Best Romance Movies of 1967


The Graduate

8.0/10 IMDB

Benjamin, a recent college graduate very worried about his future, finds himself in a love triangle with an older woman and her daughter.

Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, Katharine Ross, Murray Hamilton, Buck Henry, Brian Avery, Walter Brooke, William Daniels, Elizabeth Wilson, Norman Fell ..
Directed by: Mike Nichols
Release date: 1967-12-21

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

7.8/10 IMDB

A couple's attitudes are challenged when their daughter brings home a fiancé who is black.

Starring: Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, Katharine Hepburn, Katharine Houghton, Isabel Sanford, Alexandra Hay, Cecil Kellaway, Beah Richards, Roy Glenn, Virginia Christine ..
Directed by: Stanley Kramer
Release date: 1967-12-11

Two for the Road

7.4/10 IMDB

The ten-year marriage of Mark and Joanna Wallace is on the rocks. In flashback they recall their first meeting, memorable moments in their courtship and early wedded life, their travels through Europe, their broken vow never to have children, and the increasing tensions that led to both of them having extra-marital affairs.

Starring: Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney, Georges Descrières, Claude Dauphin, Nadia Gray, Jacqueline Bisset, Eleanor Bron, William Daniels, Gabrielle Middleton, Judy Cornwell ..
Directed by: Stanley Donen
Release date: 1967-04-27

Barefoot in the Park

7.0/10 IMDB

In this film based on a Neil Simon play, newlyweds Corie, a free spirit, and Paul Bratter, an uptight lawyer, share a sixth-floor apartment in Greenwich Village. Soon after their marriage, Corie tries to find a companion for mother, Ethel, who is now alone, and sets up Ethel with neighbor Victor. Inappropriate behavior on a double date causes conflict, and the young couple considers divorce.

Starring: Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Charles Boyer, Mildred Natwick, Herb Edelman, Mabel Albertson, Fritz Feld, Ted Hartley, James Stone, Doris Roberts ..
Directed by: Gene Saks
Release date: 1967-05-25
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew

7.1/10 IMDB

Italy, 16th century. Petruchio, a choleric, lying and poor rural landowner from Verona, arrives in Padua in search of fortune and a wife, while Baptista, a wealthy merchant, announces that he will not allow Bianca, his youngest daughter, to marry until the temperamental and unruly Katherina, his eldest daughter, does.

Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Cyril Cusack, Michael Hordern, Alfred Lynch, Alan Webb, Giancarlo Cobelli, Vernon Dobtcheff, Ken Parry, Anthony Gardner ..
Directed by: Franco Zeffirelli
Release date: 1967-03-08

Reflections in a Golden Eye

6.7/10 IMDB

Bizarre tale of sex, betrayal, and perversion at a military post.

Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Brian Keith, Julie Harris, Zorro David, Gordon Mitchell, Robert Forster, Irvin Dugan, Fay Sparks, Ed Metzger ..
Directed by: John Huston
Release date: 1967-10-13


6.8/10 IMDB

Stanley is infatuated with Margaret, the statuesque waitress who works with him. He meets George Spiggott AKA the devil and sells his soul for 7 wishes, which Stanley uses to try and make Margaret his own first as an intellectual, then as a rock star, then as a wealthy industrialist. As each fails, he becomes more aware of how empty his life had been and how much more he has to live for.

Starring: Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Raquel Welch, Eleanor Bron, Barry Humphries, Parnell McGarry, Danièle Noël, Howard Goorney, Michael Bates, Robert Russell ..
Directed by: Stanley Donen
Release date: 1967-10-30

Who's That Knocking at My Door

6.6/10 IMDB

A Catholic New Yorker falls in love with a girl and wants to marry her, but he struggles to accept her past and what it means for their future.

Starring: Zina Bethune, Harvey Keitel, Anne Collette, Lennard Kuras, Michael Scala, Harry Northup, Bill Minkin, Tsuai Yu-Lan, Saskia Holleman, Philip Carlson ..
Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Release date: 1967-11-15

A Countess from Hong Kong

6.0/10 IMDB

A Russian countess stows away in the stateroom of a married U.S. diplomat bound for New York.

