Best Romance Movies of 1959


Some Like It Hot

8.2/10 IMDB

Two musicians witness a mob hit and struggle to find a way out of the city before they are found by the gangsters. Their only opportunity is to join an all-girl band as they leave on a tour. To make their getaway they must first disguise themselves as women, then keep their identities secret and deal with the problems this brings - such as an attractive bandmate and a very determined suitor.

Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, George Raft, Pat O’Brien, Joe E. Brown, Nehemiah Persoff, Joan Shawlee, Billy Gray, George E. Stone ..
Directed by: Billy Wilder
Release date: 1959-03-19

Sleeping Beauty

7.2/10 IMDB

A beautiful princess born in a faraway kingdom is destined by a terrible curse to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep that can only be awakened by true love's first kiss. Determined to protect her, her parents ask three fairies to raise her in hiding. But the evil Maleficent is just as determined to seal the princess's fate.

Starring: Mary Costa, Bill Shirley, Eleanor Audley, Verna Felton, Barbara Luddy, Barbara Jo Allen, Taylor Holmes, Bill Thompson, Billy Bletcher, Marvin Miller ..
Directed by: Clyde Geronimi, Wolfgang Reitherman, Les Clark, Eric Larson
Release date: 1959-02-17

Imitation of Life

7.8/10 IMDB

Lora Meredith, a white widow who dreams of being on Broadway, has a chance encounter with Annie Johnson, a black single mother. Annie becomes the caretaker of Lora's daughter, Susie, while Lora pursues her stage career. Both women deal with the difficulties of motherhood: Lora's thirst for fame threatens her relationship with Susie, while Annie's light-skinned daughter, Sarah Jane, struggles with her African-American identity.

Starring: Lana Turner, John Gavin, Sandra Dee, Susan Kohner, Robert Alda, Dan O'Herlihy, Juanita Moore, Karin Dicker, Terry Burnham, John Vivyan ..
Directed by: Douglas Sirk
Release date: 1959-10-02

Pillow Talk

7.4/10 IMDB

Playboy songwriter Brad Allen's succession of romances annoys his neighbor, interior designer Jan Morrow, who shares a telephone party line with him and hears all his breezy routines. After Jan unsuccessfully lodges a complaint against him, Brad sets about to seduce her in the guise of a sincere and upstanding Texas rancher. When mutual friend Jonathan discovers that his best friend is moving in on the girl he desires, however, sparks fly.

Starring: Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, Thelma Ritter, Nick Adams, Marcel Dalio, Julia Meade, Allen Jenkins, Marcel Dalio, Lee Patrick ..
Directed by: Michael Gordon
Release date: 1959-10-07

Operation Petticoat

7.2/10 IMDB

A World War II submarine commander finds himself stuck with a damaged sub, a con-man executive officer, and a group of army nurses.

Starring: Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Joan O'Brien, Dina Merrill, Gene Evans, Dick Sargent, Virginia Gregg, Robert F. Simon, Robert Gist, Gavin MacLeod ..
Directed by: Blake Edwards
Release date: 1959-12-05

On the Beach

7.1/10 IMDB

In 1964, atomic war wipes out humanity in the northern hemisphere; one American submarine finds temporary safe haven in Australia, where life-as-usual covers growing despair. In denial about the loss of his wife and children in the holocaust, American Captain Towers meets careworn but gorgeous Moira Davidson, who begins to fall for him. The sub returns after reconnaissance a month (or less) before the end; will Towers and Moira find comfort with each other?

Starring: Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire, Anthony Perkins, Donna Anderson, John Tate, Guy Doleman, John Meillon, Harp McGuire, Lola Brooks ..
Directed by: Stanley Kramer
Release date: 1959-12-16

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

7.1/10 IMDB

A wily old codger matches wits with the King of the Leprechauns and helps play matchmaker for his daughter and the strapping lad who has replaced him as caretaker.

