Best Mystery Movies of 1996


Primal Fear

7.7/10 IMDB

An arrogant, high-powered attorney takes on the case of a poor altar boy found running away from the scene of the grisly murder of the bishop who has taken him in. The case gets a lot more complex when the accused reveals that there may or may not have been a third person in the room.

Starring: Richard Gere, Edward Norton, Laura Linney, John Mahoney, Frances McDormand, Terry O'Quinn, Andre Braugher, Steven Bauer, Joe Spano, Tony Plana ..
Directed by: Gregory Hoblit
Release date: 1996-03-06


7.4/10 IMDB

A killer known as Ghostface begins killing off teenagers, and as the body count begins rising, one girl and her friends find themselves contemplating the 'rules' of horror films as they try to survive a real-life one.

Starring: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Jamie Kennedy, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, Drew Barrymore, W. Earl Brown, Joseph Whipp ..
Directed by: Wes Craven
Release date: 1996-12-20

Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

8.2/10 IMDB

A horrific triple child murder leads to an indictment and trial of three nonconformist boys based on questionable evidence.

Starring: Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky, Jessie Misskelley, Jr., Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols ..
Directed by: Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky
Release date: 1996-12-03

Lone Star

7.4/10 IMDB

When the skeleton of his murdered predecessor is found, Sheriff Sam Deeds unearths many other long-buried secrets in his Texas border town.

Starring: Chris Cooper, Matthew McConaughey, Elizabeth Peña, Kris Kristofferson, Joe Morton, Frances McDormand, Stephen J. Lang, Oni Faida Lampley, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Leo Burmester ..
Directed by: John Sayles
Release date: 1996-06-21


6.2/10 IMDB

U.S. Marshall John Kruger erases the identities of people enrolled in the Witness Protection Program. His current assignment is to protect Lee Cullen, who's uncovered evidence that the weapons manufacturer she works for has been selling to terrorist groups. When Kruger discovers that there's a corrupt agent within the program, he must guard his own life while trying to protect Lee's.

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Caan, Vanessa Williams, James Coburn, Robert Pastorelli, James Cromwell, Danny Nucci, Nick Chinlund, Michael Papajohn, Joe Viterelli ..
Directed by: Chuck Russell
Release date: 1996-06-21

The Long Kiss Goodnight

6.8/10 IMDB

Samantha Caine, suburban homemaker, is the ideal mom to her 8 year old daughter Caitlin. She lives in Honesdale, PA, is a school teacher and makes the best Rice Krispie treats in town. But when she receives a bump on her head, she begins to remember small parts of her previous life as a lethal, top-secret agent.

Starring: Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson, Yvonne Zima, Craig Bierko, Brian Cox, David Morse, Melina Kanakaredes, Tom Amandes, Patrick Malahide, Joseph McKenna ..
Directed by: Renny Harlin
Release date: 1996-10-11

Courage Under Fire

6.6/10 IMDB

A US Army officer, who made a "friendly fire" mistake that was covered up, has been reassigned to a desk job. He is tasked to investigate a female chopper commander's worthiness to be awarded the Medal of Honor. At first all seems in order. But then he begins to notice inconsistencies between the testimonies of the witnesses...

Starring: Denzel Washington, Meg Ryan, Lou Diamond Phillips, Matt Damon, Michael Moriarty, Michole Briana White, Bronson Pinchot, Amy Hathaway, Diane Baker, Seth Gilliam ..
Directed by: Edward Zwick
Release date: 1996-07-04

Last Man Standing

6.4/10 IMDB

John Smith is a mysterious stranger who is drawn into a vicious war between two Prohibition-era gangs. In a dangerous game, he switches allegiances from one to another, offering his services to the highest bidder. As the death toll mounts, Smith takes the law into his own hands in a deadly race to stay alive.

Starring: Bruce Willis, Bruce Dern, William Sanderson, Christopher Walken, David Patrick Kelly, Karina Lombard, Ned Eisenberg, Alexandra Powers, Michael Imperioli, Ken Jenkins ..
Directed by: Walter Hill
Release date: 1996-09-20

Mulholland Falls

6.3/10 IMDB

In 1950s Los Angeles, a special crime squad of the LAPD investigates the murder of a young woman.

