Best Mystery Movies of 1998


Dark City

7.6/10 IMDB

A man struggles with memories of his past, including a wife he cannot remember, in a nightmarish world with no sun and run by beings with telekinetic powers who seek the souls of humans.

Starring: Rufus Sewell, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly, Richard O'Brien, Ian Richardson, Bruce Spence, Colin Friels, John Bluthal, Mitchell Butel ..
Directed by: Alex Proyas
Release date: 1998-02-27

Meet Joe Black

7.2/10 IMDB

When the grim reaper comes to collect the soul of megamogul Bill Parrish, he arrives with a proposition: Host him for a "vacation" among the living in trade for a few more days of existence. Parrish agrees, and using the pseudonym Joe Black, Death begins taking part in Parrish's daily agenda and falls in love with the man's daughter. Yet when Black's holiday is over, so is Parrish's life.

Starring: Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Claire Forlani, Jake Weber, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeffrey Tambor, David S. Howard, Lois Kelly-Miller, Jahnni St. John, Richard Clarke ..
Directed by: Martin Brest
Release date: 1998-11-12

The Negotiator

7.3/10 IMDB

The police try to arrest expert hostage negotiator Danny Roman, who insists he's being framed for his partner's murder in what he believes is an elaborate conspiracy. Thinking there's evidence in the Internal Affairs offices that might clear him, he takes everyone in the office hostage and demands that another well-known negotiator be brought in to handle the situation and secretly investigate the conspiracy.

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, David Morse, Ron Rifkin, John Spencer, J.T. Walsh, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Paul Giamatti, Regina Taylor, Bruce Beatty ..
Directed by: F. Gary Gray
Release date: 1998-07-29


7.3/10 IMDB

A mathematical genius discovers a link between numbers and reality, and thus believes he can predict the future.

Starring: Sean Gullette, Mark Margolis, Ben Shenkman, Samia Shoaib, Pamela Hart, Ajay Naidu, Joanne Gordon, Stephen Pearlman, Kristyn Mae-Anne Lao, Lauren Fox ..
Directed by: Darren Aronofsky
Release date: 1998-07-10

The X Files

7.0/10 IMDB

Mulder and Scully, now taken off the FBI's X Files cases, must find a way to fight the shadowy elements of the government to find out the truth about a conspiracy that might mean the alien colonization of Earth.

Starring: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis, John Neville, Martin Landau, Jeffrey DeMunn, Dean Haglund, Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood ..
Directed by: Rob Bowman
Release date: 1998-06-19

Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

7.7/10 IMDB

After going their separate ways, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred reunite to investigate the ghost of Moonscar the pirate on a haunted bayou island, but it turns out the swashbuckler's spirit isn't the only creepy character on the island. The sleuths also meet up with cat creatures and zombies... and it looks like for the first time in their lives, these ghouls might actually be real.

Starring: Scott Innes, Billy West, Mary Kay Bergman, Frank Welker, B.J. Ward, Adrienne Barbeau, Tara Strong, Cam Clarke, Jim Cummings, Mark Hamill ..
Directed by: Hiroshi Aoyama, Kazumi Fukushima, Jim Stenstrum
Release date: 1998-09-22

The Faculty

6.5/10 IMDB

When some very creepy things start happening around school, the kids at Herrington High make the chilling discovery that their faculty is being controlled by body-snatching aliens.

Starring: Jordana Brewster, Elijah Wood, Clea DuVall, Laura Harris, Josh Hartnett, Shawn Hatosy, Salma Hayek, Famke Janssen, Usher, Robert Patrick ..
Directed by: Robert Rodriguez
Release date: 1998-12-25

Wild Things

6.6/10 IMDB

When teen-socialite Kelly Van Ryan and troubled bad girl Suzie Toller accuse guidance counselor Sam Lombardo of rape, he's suspended by the school, rejected by the town, and fighting to get his life back. One cop suspects conspiracy, but nothing is what it seems...