Starring: Albert Sharpe, Janet Munro, Sean Connery, Jimmy O'Dea, Kieron Moore, Estelle Winwood, Walter Fitzgerald, Denis O'Dea, J.G. Devlin, Jack MacGowran ..
Directed by: Robert Stevenson
Release date: 1959-06-24

The Young Philadelphians

7.4/10 IMDB

Up and coming young lawyer Anthony Lawrence faces several ethical and emotional dilemmas as he climbs the Philadelphia social ladder. His personal and professional skills are tested as he tries to balance the needs of his fiance Joan, the expectations of his colleagues and his own obligation to defend his friend Chester on a murder count.

Starring: Paul Newman, Barbara Rush, Alexis Smith, Brian Keith, Diane Brewster, Billie Burke, John Williams, Robert Vaughn, Otto Kruger, Paul Picerni ..
Directed by: Vincent Sherman
Release date: 1959-05-21

Room at the Top

7.6/10 IMDB

An ambitious young accountant schemes to wed a wealthy factory owner's daughter, despite falling in love with a married older woman.

Starring: Simone Signoret, Laurence Harvey, Heather Sears, Donald Wolfit, Donald Houston, Hermione Baddeley, Beatrice Varley, Allan Cuthbertson, Raymond Huntley, John Westbrook ..
Directed by: Jack Clayton
Release date: 1959-01-22

The Crimson Kimono

6.9/10 IMDB

A Los Angeles detective and his Japanese partner woo an artist while solving a stripper's murder.

Starring: Victoria Shaw, Glenn Corbett, James Shigeta, Anna Lee, Paul Dubov, Jaclynne Greene, Neyle Morrow, Gloria Pall, Pat Silver, George Yoshinaga ..
Directed by: Samuel Fuller
Release date: 1959-10-21
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Porgy and Bess

Porgy and Bess

7.0/10 IMDB

Set in the early 1900s in the fictional Catfish Row section of Charleston, South Carolina, which serves as home to a black fishing community, the story focuses on the titular characters, crippled beggar Porgy, who travels about in a goat-drawn cart, and the drug-addicted Bess, who lives with stevedore Crown, the local bully.

Starring: Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge, Sammy Davis Jr., Pearl Bailey, Brock Peters, Diahann Carroll, Leslie Scott, Ruth Attaway, Claude Akins, Clarence Muse ..
Directed by: Otto Preminger
Release date: 1959-06-24


6.6/10 IMDB

Due to an accident while swimming in the sea, Francis meets the surfer Moondoggie. She's fascinated with his sport and starts to hang out with his clique. Although they make fun of her at first, they teach her to surf and soon she's accepted and given the nickname "Gidget". But it's hard work to become more than a friend to Moondoggie.

Starring: Sandra Dee, James Darren, Cliff Robertson, Arthur O'Connell, The Four Preps, Mary LaRoche, Joby Baker, Tom Laughlin, Sue George, Robert Ellis ..
Directed by: Paul Wendkos
Release date: 1959-04-09

The Journey

6.8/10 IMDB

A Communist officer falls hard for a married woman trying to escape from Hungary.

Starring: Deborah Kerr, Yul Brynner, Jason Robards, Robert Morley, Anne Jackson, Ron Howard, Flip Mark, Kurt Kasznar, David Kossoff, Gérard Oury ..
Directed by: Anatole Litvak
Release date: 1959-02-11

A Summer Place

6.9/10 IMDB

A self-made businessman rekindles a romance with a former flame while their two teenage children begin a romance of their own with drastic consequences for both couples.

Starring: Richard Egan, Dorothy McGuire, Sandra Dee, Arthur Kennedy, Troy Donahue, Beulah Bondi, Constance Ford, Bonnie Franklin, Eleanor Audley, Roberta Shore ..
Directed by: Delmer Daves
Release date: 1959-11-18

The Mating Game

6.9/10 IMDB

Tax collector Lorenzo Charlton comes to the Larkins' farm to ask why Pop Larkins hasn't paid his back taxes. Charlton has to stay for a day to try to estimate the income from the farm, but it isn't easy to calculate when the farmer has such a lovely daughter.

