Best Romance Movies of 1919


Broken Blossoms

7.2/10 IMDB

The love story of an abused English girl and a Chinese Buddhist in a time when London was a brutal and harsh place to live.

Starring: Lillian Gish, Richard Barthelmess, Donald Crisp, Arthur Howard, Edward Peil Sr., George Beranger, Norman Selby ..
Directed by: D.W. Griffith
Release date: 1919-05-13
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : True Heart Susie

True Heart Susie

7.0/10 IMDB

Susie secretly loves her neighbor, William Jenkins, but neither, it seems, can confess their feelings for each other.

Starring: Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Wilbur Higby, Loyola O'Connor, George Fawcett, Clarine Seymour, Kate Bruce, Carol Dempster, Raymond Cannon, Louise Emmons ..
Directed by: D.W. Griffith
Release date: 1919-06-01
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Blind Husbands

Blind Husbands

6.9/10 IMDB

An Austrian military officer and rogue attempts to seduce the wife of a surgeon. The two men confront each other in a test of abilities that ends surprisingly.

Starring: Erich von Stroheim, Gibson Gowland, Sam De Grasse, Francelia Billington, Fay Holderness, Ruby Kendrick, Valerie Germonprez, Jack Perrin, Richard Cummings, Louis Fitzroy ..
Directed by: Erich von Stroheim
Release date: 1919-10-21
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Sunnyside


6.6/10 IMDB

An overworked farmhand who works also at the adjacent hotel dreams of marrying the village belle.

Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Tom Wilson, Tom Terriss, Henry Bergman ..
Directed by: Charlie Chaplin
Release date: 1919-06-15

Behind the Door

7.2/10 IMDB

Oscar Krug is looked upon with suspicion by his neighbors because of his German name. When the US is drawn into the war with Germany, he enlists and travels the seas with his wife, Alice Morse. During a submarine attack Alice is snatched from Krug's side by a German officer. Krug now lives to have his revenge, and when the opportunity presents itself, he will have it.

Starring: Hobart Bosworth, Jane Novak, Wallace Beery, James Gordon, Richard Wayne, J.P. Lockney, Gibson Gowland, Otto Hoffman, Tom Ashton, Fred Kohler ..
Directed by: Irvin Willat
Release date: 1919-12-14
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : When the Clouds Roll By

When the Clouds Roll By

6.9/10 IMDB

Daniel Boone Brown is a pleasure-seeking playboy carousing around New York City without a care in the world -- that is, until he becomes the unwitting subject of a series of experiments at the hands of a sadistic psychiatrist. Through various means of control, the mad scientist drives Daniel to think he's losing his mind, but ultimately introduces him to the lovely Lucette.

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks, Albert MacQuarrie, Kathleen Clifford, Frank Campeau, Ralph Lewis, Herbert Grimwood, Daisy Jefferson, Bull Montana, Victor Fleming, Thomas J. Geraghty ..
Directed by: Victor Fleming
Release date: 1919-12-28
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : A Romance of Happy Valley

A Romance of Happy Valley

6.3/10 IMDB

John Logan leaves his parents and sweetheart in bucolic Happy Valley to make his fortune in the city. Those he left behind become miserable and beleaguered in his absence, but after several years he returns, a wealthy man. But his embittered father, not recognizing him for who he is, plans to murder the newly- arrived "stranger" for his money.

Starring: Lillian Gish, Lydia Yeamans Titus, Robert Harron, Kate Bruce, George Fawcett, George Nichols, Adolph Lestina, Bertram Grassby, Porter Strong, Andrew Arbuckle ..
Directed by: D. W. Griffith
Release date: 1919-01-26
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Back to God's Country

Back to God's Country

6.2/10 IMDB

After her father is killed by an outlaw, Dolores marries Peter. While they're at sea in the Arctic, Dolores meets the ship's captain, who is the man who killed her father. The captain causes an 'accident' to happen to Peter, so Dolores is all alone and defenceless as they drop anchor in a remote harbour.