Starring: Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Bill Murray, Theresa Russell, Robert Wagner, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jeff Perry, Eduardo Yáñez ..
Directed by: John McNaughton
Release date: 1998-03-20


6.1/10 IMDB

A spacecraft is discovered on the floor of the Pacific Ocean, presumed to be at least 300 years old and of alien origin. A crack team of scientists and experts is assembled and taken to the Habitat, a state-of-the-art underwater living environment, to investigate.

Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel L. Jackson, Peter Coyote, Liev Schreiber, Queen Latifah, Marga Gómez, Huey Lewis, Bernard Hocke, James Pickens Jr. ..
Directed by: Barry Levinson
Release date: 1998-02-13

Snake Eyes

6.1/10 IMDB

All bets are off when shady homicide cop Rick Santoro witnesses a murder during a boxing match. It's up to him and lifelong friend, Naval intelligence agent Kevin Dunne to uncover the conspiracy behind the killing. At every turn, Santoro makes increasingly shocking discoveries that even he can't turn a blind eye to.

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Gary Sinise, John Heard, Carla Gugino, Tamara Tunie, Stan Shaw, Kevin Dunn, Michael Rispoli, Joel Fabiani, Luis Guzmán ..
Directed by: Brian De Palma
Release date: 1998-08-07


6.9/10 IMDB

A small town policeman must investigate a suspicious hunting accident. The investigation and other events result in him slowly disintegrating mentally.

Starring: Nick Nolte, James Coburn, Sissy Spacek, Willem Dafoe, Brigid Tierney, Holmes Osborne, Jim True-Frost, Tim Post, Mary Beth Hurt, Christopher Heyerdahl ..
Directed by: Paul Schrader
Release date: 1998-02-12

Zero Effect

6.9/10 IMDB

Daryl Zero is a private investigator and—along with his assistant, Steve Arlo—he solves impossible crimes and puzzles. Although Daryl's a master investigator, he doesn't know what to do with himself when he's not working; he has no social skills, writes bad music and drives Steve crazy.

Starring: Bill Pullman, Ben Stiller, Ryan O'Neal, Kim Dickens, Angela Featherstone, Hugh Ross, Sarah DeVincentis, Matt O'Toole, Michele Mariana, Robert Katims ..
Directed by: Jake Kasdan
Release date: 1998-01-30

The Replacement Killers

6.1/10 IMDB

Hired assassin John Lee is asked by Chinatown crime boss Terence Wei to murder the young son of policeman Stan Zedkov. Lee has the boy in his sights, but his conscience gets the better of him, and he spares the child's life. Afraid that Wei will take revenge on his family in China, Lee seeks out expert forger Meg Coburn to obtain the passport he needs to get out of the country, but a band of replacement killers is soon on his trail.

Starring: Chow Yun-fat, Mira Sorvino, Michael Rooker, Kenneth Tsang, Jürgen Prochnow, Til Schweiger, Danny Trejo, Clifton Collins Jr., Carlos Gómez, Frank Medrano ..
Directed by: Antoine Fuqua
Release date: 1998-02-06

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

4.7/10 IMDB

Ever since killing the Fisherman one year ago, Julie James is still haunted by images of him after her. When her best friend Karla wins free tickets to the Bahamas, Julie finds this a perfect opportunity to finally relax. But someone is waiting for her. Someone who she thought was dead. Someone who is out again for revenge.

Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Mekhi Phifer, Brandy Norwood, Muse Watson, Matthew Settle, Jennifer Esposito, Bill Cobbs, Jeffrey Combs, John Hawkes ..
Directed by: Danny Cannon
Release date: 1998-11-13

Disturbing Behavior

5.6/10 IMDB

Steve Clark is a newcomer in the town of Cradle Bay, and he quickly realizes that there's something odd about his high school classmates. The clique known as the "Blue Ribbons" are the eerie embodiment of academic excellence and clean living. But, like the rest of the town, they're a little too perfect. When Steve's rebellious friend Gavin mysteriously joins their ranks, Steve searches for the truth with fellow misfit Rachel.