Starring: Debbie Reynolds, Tony Randall, Paul Douglas, Una Merkel, Fred Clark, Philip Ober, Philip Coolidge, Charles Lane, Trevor Bardette, Bill Walker ..
Directed by: George Marshall
Release date: 1959-04-29

The Best of Everything

6.6/10 IMDB

An exposé of the lives and loves of Madison Avenue working girls and their higher-ups.

Starring: Hope Lange, Stephen Boyd, Suzy Parker, Martha Hyer, Louis Jourdan, Joan Crawford, Diane Baker, Robert Evans, Brian Aherne, Brett Halsey ..
Directed by: Jean Negulesco
Release date: 1959-10-09

Solomon and Sheba

6.1/10 IMDB

Under the rule of King David, Israel is united and prosperous although surrounded by enemies including Egypt and its allies. The aging King David favors his younger son, Solomon, as his successor, but David's elder son Prince Adonijah, a warrior, declares himself King. When David learns of this, he publicly announces Solomon to be his successor. Adonijah and Joab, his general, withdraw in rage. Israel prospers under King Solomon's wise and benevolent rule and is seen as a threat to more tyrannical monarchs in the region. The Pharaoh of Egypt agrees to cede a Red Sea port to the Queen of Sheba in a plot to undermine Solomon's rule. Sheba is to seduce Solomon and introduce Sheban pagan worship into Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Prince Adonijah, now banished, also conspires with Pharaoh and is given an army to defeat Solomon. The film is a highly fictionalized dramatization of events depicted in The Bible -- First Kings chapter 10 and Second Chronicles chapter 9.

Starring: Yul Brynner, Gina Lollobrigida, George Sanders, Marisa Pavan, David Farrar, John Crawford, Finlay Currie, Harry Andrews, José Nieto, Maruchi Fresno ..
Directed by: King Vidor
Release date: 1959-12-25

It Happened to Jane

6.5/10 IMDB

Jane Osgood runs a lobster business, which supports her two young children. Railroad staff inattention ruins her shipment, so with her lawyer George, Jane sues Harry Foster Malone, director of the line and the "meanest man in the world".

Starring: Doris Day, Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs, Steve Forrest, Teddy Rooney, Russ Brown, Parker Fennelly, Mary Wickes, Philip Coolidge, Max Showalter ..
Directed by: Richard Quine
Release date: 1959-05-24

Ten Seconds to Hell

6.5/10 IMDB

Two rivals from a German bomb squad are left to deactivate duds in postwar Berlin.

Starring: Jack Palance, Jeff Chandler, Martine Carol, Robert Cornthwaite, Dave Willock, Wesley Addy, James Goodwin, Virginia Baker, Richard Wattis, Nancy Lee ..
Directed by: Robert Aldrich
Release date: 1959-06-16

Beloved Infidel

6.0/10 IMDB

Toward the end of his life F. Scott Fitzgerald is writing for Hollywood studios to be able to afford the cost of an asylum for his wife. He is also struggling against alcoholism. Into his life comes the famous gossip columnist.

Starring: Gregory Peck, Deborah Kerr, Eddie Albert, Philip Ober, Herbert Rudley, Karin Booth, Ken Scott, Jonathan Hole, Frank Gerstle, Bess Flowers ..
Directed by: Henry King
Release date: 1959-11-17

Up Periscope

6.4/10 IMDB

Lieutenant Braden discovers that Sally, the woman he's been falling in love with, has actually been checking out his qualifications to be a U.S. Navy frogman. He must put his personal life behind him after being assigned to be smuggled into a Japanese-held island via submarine to photograph radio codes.