Starring: Nick Nolte, Melanie Griffith, Chazz Palminteri, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, Treat Williams, Jennifer Connelly, Daniel Baldwin, Andrew McCarthy, John Malkovich ..
Directed by: Lee Tamahori
Release date: 1996-04-26

The Fan

5.9/10 IMDB

When the San Francisco Giants pay center-fielder, Bobby Rayburn $40 million to lead their team to the World Series, no one is happier or more supportive than #1 fan, Gil Renard. When Rayburn becomes mired in the worst slump of his career, the obsessed Renard decides to stop at nothing to help his idol regain his former glory—not even murder.

Starring: Robert De Niro, Wesley Snipes, Ellen Barkin, John Leguizamo, Benicio del Toro, Patti D'Arbanville, Chris Mulkey, Dan Butler, Kurt Fuller, Frank Medrano ..
Directed by: Tony Scott
Release date: 1996-08-15


5.4/10 IMDB

The wife and mistress of a cruel school master collaborate in a carefully planned and executed scheme to murder him. The plan goes well until the body, which has been strategically dumped, disappears. The psychological strain starts to weigh on the two women when a retired police investigator begins looking into the man's disappearance on a whim.

Starring: Sharon Stone, Isabelle Adjani, Chazz Palminteri, Kathy Bates, Spalding Gray, Shirley Knight, Allen Garfield, Adam Hann-Byrd, Donal Logue, Diana Bellamy ..
Directed by: Jeremiah S. Chechik
Release date: 1996-03-22

Before and After

6.1/10 IMDB

Two parents deal with the effects when their son is accused of murdering his girlfriend.

Starring: Meryl Streep, Liam Neeson, Edward Furlong, Alfred Molina, Daniel von Bargen, Julia Weldon, Daniel von Bargen, John Heard, Ann Magnuson, Alison Folland ..
Directed by: Barbet Schroeder
Release date: 1996-02-23

Tromeo & Juliet

6.0/10 IMDB

A modern, punk adaptation of Shakespeare's classic. Told irreverently, this film attempts to impact the viewer in the same way theatre-goers were effected in Shakespeare's time. Bawdy, Violent, Humorous, and Romantic.

Starring: Jane Jensen, Will Keenan, Valentine Miele, William Beckwith, Debbie Rochon, Earl McKoy, Sean Gunn, Lemmy, Stephen Blackehart, Flip Brown ..
Directed by: Lloyd Kaufman
Release date: 1996-08-30

Susie Q

7.2/10 IMDB

The ghost of a girl who died in 1955 appears to a troubled teen living in her old house.

Starring: Amy Jo Johnson, Justin Whalin, Shelley Long, Chris William Martin, Tasha Simms, Bentley Mitchum, Brian Arnold, Ernie Prentice, Allan Morgan, Andrea Libman ..
Directed by: John Blizek
Release date: 1996-09-30
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Everything to Gain

Everything to Gain

6.2/10 IMDB

After losing her husband and two daughters in a robbery, Mallory must face up to her bereavement and ensuing depression.

Starring: Sean Young, Jack Scalia, Anne Ramsay, Joanna Miles, Samantha Eggar, Charles Shaughnessy, Cedric Smith, Jason Cavalier, Vik Sahay, Don Jordan ..
Directed by: Michael Miller
Release date: 1996-10-13

Heaven's Prisoners

5.8/10 IMDB

A hardened New Orleans cop, Dave Robicheaux, finally tosses in the badge and settles into life on the bayou with his wife. But a bizarre plane crash draws him back into the fray when his family is viciously threatened.

Starring: Alec Baldwin, Kelly Lynch, Eric Roberts, Teri Hatcher, Mary Stuart Masterson, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Badja Djola, Samantha Lagpacan, Joe Viterelli, Tuck Milligan ..
Directed by: Phil Joanou
Release date: 1996-05-17


6.0/10 IMDB

Ray Liotta stars as David Krane, a medical examiner who has been acquitted for his wife's murder. Obsessed with finding the real killer, a possible solution presents itself in an experimental serum designed by a neurobiology professor (Linda Fiorentino), which has the ability to transfer memories from one person to another, but with potentially fatal consequences.

Starring: Ray Liotta, Linda Fiorentino, Peter Coyote, Christopher McDonald, David Paymer, Duncan Fraser, Colleen Rennison, Caroline Elliott, Stellina Rusich, Kim Cattrall ..
Directed by: John Dahl
Release date: 1996-02-23
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement

Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement

7.6/10 IMDB

When her mother leaves town to visit a sick relative, Margaret's concern for her father grows. She does not know what he is working on in the basement and cannot figure out why his behavior has changed.

Starring: Beki Lantos, Blake McGrath, Lucy Peacock, Judah Katz, Hrant Alianak ..
Directed by: William Fruet
Release date: 1996-01-27
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : The Rockford Files: If the Frame Fits...