Starring: Nell Shipman, Charles Arling, Wheeler Oakman, Wellington A. Playter, Ronald Byram, William Colvin, Roy Laidlaw, Kewpie Morgan, Charles Murphy ..
Directed by: David Hartford, Nell Shipman
Release date: 1919-10-27
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Ravished Armenia

Ravished Armenia

5.5/10 IMDB

A Hollywood biographical film about a survivor's experience of the Armenian Genocide. Arshaluys (Aurora) Mardiganian plays herself in the film which is based on her published memoirs. It is thought to be the first film about made about genocide. All known complete copies of the film have been lost. A restored and edited 24-minute segment of the historic motion picture was released in 2009 by the Armenian Genocide Resource Center of Northern California. It is based on a rare surviving reel of film edited in Soviet Armenia.

Directed by: Oscar Apfel
Release date: 1919-01-19
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Victory


6.5/10 IMDB

Adaptation of Joseph Conrad novel about lust and violence on a South Seas Island.

Starring: Jack Holt, Seena Owen, Wallace Beery, Lon Chaney, Ben Deeley, Bull Montana, William Bailey, Betty Bouton, George Nichols, Ruth Renick ..
Directed by: Maurice Tourneur
Release date: 1919-12-07
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : His Majesty, the American

His Majesty, the American

6.2/10 IMDB

A European prince is raised in America without knowing his true identity; he spends his time thrill-seeking, but his country needs him when a revolt threatens the crown.

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks, Marjorie Daw, Frank Campeau, Sam Sothern, Jay Dwiggins, Lillian Langdon, Albert MacQuarrie, Bull Montana, William Gillis, Phil Gastrock ..
Directed by: Joseph Henabery
Release date: 1919-09-01
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Heart o' the Hills

Heart o' the Hills

6.4/10 IMDB

Family tensions in the Kentucky hills are inflamed by an outsider's dishonest scheme to exploit the area for its coal.

Starring: Mary Pickford, Harold Goodwin, Fred Huntley, Claire McDowell, Sam De Grasse, John Gilbert, Henry Hebert, Fred Warren ..
Directed by: Joseph De Grasse, Sidney Franklin
Release date: 1919-11-30
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Feline Follies

Feline Follies

6.1/10 IMDB

The first appearance of Felix the Cat (as Master Tom). Tom falls in love with a lady cat, and while they're out courting at night, the mice ransack the kitchen.

Directed by: Otto Messmer
Release date: 1919-09-01
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : The Broken Butterfly

The Broken Butterfly

6.4/10 IMDB

A woman in Canada abused by her aunt falls in love with a foreign composer looking for inspiration, who comes to find it in her and the star-crossed romance that develops between them.

Starring: Lew Cody, Mary Alden, Pauline Starke, Peaches Johnson, Nina Byron ..
Directed by: Maurice Tourneur
Release date: 1919-11-01
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : The Sentimental Bloke

The Sentimental Bloke

6.3/10 IMDB

Bill is a Woolloomooloo larrikin who vows to abandon his life of gambling and drinking after a spell in gaol following a raid on a two-up game. He falls in love with Doreen, who works in a pickle factory, but faces competition from a more sophisticated rival.

Starring: Arthur Tauchert, Lottie Lyell, Gilbert Emery, Stanley Robinson, Harry Young, Margaret Reid, Charles Keegan, William Coulter, Helen Fergus, C.J. Dennis ..
Directed by: Raymond Longford
Release date: 1919-10-04
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Scarlet Days

Scarlet Days

5.4/10 IMDB

Rosie Nell, a woman of disreputable dance halls in early lawless California, is wrongly charged with the murder of one of her fellow entertainers. Because her daughter, who knows nothing of her mother's station in life, is to return the next day from her school in the east, Rosie is granted three days of grace to be spent in company with her daughter at a nearby cabin. The three days begin happily enough, thanks to the serenades of heroic bandit Alvarez and the poetry of romantic Randolph. But Bagley, the dance hall manager, has seen the daughter and has determined to make her his own.

