Best Science Fiction Movies of 1922


A Blind Bargain

6.0/10 IMDB

Lon Chaney performs two roles: Doctor Lamb, a mad surgeon who's doing experiments on human bodies, and his crippled and apish assistant, the result of his first experiment.

Starring: Lon Chaney, Raymond McKee, Jacqueline Logan, Virginia True Boardman, Fontaine La Rue, Aggie Herring, Virginia Madison, Wallace Beery ..
Directed by: Wallace Worsley
Release date: 1922-12-03
Best Science Fiction Movies of 1922 : Radio-Mania


5.6/10 IMDB

An inventor makes contact with Mars via television. The film is notable for using the 3-D process called Teleview, similar to today's alternating frame 3-D systems. Shown in 3-D only at the Selwyn Theater in New York City, it was previewed as Mars Calling at a trade and press screening on 13 October 1922, premiered as M.A.R.S. on 27 December 1922, and ran through 20 January 1923. A 2-D version was distributed as Radio-Mania in 1923–1924.

Starring: Grant Mitchell, Margaret Irving, Grant Mitchell, Margaret Irving, Gertrude Hillman, W. H. Burton, Isabel Vernon, John D. Walsh, J. Burke, Peggy Smith ..
Directed by: Roy William Neill
Release date: 1922-12-27

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