The Rockford Files: If the Frame Fits...

7.5/10 IMDB

Jim Rockford, is framed for the murder of another rival detective with whom Jim was seen having an argument.

Starring: James Garner, Dyan Cannon, Joe Santos, Gretchen Corbett, Stuart Margolin, Tom Atkins, James Luisi, Carmen Argenziano, Steve Eastin, Dyana Ortelli ..
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Release date: 1996-01-14

True Crime

5.2/10 IMDB

Mary Giordano is a bright, intelligent student who goes to a catholic school. She also has a addiction to mystery novels and detective magazines, which inspire her to do her own detective work. When she starts snooping around on the case of a murderer of teenage girls, it gets her in hot water with her mentor Detective Jerry Gunn. But it also starts a team up with police cadet Tony Campbell. The two work together to find the murderer. But the closer Mary gets to solving the murder, the more danger she puts herself in of being the next victim.

Starring: Alicia Silverstone, Kevin Dillon, Bill Nunn, Tara Subkoff, Michael Bowen, Marla Sokoloff, Jennifer Savidge, Ann Devaney, Joshua Schaefer, David Packer ..
Directed by: Pat Verducci
Release date: 1996-03-12
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : The Rockford Files: Friends and Foul Play

The Rockford Files: Friends and Foul Play

7.5/10 IMDB

An friend of Jim's continues to seek his help for her murdered son, but when she winds up dead not long after an altercation with the mafia man, Jim must must do what it takes to put both her soul and her son's, at rest, himself.

Starring: James Garner, Marcia Strassman, Joe Santos, David Proval, Wendy Phillips, Stefan Gierasch, James Luisi, Gretchen Corbett, Molly Hagan, Ivan Sergei ..
Directed by: Stuart Margolin
Release date: 1996-04-25
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : The Rockford Files: Godfather Knows Best

The Rockford Files: Godfather Knows Best

6.9/10 IMDB

The fourth of eight "Rockford Files" reunion TV movies.

Starring: James Garner, Stuart Margolin, Maxwell Caulfield, Joe Santos, Barbara Carrera ..
Directed by: Tony Wharmby
Release date: 1996-03-18
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Midnight Heat

Midnight Heat

5.9/10 IMDB

A football player is framed for the murder of his team's owner, whose wife he happens to be sleeping with.

Starring: Tim Matheson, Stephen Mendel, Mimi Craven, David Fredericks ..
Directed by: Harvey Frost
Release date: 1996-07-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Elevated


6.8/10 IMDB

Ben and Ellen use the elevator in their building when all of a sudden, Hank, the blood covered security man of the building rushes into the elevator, claiming that there is a dangerous alien-like creature in the building.

Starring: David Hewlett, Vickie Papavs, Bruce McFee ..
Directed by: Vincenzo Natali
Release date: 1996-09-19
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Dead Heart

Dead Heart

6.5/10 IMDB

Ray Lorkin, chief lawman in the tiny rural settlement of Wala Wala, Australia, fears that long-simmering tensions between the area's aborigine natives and white settlers are on the verge of erupting. When it's discovered that Kate, the white wife of local schoolteacher Les, has despoiled a sacred site by secretly meeting her aborigine lover, Tony, there, a shocking murder threatens to rip the small town apart.

Starring: Bryan Brown, Ernie Dingo, Angie Milliken, Gnarnayarrahe Waitairie, Aaron Pedersen, John Jarratt, David McCormack ..
Directed by: Nick Parsons
Release date: 1996-09-08
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Boys


4.9/10 IMDB

Fed up with boarding school and frustrated with the way others have planned his life, John Baker Jr. wants a change -- anything to shake up his staid routine. The moment arrives when he stumbles upon a woman, Patty Vare, unconscious in a field. Deciding to risk it, John takes her to his dorm to look after her, much to the disapproval of his friends. John's decision proves fateful as he and Patty grow close to one another. However, she may be keeping secrets from him.

Starring: Winona Ryder, Lukas Haas, John C. Reilly, James Le Gros, Skeet Ulrich, Wiley Wiggins, Catherine Keener, Jessica Harper, Chris Cooper, Maddie Corman ..
Directed by: Stacy Cochran
Release date: 1996-05-10
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Clubhouse Detectives

Clubhouse Detectives

6.7/10 IMDB

Late one night, Billy and Kade Ruckman see their neighbor, Michael Chambers, murder a woman, but Chambers has a story all set to convince their mother Vicky, that it was just a rehearsal scene from an opera. The only ones who can help them find the body in Chambers' house before he moves and gets rid of all evidence, are their friends, Jimmy, Eddie, and J.J., who are determined to find the body before Chambers finds them.