Starring: Richard Barthelmess, Eugenie Besserer, Carol Dempster, Clarine Seymour, Ralph Graves, George Fawcett, Walter Long, Kate Bruce, Adolph Lestina, Rhea Haines ..
Directed by: D.W. Griffith
Release date: 1919-11-18
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : A Jazzed Honeymoon

A Jazzed Honeymoon

5.7/10 IMDB

Harold Lloyd! This time, he's the skinny sap who married the hottie, and he doesn't quite have the spine to tell her ex-beaus to blow. The honeymoon finds him mistaken for a boiler worker and yeah well, shovelling coal will beef up anyone. Except he manages to go into the wrong room... What'd you expect?!

Starring: Harold Lloyd, 'Snub' Pollard, Bebe Daniels, Sammy Brooks, Bud Jamison, Noah Young ..
Directed by: Hal Roach
Release date: 1919-08-02
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Hawthorne of the U.S.A.

Hawthorne of the U.S.A.

5.1/10 IMDB

A light-hearted romantic adventure.

Starring: Wallace Reid, Lila Lee, Harrison Ford, Tully Marshall, Charles Ogle, Guy Oliver, Edwin Stevens, Clarence Burton, Theodore Roberts, Ruth Renick ..
Directed by: James Cruze
Release date: 1919-11-30
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Virtuous Sinners

Virtuous Sinners

6.1/10 IMDB

A near-forgotten film, Virtuous Sinners tells the story of Dawn Emerson (Wanda Hawley), an abused wife cast out into the street by her uncaring husband. Rescued by a gang of down-and-out patrons of the “End of the Trail” mission, Dawn soon falls for a dapper mission benefactor, Hamilton Jones (Norman Kerry), who is also a high-end burglar. When a member of the mission gang, McGregor, is run over by a car while saving a child, Hamilton robs a home to pay his medical bills. Ratted out by a informant, Hamilton goes on trial, but Dawn and the rest of the gang – including a young Rudolph Valentino in a bit part – stand by his side.

Starring: Rudolph Valentino, Wanda Hawley, Norman Kerry, Harry Holden ..
Directed by: Emmett J. Flynn
Release date: 1919-05-25
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : The Knickerbocker Buckaroo

The Knickerbocker Buckaroo

6.6/10 IMDB

A lost film. Teddy Drake is a pleasure-seeking aristocrat who ends up expelled from his exclusive Fifth Avenue club for playing practical jokes and other rambunctious antics. He decides to reform his selfish ways and boards a train heading heading for the Southwest.

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks, Marjorie Daw, William A. Wellman, Frank Campeau, Edythe Chapman, Albert MacQuarrie, Theodore Reed ..
Directed by: Albert Parker
Release date: 1919-05-25
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : A Virtuous Vamp

A Virtuous Vamp

6.2/10 IMDB

A flirtatious young woman takes a job in a busy office, where her presence is terribly disruptive. None of the men in the office can concentrate on their jobs while her charms are on display. Of course, she sets her eye on the one man who seems oblivious to her.

Starring: Constance Talmadge, Belle Daube, Jack Kane, Conway Tearle, Jeanette Horton ..
Directed by: David Kirkland
Release date: 1919-11-16
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : The Heart of Wetona

The Heart of Wetona

5.9/10 IMDB

After the half-breed daughter of a Comanche chief falls for a young engineer who deserts her, she turns to a white Indian agent who marries her.

Starring: Norma Talmadge, Fred Huntley, Thomas Meighan, Gladden James, F.A. Turner, Princess Uwane Yea, Charles Edler, Chief White Eagle, Black Wolf, Black Lizard ..
Directed by: Sidney Franklin
Release date: 1919-01-05
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : The Tiger's Trail

The Tiger's Trail

2.8/10 IMDB

A cult of Hindu tiger worshippers and a gang of Western outlaws try to cheat a young woman out of rich mines that belong to her.

Starring: Ruth Roland, George Larkin, Mark Strong, Harry Moody, Fred Kohler, George Field, Easter Walters, Bud Osborne, Chet Ryan, Rose Dione ..
Directed by: Paul Hurst, Louis J. Gasnier, Robert Ellis
Release date: 1919-04-20
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Experimental Marriage

Experimental Marriage

0.0/10 IMDB

Suzanne Ercoll, a young widow who believes in women's suffrage. When the handsome Foxcroft Grey proposes marriage, Suzanne isn't sure she wants to give up her freedom, so she strikes a deal: From Saturday to Monday they will be husband and wife, but the rest of the week, she is single.

