Best Romance Movies of 1989


When Harry Met Sally...

7.7/10 IMDB

During their travel from Chicago to New York, Harry and Sally debate whether or not sex ruins a friendship between a man and a woman. Eleven years later, and they're still no closer to finding the answer.

Starring: Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal, Carrie Fisher, Bruno Kirby, Steven Ford, Lisa Jane Persky, Michelle Nicastro, Gretchen Palmer, Robert Alan Beuth, Harley Jane Kozak ..
Directed by: Rob Reiner
Release date: 1989-07-21

Steel Magnolias

7.3/10 IMDB

A young beautician, newly arrived in a small Louisiana town, finds work at the local salon, where a small group of women share a close bond of friendship and welcome her into the fold.

Starring: Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Julia Roberts, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis, Tom Skerritt, Sam Shepard, Dylan McDermott, Kevin J. O'Connor ..
Directed by: Herbert Ross
Release date: 1989-11-15

Say Anything...

7.3/10 IMDB

Lloyd, an eternal optimist, seeks to capture the heart of Diane, an unattainable high school beauty and straight-A student. He surprises just about everyone-including himself-when she returns the sentiment. But Diane's over-possessive, divorced Dad disapproves and it's going to take more than just the power of love to conquer all.

Starring: John Cusack, Ione Skye, John Mahoney, Lili Taylor, Amy Brooks, Pamela Adlon, Jason Gould, Loren Dean, Jeremy Piven, Johnny Green ..
Directed by: Cameron Crowe
Release date: 1989-04-14

Look Who's Talking

5.9/10 IMDB

Mollie is a single working mother who's out to find the perfect father for her child. Her baby, Mikey, prefers James, a cab driver turned babysitter who has what it takes to make them both happy. But Mollie won't even consider James. It's going to take all the tricks a baby can think of to bring them together before it's too late.

Starring: John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Olympia Dukakis, George Segal, Bruce Willis, Abe Vigoda, Jacob Haines, Jaryd Waterhouse, Joy Boushel, Douglas Tuck ..
Directed by: Amy Heckerling
Release date: 1989-10-12


7.0/10 IMDB

Set in Baroque France, a scheming widow and her lover make a bet regarding the corruption of a recently married woman. The lover, Valmont, bets that he can seduce her, even though she is an honorable woman. If he wins, he can have his lover to do as he will. However, in the process of seducing the married woman, Valmont falls in love.

Starring: Colin Firth, Annette Bening, Meg Tilly, Fairuza Balk, Siân Phillips, Jeffrey Jones, Henry Thomas, Fabia Drake, T. P. McKenna, Isla Blair ..
Directed by: Miloš Forman
Release date: 1989-11-17

The Fabulous Baker Boys

6.9/10 IMDB

The lives of two struggling musicians, who happen to be brothers, inevitably change when they team up with a beautiful, up-and-coming singer.

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Michelle Pfeiffer, Beau Bridges, Ellie Raab, Xander Berkeley, Jennifer Tilly, Dakin Matthews, Ken Lerner, Albert Hall, Terri Treas ..
Directed by: Steve Kloves
Release date: 1989-10-13

Sea of Love

6.8/10 IMDB

Seen-it-all New York detective Frank Keller is unsettled - he has done twenty years on the force and could retire, and he hasn't come to terms with his wife leaving him for a colleague. Joining up with an officer from another part of town to investigate a series of murders linked by the lonely hearts columns he finds he is getting seriously and possibly dangerously involved with Helen, one of the main suspects.

Starring: Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin, John Goodman, Michael Rooker, William Hickey, Richard Jenkins, Paul Calderon, John Spencer, Mark Phelan, Samuel L. Jackson ..
Directed by: Harold Becker
Release date: 1989-09-15

Chances Are

6.4/10 IMDB

Louie Jeffries is happily married to Corinne. On their first anniversary, Louie is killed crossing the road. Louie is reincarnated as Alex Finch, and twenty years later, fate brings Alex and Louie's daughter, Miranda, together. It's not until Alex is invited to Louie's home that he begins to remember his former life, wife and best friend. Of course, there's also the problem that he's attracted to Louie's/his own daughter.

