Best Romance Movies of 1949


The Heiress

8.1/10 IMDB

Dull and plain Catherine lives with her emotionally distant father, Dr. Sloper, in 1840s New York. Her days are empty -- filled with little more than needlepoint. Enter handsome Morris Townsend, a dashing social climber with his eye on the spinster's heart and substantial inheritance.

Starring: Olivia de Havilland, Montgomery Clift, Ralph Richardson, Miriam Hopkins, Vanessa Brown, Mona Freeman, Ray Collins, Betty Linley, Selena Royle, Paul Lees ..
Directed by: William Wyler
Release date: 1949-10-06

A Letter to Three Wives

7.7/10 IMDB

A letter is addressed to three wives from their "best friend" Addie Ross, announcing that she is running away with one of their husbands - but she does not say which one.

Starring: Jeanne Crain, Linda Darnell, Ann Sothern, Kirk Douglas, Paul Douglas, Barbara Lawrence, Jeffrey Lynn, Connie Gilchrist, Florence Bates, Hobart Cavanaugh ..
Directed by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Release date: 1949-01-20

Adam's Rib

7.5/10 IMDB

When a woman attempts to kill her uncaring husband, prosecutor Adam Bonner gets the case. Unfortunately for him his wife Amanda (who happens to be a lawyer too) decides to defend the woman in court. Amanda uses everything she can to win the case and Adam gets mad about it. As a result, their perfect marriage is disturbed by everyday quarrels.

Starring: Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Judy Holliday, Tom Ewell, David Wayne, Jean Hagen, Hope Emerson, Clarence Kolb, Polly Moran, Will Wright ..
Directed by: George Cukor
Release date: 1949-11-18

On the Town

7.3/10 IMDB

Three sailors - Gabey, Chip and Ozzie - let loose on a 24-hour pass in New York and the Big Apple will never be the same! Gabey falls head over heels for "Miss Turnstiles of the Month" (he thinks she's a high society deb when she's really a 'cooch dancer at Coney Island); innocent Chip gets highjacked (literally) by a lady cab driver; and Ozzie becomes the object of interest of a gorgeous anthropologist who thinks he's the perfect example of a "prehistoric man". Wonderful music and terrific shots of New York at its best.

Starring: Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Jules Munshin, Vera-Ellen, Betty Garrett, Ann Miller, Florence Bates, Alice Pearce, George Meader, Hans Conried ..
Directed by: Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly
Release date: 1949-12-08

The Fountainhead

7.0/10 IMDB

An uncompromising, visionary architect struggles to maintain his integrity and individualism despite personal, professional and economic pressures to conform to popular standards.

Starring: Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal, Raymond Massey, Kent Smith, Robert Douglas, Henry Hull, Ray Collins, Moroni Olsen, Jerome Cowan, Bob Alden ..
Directed by: King Vidor
Release date: 1949-06-25

Little Women

7.2/10 IMDB

Louisa May Alcott's autobiographical account of her life with her three sisters in Concord Mass in the 1860s. With their father fighting in the civil war, the sisters: Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth are at home with their mother - a very outspoken women for her time. The story is of how the sisters grow up, find love and find their place in the world.

Starring: June Allyson, Peter Lawford, Margaret O'Brien, Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Leigh, Rossano Brazzi, Mary Astor, Lucile Watson, C. Aubrey Smith, Elizabeth Patterson ..
Directed by: Mervyn LeRoy
Release date: 1949-03-10
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : They Live by Night

They Live by Night

7.4/10 IMDB

An escaped convict, injured during a robbery, falls in love with the woman who nurses him back to health, but their relationship seems doomed from the beginning.

Starring: Cathy O'Donnell, Farley Granger, Howard Da Silva, Jay C. Flippen, Helen Craig, Will Wright, William Phipps, Ian Wolfe, Harry Harvey, Marie Bryant ..
Directed by: Nicholas Ray
Release date: 1949-11-01

I Was a Male War Bride

7.0/10 IMDB

After marrying an American lieutenant with whom he was assigned to work in post-war Germany, a French captain attempts to find a way to accompany her back to the States under the terms of the War Bride Act.