Starring: James Garner, Edmond O'Brien, Andra Martin, Alan Hale Jr., Edd Byrnes, Clifford Kawada, Carleton Carpenter, Richard Bakalyan, William Leslie, Frank Gifford ..
Directed by: Gordon Douglas
Release date: 1959-03-04

John Paul Jones

6.3/10 IMDB

The career of Revolutionary War naval hero John Paul Jones, from his youth in Scotland through his service to Catherine the Great of Russia.

Starring: Robert Stack, Marisa Pavan, Charles Coburn, Erin O'Brien, Bette Davis, Macdonald Carey, Jean-Pierre Aumont, David Farrar, Peter Cushing, Susana Canales ..
Directed by: John Farrow
Release date: 1959-06-16

Green Mansions

5.4/10 IMDB

A young Venezuelan idealist flees his native land to escape a revolution. Hoping to find peace, he goes to the mountains and the forests of the Amazon. There he encounters Rima, the Bird Girl, an orphan living a life of nature, who is feared by a local jungle tribe.

Starring: Audrey Hepburn, Anthony Perkins, Lee J. Cobb, Sessue Hayakawa, Henry Silva, Nehemiah Persoff, Michael Pate, Estelle Hemsley, Yoneo Iguchi, Bill Saito ..
Directed by: Mel Ferrer
Release date: 1959-03-19

Curse of the Undead

5.9/10 IMDB

A mysterious epidemic has struck an Old West frontier town and young girls are falling deathly ill. Doc Carter, his lovely daughter Dolores, and preacher Dan Young have their hands full caring for the infirm. When one of the patients dies unexpectedly, Dan notices two puncture wounds on her neck. His investigation leads him to the strange gunslinger Drake Robey, who always seems to be slower on the draw than his opponents, but who—despite being outdrawn, and even shot—always manages to survive these deadly encounters. Dan soon discovers that Drake also has an aversion to crucifixes, sleeps in coffins, and cannot tolerate sunlight...

Starring: Eric Fleming, Michael Pate, Kathleen Crowley, John Hoyt, Bruce Gordon, Jimmy Murphy, Helen Kleeb, Don Sullivan, Edward Binns, Helen Kleeb ..
Directed by: Edward Dein
Release date: 1959-05-01
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Five Golden Flowers

Five Golden Flowers

7.1/10 IMDB

A Peng meets a girl named Jinhua at a festival and they agree to meet the next year but she fails to turn up. He searches for her and finds other girls named Jinhua.

Starring: Yang Likun, Mo Zhijiang, Wang Suya, Zhu Yijing, Tan Yaozhong, Sun Jingzhen, Huang Zhong, Yan Jie, Zhang Xiong, Li Wenwei ..
Directed by: Wang Jiayi
Release date: 1959-10-01
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Ask Any Girl

Ask Any Girl

6.4/10 IMDB

Meg is a young wide-eyed girl who is endures many calamities in her search for a husband in modern-day New York. After losing her suitcase at Penn Station, being kicked out by her roommate, and changing bosses because her boss made a pass at her, she finds herself looking for work at a Manhattan motivational research agency run by punctilious Miles Doughton and his playboy brother, Evan.

Starring: David Niven, Shirley MacLaine, Gig Young, Rod Taylor, Jim Backus, Larri Thomas, Claire Kelly, Elisabeth Fraser, Dodie Heath, Read Morgan ..
Directed by: Charles Walters
Release date: 1959-08-21

For the First Time

6.4/10 IMDB

In this musical, a tempermental opera singer falls in love with a hearing-impaired young woman.

Starring: Mario Lanza, Johanna von Koczian, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Kurt Kasznar, Hans Söhnker, Annie Rosar, Peter Capell, Walter Rilla ..
Directed by: Rudolph Maté
Release date: 1959-02-26
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Verboten!


6.7/10 IMDB

A young American serviceman stationed in Germany after the fall of the Third Reich, jeopardises his future after falling in love with a German woman.