Starring: Cybill Shepherd, Robert Downey Jr., Mary Stuart Masterson, Christopher McDonald, Josef Sommer, Joe Grifasi, Ryan O'Neal, James Noble, Susan Ruttan, Richard DeAngelis ..
Directed by: Emile Ardolino
Release date: 1989-03-10


6.4/10 IMDB

Aerial firefighter Pete risks himself and his vintage World War II airplane in a constant and death-defying quest to fight forest wildfires, much to the dismay of his girlfriend, Dorinda . His love for Dorinda and the advice of fellow pilot Al convince Pete to give up his perilous career, but he flies one last mission. Pete heroically saves Al's plane from certain destruction, but with supernatural consequences.

Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter, John Goodman, Audrey Hepburn, Brad Johnson, Keith David, Roberts Blossom, Marg Helgenberger, Dale Dye, Doug McGrath ..
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Release date: 1989-12-22

New York Stories

6.4/10 IMDB

Three stories happening in New York. The first, by Scorsese, is about a painter who creates his works helped by high volume music and an attractive assistant; second, by Coppola, is about a rich and bold 12 years old who helps her separated parents to reconciliate; third, by Allen, is a witty piece of comedy about the impossibility of getting rid of the son's role.

Starring: Woody Allen, Marvin Chatinover, Mae Questel, Mia Farrow, Molly Regan, Ira Wheeler, Joan Bud, Jessie Keosian, Michael Rizzo, George Schindler ..
Directed by: Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola
Release date: 1989-03-10

Music Box

7.3/10 IMDB

A lawyer defends her father accused of war crimes, but there is more to the case than she suspects.

Starring: Jessica Lange, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Donald Moffat, Lukas Haas, Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Mari Tör?csik, Frederic Forrest, J.S. Block, Sol Frieder, Michael Rooker ..
Directed by: Costa-Gavras
Release date: 1989-12-22

The Wizard

6.0/10 IMDB

Corey refuses to let his emotionally disturbed younger brother Jimmy be institutionalized, and the two run away together. They soon join forces with a resourceful girl, who notices that Jimmy has a special talent: he is a "wizard" at video games and can achieve the high score on absolutely everything he plays. Evading their parents and a sinister bounty hunter, the trio head for a climactic showdown at the national video game championships in California.

Starring: Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, Beau Bridges, Christian Slater, Jenny Lewis, Vince Trankina, Wendy Phillips, Sam McMurray, Will Seltzer, Dea McAllister ..
Directed by: Todd Holland
Release date: 1989-12-15
Best Romance Movies of 1989 : Queensrÿche : Video:mindcrime

Queensrÿche : Video:mindcrime

9.2/10 IMDB

Compilation of music videos for the US heavy metal band Queensrÿche's classic 1988 concept album Operation: Mindcrime about disillusioned Nikki, brainwashed by sinister Dr. X to kill for him. Nikki falls for one of his targets - nun Mary.

Starring: Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, Chris DeGarmo ..
Directed by: Chris Painter, Marc Reshovsky
Release date: 1989-09-26

Longtime Companion

7.6/10 IMDB

During the summer of 1981, a group of friends in New York are completely unprepared for the onslaught of AIDS. What starts as a rumor about a mysterious "gay cancer" soon turns into a major crisis as, one by one, some of the friends begin to fall ill, leaving the others to panic about who will be next. As death takes its toll, the lives of these friends are forever redefined by an unconditional display of love, hope and courage.

Starring: Campbell Scott, Patrick Cassidy, Bruce Davison, Stephen Caffrey, Mary-Louise Parker, John Dossett, Dermot Mulroney, Michael Schoeffling, Brian Cousins, Dan Butler ..
Directed by: Norman René
Release date: 1989-10-11

Pink Cadillac

5.3/10 IMDB

A bounty hunter helps out the wife of a bail-jumper after her child is kidnapped by neo-Nazi types.