Starring: Cary Grant, Ann Sheridan, Marion Marshall, Randy Stuart, Bill Neff, William Self, Russ Conway, Gene Garrick, Robert Adair, Chris Adcock ..
Directed by: Howard Hawks
Release date: 1949-08-26

Samson and Delilah

6.8/10 IMDB

When strongman Samson rejects the love of the beautiful Philistine woman Delilah, she seeks vengeance that brings horrible consequences they both regret. The classic story of Samson and Delilah as told by Cecil B. DeMille.

Starring: Hedy Lamarr, Victor Mature, Angela Lansbury, George Sanders, Henry Wilcoxon, Olive Deering, Fay Holden, Julia Faye, Pedro de Cordoba, William 'Wee Willie' Davis ..
Directed by: Cecil B. DeMille
Release date: 1949-12-21

Under Capricorn

6.2/10 IMDB

In 1831, Irishman Charles Adare travels to Australia to start a new life with the help of his cousin who has just been appointed governor. When he arrives he meets powerful landowner and ex-convict, Sam Flusky, who wants to do a business deal with him. Whilst attending a dinner party at Flusky's house, Charles meets Flusky's wife Henrietta who he had known as a child back in Ireland. Henrietta is an alcoholic and seems to be on the verge of madness.

Starring: Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten, Michael Wilding, Margaret Leighton, Cecil Parker, Denis O'Dea, Jack Watling, Harcourt Williams, John Ruddock, Bill Shine ..
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Release date: 1949-09-08

Flamingo Road

7.1/10 IMDB

A stranded carnival dancer takes on a corrupt political boss when she marries into small-town society.

Starring: Joan Crawford, Zachary Scott, Sydney Greenstreet, David Brian, Gladys George, Virginia Huston, Fred Clark, Gertrude Michael, Alice White, Sam McDaniel ..
Directed by: Michael Curtiz
Release date: 1949-04-30

The Barkleys of Broadway

7.0/10 IMDB

Josh and Dinah Barkley are a successful musical-comedy team, known for their stormy but passionate relationship. Dinah feels overshadowed by Josh and limited by the lighthearted musical roles he directs her in. So she decides to stretch her skills by taking a role in a serious drama, directed by another man.

Starring: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Oscar Levant, Billie Burke, Jacques François, Gale Robbins, George Zucco, Clinton Sundberg, Inez Cooper, Carol Brewster ..
Directed by: Charles Walters
Release date: 1949-01-01

The Passionate Friends

7.3/10 IMDB

A woman is torn between the love of her life, who is married to someone else, and her older husband.

Starring: Ann Todd, Claude Rains, Trevor Howard, Betty Ann Davies, Isabel Dean, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Arthur Howard, Guido Lorraine, Marcel Poncin, Natasha Sokolova ..
Directed by: David Lean
Release date: 1949-01-26

Colorado Territory

7.2/10 IMDB

In Colorado territory, outlaw Wes McQueen escapes jail to pull a railroad robbery but, upon meeting pretty settler Julie Ann, he wonders about going straight. Western remake of High Sierra with Joel McCrea taking over the Humphrey Bogart role.

Starring: Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo, Dorothy Malone, Henry Hull, John Archer, James Mitchell, Morris Ankrum, Basil Ruysdael, Frank Puglia, Ian Wolfe ..
Directed by: Raoul Walsh
Release date: 1949-06-11

Madame Bovary

7.0/10 IMDB

Based on the French literary classic, this drama presents author Gustave Flaubert narrating his tale of infidelity and narcissism. After marrying small-town doctor Charles Bovary, Emma becomes tired of her limited social status and begins to have affairs, first with the young Leon Dupuis and later with the wealthy Rodolphe Boulanger. Eventually, however, her self-involved behavior catches up with her.

Starring: Jennifer Jones, James Mason, Van Heflin, Louis Jourdan, Alf Kjellin, Gene Lockhart, Frank Allenby, Gladys Cooper, John Abbott, Harry Morgan ..
Directed by: Vincente Minnelli
Release date: 1949-08-25


7.3/10 IMDB

Warren Quimby manages a drugstore while trying to keep his volatile wife, Claire, happy. However, when Claire leaves him for a liquor store salesman, Warren can no longer bear it. He decides to assume a new identity in order to murder his wife's lover without leaving a trace. Along the way, his plans are complicated by an attractive neighbor, as well as a shocking discovery that opens up a new world of doubts and accusations.

