are developing reason and emotion.

Starring: Don Megowan, Erica Elliott, Frances McCann, Don Doolittle, David Cross, Richard Vath, Reid Hammond, Malcolm Smith, George Milan, Dudley Manlove ..
Directed by: Wesley Barry
Release date: 1962-07-03

The Three Stooges in Orbit

5.8/10 IMDB

The fate of the planet in the hands of Larry, Moe and Curly Joe? That's exactly the situation the trio finds themselves in when they befriend a wacky scientist and must defend his secret invention from a pair of malevolent Martians. Sight gags, slapstick and plenty of nyuks abound as the Stooges bumble their way through an adventure of intergalactic proportions.

Starring: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe DeRita, Emil Sitka, Carol Christensen, Edson Stroll, George N. Neise, Rayford Barnes, Jane Wald ..
Directed by: Edward Bernds
Release date: 1962-07-04

Journey to the Seventh Planet

4.8/10 IMDB

A space expedition to Uranus is menaced by a giant brain that can make illusions come true.

Starring: John Agar, Carl Ottosen, Peter Monch, Ove Sprogøe, Louis Miehe-Renard, Ann Smyrner, Greta Thyssen, Ulla Moritz, Annie Birgit Garde, Bente Juel ..
Directed by: Sidney W. Pink
Release date: 1962-03-10

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

4.5/10 IMDB

Dr. Bill Cortner and his fiancée, Jan Compton, are driving to his lab when they get into a horrible car accident. Compton is decapitated. But Cortner is not fazed by this seemingly insurmountable hurdle. His expertise is in transplants, and he is excited to perform the first head transplant. Keeping Compton's head alive in his lab, Cortner plans the groundbreaking yet unorthodox surgery. First, however, he needs a body.

Starring: Jason Evers, Virginia Leith, Doris Brent, Audrey Devereal, Eddie Carmel, Adele Lamont, Bonnie Sharie, Paula Maurice, Marilyn Hanold, Bruce Brighton ..
Directed by: Joseph Green
Release date: 1962-02-25
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1962 : The Brain

The Brain

5.2/10 IMDB

A millionaire businessman's brain is kept alive after a fatal accident, and communicates clues to a doctor on the trail of the killer

Starring: Peter van Eyck, Anne Heywood, Cecil Parker, Bernard Lee, Ellen Schwiers, Siegfried Lowitz, Hans Nielsen, Jeremy Spenser, Maxine Audley, Jack MacGowran ..
Directed by: Freddie Francis
Release date: 1962-09-05

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