Starring: James Marsden, Katie Holmes, Nick Stahl, Steve Railsback, Bruce Greenwood, William Sadler, Katharine Isabelle, Derek Hamilton, Terry David Mulligan, Susan Hogan ..
Directed by: David Nutter
Release date: 1998-07-24


4.6/10 IMDB

A young female embezzler arrives at the Bates Motel, which has terrible secrets of its own. Although this version is in color, features a different cast, and is set in 1998, it is closer to a shot-for-shot remake than most remakes, Gus Van Sant often copying Hitchcock's camera movements and editing, and Joseph Stefano's script is mostly carried over. Bernard Herrmann's musical score is reused as well, though with a new arrangement by Danny Elfman and recorded in stereo.

Starring: Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche, Julianne Moore, Viggo Mortensen, William H. Macy, Robert Forster, Philip Baker Hall, Chad Everett, Rance Howard, Rita Wilson ..
Directed by: Gus Van Sant
Release date: 1998-12-04
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Adventures in Odyssey: A Stranger Among Us

Adventures in Odyssey: A Stranger Among Us

7.2/10 IMDB

Can it be true? Is there a murderer loose in Odyssey? Despite a warning to be careful what they put into their minds, watching a horror movie leads Connie's and Dylan's imaginations into wild areas that put them in danger.

Starring: Kyle Gibson, Paul Herlinger, Will Ryan, Katie Leigh ..
Release date: 1998-04-14

The Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom

5.5/10 IMDB

The royal couple Odette and Derek face yet another evil magician, this time a woman named Zelda. Lusting for the treasure of the Forbidden Arts, which will give her absolute power, Zelda kidnaps Odette as ransom. Derek and several animal friends head off to rescue Odette

Starring: Michelle Nicastro, Brian Nissen, Joseph Medrano, Steve Vinovich, Christy Landers, Katja Zoch, Donald Sage Mackay, Doug Stone, Paul Masonson, Owen Miller ..
Directed by: Richard Rich
Release date: 1998-08-04
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Goosebumps: The Ghost Next Door

Goosebumps: The Ghost Next Door

7.4/10 IMDB

When Hannah Fairchild meets her new neighbor, Danny Anderson, she thinks he's a bit weird...could he be a ghost?

Starring: Nicole Dicker, Cody Jones, Neil Crone, J. Adam Brown, Dov Tiefenbach, Diego Matamoros, Alex Fallis, Amanda Hancox, Judy White, Salvatore Antonio ..
Directed by: Don McCutcheon
Release date: 1998-09-28

Evidence of Blood

6.7/10 IMDB

When a brilliant crime writer investigates a 40-year-old murder, he confronts a small town's worst fears.

Starring: David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell, Sean McCann, Jackie Burroughs, Chris Wiggins, Nancy Beatty, Marnie McPhail, Melyssa Ade, Bernard Behrens, Mert Hatfield ..
Directed by: Andrew Mondshein
Release date: 1998-04-13
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : The X-Files: Fight the Future

The X-Files: Fight the Future

8.3/10 IMDB

Mulder and Scully must fight the government in a conspiracy and find the truth about an alien colonization of Earth.

Starring: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, John Neville, William B. Davis, Martin Landau, Mitch Pileggi, Jeffery DeMunn, Blythe Danner, Terry O'Quinn, Armin Mueller-Stahl ..
Directed by: Rob Bowman
Release date: 1998-06-19


5.1/10 IMDB

When a freak accident destroys everything in a man's life, he invades the troubled marriage of his best friends.

Starring: Blair Underwood, Debbi Morgan, Michael Beach, Marva Hicks ..
Directed by: Tim Reid
Release date: 1998-11-06

Lulu on the Bridge

6.2/10 IMDB

This film is about a famous jazz saxophonist, Izzy who's life is forever changed after he is accidentally shot.