Starring: Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren, Tippi Hedren, Sydney Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin, Patrick Cargill, Margaret Rutherford, Angela Scoular, Michael Medwin, John Paul ..
Directed by: Charlie Chaplin
Release date: 1967-01-05

Who's Minding the Mint?

7.0/10 IMDB

A bumbling government employee accidentally destroys a small fortune and decides to break into the US Mint to replace it, but before long everyone wants a slice of the action - and the money.

Starring: Jim Hutton, Dorothy Provine, Milton Berle, Joey Bishop, Bob Denver, Walter Brennan, Victor Buono, Jack Gilford, Jamie Farr ..
Directed by: Howard Morris
Release date: 1967-09-26

Far from the Madding Crowd

7.2/10 IMDB

Bathsheba Everdine, a willful, flirtatious, young woman, unexpectedly inherits a large farm and becomes romantically involved with three widely divergent men.

Starring: Julie Christie, Terence Stamp, Alan Bates, Peter Finch, Fiona Walker, Prunella Ransome, Alison Leggatt, Paul Dawkins, Julian Somers, Freddie Jones ..
Directed by: John Schlesinger
Release date: 1967-06-18

Thoroughly Modern Millie

6.9/10 IMDB

Millie Dillmount, a fearless young lady fresh from Salina, Kansas, determined to experience Life, sets out to see the world in the rip-roaring Twenties. With high spirits and wearing one of those new high hemlines, she arrives in New York to test the "modern" ideas she had been reading about back in Kansas: "I've taken the girl out of Kansas. Now I have to take Kansas out of the girl!"

Starring: Julie Andrews, James Fox, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Channing, John Gavin, Jack Soo, Pat Morita, Philip Ahn, Anthony Dexter, Beatrice Lillie ..
Directed by: George Roy Hill
Release date: 1967-03-22

Will Penny

7.1/10 IMDB

Will Penny, an aging cowpoke, takes a job on a ranch which requires him to ride the line of the property looking for trespassers or, worse, squatters. He finds that his cabin in the high mountains has been appropriated by a woman whose guide to Oregon has deserted her and her son. Too ashamed to kick mother and child out just as the bitter winter of the mountains sets in, he agrees to share the cabin until the spring thaw. But it isn't just the snow that slowly thaws; the lonely man and woman soon forget their mutual hostility and start developing a deep love for one another.

Starring: Charlton Heston, Ben Johnson, Donald Pleasence, Joan Hackett, Lee Majors, Bruce Dern, Roy Jenson, Slim Pickens, Clifton James, Anthony Zerbe ..
Directed by: Tom Gries
Release date: 1967-12-19

Rough Night in Jericho

6.4/10 IMDB

The only business in the Wild West town of Jericho that corrupt sheriff Alex Flood doesn't control behind the scenes is the stagecoach owned by tough-willed widow Molly Lang and her right-hand man, Hickman. Former marshal Dolan, recently hired by Lang and Hickman as a driver, wants to stay out of the mess, but when he sees Flood's henchman Yarbrough assault Lang, he steps up to fight the corruption.

Starring: Dean Martin, George Peppard, Jean Simmons, John McIntire, Slim Pickens, Don Galloway, Brad Weston, Richard O'Brien, Carol Andreson, Steve Sandor ..
Directed by: Arnold Laven
Release date: 1967-08-01


6.5/10 IMDB

The plot of his illegitimate son Mordred to gain the throne, and Guinevere's growing attachment to Sir Lancelot, threatens to topple King Arthur and destroy his "round table" of knights.

Starring: Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave, Franco Nero, David Hemmings, Lionel Jeffries, Laurence Naismith, Pierre Olaf, Estelle Winwood, Gary Marshal, Anthony Rogers ..
Directed by: Joshua Logan
Release date: 1967-10-25


6.8/10 IMDB

Stephen is a professor at Oxford University who is caught in a rut and feels trapped by his life in both academia and marriage. One of his students, William, is engaged to the beautiful Anna, and Stephen becomes enamored of the younger woman. These three people become linked together by a horrible car crash, with flashbacks providing details into the lives of each person and their connection to the others in this brooding English drama.

Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker, Jacqueline Sassard, Michael York, Delphine Seyrig, Vivien Merchant, Alexander Knox, Ann Firbank, Terence Rigby, Brian Phelan ..
Directed by: Joseph Losey
Release date: 1967-02-09


6.7/10 IMDB

When Miss Vicki's father dies, she becomes the world's greatest philanthropist. Unfortunately, she is flat broke! Her loyal butler, Claude Fitzwilliam, leads the household staff to rob from various businesses by charging goods to various wealthy people and misdirecting the shipments, all to keep Miss Vicki's standard of living.

Starring: Dick Van Dyke, Barbara Feldon, John McGiver, Edith Evans, Harry Townes, John Fiedler, Anne Seymour, Norman Fell, Cecil Kellaway, Sam Waterston ..
Directed by: Delbert Mann
Release date: 1967-12-20

A Guide for the Married Man

6.6/10 IMDB

A man gives his friend a series of lessons on how to cheat on one's wife without being caught.

Starring: Walter Matthau, Inger Stevens, Robert Morse, Sue Ane Langdon, Jackie Russell, Aline Towne, Claire Kelly, Eve Brent, Marvin Brody, Majel Barrett ..
Directed by: Gene Kelly
Release date: 1967-01-01

Valley of the Dolls

6.0/10 IMDB

In New York City, bright but naive New Englander Anne Welles becomes a secretary at a theatrical law firm, where she falls in love with attorney Lyon Burke. Anne befriends up-and-coming singer Neely O'Hara, whose dynamic talent threatens aging star Helen Lawson and beautiful but talentless actress Jennifer North. The women experience success and failure in love and work, leading to heartbreak, addiction and tragedy.

Starring: Barbara Parkins, Patty Duke, Sharon Tate, Paul Burke, Tony Scotti, Lee Grant, Susan Hayward, Martin Milner, Charles Drake, Alexander Davion ..
Directed by: Mark Robson
Release date: 1967-12-27
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Woman Times Seven

Woman Times Seven

5.9/10 IMDB

Seven mini-stories of adultery: "Funeral Possession," a wayward widow at her husband's funeral; "Amateur Night," angry wife becomes streetwalker out of revenge; "Two Against One," seemingly prudish girl turns out otherwise; "Super Simone," wife vainly attempts to divert her over-engrossed writer husband; "At the Opera," a battle over a supposedly exclusive dress; "Suicides," a death pact; "Snow," would-be suitor is actually a private detective hired by jealous husband.

Starring: Shirley MacLaine, Peter Sellers, Rossano Brazzi, Lex Barker, Elsa Martinelli, Robert Morley, Adrienne Corri, Alan Arkin, Michael Caine, Anita Ekberg ..
Directed by: Vittorio De Sica
Release date: 1967-09-29


5.6/10 IMDB

The heir to an oil fortune trades places with a water-ski instructor at a Florida hotel to see if girls will like him for himself, rather than his father's money.

Starring: Elvis Presley, Shelley Fabares, Will Hutchins, Bill Bixby, Gary Merrill, James Gregory, Suzie Kaye, Harold Peary, Marj Dusay, Jack Good ..
Directed by: Arthur H. Nadel
Release date: 1967-12-04
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : The Sailor from Gibraltar

The Sailor from Gibraltar

6.2/10 IMDB

Alan, after quarreling with his girlfriend Sheila, becomes intrigued by Anna, a mysterious widow who's searching for a sailor she had known many years before. Alan and Anna begin the search on board a yacht bound for Greece, but they don't find the sailor. After a stop in Africa, Louis de Mozambique joins the party and suggests that the sailor may never have existed other than in Anna's mind.

Starring: Jeanne Moreau, Orson Welles, John Hurt, Vanessa Redgrave, David Ross, Ian Bannen, Zia Mohyeddin, Hugh Griffith ..
Directed by: Tony Richardson
Release date: 1967-01-01

Double Trouble

5.1/10 IMDB

When singer Guy Lambert goes on tour in Europe, he is pursued by two beautiful women, bumbling jewel thieves, and a mysterious killer.