Starring: Michael Ballam, Michael Galeota, Jimmy Galeota, Suzanne Barnes, Nancy Peterson, Thomas Hobson, Alex Miranda Cruz, Liliana Cabal, Christopher Ball, Thom Dillon ..
Directed by: Eric Hendershot
Release date: 1996-01-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Hart to Hart: Till Death Do Us Hart

Hart to Hart: Till Death Do Us Hart

6.3/10 IMDB

On a mission of mercy, Jennifer Hart is in Germany to donate bone marrow to Maximilian, a young leukemia patient. Following the operation, she plans to spend a romantic anniversary in Munich with her husband Jonathan. The bone marrow clinic's director, Peter Donner, is surprised by Jennifer's uncanny resemblance to his French fiancée, Simone Grohe. When she goes missing, Jennifer steps in to play the role of Simone to save Peter the embarrassment of an explanation to his cousin and benefactor Karl von Ostenberg at the lavish engagement party. But, of course, it is Karl who kidnapped Simone - in order to control the fate of Peter's inheritance - and now Jennifer is in as much danger as Simone! Once again the Harts tackle danger and mystery with their usual devil-may-care charm and romance

Starring: Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, George Hamilton, Katja Riemann, Dwight Schultz, Götz Otto, Nellis Du Biel, Angela Roy, Lukas Langer, Dirty Harry ..
Directed by: Tom Mankiewicz
Release date: 1996-08-25
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Voice from the Grave

Voice from the Grave

5.4/10 IMDB

A segment from the 'Unsolved Mysteries' TV series inspired this story, in which a nurse (Megan Ward) claims that she's possessed by a murdered co-worker's spirit which identifies the killer.

Starring: Kevin Dobson, Megan Ward, John Terlesky, Michael Riley, Kim Dickens, Tim Grimm, Robert Knepper, Kelli Williams, Darryl Theirse, April Grace ..
Directed by: David Jackson
Release date: 1996-03-20
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy

6.0/10 IMDB

A naive 16 year old waitress falls for a corrupt, married police officer. When she falls pregnant, her lover plots her murder.

Starring: Joe Penny, Brittany Murphy, Teri Garr, Shawn Hatosy, Rutanya Alda, Ken James, Frederic Forrest, Marc Donato, Tara Rosling, Toni Kalem ..
Directed by: Deborah Dalton
Release date: 1996-01-30
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

5.8/10 IMDB

A girl awakes from a coma to find her world has collapsed around her and she remembers nothing. But as she does remember she finds out all is not how it should be and someone is out to get her.

Starring: Tiffani Thiessen, A Martinez, David Newsom, Amy Yasbeck, Conchata Ferrell, Scott Paulin, Anna Hagan, Shaina Tianne Unger, Chelsea Hobbs ..
Directed by: Jack Bender
Release date: 1996-09-15
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : The Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime

The Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime

7.2/10 IMDB

Laid-back private eye Jim Rockford and his brown Pontiac Firebird become embroiled in another case when he runs across an old flame, blind book editor Megan. Her no-good playboy cousin Patrick is involved with the Russian Mob, which puts everyone's life in danger. The weary Rockford must also deal with his old friend Angel, who is painting Jim's trailer to work off a debt.

Starring: James Garner, Kathryn Harrold, Joe Santos, Vladimir Skomarovsky, Ramy Zada, Richard Kiley, Stuart Margolin, Ilia Volok, Jack Garner, Bryan Cranston ..
Directed by: David Chase
Release date: 1996-09-18
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets

5.2/10 IMDB

A young woman moves with her mother to her mother's hometown and is haunted by the ghost of a dead teenager.

Starring: Tiffani Thiessen, Tim Matheson, Melinda Culea, Erika Flores, Kelly Rutherford, Channon Roe, Lori Hallier, Nicky Guadagni, Elizabeth Horton, Shelley Cook ..
Directed by: Michael Toshiyuki Uno
Release date: 1996-11-04

Hit Me

5.4/10 IMDB

A bellhop living with his mentally impaired brother becomes involved with an unbalanced woman and a scheme to steal guests' valuables.