Starring: Richard Basehart, Audrey Totter, Cyd Charisse, Barry Sullivan, Lloyd Gough, Tom D'Andrea, William Conrad, Tito Renaldo, Virginia Brissac, Theresa Harris ..
Directed by: John Berry
Release date: 1949-11-25

Holiday Affair

7.1/10 IMDB

Just before Christmas, department store clerk Steve Mason meets big spending customer Connie Ennis, who's actually a comparison shopper sent by another store. Steve lets her go, which gets him fired. They spend the afternoon together, which doesn't sit well with Connie's steady suitor, Carl, when he finds out, but delights her young son Timmy, who quickly takes to Steve.

Starring: Janet Leigh, Robert Mitchum, Wendell Corey, Gordon Gebert, Griff Barnett, Esther Dale, Henry O'Neill, Harry Morgan, Larry J. Blake, Helen Brown ..
Directed by: Don Hartman
Release date: 1949-12-12

The Hasty Heart

7.3/10 IMDB

In the final days of World War II, in a MASH unit in Burma, a severely wounded corporal watches in dismay as fellow soldiers pack-up to return home but a caring nurse and five remaining soldiers bring him solace.

Starring: Ronald Reagan, Patricia Neal, Richard Todd, Anthony Nicholls, Howard Marion-Crawford, Ralph Michael, John Sherman, Alfie Bass, Orlando Martins, Robert Douglas ..
Directed by: Vincent Sherman
Release date: 1949-09-13
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : The Stratton Story

The Stratton Story

7.1/10 IMDB

Star major league pitcher Monty Stratton loses a leg in a hunting accident, but becomes determined to leave the game on his own terms.

Starring: James Stewart, June Allyson, Frank Morgan, Agnes Moorehead, Bill Williams, Bruce Cowling, Cliff Clark, Mary Lawrence, Dean White, Robert Gist ..
Directed by: Sam Wood
Release date: 1949-05-12
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : The Small Back Room

The Small Back Room

7.2/10 IMDB

At the height of World War II, the Germans begin dropping a new type of booby-trapped bomb on England. Sammy Rice, a highly-skilled but haunted bomb-disposal officer, must overcome his personal demons to defeat this new threat.

Starring: David Farrar, Kathleen Byron, Jack Hawkins, Leslie Banks, Michael Gough, Cyril Cusack, Milton Rosmer, Walter Fitzgerald, Emrys Jones, Michael Goodliffe ..
Directed by: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Release date: 1949-02-21

In the Good Old Summertime

7.1/10 IMDB

Two co-workers in a music shop dislike one another during business hours but unwittingly carry on an anonymous romance through the mail.

Starring: Judy Garland, Van Johnson, Spring Byington, S.Z. Sakall, Clinton Sundberg, Buster Keaton, Marcia Van Dyke, Lillian Bronson, Liza Minnelli, John Alban ..
Directed by: Buster Keaton, Robert Z. Leonard
Release date: 1949-07-29

East Side, West Side

6.9/10 IMDB

A vain businessman puts strains on his happy marriage to a rich, beautiful socialite by allowing himself to be seduced by a former girlfriend.

Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, James Mason, Van Heflin, Ava Gardner, Cyd Charisse, Nancy Reagan, Gale Sondergaard, William Conrad, Raymond Greenleaf, Douglas Kennedy ..
Directed by: Mervyn LeRoy
Release date: 1949-12-22


7.0/10 IMDB

It was Leonora Eames' childhood dream come true. She had married Smith Ohlrig, a man worth millions. But her innocent dream became a nightmare once she realizes the truth about her husband - he is power mad and insane! Since he will not grant her a divorce, she leaves her life of luxury on Long Island and goes to work as a receptionist in an impoverished doctor's office in NYC's lower east side. After Smith deceives her into a temporary reconciliation, Leonora becomes pregnant. By the time she realizes she is expecting, she and one of the doctors, Larry Quinada (James Mason), have fallen in love. But she is again lured backed to her wealthy husband to give her child financial security. Her sadistic husband is hell-bent on keeping her and her child prisoner. What will happen to Leonora?