Starring: Elvis Presley, Annette Day, John Williams, Yvonne Romain, Chips Rafferty, Norman Rossington, Monte Landis, Michael Murphy, Leon Askin, John Alderson ..
Directed by: Norman Taurog
Release date: 1967-04-05
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Pavoncello


6.7/10 IMDB

In 1912, Szczebieniew, a rich and ailing old man, comes to Italy with his young wife, Zinaida. Bored with his company, she looks for amusement and casual affairs.

Starring: Stefan Friedmann, Joanna Kasperska, Micha? Pawlicki, Mieczys?aw Milecki, Boles?aw Kami?ski, Ewa Zdzieszy?ska, Jerzy Zelnik ..
Directed by: Andrzej ?u?awski
Release date: 1967-01-01

Half a Sixpence

6.4/10 IMDB

The joyous screen version of the Broadway and London musical hit. "If I had the money, I'd buy me a banjo!" says struggling sales clerk Arthur Kipps. Soon he'll inherit enough to buy a whole bloomin' orchestra. But can his newfound wealth buy happiness? Multi-talented Steele brings his London and New York stage smash to the screen in this big, cheerful tune-filled production based on H.G. Wells' charming novel "Kipps."

Starring: Tommy Steele, Julia Foster, Cyril Ritchard, Penelope Horner, Elaine Taylor, Queenie Watts, Aleta Morrison, Pamela Cundell, Grover Dale, Hilton Edwards ..
Directed by: George Sidney
Release date: 1967-12-21
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : My Love, My Love

My Love, My Love

5.8/10 IMDB

An architect has an affair with a young woman who aspires to be a pop singer. She ends up pregnant but does not tell her lover about her condition as she contemplates having an abortion.

Starring: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Valérie Lagrange, Annie Fargue, Michel Piccoli, Katerina Larsson, Bernard Fresson, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Marie Trintignant ..
Directed by: Nadine Trintignant
Release date: 1967-06-08


6.0/10 IMDB

A local sheriff is unjustly accused of murder in a small town and forced to flee. He gets rid of his enemies one by one and tries to prove his innocence.

Starring: Giuliano Gemma, Teresa Gimpera, Serge Marquand, Germán Cobos, Daniele Vargas, Gia Sandri, Nello Pazzafini, Tullio Altamura, Furio Meniconi, Franco Balducci ..
Directed by: Giorgio Ferroni
Release date: 1967-03-22
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Banning


5.7/10 IMDB

A playboy golf pro, kicked off the circuit for alleged cheating, is forced to hustle for a living.

Starring: Robert Wagner, Anjanette Comer, Jill St. John, Guy Stockwell, James Farentino, Susan Clark, Howard St. John, Mike Kellin, Gene Hackman, Sean Garrison ..
Directed by: Ron Winston
Release date: 1967-12-13
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly

6.2/10 IMDB

Miss Polly decides to spend a few months with her wealthy spinster aunt as a traveling companion. While in India her aunt's demise leaves her alone to pursue her freedom and explore an arm's length romance with a local boy.

Starring: Hayley Mills, Trevor Howard, Shashi Kapoor, Brenda De Banzie, Dick Patterson, Kalen Liu, Peter Bayliss, Patricia Routledge, Dorothy Alison, David Prosser ..
Directed by: Guy Green
Release date: 1967-10-19

Carmen, Baby

5.2/10 IMDB

Carmen, a free-spirited young woman who sometimes earns money as a prostitute, lives a bohemian existence in a small town where most of the locals allow her to do as she pleases. Jose, a naive young man who has just been hired as the town's new police officer, arrests her. However, Jose is soon drawn into Carmen's sensual spell, and he is compelled to do her bidding as she slowly brings him to his doom.

Starring: Uta Levka, Claus Ringer, Carl Möhner, Barbara Valentin, Walter Wilz, Christiane Rücker, Arthur Brauss, Doris Arden, Michaël Munzer, Christian Fredersdorf ..
Directed by: Radley Metzger
Release date: 1967-10-09
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : The Jackals

The Jackals

5.2/10 IMDB

Bad bank robber falls in love with granddaughter of miner he and his men planned to rob of gold, has change of heart.