Starring: Elias Koteas, Laure Marsac, Jay Leggett, Bruce Ramsay, Kevin J. O'Connor, Philip Baker Hall, J. C. Quinn, Haing S. Ngor, William H. Macy, Jack Conley ..
Directed by: Steven Shainberg
Release date: 1996-09-09
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell

5.4/10 IMDB

Starring: Cheryl Ladd, John Terry, Francie Swift, John Bedford Lloyd, Jack Gilpin, Barry Corbin, Caitlin Clarke, Michael Burgess ..
Directed by: Andy Wolk
Release date: 1996-01-15
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : To Have & To Hold

To Have & To Hold

5.6/10 IMDB

An Australian widower living in New Guinea starts a relationship with a woman very similar to his much-beloved wife, but their life together turns out to be far from the imagined romantic ideal.

Starring: Tchéky Karyo, Rachel Griffiths, Steve Jacobs, David Field, Anni Finsterer, Larry Lavai, John Parinjo, Ura Eri, Robert Kunsa, Justine Bateman ..
Directed by: John Hillcoat
Release date: 1996-01-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : The Haunting of Lisa

The Haunting of Lisa

5.3/10 IMDB

A precocious youngster's visions of a mysterious woman and a series of child murders leads her mom to seek help from the authorities.

Starring: Cheryl Ladd, Duncan Regehr, Aemilia Robinson, Don Allison, Kate Lynch, Tony Rosato, Wayne Northrop, Philip Akin, Patrick Galligan, Amanda Tapping ..
Directed by: Don McBrearty
Release date: 1996-04-10
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : The Crying Child

The Crying Child

4.7/10 IMDB

After the death of their child a couple go to stay in an island home. The woman starts to hear the noise of a baby crying and is followed by an old blind women who warns her to get out of of the house before it is too late.

Starring: Mariel Hemingway, Finola Hughes, George DelHoyo, Kin Shriner, Collin Wilcox Paxton, Will Leskin, Joe Inscoe, Richard Wilkins, Joshua Seth ..
Directed by: Robert Michael Lewis
Release date: 1996-06-26
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Fatal Frames

Fatal Frames

3.9/10 IMDB

Alex Ritt, a music video director comes to Italy to direct a video for pop sensation Stefania Stella. He soon encounters a mysterious killer who videotapes his victims for the police. As the horrible murders continue, Ritt is unknowingly pushed into the killer's games and he soon becomes a target of the police. The video-killer is on the loose and Ritt must find out the truth before it's too late.

Starring: Stefania Stella, Rick Gianasi, David Warbeck, Ugo Pagliai, Leo Daniel, Alida Valli, Geoffrey Copleston, Linnea Quigley, Rossano Brazzi, Donald Pleasence ..
Directed by: Al Festa
Release date: 1996-02-15
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Ice

Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Ice

5.7/10 IMDB

Once she'd been a dancer. Now she lies on a sidewalk, her blood seeping into the snow. The detectives of the 87th precinct are learning about ice: in a mulitimillion dollar showbiz scam, in the glittering diamonds that spill out of a dead man's vest, in the veins of a small time pusher. As the detectives scramble for evidence, as the city shivers, a killer is one step ahead, and the heat is still on.

Starring: Dale Midkiff, Joe Pantoliano, Paul Johansson, Andrea Parker, Dean McDermott, Monika Schnarre, Andrea Ferrell, Diane Douglass, Nigel Bennett, Michael Gross ..
Directed by: Bradford May
Release date: 1996-02-18
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : In the Lake of the Woods

In the Lake of the Woods

5.1/10 IMDB

John Waylan is a candidate for U.S. senator; near the end of the campaign he is accused of ordering and participating in a massacre in a Vietnamese village. The accusation kills his career, and severely endangers his marriage. When he and Kathy flee to an isolated cabin, he awakes one morning to find her gone. Questions are asked, answers are given or hinted at, as the tension and suspense build.

Starring: Peter Strauss, Kathleen Quinlan, Peter Boyle ..
Directed by: Carl Schenkel
Release date: 1996-03-05

Fall Into Darkness

5.6/10 IMDB

Teenager Ann resents the arrival of Sharon and the fact that her brother Jerry has a crush on the newcomer. When Jerry dies in an accident, Ann blames Sharon and frames her for another death.

