Best Romance Movies of 1939


Some Like It Hot

6.7/10 IMDB

Nicky Nelson is a fast-talking sideshow barker with a wax-and-alive concession on Atlantic City's boardwalk. Even with the band of his friend, struggling musician Gene Krupa, playing on the sidewalk to attract the customers, "The Living Corpse" and other low-rent acts aren't enough to lure the seen-it-all boardwalk strollers, and the landlord closes the show in lieu of never-paid rent. Nicky, always promoting, goes to Stephen Hanratty, head of the pier's Dance Pavilion, to plug Krupa's band as an attraction, but Hanratty won't even listen to them. But, while there, he meets singer Lily Racquel, who knows he is a phoney but might have the ability to to talk a radio-station manager into giving her an audition. She gives him a ring to help finance the project; he promptly loses it in a crap-game.

Starring: Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, Una Merkel, Gene Krupa, Rufe Davis, Bernard Nedell, Frank Sully, Bernadene Hayes, Richard Denning, Clarence Wilson ..
Directed by: George Archainbaud
Release date: 1939-05-18
Best Romance Movies of 1939 : Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing

6.7/10 IMDB

Ealing comedy starring music hall star George Formby. An eager newspaper reporter (Formby) goes undercover to expose a gang of counterfeiters. Posing as a wrestler and waiter in his investigative efforts, George proves a greater menace to public order than the criminals he is chasing.

Starring: George Formby, Googie Withers, Gus McNaughton, Esma Cannon, Garry Marsh, C. Denier Warren, Beatrix Fielden-Kaye, Joss Ambler, Ronald Shiner, Martita Hunt ..
Directed by: Anthony Kimmins
Release date: 1939-03-01
Best Romance Movies of 1939 : Beauty for the Asking

Beauty for the Asking

6.4/10 IMDB

Denny breaks up with his fiancée Jean to marries wealthy Flora. When Jean is fired from her job she decides to market the face cream she invented. After sending it to twelve rich woman, only Flora decides to invest in the business. As Denny has no job, the girls give him an office at the factory. The business takes off, but Jean finds that she is still in love with Denny and Denny seems to forget he is married to Flora.

Starring: Lucille Ball, Patric Knowles, Donald Woods, Frieda Inescort, Inez Courtney, Leona Maricle, Frances Mercer, Whitney Bourne, George Beranger, Kay Sutton ..
Directed by: Glenn Tryon
Release date: 1939-02-24
Best Romance Movies of 1939 : When Tomorrow Comes

When Tomorrow Comes

6.9/10 IMDB

Romance and heartbreak walk hand-in-hand when Philip Chagal accidentally meets Helen Lawrence in a restaurant where she is a waitress. Unhappily married to a woman who suffers from mental illness, he is attracted to her and they make a date to go sailing, arriving at Philip's country home just as a storm is breaking. Helen learns who he is for the first time, a celebrated-and-famous concert pianist and, falling in love with him, decides to leave before matters go further. A hurricane hits and their car is crippled by a falling tree. Rising water forces then to seek shelter in the choir loft of a church, where they spend the night.

Starring: Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer, Barbara O'Neil, Onslow Stevens, Nydia Westman, Nella Walker, Fritz Feld, Eddie Acuff, Jane Barnes, Inez Courtney ..
Directed by: John M. Stahl
Release date: 1939-08-11
Best Romance Movies of 1939 : Day-time Wife

Day-time Wife

6.6/10 IMDB

When a young wife discovers her husband of two years is involved with his beautiful secretary, she applies for a job as secretary to a business rival.

Starring: Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Warren William, Binnie Barnes, Wendy Barrie, Joan Davis, Joan Valerie, Leonid Kinskey, Mildred Gover, Renie Riano ..
Directed by: Gregory Ratoff
Release date: 1939-11-24
Best Romance Movies of 1939 : Raffles


6.3/10 IMDB

Man about town and First Class cricketer A.J. Raffles keeps himself solvent with daring robberies. Meeting Gwen from his schooldays and falling in love all over again, he spends the weekend with her parents, Lord and Lady Melrose. A necklace presents an irresistible temptation, but also in attendance is Scotland Yard's finest, finally on the trail.

Starring: David Niven, Olivia de Havilland, Dame May Whitty, Dudley Digges, Douglas Walton, E. E. Clive, Lionel Pape, Margaret Seddon, Hilda Plowright, Gilbert Emery ..
Directed by: Sam Wood
Release date: 1939-12-29
Best Romance Movies of 1939 : Within the Law

Within the Law

6.6/10 IMDB

A wrongly convicted woman studies law and seeks her revenge.

Starring: Ruth Hussey, Tom Neal, Paul Kelly, William Gargan, Paul Cavanagh, Rita Johnson, Samuel S. Hinds, Lynne Carver, Sidney Blackmer, Jo Ann Sayers ..
Directed by: Gustav Machatý
Release date: 1939-03-17
Best Romance Movies of 1939 : Yes, My Darling Daughter

Yes, My Darling Daughter

6.4/10 IMDB

Ellen is a free spirited young woman in love with Doug. Sadly he must leave America for a two year job in Belgium. Ellen and Doug decide to spend their last weekend together in a tourist cabin at a rural lake. Her family is shocked that a young unmarried woman would engage in such amoral activity. The comic plot develops as Ellen argues her case for women's freedom and independence, trying to win over her mother, grandmother, and other dubious relatives.

Starring: Priscilla Lane, Jeffrey Lynn, Roland Young, Fay Bainter, May Robson, Genevieve Tobin, Ian Hunter, Robert Homans, Edward Gargan, Spencer Charters ..
Directed by: William Keighley
Release date: 1939-02-25
Best Romance Movies of 1939 : The Spellbinder

The Spellbinder

6.1/10 IMDB

Jed Marlowe is a brilliant, scheming, unscrupulous criminal lawyer whose specialty is defending criminal he knows is guilty but gets them off through loop-holes or bribery. Then his daughter, misled by her father’s courtroom performance, but unaware of his back-room tactics, marries the killer her father has just unjustly save from the electric chair. What’s a poor father to do?

Starring: Lee Tracy, Barbara Read, Patric Knowles, Allan Lane, Linda Hayes, Morgan Conway, Robert Emmett Keane, Roy Gordon, Robert Strange, Elliott Sullivan ..
Directed by: Jack Hively
Release date: 1939-07-28
Best Romance Movies of 1939 : Espionage Agent

Espionage Agent

6.0/10 IMDB

When Barry Corvall discovers that his new bride is a possible enemy agent, he resigns from the diplomatic service to go undercover to route out an espionage ring planning to destroy American industrial capability.

Starring: Joel McCrea, Brenda Marshall, Jeffrey Lynn, James Stephenson, Howard C. Hickman, Martin Kosleck, Nana Bryant, Rudolph Anders, Hans Heinrich von Twardowski, George Davis ..
Directed by: Lloyd Bacon
Release date: 1939-09-30

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