Starring: Vincent Price, Diana Ivarson, Robert Gunner, Bob Courtney, Patrick Mynhardt, Bill Brewer, John Whiteley, Sann de Lange, Frank Douglas, Pieter Hauptfleisch ..
Directed by: Robert D. Webb
Release date: 1967-11-11
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Thunder Alley

Thunder Alley

5.3/10 IMDB

Stock car racer Tommy Callahan is forced to join Pete Madsen's thrill circus after his blackouts cause a fatal accident that gets him thrown off the circuit.

Starring: Annette Funicello, Fabian, Diane McBain, Warren Berlinger, Jan Murray, Stanley Adams, Maureen Arthur, Michael T. Mikler, Kip King, Michael Bell ..
Directed by: Richard Rush
Release date: 1967-03-22
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Enter Laughing

Enter Laughing

6.3/10 IMDB

David Kolowitz, a nice young man living with his parents in New York City in 1938, works at a machine repair shop. His parents want David to study to become a pharmacist. But what he really wants is to be an actor like his idol, Ronald Colman. One day, at his friend Marvin's suggestion, David tries out for a part in a play, and gets it, despite his obvious lack of acting experience (not to mention ability). True, it's a rather small part in a low-rent production. Leading the troupe is a washed-up, alcoholic actor who hires David at the urging of his actress-daughter, who finds David "cute." To play his part, David must come up with his own costume - a tuxedo - and pay the house five dollars a week, ostensibly for tuition. But it is David's first acting job, one which calls for him to "enter laughing." And if it doesn't work out - well, there's always pharmacy school.

Starring: Reni Santoni, José Ferrer, Shelley Winters, Elaine May, Jack Gilford, Janet Margolin, David Opatoshu, Michael J. Pollard, Don Rickles, Richard Deacon ..
Directed by: Carl Reiner
Release date: 1967-02-25
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Luv


5.3/10 IMDB

Harry is a barely functional human. He meets an old friend who is having marital problems as Harry is about to leap off of a bridge. His friend decides that Harry is the man to take his wife away from him so that Milt can be with his girlfriend. Ellen and Harry have an instant attraction and in a short while Harry is wearing Milt's suits and Milt is free. But, Ellen soon discovers that Harry is the world's worst roommate.

Starring: Jack Lemmon, Peter Falk, Elaine May, Nina Wayne, Eddie Mayehoff, Harrison Ford, Paul Hartman, Severn Darden, Alan DeWitt, Martin Abrahams ..
Directed by: Clive Donner
Release date: 1967-07-26
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : The Ride to Hangman's Tree

The Ride to Hangman's Tree

5.0/10 IMDB

Three young outlaws try to stay together and keep one step ahead of the law.

Starring: Jack Lord, James Farentino, Don Galloway, Richard Anderson, Robert Cornthwaite, John Pickard, Melodie Johnson, Ed Peck, Robert Yuro, Claudia Bryar ..
Directed by: Alan Rafkin
Release date: 1967-05-01
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Scyla


5.7/10 IMDB

Beach bum Gregory spots the lovely Scyla sunbathing on the beach and immediately becomes infatuated with her. However, Gregory's possessive witch old flame Circe gets jealous when she finds out about his obsession with Scyla and concocts a magic potion to make the beautiful lady ugly.

Starring: Cathy Adams, Antoinette Maynard ..
Directed by: Nick Millard
Release date: 1967-06-11
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Carousel


7.2/10 IMDB

In a Maine coastal village toward the end of the 19th century, the swaggering, carefree carnival barker, Billy Bigelow, captivates and marries the naive millworker, Julie Jordan. Billy loses his job just as he learns that Julie is pregnant and, desperately intent upon providing a decent life for his family, he is coerced into being an accomplice to a robbery. Caught in the act and facing the certainty of prison, he takes his own life and is sent 'up there.' Billy is allowed to return to earth for one day fifteen years later, and he encounters the daughter he never knew. She is a lonely, friendless teenager, her father's reputation as a thief and bully having haunted her throughout her young life. How Billy instills in both the child and her mother a sense of hope and dignity is a dramatic testimony to the power of love.