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Bernadette Peters, Timothy Carhart, Jim Carrey, Tiffany Gail Robinson, Angela Louise Robinson, John Dennis Johnston, Michael Des Barres, Jimmie F. Skaggs, Bill Moseley ..
Directed by: Buddy Van Horn
Release date: 1989-05-26


6.0/10 IMDB

Randy Bodek works as a pizza delivery boy at Senor Pizza to make a few extra bucks. Some customers are special, though: When the order is for a pizza with extra anchovies, it means the female customers are looking for some loving. "Loverboy's" reputation soon makes him very popular, but when Mom Bodek suddenly feels like some extra anchovies, things are looking grim for young Randy

Starring: Patrick Dempsey, Kirstie Alley, Carrie Fisher, Kate Jackson, Nancy Valen, Robert Ginty, Barbara Carrera, Vic Tayback, Robert Picardo, Elizabeth Daily ..
Directed by: Joan Micklin Silver
Release date: 1989-04-28

Teen Witch

6.0/10 IMDB

Louise is not very popular at her highschool. Then she learns that she's descended from the witches of Salem and has inherited their powers. At first she uses them to get back at the girls and teachers who teased her and to win the heart of the handsome footballer's captain. But soon she has doubts if it's right to 'cheat' her way to popularity.

Starring: Robyn Lively, Dan Gauthier, Joshua John Miller, Caren Kaye, Dick Sargent, Lisa Fuller, Amanda Ingber, Zelda Rubinstein, Noah Blake, Tina Caspary ..
Directed by: Dorian Walker
Release date: 1989-04-28

Dream a Little Dream

5.7/10 IMDB

Bobby Kellar has a crush on Lainie Diamond, girlfriend of school jerk Joel. Coleman is working on an experiment which will help him move into a place where Dreams are reality. When an accident occurs Coleman finds himself in Bobby's body and can only contact Bobby in his dreams.

Starring: Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Jason Robards, Meredith Salenger, Piper Laurie, Harry Dean Stanton, Susan Blakely, William McNamara, Matt Adler, Victoria Jackson ..
Directed by: Marc Rocco
Release date: 1989-03-03

The Unbelievable Truth

7.2/10 IMDB

After serving time for murder, Josh Hutton returns to his home town where he meets Audry Hugo. No one can remember exactly what Josh did...

Starring: Adrienne Shelly, Robert John Burke, Julia McNeal, Katherine Mayfield, Gary Sauer, Mark Chandler Bailey, Edie Falco, David Healy, Christopher Cooke, Jeff Howard ..
Directed by: Hal Hartley
Release date: 1989-04-01

Enemies, a Love Story

6.6/10 IMDB

A ghostwriter finds himself romantically involved with his current wife, a married woman and his long-vanished wife.

Starring: Ron Silver, Anjelica Huston, Lena Olin, Malgorzata Zajaczkowska, Alan King, Judith Malina, Rita Karin, Phil Leeds, Elya Baskin, Paul Mazursky ..
Directed by: Paul Mazursky
Release date: 1989-12-13

Shirley Valentine

7.2/10 IMDB

Wondering what has happened to herself, now feeling stagnant and in a rut, Shirley Valentine finds herself regularly talking to the wall while preparing her husband's chips and egg. When her best friend wins a trip-for-two to Greece Shirley begins to see the world, and herself, in a different light.

Starring: Pauline Collins, Tom Conti, Julia McKenzie, Alison Steadman, Joanna Lumley, Sylvia Syms, Bernard Hill, George Costigan, Anna Keaveney, Tracie Bennett ..
Directed by: Lewis Gilbert
Release date: 1989-08-30

Wild Orchid

4.5/10 IMDB

A woman lawyer becomes mesmerized by a self-made millionaire during an encounter in Rio setting off a series of erotic encounters.

Starring: Jacqueline Bisset, Carré Otis, Mickey Rourke, Assumpta Serna, Bruce Greenwood, Oleg Vidov, Milton Gonçalves, Jens Peter, Antonio Mario Silva da Silva, Paul Land ..
Directed by: Zalman King
Release date: 1989-12-22

Her Alibi

5.8/10 IMDB

A writer of BAD detective novels is in full writers' block. He pretends to be the alibi of a beautiful woman who was arrested for murder at first thinking her innocent, but as she shows more and more interesting abilities (such as knife throwing) he begins to doubt his first assessment.

Starring: Tom Selleck, Paulina Porizkova, William Daniels, James Farentino, Patrick Wayne, Tess Harper, Ronald Guttman, Victor Argo, Hurd Hatfield, Bill Smitrovich ..
Directed by: Bruce Beresford
Release date: 1989-02-03
Best Romance Movies of 1989 : Cathy's Valentine

Cathy's Valentine

6.8/10 IMDB

As Valentine's Day approaches, Cathy, ever the romantic, becomes passionately consumed with thoughts of hearts, flowers and candle-lit dinners.