Starring: James Best, Susan Cummings, Tom Pittman, Paul Dubov, Harold Daye, Dick Kallman, Stuart Randall, Steven Geray, Anna Hope, Robert Boon ..
Directed by: Samuel Fuller
Release date: 1959-03-25
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Woman Obsessed

Woman Obsessed

6.0/10 IMDB

After her husband dies in a fire, a woman (Susan Hayward) is left to tend for her young son and the family farm on her own. Soon, she takes in a drifting handyman, they fall in love, and a resentment begins to build between the son and his new "step-father" who treats the boy harshly on purpose to prepare him for life on the frontier.

Starring: Susan Hayward, Stephen Boyd, Barbara Nichols, Dennis Holmes, Theodore Bikel, Ken Scott, James Philbrook, Florence MacMichael ..
Directed by: Henry Hathaway
Release date: 1959-05-27

That Kind of Woman

6.2/10 IMDB

A young G.I. falls in love with a kept woman on a train to New York.

Starring: Sophia Loren, Tab Hunter, Jack Warden, Barbara Nichols, Keenan Wynn, George Sanders, Bea Arthur, Attilio Barbato, Stephen Bolster, Raymond Bramley ..
Directed by: Sidney Lumet
Release date: 1959-09-11

But Not for Me

6.4/10 IMDB

Out of hit ideas and seemingly in the twilight of his career, Broadway producer Russ Ward decides to give up the game. But when Russ lays off his nubile secretary, Ellie Brown, she shocks him with a declaration of love. Inspired, Ward commands playwright MacDonald to rewrite his latest show as a May-December romance starring Brown herself. Ward struggles to make a comeback as his ex-wife, Kathryn, plots to end his new relationship.

Starring: Clark Gable, Carroll Baker, Lilli Palmer, Lee J. Cobb, Barry Coe, Thomas Gomez, Charles Lane, Wendell Holmes, Tom Duggan, Saverio LoMedico ..
Directed by: Walter Lang
Release date: 1959-08-19

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

6.0/10 IMDB

Ray Lawler's hit play inspired this poignant drama about the need to accept middle age despite the longing for youthful passion. The ensemble cast includes Ernest Borgnine and John Mills as Roo and Barney, who get a dose of reality during a holiday. Roo and his longtime girlfriend, Olive (Anne Baxter), cope with changes in their relationship while Barney tries to adjust to new paramour Pearl (Angela Lansbury) after his girl marries another man.

Starring: Ernest Borgnine, Anne Baxter, John Mills, Angela Lansbury, Frank Wilson, Deryck Barnes, Ethel Gabriel ..
Directed by: Leslie Norman
Release date: 1959-12-01
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : The Lady is a Square

The Lady is a Square

5.9/10 IMDB

Neagle stars a Frances Baring, a socialite widow attempting to keep her late husband's symphony orchestra going. Reluctantly she enlists the help of a young pop singer (Frankie Vaughan) who has fallen for Baring's daughter Joanna, played by a young Janette Scott.

Starring: Anna Neagle, Frankie Vaughan, Janette Scott, Anthony Newley, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Christopher Rhodes, Kenneth Cope, Josephine Fitzgerald, Harold Kasket, John Le Mesurier ..
Directed by: Herbert Wilcox
Release date: 1959-02-03
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Left Right and Centre

Left Right and Centre

6.2/10 IMDB

At the Earndale by-election natural history expert and TV personality Bob Wilcot for the Conservatives finds himself up against Billingsgate girl Stella Stoker for the socialists. Amateur politician against committed activist. But could it become boy-who-fancies-girl against girl-who-fancies-boy? The party agents are soon colluding against such a disaster.