Starring: Harvey Keitel, Richard Edson, Don Byron, Kevin Corrigan, Mira Sorvino, Victor Argo, Harold Perrineau, Gina Gershon, Sophie Auster, Mandy Patinkin ..
Directed by: Paul Auster
Release date: 1998-09-06


6.1/10 IMDB

A recently released ex-con gets involved in a fake kidnapping scheme that turns very real.

Starring: Woody Harrelson, Gina Gershon, Elisabeth Shue, Michael Rapaport, Chloë Sevigny, Rolf Hoppe, Tom Wright, Marc Macaulay, Johnny Hickey, Ralph Wilcox ..
Directed by: Volker Schlöndorff
Release date: 1998-02-20

Dead Man's Curve

5.8/10 IMDB

Two roommates plan to kill a third to take advantage of college policy giving a 4.0 grade to a suicide's roommates.

Starring: Michael Vartan, Matthew Lillard, Randall Batinkoff, Keri Russell, Tamara Marie Watson, Anthony Griffith, Bo Dietl, Dana Delany, Henry Strozier, Kevin Ruf ..
Directed by: Dan Rosen
Release date: 1998-01-24
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Night Vamps

Night Vamps

5.3/10 IMDB

Women dress and undress while pretending to be vampires.

Starring: Glori-Anne Gilbert, Kelly Jaye, Lovette, Brittany Andrews ..
Directed by: Everette Hartsoe
Release date: 1998-08-01

Goodbye Lover

5.6/10 IMDB

Police investigate when a man having an affair with his brother's wife disappears suddenly.

Starring: Patricia Arquette, Dermot Mulroney, Mary-Louise Parker, Ellen DeGeneres, John Neville, Ray McKinnon, Alex Rocco, Don Johnson, Vincent Gallo, Andre Gregory ..
Directed by: Roland Joffé
Release date: 1998-05-01

The Last Broadcast

5.2/10 IMDB

In December 1995, a four-man team from the public-access program, "Fact or Fiction", braved the New Jersey's desolate Pine Barrens determined to deliver a live broadcast of the legendary Jersey Devil. Only one came out alive. It took the jury ninety minutes to sentence the lone survivor to life in prison. One year later, a filmmaker decides to mount his own investigation...

Starring: David Beard, Jim Seward, Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler, Rein Clabbers, Michele Pulaski, Tom Brunt, Mark Rublee, A.D. Roso, Dale Worstall ..
Directed by: Stefan Avalos, Lance Weiler
Release date: 1998-10-23

The Substitute 2: School's Out

5.1/10 IMDB

When teacher Randall Thomasson is killed during a carjacking, an unexpected visitor shows up at his funeral - his estranged brother, Karl Thomasson. An ex-Green Beret turned mercenary, Karl signs on as a new substitute teacher in order to investigate Randall's murder.

Starring: Treat Williams, BD Wong, Angel David, Michael Michelle, Edoardo Ballerini, Christopher Cousins, Michael Michele, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Susan May Pratt, Daryl Edwards ..
Directed by: Steven Pearl
Release date: 1998-08-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Letters from a Killer

Letters from a Killer

5.4/10 IMDB

A man is falsely convicted of the murder of his wife. During his time in jail, he finds comfort from four women with whom he corresponds. After his second court appearance, he is finally freed from prison only to be framed for yet 2 more murders which he did not commit. With the help of his former prison guard, he once again sets out to clear his name

Starring: Patrick Swayze, Gia Carides, Roger E. Mosley, Kim Myers, Olivia Birkelund, Tina Lifford, Elizabeth Ruscio, Bruce McGill, Mark Rolston, Don Stark ..
Directed by: David Carson
Release date: 1998-08-21

Frog and Wombat

5.1/10 IMDB

Alli and Jane had their neighborhood under control... until their new principal moved in next door.