Starring: James Mason, Barbara Bel Geddes, Robert Ryan, Frank Ferguson, Curt Bois, Ruth Brady, Natalie Schafer, Art Smith, Barbara Billingsley, Sonia Darrin ..
Directed by: Max Ophüls
Release date: 1949-02-17

Task Force

6.5/10 IMDB

After learning the finer points of carrier aviation in the 1920s, career officer Jonathan Scott and his pals spend the next two decades promoting the superiority of naval air power. But military and political "red tape" continually frustrate their efforts, prompting Scott to even consider leaving the Navy for a more lucrative civilian job. Then the world enters a second World War and Scott finally gets the opportunity to prove to Washington the valuable role aircraft carriers could play in winning the conflict. But what will it cost him and his comrades personally?

Starring: Gary Cooper, Jane Wyatt, Wayne Morris, Walter Brennan, Julie London, Jack Holt, Stanley Ridges, John Ridgely, Richard Rober, Art Baker ..
Directed by: Delmer Daves
Release date: 1949-08-30

The Big Steal

6.9/10 IMDB

Army Lieutenant Halliday, accused of stealing the Army payroll, pursues the real thief on a frantic chase through Mexico aided by the thief's ex-girlfriend and is in turn being chased by his accuser, Capt. Blake.

Starring: Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, William Bendix, Patric Knowles, Ramon Novarro, Don Alvarado, John Qualen, Pascual García Peña ..
Directed by: Don Siegel
Release date: 1949-07-01

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

6.7/10 IMDB

The Wolves baseball team gets steamed when they find they've been inherited by one K.C. Higgins, a suspected "fathead" who intends to take an active interest in running the team. But K.C. turns outs to be a beautiful woman who really knows her baseball. Second baseman Dennis Ryan promptly falls in love. But his playboy roommate Eddie O'Brien has his own notions about how to treat the new lady owner and some unsavory gamblers have their own ideas about how to handle Eddie.

Starring: Frank Sinatra, Esther Williams, Gene Kelly, Betty Garrett, Edward Arnold, Jules Munshin, Richard Lane, Tom Dugan, Jackie Jackson, Edna Harris ..
Directed by: Busby Berkeley
Release date: 1949-03-09

My Friend Irma

6.4/10 IMDB

Prototype dumb blonde Irma and her slacker, wheeler-dealer boyfriend Al interfere in the love life of Irma's level-headed room mate Jane.

Starring: Marie Wilson, Diana Lynn, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, John Lund, Don DeFore, Hans Conried, Kathryn Givney, Percy Helton, Gloria Gordon ..
Directed by: George Marshall
Release date: 1949-10-14

It's a Great Feeling

6.4/10 IMDB

A waitress at the Warner Brothers commissary is anxious to break into pictures. She thinks her big break may have arrived when actors Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan agree to help her.

Starring: Dennis Morgan, Doris Day, Jack Carson, Bill Goodwin, Irving Bacon, Claire Carleton, Jean Andren, Lois Austin, Shirley Ballard, Janet Barrett ..
Directed by: David Butler
Release date: 1949-08-01

The Inspector General

6.7/10 IMDB

An illiterate stooge in a traveling medicine show wanders into a strange town and is picked up on a vagrancy charge. The town's corrupt officials mistake him for the inspector general whom they think is traveling in disguise. Fearing he will discover they've been pocketing tax money, they make several bungled attempts to kill him.

Starring: Danny Kaye, Walter Slezak, Barbara Bates, Elsa Lanchester, Gene Lockhart, Alan Hale, Walter Catlett, Rhys Williams, Benny Baker, Leonard Bremen ..
Directed by: Henry Koster
Release date: 1949-12-31

My Dream Is Yours

6.6/10 IMDB

Conceited singer Garry Mitchell refuses to renew his radio contract, so agent Doug Blake decides to find a new personality to replace Garry. In New York, he finds Martha Gibson, a single mother with a great voice. He arranges for her to move to Hollywood, but then has a problem trying to sell her to the show's sponsor. Doug tries every trick he can think of to make Martha a star, and as the two work more closely, he falls in love with her. Complicating matters further is when Martha meets and becomes attracted to Garry.