Starring: Ian Carmichael, Alastair Sim, Patricia Bredin, Richard Wattis, Eric Barker, Moyra Fraser, Jack Hedley, Gordon Harker, William Kendall, Anthony Sharp ..
Directed by: Sidney Gilliat
Release date: 1959-06-23

Battle of the Coral Sea

5.5/10 IMDB

A US submarine and its crew are captured by the Japanese on the eve of a major WWII battle.

Starring: Cliff Robertson, Gia Scala, Teru Shimada, Patricia Cutts, Gene Blakely, Rian Garrick, L.Q. Jones, Robin Hughes, Gordon Jones, Tom Laughlin ..
Directed by: Paul Wendkos
Release date: 1959-11-01
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Wedlock House: An Intercourse

Wedlock House: An Intercourse

6.2/10 IMDB

We see a film negative of a nude couple embracing in bed. Then, back in regular black and white images, we see them alone and together, clothed, at home. It's night, she sees his reflection in the window, she closes the drapes. After sex, again in a black and white negative, they sit, smoke, have coffee. They kiss, she smiles. They light candles. The images are often quick, the camera angles occasionally are off kilter; the room is sometimes dark and sometimes lit, as if lit by the rotating of a searchlight. The images again appear in negative when they return to bed.

Starring: Jane Brakhage, Stan Brakhage ..
Directed by: Stan Brakhage
Release date: 1959-04-27

It Started with a Kiss

6.0/10 IMDB

While on leave in New York, a serviceman both weds a chorus girl and wins a red convertible in a charity raffle. Both his wife and the car turn out to be problematic.

Starring: Glenn Ford, Debbie Reynolds, Fred Clark, Eva Gabor, Gustavo Rojo, Harry Morgan, Edgar Buchanan, Frances Bavier, Robert Warwick, Netta Packer ..
Directed by: George Marshall
Release date: 1959-08-19
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Born to Be Loved

Born to Be Loved

6.1/10 IMDB

Director Hugo Haas reprises the theme of romantic love in this routine yet innocent story of matchmaking. The setting is an overcrowded tenement building in which the residents seem to live beyond the reach of muggers or drug dealers or trigger-happy gangs because they mingle and mix in the halls as they energetically interact with each other.

Starring: Carol Morris, Barbara Jo Allen, Hugo Haas, Dick Kallman, Jacqueline Fontaine, Billie Bird ..
Directed by: Hugo Haas
Release date: 1959-06-01
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Say One for Me

Say One for Me

5.4/10 IMDB

Father Conroy has a parish which serves the acting and performance community. When one of his parishioners gets too sick to work, his daughter Holly finds a job working for a dance club of questionable character, which is run by Tony Vincent. Vincent never made the big time, and Father Conroy tries to look after Holly.

Starring: Bing Crosby, Debbie Reynolds, Robert Wagner, Ray Walston, Les Tremayne, Connie Gilchrist, Frank McHugh, Joe Besser, Alena Murray, Stella Stevens ..
Directed by: Frank Tashlin
Release date: 1959-06-19

Teenagers from Outer Space

3.8/10 IMDB

A young alien falls for a pretty teenage Earth girl and they team up to try to stop the plans of his invading cohorts, who intend to use Earth as a food-breeding ground for giant lobsters from their planet.

Starring: David Love, Bryan Grant, Harvey B. Dunn, Tom Graeff, King Moody, Helen Sage, Frederick Welch, Carl Dickensen, Sonia Torgeson, Billy Bridges ..
Directed by: Tom Graeff
Release date: 1959-06-01
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Operation Dames

Operation Dames

4.1/10 IMDB

During the Korean War, a troupe of traveling USO entertainers find themselves behind enemy lines with a squad of American soldiers. Together they try to find their way back to their own lines while trying to avoid capture, but the North Koreans discover their presence and set out after them.

Starring: Eve Meyer, Chuck Henderson, Don Devlin ..
Directed by: Louis Clyde Stoumen
Release date: 1959-03-01
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : A Stranger in My Arms

A Stranger in My Arms

6.1/10 IMDB

An Air Force pilot finds romance with his war buddy's widow.