Starring: Kathleen Wilhoite, Rob Paulsen, Shirley Mitchell, William L. Guisewite, Allison Argo, Gregg Berger, Sheryl Bernstein, Loren Dunsworth, Jerry Houser, Emily Levine ..
Directed by: Evert Brown
Release date: 1989-02-10


6.4/10 IMDB

An English bon-vivant osteopath is enchanted with a young exotic dancer and invites her to live with him. He serves as friend and mentor, and through his contacts and parties she and her friend meet and date members of the Conservative Party. Eventually a scandal occurs when her affair with the Minister of War goes public, threatening their lifestyles and their freedom.

Starring: John Hurt, Joanne Whalley, Bridget Fonda, Ian McKellen, Jeroen Krabbé, Leslie Phillips, Britt Ekland, Daniel Massey, Roland Gift, Jean Alexander ..
Directed by: Michael Caton-Jones
Release date: 1989-03-03


6.3/10 IMDB

Two couples go to a mutual friends wedding, and end up swapping partners.

Starring: Ted Danson, Isabella Rossellini, Sean Young, William Petersen, Lloyd Bridges, Norma Aleandro, Keith Coogan, George Coe, Katharine Isabelle, Alex Bruhanski ..
Directed by: Joel Schumacher
Release date: 1989-02-10
Best Romance Movies of 1989 : Blaze


6.0/10 IMDB

This movie tells the story of the latter years of Earl Long, a flamboyant governor of Louisiana. The aging Earl, an unapologetic habitue of strip joints, falls in love with young stripper Blaze Starr. When Earl and Blaze move in together, Earl's opponents use this to attack his controversial political program, which included civil rights for blacks in the 1950's.

Starring: Paul Newman, Lolita Davidovich, Jerry Hardin, Gailard Sartain, Jeffrey DeMunn, Garland Bunting, Richard Jenkins, Brandon Smith, Blaze Starr, Glynn Rubin ..
Directed by: Ron Shelton
Release date: 1989-12-15
Best Romance Movies of 1989 : Speaking Parts

Speaking Parts

6.6/10 IMDB

A struggling actor's job as a hotel custodian is a front for his real job: being rented out as a gigolo by his supervisor. A co-worker is obsessed with him, but he ignores and avoids her. He leaves his acting resume in the hotel room of a screenwriter, who is casting for a TV movie based on the true story of her deceased brother. She hires him to play the lead and the two begin an affair.

Starring: Michael McManus, Arsinée Khanjian, Gabrielle Rose, Tony Nardi, David Hemblen, Gerard Parkes, Jacqueline Samuda, Tony Nardi, David Hemblen, Patricia Collins ..
Directed by: Atom Egoyan
Release date: 1989-09-29
Best Romance Movies of 1989 : The Big Picture

The Big Picture

6.2/10 IMDB

Hollywood beckons for recent film school grad Nick Chapman, who is out to capitalize on the momentum from his national award-winning student film. Studio executive Allen Habel seduces Nick with a dream deal to make his first feature, but once production gets rolling, corporate reality begins to intervene: Nick is unable to control a series of compromises to his high-minded vision, and it's all he can do to maintain his integrity in the midst of filmmaking chaos.

Starring: Kevin Bacon, Emily Longstreth, J. T. Walsh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael McKean, Kim Miyori, Teri Hatcher, Dan Schneider, Jason Gould, Tracy Brooks Swope ..
Directed by: Christopher Guest
Release date: 1989-09-15
Best Romance Movies of 1989 : Gross Anatomy

Gross Anatomy

6.2/10 IMDB

Joe Slovak is a brilliant first-year med student whose casual, nonconforming approach to life gets tested when he enrolls in Gross Anatomy, the toughest course in med school.

Starring: Matthew Modine, Christine Lahti, Todd Field, Daphne Zuniga, Zakes Mokae, Clyde Kusatsu, Robert Desiderio, J. Patrick McNamara, John Scott Clough, Alice Carter ..
Directed by: Thom Eberhardt
Release date: 1989-10-20


6.3/10 IMDB

Summer of 1963. Carson is getting married to her boyfriend so her friends Melaina, Pudge and Luanne take her to Myrtle Beach for one last irresponsible weekend.