Starring: Katie Stuart, Emily Lipoma, Ronny Cox, Lindsay Wagner, Ross Malinger ..
Directed by: Laurie Agard
Release date: 1998-12-18

Painted Lady

6.9/10 IMDB

From the Irish countryside to London to New York and back again, Maggie reenters the world as a countess and shady art dealer. With her panache and charisma, she finds more than an auction, a rekindled interracial love affair, helpful relatives and a painting of great price. She finds more than she bargained for in the labyrinth and milieu of stolen art.

Starring: Helen Mirren, Iain Glen, Lesley Manville, Michael Maloney, Iain Cuthbertson, Franco Nero, John Kavanagh ..
Directed by: Julian Jarrold
Release date: 1998-04-26

Shadow of Doubt

5.2/10 IMDB

An attorney uncovers a political conspiracy in the brutal killing of a wealthy young woman.

Starring: Melanie Griffith, Tom Berenger, Craig Sheffer, Huey Lewis, Wade Dominguez, James Morrison, Lisa Pelikan, Nina Foch, Tony Plana, Richard Portnow ..
Directed by: Randal Kleiser
Release date: 1998-04-09
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : The Tale of Sweeney Todd

The Tale of Sweeney Todd

6.1/10 IMDB

The fictional tale of the murderous 19th century barber (Ben Kinglsey) who sold his kills to a neighboring butcher (Joanna Lumley) for her renowned meat pies. A young innocent (Selina Boyack) and the dashing inspector (Campbell Scott) who tries to solve the murders are also thrown into the mix.

Starring: Ben Kingsley, Campbell Scott, Joanna Lumley, Selina Boyack, David Wilmot, Sean Flanagan, Katharine Schlesinger ..
Directed by: John Schlesinger
Release date: 1998-04-19
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : The Inspectors

The Inspectors

6.0/10 IMDB

U.S Postal Inspectors are called in when a suburban couple are killed by a mail bomb. Suspicion immediately falls on the couple's estranged and heavily in debt son, who also just happens to be a Navy munitions expert. But investigations reveal that he is on the run from a past event in his life that is associated with the bombings.

Starring: Louis Gossett Jr., Jonathan Silverman, Samantha Ferris, Ty Olsson, Tobias Mehler, Greg Thirloway, JR Bourne, Shaun Johnston, Laurie Paton, Doug Abrahams ..
Directed by: Brad Turner
Release date: 1998-09-20

The Dentist 2

4.7/10 IMDB

Dr. Feinstone escapes from the mental hospital where he has been held ever since his wife's adultery sent him on a deranged killing spree. Hoping to resume a normal life, he makes his way to a quiet Midwestern town and establishes himself in a new practice under an assumed name. Things are starting to look up for Dr. 'Caine' – that is, until the day he catches his new love in the arms of someone else. As before, the impact of romantic betrayal sends him over the edge into madness and murder, with his unfortunate patients once again bearing the brunt of his hostility.

Starring: Corbin Bernsen, Jillian McWhirter, Jeff Doucette, Susanne Wright, Jim Antonio, Lee Dawson, Wendy Robie, Ralph P. Martin, Clint Howard, Linda Hoffman ..
Directed by: Brian Yuzna
Release date: 1998-12-11
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Johnny Skidmarks

Johnny Skidmarks

5.5/10 IMDB

Johnny Scardino is working for blackmailers, photographing wealthy guys in seedy motels. One such assignment turns the wrong way and blackmailers die one by one. Is Johnny the next on the list?

Starring: Peter Gallagher, Frances McDormand, John Lithgow, John Kapelos, Jack Black, Lee Arenberg, Michael Beach, Rick Hoffman, Pat Crawford Brown, Charlie Spradling ..
Directed by: John Raffo
Release date: 1998-01-18
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Looker


6.0/10 IMDB

A detective is obsessed with catching "The Femme Fatale" killer, especially because his father, who was also a detective, was murdered several years previously while investigating the same killings.