Starring: Constance Talmadge, Harrison Ford, Walter Hiers, Vera Sisson, Edythe Chapman, Raymond Hatton, Mayme Kelso, James Gordon ..
Directed by: Robert G. Vignola
Release date: 1919-03-10
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Who Cares?

Who Cares?

0.0/10 IMDB

A vivacious, carefree young girl is disgusted by the thought of growing old. In her despondency she adopts the motto "Who cares?" and does her best to live up to it, even after she marries the handsome and dashing Martin Grey.

Starring: Constance Talmadge, Harrison Ford, Donald MacDonald, California Truman, Spottiswoode Aitken, Beverly Randolph, Claire Anderson, Gerard Alexander, J. Morris Foster, J. Parks Jones ..
Directed by: Walter Edwards
Release date: 1919-01-25

A Chicken Epic Decomposition Time-lapse chicken rotting to the bone Day 1 to Day 240

0.0/10 IMDB

A Chicken Epic Decomposition Time-lapse A chicken rotting to the bone Day 1 to Day 240

Starring: Adam Driver ..
Directed by: Adam Driver
Release date: 1919-12-24
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Alias Mike Moran

Alias Mike Moran

0.0/10 IMDB

Department-store clerk Larry Young is determined to marry a rich girl. He falls for Elaine Debaux, whom he believes to be the daughter of a wealthy shipbuilder. However, when war breaks out Larry is drafted into the army. Before he is taken in, though, he and Elaine are rescued from gangsters by an ex-con named Mike Moran. It turns out that Moran wants to join the army but they won't take him because of his record. Larry, who doesn't want to go into the army because it will interfere with his plans to marry Elaine, comes up with an idea he thinks will work out for all concerned. Complications ensue.

Starring: Wallace Reid, Ann Little, Emory Johnson, Charles Ogle, Edythe Chapman, William Elmer, Winter Hall, Jean Calhoun, Guy Oliver ..
Directed by: James Cruze
Release date: 1919-03-02
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Luck in Pawn

Luck in Pawn

0.0/10 IMDB

Country girl Annabel Lee has big dreams of being a famous artist. Her widowed mother encourages her to go to the city so she can study. Annabel works hard, but she sells only one painting. She discovers that a renowned artist is spending the summer at a nearby resort, so she sends him her best work for a critique. A friend recommends that she see him in person, so Annabel pawns a piece of jewelry and heads for the resort. The artist informs her that she doesn't have enough talent to achieve much.

Starring: Marguerite Clark, Charles Meredith, Leota Lorraine, Richard Wayne, John Steppling, Lillian Langdon, Myrtle Rishell, Lydia Knott, Paul Weigel, Thomas Persse ..
Directed by: Walter Edwards
Release date: 1919-11-19
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Eyes of the Soul

Eyes of the Soul

0.0/10 IMDB

Gloria Swann becomes a dancer at the Palm Garden cabaret, trying to secure a better future and accepts Judge Malvin's offer of marriage despite the disparity of their ages and social stations. One day while Gloria and the judge are driving in the park, their car nearly runs over Larry Gibson, a soldier blinded in World War I. A remark by Gloria's friend, Teddy Safford, has aroused her maternal feelings, and the sight of the lonely soldier makes her even more sympathetic. Gloria takes Larry home and visits him daily. Larry plays banjo and writes songs about soldier life to cheer suffering servicemen.

Starring: Elsie Ferguson, D.J. Flanagan, Wyndham Standing, George Backus, G. Durpee, Cora Williams, Charles W. Charles ..
Directed by: Émile Chautard
Release date: 1919-04-20
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : His Parisian Wife

His Parisian Wife

0.0/10 IMDB

A beautiful young French girl falls in love with a handsome New Englander, but when they marry and return to his family home, she finds that she does not fit in at all.

Starring: Elsie Ferguson, David Powell, Courtenay Foote, Frank Losee, Cora Williams, Charles W. Charles, Louis R. Grisel ..
Directed by: Émile Chautard
Release date: 1919-01-19
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Freie Liebe

Freie Liebe

0.0/10 IMDB

A psychological escapade when romance overwhelms.