Starring: Phoebe Cates, Scott Coffey, Bridget Fonda, Page Hannah, Tyrone Power Jr., Jeff Yagher, Paul Lieber, Donald Craig, Shirley Anne Field, Carrie Hamilton ..
Directed by: Zelda Barron
Release date: 1989-04-14

Skin Deep

6.1/10 IMDB

Hard-drinking novelist Zach Hutton spirals out of control after his wife and mistress both leave him. Alone and crippled by a bad case of writer's block, Zach slips in and out of casual relationships and one-night stands, while his drinking becomes more and more severe. With the help of a bartender and his therapist, Zach confronts his demons — women and alcohol.

Starring: John Ritter, Vincent Gardenia, Alyson Reed, Joel Brooks, Michael Kidd, Heidi Paine, Julianne Phillips, Chelsea Field, Peter Donat, Don Gordon ..
Directed by: Blake Edwards
Release date: 1989-03-03

How I Got Into College

5.8/10 IMDB

The simple story of two young Michigan high school students, Jessica, Class President, Local Smart Girl, and object of Marlon's affections attempt to get into a small Pennsylvania college. Jessica fights off her parent's expectation of going to their alma mater of the University of Michigan, while Marlon fights his grades and SAT scores.

Starring: Anthony Edwards, Corey Parker, Lara Flynn Boyle, Finn Carter, Gary Owens, Charles Rocket, Christopher Rydell, Brian Doyle-Murray, Tichina Arnold, Bill Raymond ..
Directed by: Savage Steve Holland
Release date: 1989-05-19

Winter People

6.2/10 IMDB

Wayland Jackson (Russell), a widower with a young daughter, moves to a small, impoverished mountain village in North Carolina, circa 1934. They are taken in by Collie Wright (McGillis), a single mother with an illegitimate baby, and she and Wayland soon fall in love. Trouble starts when the identity of her baby's father is revealed.

Starring: Kurt Russell, Kelly McGillis, Lloyd Bridges, Mitchell Ryan, Jeffrey Meek, Don Michael Paul, Lanny Flaherty, Eileen Ryan, David Dwyer, Gary Bullock ..
Directed by: Ted Kotcheff
Release date: 1989-04-14

The Tall Guy

6.2/10 IMDB

An American actor in England tries to find love and work.

Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson, Geraldine James, Emil Wolk, Kim Thomson, Harold Innocent, Anna Massey, Joanna Kanska, Peter Kelly ..
Directed by: Mel Smith
Release date: 1989-02-01
Best Romance Movies of 1989 : The Rainbow

The Rainbow

6.2/10 IMDB

Ken Russell's rather loose adaptation of the last part of D.H. Lawrence's "The Rainbow" sees impulsive young Ursula coming of age in pastoral England around the time of the Boer War. At school, she is introduced to lovemaking by a bisexual physical education instructress. While experiencing disillusionment in her first career attempt (teaching), she has an affair with a young Army officer, who wants to marry her. Unable to accept a future of domesticity, she breaks with him, and eventually leaves home in search of her destiny.

Starring: Sammi Davis, Paul McGann, Amanda Donohoe, Christopher Gable, David Hemmings, Glenda Jackson, Dudley Sutton, Jim Carter, Judith Paris, Kenneth Colley ..
Directed by: Ken Russell
Release date: 1989-05-05

Criminal Law

5.6/10 IMDB

A rising young attorney successfully defends a man accused of murder, only to have the same type of murder then happen again. Right away the previously defended man hires the attorney again, and although the attorney is quite certain that he is the killer, he agrees to again defend him... much to the consternation of his friends. However, he explains that by being his attorney he will be better able to catch the man in a mistake... and on this the rest of the film develops, with the killer playing a cat and mouse game with the attorney until, at last, they both must recognize that they are not all that different.