Starring: Lauren Montgomery, Shanna McCullough, Erika Bella, Silvia Saint, Jacklyn Lick, Steve Hatcher, Ian Daniels, Vince Vouyer, Hakan Serbes ..
Directed by: Nic Cramer
Release date: 1998-03-10

Poodle Springs

6.0/10 IMDB

Private eye Philip Marlowe and his bride move to a desert town, where he uncovers a land scheme.

Starring: James Caan, Dina Meyer, David Keith, Tom Bower, Brian Cox, Michael Laskin, Julia Campbell, Joe Don Baker, Nia Peeples, Sam Vlahos ..
Directed by: Bob Rafelson
Release date: 1998-07-25
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Brown's Requiem

Brown's Requiem

5.7/10 IMDB

Fritz Brown is an ex-LAPD, recovering alcoholic who now splits his time repossessing cars for a used car lot and staffing his one-man private detective agency. When a filthy caddie named Freddy "Fat Dog" Baker wanders into Fritz's office one day, flashing a wad of cash, Fritz is hired to follow Fat Dog's kid sister Jane, who is holed up with a Beverly Hills sugar daddy named Sol Kupferman. Kupferman is a 70 year-old bag man for the mob, and Fat Dog claims that "Solly K" is up to something evil that may harm Jane. The trail leads Fritz to an encounter with his dark past in the person of Haywood Cathcart, current head of LAPD internal affairs and the person who kicked Fritz off the police force.

Starring: Michael Rooker, Selma Blair, Brion James, Brad Dourif, Will Sasso, Kevin Corrigan, William Newman, Barry Newman, Tobin Bell, Jennifer Coolidge ..
Directed by: Jason Freeland
Release date: 1998-11-01

A Certain Justice

7.1/10 IMDB

The story is about the murder of Venetia Aldridge, a QC (Queen's Council) in a London "Chambers" and a very ambitious barrister who has a track record of winning her cases. She doesn't necessarily prove that her clients are innocent, she simply disproves the prosecution's case against them. In the course of her career ,she has made enemies and one of them kills her and she is found in a very ritualistic setting.

Starring: Roy Marsden ..
Release date: 1998-01-01

Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery

6.2/10 IMDB

A small-town cat-and-dog detective duo investigate a new neighbor who they believe may have committed a murder, but the snag is, locals are attempting to pair him off with their owner.

Starring: Ricki Lake, Linden Ashby, Bruce McGill, Christina Pickles, Judith Scott, Kari Coleman, Blythe Danner, Anthony Clark, Edie McClurg, Ed Begley Jr. ..
Directed by: Simon Wincer
Release date: 1998-12-13
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : In The Winter Dark

In The Winter Dark

5.9/10 IMDB

Fear of an unidentified livestock predator unites an Australian couple, an outcast, and an abandoned woman.

Starring: Brenda Blethyn, Ray Barrett, Richard Roxburgh, Miranda Otto, Steve Le Marquand ..
Directed by: James Bogle
Release date: 1998-09-10

The Eternal

4.5/10 IMDB

An alcoholic American couple travel to the UK with their son so he can meet his grandmother but they walk in on their crazed uncle who is in the midst of reviving a centuries-old Druid witch.

Starring: Alison Elliott, Jared Harris, Christopher Walken, Jason Miller, Lois Smith, Paula Malcomson, David Geary, Rachel O'Rourke, Sinead Dolan, Raina Feig ..
Directed by: Michael Almereyda
Release date: 1998-09-18

Black Cat Run

5.6/10 IMDB

A girl is in love with a gas station attendant and sees him against her father's wishes. The father is the sheriff and shortly after a confrontation with the boy friend, he is killed by escaped convicts and the daughter is kidnapped. Everyone, including the deputy, is convinced that the boy friend committed the murder and ran away with the girl. This sets up a chase of the convicts by the boy friend and of the boy friend by the police.