Starring: Fritz Alten, Else Berna, Kurt Ehle, Lucie Höflich, Marija Leiko, Camilo Sacchetto, Hermann Thimig, Fritz Spira ..
Directed by: Max Mack
Release date: 1919-12-03
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : The Marriage Price

The Marriage Price

0.0/10 IMDB

A tough fellow from out West falls for young woman who is being pursued by a smarmy high-society type.

Starring: Elsie Ferguson, Wyndham Standing, Lionel Atwill, Robert Schable, Maud Hosford, Marie Temper, Clairette Anthony, Zelda Crosby ..
Directed by: Émile Chautard
Release date: 1919-03-09
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : The Lottery Man

The Lottery Man

0.0/10 IMDB

Young Jack Wright offers his hand in marriage to the winner of a lottery, but after committing to the winner falls in love with another woman.

Starring: Wallace Reid, Harrison Ford, Wanda Hawley, Fanny Midgley, Sylvia Ashton, Caroline Rankin, Wilton Taylor, Clarence Geldart, Marcia Manon, Winifred Greenwood ..
Directed by: James Cruze
Release date: 1919-10-12
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : The Love Burglar

The Love Burglar

0.0/10 IMDB

A young man infiltrates the underworld by pretending to be a convicted burglar. While undercover, he meets a young woman who turns out to be no more a part of gangland than he, but with similar reasons for disguising herself.

Starring: Wallace Reid, Anna Q. Nilsson, Raymond Hatton, Wallace Beery, Wilton Taylor, Edmund Burns, Alice Terry, Richard Wayne, Henry Woodward, Loyola O'Connor ..
Directed by: James Cruze
Release date: 1919-07-13

Good Gracious, Annabelle

0.0/10 IMDB

When the father of sixteen-year-old Annabelle Leigh (Billie Burke) is killed in a fight, miner John Rawson (Herbert Rawlinson) snatches her away from the scene and takes her to his cabin for the night. In the morning, she insists she was "compromised" by the situation, so he marries her. But after a spat, he tells her to leave and she goes to another city. Annabelle doesn't even know the name of the man she married; however, he strikes it rich and sends her money, which she spends on frivolous entertainment.

Starring: Billie Burke, Herbert Rawlinson, Gilbert Douglas, Crauford Kent, Frank Losee, Leslie Casey, Gordon Dana, Delle Duncan, Olga Downs, Thomas Braidon ..
Directed by: George Melford
Release date: 1919-03-30
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : A Temperamental Wife

A Temperamental Wife

6.8/10 IMDB

Starring: Constance Talmadge, Wyndham Standing, Ben Hendricks Sr., Eulalie Jensen, Armand Kaliz, Ned Sparks ..
Directed by: David Kirkland
Release date: 1919-09-14
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : In Old Kentucky

In Old Kentucky

0.0/10 IMDB

Illiterate Blue Ridge Mountain girl Madge Brierly falls in love with vacationing Blue Grass aristocrat Frank Layson, when he stops Horace Holten from defrauding her of her coal-rich lands. For revenge, Holten tells moonshiner Joe Lorey, who loves Madge, that Frank is a revenue officer. After Madge rescues Frank from Joe's attack, they go to Frank's home, where he teaches her reading and writing, and she rescues his racehorse, Queen Bess, from a fire set by Holten. Because Frank has nearly all of his family's money riding on the big Kentucky race, Holten gets Frank's jockey drunk. Madge, discovering this, disguises herself and rides Queen Bess to victory. She leaves for home unnoticed, and comes across the Night Riders chasing Lorey. After she persuades them that Holten killed her father years earlier, and was responsible for Lorey's attack, they chase Holten who falls from a mountain and dies. Years later, Madge's and Frank's children play at feuding.

Starring: Anita Stewart, Mahlon Hamilton, Edward Coxen, Charles Arling, Edward Connelly, Adele Farrington, Marcia Manon, Frank Duffy, John Currie ..
Directed by: Marshall Neilan
Release date: 1919-12-15
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : A Woman There Was

A Woman There Was

7.0/10 IMDB

Theda Bara plays Princess Zara, who lives on a South Sea Island. A handsome young missionary (William B. Davidson) arrives and there is a romance, which is hindered by various complications including a typhoon.