Starring: Jack Carson, Doris Day, Lee Bowman, Adolphe Menjou, Eve Arden, S.Z. Sakall, Selena Royle, Edgar Kennedy, Sheldon Leonard, Franklin Pangborn ..
Directed by: Michael Curtiz, Friz Freleng
Release date: 1949-04-15

Neptune's Daughter

6.4/10 IMDB

Scatterbrained Betty Barrett mistakes masseur Jack Spratt for Jose O'Rourke, the captain of the South American polo team. Spratt goes along with the charade, but the situation becomes more complicated when they fall in love. Meanwhile, Betty's sensible older sister Eve fears Betty's heart will be broken when Jose returns to South America. She arranges to meet with the real O'Rourke and love soon blossoms between them as well.

Starring: Esther Williams, Red Skelton, Ricardo Montalban, Betty Garrett, Keenan Wynn, Xavier Cugat, Ted de Corsia, Mike Mazurki, Mel Blanc, George Mann ..
Directed by: Edward Buzzell
Release date: 1949-06-10
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : Black Magic

Black Magic

6.4/10 IMDB

A hypnotist uses his powers for revenge against King Louis XV's court.

Starring: Orson Welles, Nancy Guild, Raymond Burr, Akim Tamiroff, Frank Latimore, Valentina Cortese, Margot Grahame, Stephen Bekassy, Berry Kroeger, Gregory Gaye ..
Directed by: Gregory Ratoff, Orson Welles
Release date: 1949-08-19

That Forsyte Woman

6.6/10 IMDB

Soames and Irene Forsyte have a marriage of convenience. Young Jolyon Forsyte is a black sheep who ran away with the maid after his wife's death. Teenager June Forsyte has found love with an artist, Phillip Bosinny. The interactions between the Forsytes and the people and society around them is the truss for this love story set in the rigid and strict times of the Victorian age.

Starring: Errol Flynn, Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Robert Young, Janet Leigh, Harry Davenport, Aubrey Mather, Gerald Oliver Smith, Lumsden Hare, Halliwell Hobbes ..
Directed by: Compton Bennett
Release date: 1949-11-03
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : We Were Strangers

We Were Strangers

6.6/10 IMDB

China Valdes joins the Cuban underground after her brother is killed by the chief of the secret police, Ariete. She meets and falls in love with American expatriate Tony Fenner. Tony develops a plan to tunnel under the city's cemetery to a plot owned by a high official, assassinate him, and blow up the whole Cuban hierarchy at the ensuing state funeral. Together with a band of dedicated revolutionaries, they begin digging.

Starring: Jennifer Jones, John Garfield, Gilbert Roland, Ramon Novarro, Pedro Armendáriz, Wally Cassell, David Bond, José Pérez, Morris Ankrum, Lelia Goldoni ..
Directed by: John Huston
Release date: 1949-04-27

Sons of Matthew

6.9/10 IMDB

The story of five brothers who homestead, with other settlers, on the virgin plateaus of the Australian bush country.

Starring: Michael Pate, Ken Wayne, Tommy Burns, John Unicomb, John Ewart, Wendy Gibb ..
Directed by: Charles Chauvel
Release date: 1949-12-16
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : Don't Ever Leave Me

Don't Ever Leave Me

6.5/10 IMDB

Elderly crook Harry Denton, when challenged to prove he is "not past it," decides to kidnap Sheila Farlane, the 16 year old daughter of a famous actor. When Harry loses his nerve, Sheila won't let him give up.

Starring: Jimmy Hanley, Petula Clark, Hugh Sinclair, Edward Rigby, Anthony Newley, Barbara Murray, Maurice Denham, Patricia Dainton, Michael Balfour, Linden Travers ..
Directed by: Arthur Crabtree
Release date: 1949-07-19
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : Mr. Soft Touch

Mr. Soft Touch

6.6/10 IMDB

When he learns that a gangster has taken over his nightclub and murdered his partner, returning WWII hero Joe Miracle steals the money from the club's safe and hides in a settlement home, while the mob is on his tail.