Starring: Gary Oldman, Kevin Bacon, Tess Harper, Karen Young, Joe Don Baker, Sean McCann, Ron Lea, Michael Sinelnikoff, Elizabeth Shepherd, Sean McCann ..
Directed by: Martin Campbell
Release date: 1989-04-28

Happy Together

5.9/10 IMDB

Christopher is an ambitious college freshman, striving to become a writer. Through a computer fault he's assigned the same room as Alex, a real party freak and... a girl! He's annoyed and tries to get a different room as soon as possible, but when he learns to know her, he also starts to like her. She not only improves his sexual life, but also his writing skills

Starring: Patrick Dempsey, Helen Slater, Dan Schneider, Marius Weyers, Barbara Babcock, Kevin Hardesty, Brad Pitt, Gloria Hayes, Aaron Harnick, Ron Sterling ..
Directed by: Mel Damski
Release date: 1989-05-04

Old Gringo

5.8/10 IMDB

When school teacher Harriet Winslow goes to Mexico to teach, she is kidnapped by Gen. Tomas Arroyo and his revolutionaries. An aging American, Ambrose "Old Gringo" Bierce also in Mexico, befriends Gen. Arroyo and meets Harriet. Bierce is a famous writer, who knowing that he is dying, wishes to keep his identity secret so he can determine his own fate. Though he likes Arroyo, Bierce tries to provoke the General's anger whenever possible in an attempt to get himself killed, thus avoiding suffering through his illness. Winslow is intrigued by both Bierce and Arroyo, and the men are in turn attracted to her. She becomes romantically involved with Arroyo. When Winslow learns of Bierce's true identity (a writer whose work she has loved and respected for years), she is singlemindedly determined to fulfill his dying wish. Written by E.W. DesMarais

Starring: Jane Fonda, Gregory Peck, Jimmy Smits, Patricio Contreras, Jenny Gag, Gabriela Roel, Sergio Calderón, Guillermo Ríos, Jim Metzler, Samuel Valadez De La Torre ..
Directed by: Luis Puenzo
Release date: 1989-09-13
Best Romance Movies of 1989 : Circles in a Forest

Circles in a Forest

6.7/10 IMDB

Saul Barnard grew up in a family of woodcutters. The woodcutters are scared of the elephants in the forest, but there's one elephant that never seems to threaten Saul. Tired of being exploited by wood buyers, Saul takes a stand and his father chases him away. He goes to work on the wood buyer MacDonald's wood yard, where he gets to know MacDonald's daughter, Kate, and falls in love with her. After a few years he leaves MacDonald and joins the first prospectors in the forest, searching for gold. Millwood becomes a small town with hotels and bars and houses. Kate appears again.

Starring: Arnold Vosloo, Ian Bannen, Judi Trott, Brion James, Joe Stewardson, Christo Niehaus, Danielle Crouse, Joanna Palmer, Nic van Rensburg, Albert Maritz ..
Directed by: Regardt van den Bergh
Release date: 1989-08-01

Bloodhounds of Broadway

5.3/10 IMDB

This musical is based on four short stories by Damon Runyon. In one tale, gambler Feet Samuels sells his body to science just as he realizes that Hortense loves him and that he would rather live than die. In another story, Harriet's parrot is killed, and she has problems dealing with her loss. Then, there is a gambler, "Regret", who has bloodhounds on his trail when he becomes a murder suspect. Finally, "The Brain" is bleeding profusely, and his friends search for a way to save his life through a blood transfusion.

Starring: Matt Dillon, Jennifer Grey, Julie Hagerty, Rutger Hauer, Madonna, Esai Morales, Anita Morris, Randy Quaid, Josef Sommer, Alan Ruck ..
Directed by: Howard Brookner
Release date: 1989-11-03

Listen to Me

5.2/10 IMDB

It was the best time of their lives. A kid from Oklahoma. An immigrant's daughter. A senator's son, a society girl, and a college professor with a dream. They had one thing in common...the will to win. A group of college debaters learn about the world, friendships, love, dreams and family.

Starring: Kirk Cameron, Jami Gertz, Roy Scheider, Amanda Peterson, Tim Quill, Christopher Atkins, George Wyner, Anthony Zerbe, Yeardley Smith, Quinn Cummings ..
Directed by: Douglas Day Stewart
Release date: 1989-05-05

The Rachel Papers

6.0/10 IMDB

Poised to attend Oxford University, 19-year-old Charles Highway decides it's high time to have a romantic encounter with an older woman. With the help of a computer program and several eccentric relatives, Highway sets his sights on seducing Rachel Noyce, a stunning American in her 20s. However, Highway has his work cut out for him. Noyce has a boyfriend, DeForest, and is not exactly receptive to Highway's advances — at first, anyway.

