Best Romance Movies of 1916


East Is East

6.5/10 IMDB

Victoria Vickers, a little East End Cockney girl, is left a vast fortune by an uncle in America. She is finally discovered hop-picking in Kent by her solicitor, who has given up the search and gone off on a photographic holiday instead! The conditions of the legacy are that she must spend three years learning to be a lady before she inherits absolutely. 'Vicky' does her best, but she is not happy in high society. Meanwhile her old East End beau Bert accepts a loan from her in order to 'better himself' and starts a highly-successful fish-and-chip shop business. He takes elocution lessons and buys gentleman's clothes in the hopes of aspiring to her hand. But Vicky, who thinks he has deserted her now she is a fine lady, is lonely enough to accept an offer of marriage from her guardian's spendthrift son, and when Bert reads of the engagement in the newspapers he abandons London and goes down to live in Kent where they were once happy together.

Starring: Florence Turner, Henry Edwards, Ruth Mackay, W.G. Saunders, Edith Evans ..
Directed by: Henry Edwards
Release date: 1916-09-02

La Vie de Bohème

7.0/10 IMDB

Mimi, an orphan, is taken in by a drunken innkeeper and becomes a domestic. She meets Rudolphe, scion of a well-to-do family, who rescues her from the unwanted advances of a drunken hotel guest. They fall madly in love, but Rudolphe's uncle, M. Durandin, wants Rudolphe to marry a family friend, Madame de Rouvre, and writes Mimi a letter, telling her that she is ruining Rudolphe's life. Musette and Marcel, friends of Mimi, also try to break up the romance by introducing Mimi to other men, and Rudolphe becomes jealous and leaves her. Brokenhearted, Mimi declines in health and eventually throws herself into the river but is rescued and taken to the hospital. Realizing it is only a matter of time before she dies, she drags herself back to the room where she and Rudolphe were happiest. Rudolphe is there and she dies knowing that he loves her.

Starring: Alice Brady, Paul Capellani, June Elvidge, Leslie Stowe, Chester Barnett, Zena Keefe, Frederick Truesdell, D.J. Flanagan ..
Directed by: Albert Capellani
Release date: 1916-06-18
Best Romance Movies of 1916 : The Americano

The Americano

6.1/10 IMDB

Doug is an American mining engineer. Pres. Valdez of Paragonia wants him to reopen the country's mines. Doug is not interested ... until he sees the President's beautiful daughter, Juana. Valdez returns to Paragonia, but is deposed by Generals Sanchez and Garcia and locked in San Mateo Prison. The Americano arrives...

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks, Alma Rubens, Spottiswoode Aitken, Carl Stockdale, Tote Du Crow, Charles Stevens, Mildred Harris, Lillian Langdon, Thomas Jefferson, Tom Wilson ..
Directed by: John Emerson
Release date: 1916-12-23
Best Romance Movies of 1916 : Hell's Hinges

Hell's Hinges

6.8/10 IMDB

When Reverend Robert Henley and his sister Faith arrive in the town of Hell's Hinges, saloon owner Silk Miller and his cohorts sense danger to their evil ways. They hire gunman Blaze Tracy to run the minister out of town. But Blaze finds something in Faith Henley that turns him around, and soon Silk Miller and his compadres have Blaze to deal with.

Starring: William S. Hart, Clara Williams, Jack Standing, Alfred Hollingsworth, Robert McKim, J. Frank Burke, Louise Glaum, John Gilbert ..
Directed by: Charles Swickard
Release date: 1916-03-05
Best Romance Movies of 1916 : The Intrigue

The Intrigue

0.0/10 IMDB

A sci-fi/espionage film in which world powers vie for control of a death ray during World War I as an undercover countess infiltrates enemy ranks to prevent them from getting their hands on the weapon.

Starring: Lenore Ulric, Florence Vidor, Cecil Van Auker, Howard Davies, Herbert Standing, Paul Weigel ..
Directed by: Frank Lloyd
Release date: 1916-10-09
Best Romance Movies of 1916 : The Huntress of Men

The Huntress of Men

0.0/10 IMDB

Starring: Mary Fuller, Joseph W. Girard, Sidney Bracey ..
Directed by: Lucius Henderson
Release date: 1916-05-08
Best Romance Movies of 1916 : It Happened in Honolulu

It Happened in Honolulu

0.0/10 IMDB

Starring: Myrtle Gonzalez, Val Paul, George Hernandez, Lule Warrenton, C. Norman Hammond, Fred Church, Bertram Grassby, Jack Curtis ..
Directed by: Lynn Reynolds
Release date: 1916-06-26
Best Romance Movies of 1916 : Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies

0.0/10 IMDB

Starring: Dorothy Clarke Wilson, Ruth Stonehouse, Maurice Kusell, Franklyn Farnum, Kingsley Benedict, Arthur Hoyt, Mattie Witting, William Canfield, Wadsworth Harris, T.D. Crittenden ..
Directed by: William Worthington
Release date: 1916-10-23

Hoodoo Ann

0.0/10 IMDB

A teenage orphan (Mae Marsh) is taken in by a childless couple and quickly falls for the boy next door (Robert Harron). Director Lloyd Ingraham's 1916 silent film also stars Wilbur Higby, Loyola O'Connor and Anna Hernandez.

Starring: Mae Marsh, Robert Harron, William H. Brown, Wilbur Higby, Loyola O'Connor, Mildred Harris, Pearl Elmore, Anna Dodge, Charles Lee, Elmo Lincoln ..
Directed by: Lloyd Ingraham
Release date: 1916-03-26
Best Romance Movies of 1916 : Behind the Screen

Behind the Screen

7.0/10 IMDB

During the troubled shooting of several movies, David, the prop man's assistant, meets an aspiring actress who tries to find work in the studio. Things get messy when the stagehands decide to go on strike.

Starring: Eric Campbell, Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Albert Austin, Lloyd Bacon, Henry Bergman, Leota Bryan, Frank J. Coleman, James T. Kelley, Charlotte Mineau ..
Directed by: Charlie Chaplin
Release date: 1916-11-13

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