Starring: Robert Goulet, Mary Grover, Pernell Roberts, Marlyn Mason, Charles Ruggles, Michael F. Blake, Jack DeLon, Linda Moulton Howe, Patricia Neway, Marge Redmond ..
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Release date: 1967-05-07
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

6.5/10 IMDB

Adaptation of the novel by Emily Brontë.

Starring: Ian McShane, Angela Scoular, William Marlowe, Drewe Henley, Angela Douglas, Keith Buckley, Anne Stallybrass, John Garrie ..
Directed by: Peter Sasdy
Release date: 1967-10-28
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Tub Girls

Tub Girls

6.0/10 IMDB

"Tub Girls" features Warhol superstar Viva lying in a bathtub with different people of both sexes, including Brigid Berlin (as Brigid Polk), who appeared fully clothed in the tub.

Starring: Brigid Berlin, Alexis de la Falaise, Abigail Rosen, Viva ..
Directed by: Andy Warhol
Release date: 1967-01-01
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Waiting for Caroline

Waiting for Caroline

5.9/10 IMDB

An indecisive young woman with an abnormal devotion to her father can't decide on which of her two boyfriends she should end her relationship with.

Starring: Alexandra Stewart, François Tassé, Bob Howay, Sharon Acker, William Needles, Aileen Seaton, Lucie Poitras, Paul Guèvremont, Monique Mercure, Daniel Gadouas ..
Directed by: Ron Kelly
Release date: 1967-06-21

Anticipation, ou l'Amour en l'an 2000

0.0/10 IMDB

Demetrius has just arrived on Earth from another galaxy. But the girl brought to him by the commissar, Hostess 703, is not a "physical love" girl; she's a "sentimental love" one, who only knows how to excite men with language

Starring: Anna Karina, Jacques Charrier, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Marilù Tolo ..
Directed by: Jean-Luc Godard
Release date: 1967-04-27
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : The Sun and the Moon

The Sun and the Moon

0.0/10 IMDB

Summaries An architecture student and a daughter of a bank branch manager are in love with each other. The love cools down as she gets to know his family ancestors were butchers. He spends his life in obscurity cursing his destiny of being born as a child of butchers. One day his father tells him a moving story of himself, describing how he overcame the handicap of being a butcher and has built up his business to a success. Then, he realizes his stupidity, decides to forget her and harbor a hope in his mind.

Directed by: Seong-gu Lee
Release date: 1967-01-01
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : The Mikado

The Mikado

7.2/10 IMDB

In a mythical Japan, Ko-Ko, a cheap tailor, has been appointed Lord High Executioner and must find someone to execute before the arrival of the ruling Mikado. He lights upon Nanki-Poo, a strolling minstrel who loves the beautiful Yum-Yum. But Yum-Yum is also loved by Ko-Ko, and Nanki-Poo, seeing no hope for his love, considers suicide. Ko-Ko offers to solve both their problems by executing Nanki-Poo, and an agreement is reached whereby Ko-Ko will allow Nanki-Poo to marry Yum-Yum for one month, at the end of which Nanki-Poo will be executed, in time for the arrival of the Mikado. But what Ko-Ko doesn't know is that Nanki-Poo is the son of the Mikado and has run away to avoid a betrothal to an old harridan named Katisha. The arrival of the Mikado brings all the threads of the tale together.

Starring: Donald Adams, Valerie Masterson, John Reed, Christene Palmer, Kenneth Sandford, Thomas Lawlor, Peggy Ann Jones, Pauline Wales ..
Directed by: Stuart Burge
Release date: 1967-03-15
Best Romance Movies of 1967 : Raat Andheri Thi

Raat Andheri Thi

4.6/10 IMDB

Thriller starring Lolita Chateerjee

Starring: Lolita Chatterjee, Mohan Choti, Helen, Ranjan Kapoor, Feroz Khan ..
Directed by: Shiv Kumar
Release date: 1967-09-22

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