Starring: Dexter Fletcher, Ione Skye, Jonathan Pryce, James Spader, Bill Paterson, Michael Gambon, Lesley Sharp, Jared Harris, Aubrey Morris, Claire Skinner ..
Directed by: Damian Harris
Release date: 1989-05-12


5.8/10 IMDB

An expatriate American doctor in London allows herself to lighten up when her freewheeling younger sister and a mysterious man enter her life. Her inhibitions released, the beautiful doctor learns that freedom has its own price.

Starring: Blair Brown, Bruno Ganz, Bridget Fonda, Alan Howard, Michael Gough, Hugh Laurie, Suzanne Burden, Rohan McCullough, Billie Roche, Camille Coduri ..
Directed by: David Hare
Release date: 1989-05-14

The Fifteen Streets

6.9/10 IMDB

In northern England around 1900, the worker John O'Brien lives near poverty in a small house in the worker's district. He falls in love with Mary, the teacher of his highly intelligent younger sister Kathy and daughter of a rich family. Their love is doomed by the social difference, but the vigorous Mary refuses to allow outer circumstances destroying their love.

Starring: Owen Teale, Sean Bean, Clare Holman, Billie Whitelaw, Ian Bannen, Jane Horrocks, Mark Mulholland, Anny Tobin, Leslie Schofield, Faye Dannell ..
Directed by: David Wheatley
Release date: 1989-01-01
Best Romance Movies of 1989 : Babycakes


6.6/10 IMDB

Grace is an overweight mortuary cosmetician who falls in love with Rob, a handsome subway train conductor who doesn't even know she exists. When she finally devises a way to meet him, they discover that although they are physically different, they have a lot more in common than they think.

Starring: Ricki Lake, Craig Sheffer, Nada Despotovich, Paul Benedict, Betty Buckley, John Karlen, Cynthia Dale, Jennifer Hale, Deborah Foreman, Kathleen Barr ..
Directed by: Paul Schneider
Release date: 1989-02-14
Best Romance Movies of 1989 : Worth Winning

Worth Winning

5.7/10 IMDB

Taylor is a man who has no problems with women. So confident is he that he accepts a challenge from his friends: he has to secure proposals of marriage from three women of their choice.

Starring: Mark Harmon, Madeleine Stowe, Lesley Ann Warren, Maria Holvoe, Mark Blum, Andrea Martin, Tony Longo, Alan Blumenfeld, Devin Ratray, David Brenner ..
Directed by: Will Mackenzie
Release date: 1989-10-27

She's Out of Control

5.3/10 IMDB

A Los Angeles radio-station manager's girlfriend shows his teenage daughter how to be sexy.

Starring: Tony Danza, Ami Dolenz, Catherine Hicks, Wallace Shawn, Dick O'Neill, Laura Mooney, Dana Ashbrook, Matthew Perry, Lance Wilson-White, Michael Alaimo ..
Directed by: Stan Dragoti
Release date: 1989-04-14

Physical Evidence

5.1/10 IMDB

A police officer suspended and now accused of murder is forced to join forces with his court-appointed attorney to assemble the pieces of a deadly puzzle to find the missing link before time runs out.

Starring: Burt Reynolds, Theresa Russell, Ned Beatty, Kay Lenz, Ted McGinley, Tom O'Brien, Kenneth Welsh, Ray Baker, Don Granbery, Angelo Rizacos ..
Directed by: Michael Crichton
Release date: 1989-01-27

Queen of Hearts

6.7/10 IMDB

Eddie Luca is the youngest son in a family of Italian immigrants who has moved to London. Beginning from nowhere, they open a cafe in an Italian neighbourhood. One day their father loses the cafe, the home and his wedding ring by gambling.

Starring: Vittorio Duse, Joseph Long, Anita Zagaria, Vittorio Amandola, Eileen Way, Sidney Kean, Anna Pernicci, Ian Hawkes, Tat Whalley ..
Directed by: Jon Amiel
Release date: 1989-10-01

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