Starring: Patrick Muldoon, Peter Greene, Amelia Heinle, Russell Means, Kevin J. O'Connor, Michael Ralph, Rex Linn, Jake Busey, John Doe, Lois Chiles ..
Directed by: D. J. Caruso
Release date: 1998-09-18
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Honey Moccasin

Honey Moccasin

7.0/10 IMDB

This all-Native production, by director Shelley Niro (Mohawk), is part of the Smoke Signals new wave of films that examine Native identity in the 1990’s.

Starring: Tantoo Cardinal, Florence Belmore, Ron Cook, Willie Dunn, Sandra Laronde, Billy Merasty, Paul Chaat Smith, Bernelda Wheeler ..
Directed by: Shelley Niro
Release date: 1998-01-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Hard to Forget

Hard to Forget

5.7/10 IMDB

Private Dick Max Warner investigates the disappearance of a young heiress Sandra Applewhite. He is convinced that she was murdered by her fiancé - but without her body, he can not prove anything. So he sees a poster with a model who is an identical copy of Sandra. One by one the pieces are falling into place and Max realizes that much more than a legacy is at stake.

Starring: Polly Shannon, Tim Dutton, Nicholas Campbell, Michael McManus, Lois Maxwell, Chad Everett, Graham Armitage, Russel Savadier, John Tsai, Douglas Bristow ..
Directed by: Vic Sarin
Release date: 1998-04-11
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : The Lake

The Lake

5.3/10 IMDB

Jackie Ivers is a Los Angeles nurse who returns home to the small town of San Vicente to find that her friends and family have taken on bizarrely different personalities. Jackie notices that everyone who goes into the town's lake come out different...

Starring: Yasmine Bleeth, Linden Ashby, Stanley Anderson, Haley Joel Osment, Caroline Lagerfelt, Susanna Thompson, Dewey Weber, Matt Beck, Robert Prosky, Marion Ross ..
Directed by: David Jackson
Release date: 1998-02-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Urban Ghost Story

Urban Ghost Story

5.4/10 IMDB

After a car accident, Lizzie lies dead on the roadside - slowly she is taken into the light - but is pulled back to earth when she is revived by the doctors. Lizzie feels sure that during the 184 seconds that she lay dead, something latched on to her and came back into her world. The nightmares and visions that follow only crystallize her belief that she should have died in the crash... Then the disturbances start, at first merely tappings and bad smells - but soon the activity escalates. Lizzie seems to be the focus, but according to others, she's just playing games for attention. Only when Kate, her mother, is confronted with inexplicable events does she face the possibility that they may be the victims of a poltergeist infestation

Starring: Jason Connery, Stephanie Buttle, Heather Ann Foster, Nicola Stapleton, Billy Boyd, Elizabeth Berrington, Siri Neal, Andreas Wisniewski, Kenneth Bryans, Carolyn Bonnyman ..
Directed by: Geneviève Jolliffe
Release date: 1998-07-13
Best Mystery Movies of 1998 : Dead Husbands

Dead Husbands

5.3/10 IMDB

Dr. Carter Elson is a man who finds a list of men's names among his wife Alex's possessions. When Carter discovers his own name at the bottom of the list, and that some of the other names are those of dead men, he confides in his friend/agent Betty. Time is ticking as they try and figure out what the list means before his name reaches the top. Alex, a small town girl who marries the up-and-coming doctor as an entry to the social-climbing world she always coveted, is frustrated when obstacles are placed in her path. She meets two other "unhappy wives," played by Sonja Smits and Donna Pescow, and discovers a way out that may be the answer to all of her prayers. The women conspire to 'shorten the list!'

Starring: John Ritter, Nicollette Sheridan, Amy Yasbeck, Sonja Smits, Donna Pescow, Sheila McCarthy, Sherry Miller, Kenneth Welsh, Eugene A. Clark, Wendy MacDonald ..
Directed by: Paul Shapiro
Release date: 1998-12-02

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