Starring: June Allyson, Jeff Chandler, Sandra Dee, Mary Astor, Charles Coburn, Peter Graves, Conrad Nagel, Hayden Rorke, Reita Green, Bartlett Robinson ..
Directed by: Helmut Käutner
Release date: 1959-03-03
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Virgin Island

Virgin Island

6.0/10 IMDB

A British woman marries an American writer in spite of her family's disapproval and goes to live with him on a tropical island.

Starring: John Cassavetes, Virginia Maskell, Sidney Poitier, Isabel Dean, Colin Gordon, Howard Marion-Crawford, Edric Connor, Ruby Dee, Gladys Boot, Julian Mayfield ..
Directed by: Pat Jackson
Release date: 1959-08-07
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Arson for Hire

Arson for Hire

5.8/10 IMDB

Johnny Broderick, arson squad investigator, and his assistant, Ben Howard,, investigate a warehouse fire and find evidence of arson. Lawyer William Yarbo is behind the series of incendiary fires that have been plaguing the city. Keely Hariss, an actress, inherited the warehouse from her father. Yabro calls on her and says that he and her father had heavily insured the building and planned to burn it and collect, and also tells her she must accept half of the insurance money or he will see that she is blamed for the arson. "Pop" Bergen, the father of Marily Bergen, is the torch man hired by Yarbo, and he perishes in one of the conflagrations. Yarbo learns that Keely is cooperating with Broderick and he enters the movie studio where she is working, determined to kill her. Written By Les Adams

Starring: Steve Brodie, Lyn Thomas, Tom Hubbard, Jason Johnson, Frank J. Scannell, Wendy Wilde, John Frederick, Corinne Cole, Antony Carbone, Lyn Osborn ..
Directed by: Thor L. Brooks
Release date: 1959-03-01
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Desert Desperadoes

Desert Desperadoes

4.6/10 IMDB

A caravan guarded by Roman soldiers comes across a woman bound to a stake and left to die. A wealthy merchant who hired the caravan is against taking The Woman along, but the commander of the soldiers, Verrus, overrules him. Verrus tries to get friendly with her, promising all kinds of wealth for her favors. The caravan encounters a group of Jdean refugees fleeing from King Herod's orders to kill all male children. They are on their way to Egypt with a male child with them. The Merchant begins to ponder the reward that would be paid by the King and orders The Woman to seduce a Roman guard to enable the messenger to get away. When the King's soldiers show up, Verrus refuses to surrender the refugees. Then the sand hits the fan.

Starring: Ruth Roman, Akim Tamiroff, Arnoldo Foà, Otello Toso, Gianni Musy, Alan Furlan, Nino Marchetti ..
Directed by: Steve Sekely
Release date: 1959-06-30
Best Romance Movies of 1959 : Esh El-Gharam

Esh El-Gharam

5.4/10 IMDB

After an incident where they nearly drown, Medhat and Laila are forced to spend a night on an island. As they grow close, Aida learns that Medhat wants to marry Laila and plots with Gohar to separate the two. When their plots fail, Aida tries to seduce Medhat and convince him that Laila loves Gohar.

Starring: Shadia, Kamal Al-Shennawi, Leila Fawzi, Hussein Riad, Omar El-Hariri, Aziza Helmy ..
Directed by: Helmy Rafla
Release date: 1959-11-02

Light of the Night

0.0/10 IMDB

A young pilot and a librarian are silently in love with each other. But their love story is forestalled when the pilot's cousin convinces him that the librarian is in love with someone else, and again after he loses his sight in war.

Starring: Mariam Fakhr Eddine, Ahmad Mazhar, Salah Zulfikar, Ragaa Al-Giddawy, Hussein Kandil, Mounir Al-Fangary ..
Directed by: Raymond Nassour
Release date: 1959-01-01

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