Starring: Theda Bara, William B. Davidson, Robert Elliott, Claude Payton, John Ardizoni ..
Directed by: J. Gordon Edwards
Release date: 1919-06-01
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : A Midnight Romance

A Midnight Romance

0.0/10 IMDB

Marie, a hotel maid, falls in love with millionaire's son Roger, but Roger cannot marry her because of her inferior station and his unwillingness to make his family unhappy thereby. They separate. When next they meet, Roger discovers that Marie is actually a princess. Now their renewed romance cannot continue because Roger is a mere commoner. But the Bolshevik revolution provides complication and at last resolution to their dilemma.

Starring: Anita Stewart, Jack Holt, Edwin B. Tilton, Elinor Hancock, Helen Yoder, Juanita Hansen, Montague Dumond ..
Directed by: Lois Weber
Release date: 1919-03-10
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Bonds of Love

Bonds of Love

0.0/10 IMDB

A young woman is hired as a governess for the son of a man grieving the loss of his wife. The governess's presence is unwelcome to the rest of the family, especially after the governess develops a romantic attachment to her employer.

Starring: Pauline Frederick, Percy Standing, Betty Schade, Leslie Stuart, Charles Clary, Kate Lester, Frankie Lee ..
Directed by: Reginald Barker
Release date: 1919-11-02
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : One of the Finest

One of the Finest

0.0/10 IMDB

Traffic cop Larry Hayes takes care of four-year-old Mary Jane, the daughter of Gus Andrews, a criminal sent to prison because of Larry, and Nellie, a shop girl who visits often.

Starring: Tom Moore, Seena Owen, Peaches Jackson, Mollie McConnell, Mary Warren, Hallam Cooley, Eddie Sturgis, Frederick Vroom, Adelaide Elliot ..
Directed by: Harry Beaumont
Release date: 1919-06-01
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Mary Regan

Mary Regan

0.0/10 IMDB

Mary Regan is the daughter of a gentleman crook and an heiress. Although she has received a good upbringing, she refuses to marry Robert Clifford for fear of damaging his career as a city official. Some old associates of her father, Peter Loveman and Jim Bradley, want her to help them in their blackmailing schemes. She won't, and escapes from her trying situation by going to the mountains for a rest.

Starring: Anita Stewart, Frank Mayo, Carl Miller, J. Barney Sherry, Brinsley Shaw, George Hernandez, Larry Steers, Hedda Nova, Syn De Conde ..
Directed by: Lois Weber
Release date: 1919-05-04
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : Flame of the Desert

Flame of the Desert

0.0/10 IMDB

An Englishman goes undercover posing as an Egyptian sheik in order to infiltrate a conspiracy to throw off British rule. An English woman complicates things by falling in love with the sheik, unaware of his true identity.

Starring: Geraldine Farrar, Lou Tellegen, Alec B. Francis, Edythe Chapman, Casson Ferguson, Macey Harlam, Syn De Conde, Milton Ross, Miles Dobson, Jim Mason ..
Directed by: Reginald Barker
Release date: 1919-10-26
Best Romance Movies of 1919 : What Am I Bid?

What Am I Bid?

0.0/10 IMDB

Betty Yarnell lives with her drunkard father in the North Woods mountains. Betty is shunned by the villagers whenever she ventures out to pick up her father from Abner Grimp's saloon, and her only friend is a little lamb. In debt to Abner, John Yarnell signs a note turning over his daughter to Abner in return for unlimited drinks. When Abner goes to the cabin to claim Betty, revenue officer Ralph McGibbon arrives from the city and rescues her. Abner sends his Indian partner Dark Cloud, but Ralph rescues Betty again, although he is badly beaten up.

Starring: Mae Murray, Ralph Graves, Willard Louis, Dark Cloud, John Cook, Gertrude Astor, Joseph W. Girard ..
Directed by: Robert Z. Leonard
Release date: 1919-04-14

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