Starring: Glenn Ford, Evelyn Keyes, John Ireland, Beulah Bondi, Percy Kilbride, Clara Blandick, Ted de Corsia, Stanley Clements, Roman Bohnen, Harry Shannon ..
Directed by: Henry Levin, Gordon Douglas
Release date: 1949-07-28
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : That Dangerous Age

That Dangerous Age

6.7/10 IMDB

The lonely wife of a workaholic husband on the magical Isle of Capri meets a charming and attractive young man. An exciting affair must end when word gets back to the husband and he becomes ill. In hopes of avoiding a scene, she passes her beau along to her stepdaughter, Monica.

Starring: Myrna Loy, Roger Livesey, Peggy Cummins, Richard Greene, Elizabeth Allan, Gerard Heinz, Jean Cadell, G.H. Mulcaster, Margaret Withers, Ronald Adam ..
Directed by: Gregory Ratoff
Release date: 1949-04-13
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : The Spider and the Fly

The Spider and the Fly

6.7/10 IMDB

"The Spider and the Fly is set in Paris during the cloud-cuckoo days before WW I. The storyline intertwines the destinies of three people. Guy Rolfe plays Phillipe de Ledocq, a resourceful safecracker who always manages to elude arrest. Eric Portman is cast as police-chief Maubert, who will not rest until Ledocq is behind bars. And Nadia Gray is Madeleine, the woman beloved by both Ledocq and Maubert. Just as Maubert has managed to capture his man, Ledocq is released at the behest of the government, who wants him to steal secrets from the German embassy revealing the whereabouts of the Kaiser's secret agents. And just how does Madeleine figure into all of this? Spider and the Fly is a diverting precursor to the 1960s TV series It Takes a Thief." ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Starring: Eric Portman, Guy Rolfe, Nadia Gray, George Cole, Harold Lang, Edward Chapman, Maurice Denham, John Carol, May Hallatt, Arthur Lowe ..
Directed by: Robert Hamer
Release date: 1949-12-01

Slightly French

6.3/10 IMDB

A film director, in bad standing with his studio, tries to turn a local carnival dancer into a "French" movie star and pass her off as his big new discovery

Starring: Dorothy Lamour, Don Ameche, Janis Carter, Willard Parker, Adele Jergens, Jeanne Manet, Patricia Barry, William Bishop, Symona Boniface, Paul Bradley ..
Directed by: Douglas Sirk
Release date: 1949-02-02
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : Floodtide


7.0/10 IMDB

David Shields refuses to go into agriculture and opts instead for ship building

Starring: Gordon Jackson, Rona Anderson, John Laurie, Elizabeth Sellars, Jimmy Logan ..
Directed by: Frederick Wilson
Release date: 1949-03-15
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : Adam and Evelyne

Adam and Evelyne

6.2/10 IMDB

The father of a girl in an orphanage, who doesn't remember him, has been writing to her with tales of his success in business. Actually, he is impersonating a friend, a handsome gambler. When the father dies, the gambler takes the girl from the orphanage and tells her the truth. But the girl is now a full-grown beauty and complications arise, including those provided by a black-sheep brother.

Starring: Stewart Granger, Jean Simmons, Edwin Styles, Raymond Young, Helen Cherry, Beatrice Varley, Joan Swinstead, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Geoffrey Denton, Fred Johnson ..
Directed by: Harold French
Release date: 1949-05-31
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

6.5/10 IMDB

In the Victorian period, two British children survive a shipwreck in the South Pacific. After days afloat, they are marooned on a lush tropical island in the company of kindly old sailor. Together they survive solely on their resourcefulness and the bounty of their remote paradise.

Starring: Jean Simmons, Donald Houston, Noel Purcell, James Hayter, Cyril Cusack, Maurice Denham, Philip Stainton, Patrick Barr, Russell Waters, Peter Jones ..
Directed by: Frank Launder
Release date: 1949-03-01

The Doctor and the Girl

6.9/10 IMDB

Dr. Michael Corday, a recent graduate of the Harvard Medical School, is the son of Dr. John Corday, an eminent New York City surgeon who has a tendency to continue to direct the lives of his grown children. The daughter, Fabienne, runs away from home, and Michael, after first following his father's advice of being callous to the point of cruelty toward patients, changes when he falls in love with a patient, marries her and sets up his practice on the lower East Side in New York.

Starring: Glenn Ford, Charles Coburn, Gloria DeHaven, Janet Leigh, Bruce Bennett, Warner Anderson, Basil Ruysdael, Nancy Reagan ..
Directed by: Curtis Bernhardt
Release date: 1949-09-29

The Accused

6.8/10 IMDB

A prim psychology professor fights to hide a murder she committed in self-defense.

Starring: Loretta Young, Robert Cummings, Wendell Corey, Sam Jaffe, Douglas Dick, Suzanne Dalbert, Sara Allgood, Mickey Knox, George Spaulding, Francis Pierlot ..
Directed by: William Dieterle
Release date: 1949-01-12

The Red Danube

6.4/10 IMDB

A Russian ballerina in Vienna tries to flee KGB agents and defect.

Starring: Walter Pidgeon, Ethel Barrymore, Peter Lawford, Angela Lansbury, Janet Leigh, Louis Calhern, Francis L. Sullivan, Melville Cooper, Robert Coote, Alan Napier ..
Directed by: George Sidney
Release date: 1949-10-14
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : Abandoned


6.6/10 IMDB

Paula Consodine comes to Los Angeles in search of her missing sister. Newspaperman Mark Sitko, investigating on Paula's behalf, discovers that the sister is dead, a supposed suicide. The whole thing seems a bit fishy to Sitko, and indeed it is: the girl's death was engineered by a black-market adoption racket, headed by one DeCola.

Starring: Dennis O'Keefe, Gale Storm, Marjorie Rambeau, Raymond Burr, Will Kuluva, Jeff Chandler, Meg Randall, Jeanette Nolan, David Clarke, Mike Mazurki ..
Directed by: Joseph M. Newman
Release date: 1949-10-26
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : The Last Bandit

The Last Bandit

6.5/10 IMDB

About to marry Jim Plummer, Kate Foley runs off to Nevada when Ed Bagley convinces her a quick fortune can be made robbing gold shipments that are being transported by the railroad. In Bannock City she meets reformed-bandit Frank Plummer, posing as Frank Norris, brother of Jim Plummer, who has being going straight and working as an express shipment guard. Jim also shows up and plans a robbery by stealing a train and hiding it in an abandoned tunnel. The two brothers are on opposite sides of the law with the now-reformed Kate caught in the middle.

Starring: Bill Elliott, Lorna Gray, Forrest Tucker, Andy Devine, Jack Holt, Minna Gombell, Virginia Brissac, Louis Faust, Stanley Andrews, Martín Garralaga ..
Directed by: Joseph Kane
Release date: 1949-02-25
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : Dear Mr. Prohack

Dear Mr. Prohack

6.0/10 IMDB

A modern-day retelling of Arnold Bennett's novel, in which a Treasury official with a reputation for fiscal prudence is left a great deal of money and has no idea how to cope with sudden personal wealth.

Starring: Cecil Parker, Dirk Bogarde, Hermione Baddeley, Sheila Sim, Glynis Johns, Denholm Elliott, Jon Pertwee, Heather Thatcher, Campbell Cotts, Bryan Forbes ..
Directed by: Thornton Freeland
Release date: 1949-09-07
Best Romance Movies of 1949 : The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend

The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend

6.0/10 IMDB

Saloon-bar singer Freddie gets very angry whenever boyfriend Blackie seems to be playing around. She always packs a six-shooter, so this is bad news for anything that happens to be in the way. As this is usually the local judge's rear-end, Freddie and friend Conchita are soon hiding out teaching school in the middle of nowhere.

Starring: Betty Grable, Cesar Romero, Rudy Vallee, Olga San Juan, Porter Hall, Hugh Herbert, Al Bridge, El Brendel, Sterling Holloway, Chester Conklin ..
Directed by: Preston Sturges
Release date: 1949-05-27

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