Starring: Jonathan Brandis, Tatyana Ali, Charlotte Ross, Paul Scherrer, Sean Murray, Marco Sanchez, Brian Markinson, Danielle Nicolet ..
Directed by: Mark Sobel
Release date: 1996-11-25

Pinocchio's Revenge

4.1/10 IMDB

Defense attorney Jennifer Garrick acquires a Pinocchio puppet from a condemned serial killer. Her pre-teen daughter, Zoe, mistakes the puppet as a birthday present and grows attached to her new friend. Suddenly, accidents begin to happen to those who cross Zoe. Zoe claims it's her Pinocchio doll but her therapist thinks otherwise. Pinocchio promises he'll behave if Zoe will cut his strings...

Starring: Rosalind Allen, Todd Allen, Candace McKenzie, Brittany Alyse Smith, Aaron Lustig, Lewis Van Bergen, Janet MacLachlan, Ron Canada, Larry Cedar, Verne Troyer ..
Directed by: Kevin Tenney
Release date: 1996-10-07
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

4.7/10 IMDB

After a strange storm in the Carribean causes a boat to sink, a family finds itself stranded on an island in the "27th dimension".

Starring: Naomi Watts, Sam Behrens, Susanna Thompson, Lisa Jakub, David Gallagher, Jerry Hardin, Michael Reilly Burke, Sandra Thigpen, Dennis Neal, Michael Campillo ..
Directed by: Ian Toynton
Release date: 1996-04-04

Dead Man's Island

4.9/10 IMDB

Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins, called Henrie O., is a world-famous journalist and writer. She's invited by her old lover Chase Prescott to his secluded island home. Chase, a wealthy businessman with money woes, hopes Henrie O. can discover the person he thinks is trying to kill him. It seems like she has her work cut out for her. Possible suspects include Chase's much younger wife, his son, and many others.

Starring: Barbara Eden, William Shatner, Roddy McDowall, Morgan Fairchild, Traci Lords, David Faustino, Christopher Atkins, Olivia Hussey, Jameson Parker, Don Most ..
Directed by: Peter H. Hunt
Release date: 1996-03-05
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Damien's Seed

Damien's Seed

4.9/10 IMDB

A detective is hired by a rich woman to find her runaway step-sister. Little does he know that the step-sister is actually being held by a cult of women who seek to propagate their male cult-leader of 30 years ago by capturing his son, and the detective's client is in on the deal.

Starring: Leslie Zemeckis, Jacqueline Lovell, Kira Reed Lorsch, Shauna O'Brien, James Wlcek, Leslie Olivan, Teresa Politi, Matthew Sullivan, Scott Shaughnessy ..
Directed by: Edward Holzman
Release date: 1996-04-21
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : The Uninvited

The Uninvited

4.5/10 IMDB

A family, trying to pull themselves together after losing their infant son, moves into a new home, where, almost immediately, the mother begins experiencing paranormal phenomena. She finds it playful at first, but as it grows increasingly malevolent, she is unable to convince her husband of it, and she must contend with it to protect her family from its influence.

Starring: Sharon Lawrence, Beau Bridges, Shirley Knight, Alex D. Linz, Lawrence Pressman, Emily Bridges, Kathleen Lloyd, James Pickens Jr., Lesley Woods, Lauren Bowles ..
Directed by: Larry Shaw
Release date: 1996-10-29
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : What I Have Written

What I Have Written

6.8/10 IMDB

This intellectual, witty Australian drama offers an intriguingly sophisticated look into adultery. Too say too much about this plot would give away the secrets and surprises that gradually unfold, so what follows is the barest sketch. The story features two couples from Melbourne (both played by the same actors) whose lives and romantic troubles seem to overlap or perhaps intertwine in unexpected ways. University lecturer Christopher and his wife Sorrel comprise the main couple. A recent trip to Europe seems to have brought their marriage close to ruins. Avery and Gillian also experience marital turmoil when Avery gets involved with an older French seductress, Catherine.

Starring: Martin Jacobs, Gillian Jones, Jacek Koman, Angie Milliken, Margaret Cameron, Nick Lathouris, Fiona Stewart ..
Directed by: John Hughes
Release date: 1996-07-11
Best Mystery Movies of 1996 : Club V.R.

Club V.R.

4.7/10 IMDB

The Century club VR club virtual reality in Los Angeles. When there is a brutal murder, a beautiful female-investigator begins the investigation. However, she soon realizes that the case might interfere with her sexual fantasies.

Starring: Kate Rodger, Russell Todd, Erika Anderson, Roy Werner, Art Edler, Dimitri Logothetis, Lee Anne Beaman, Kiara Hunter, Gabriella Hall, Rick Fitts ..
Directed by: Gary Hudson
Release date: 1996-01-01

Power 98

4.5/10 IMDB

A controversial talk show host becomes involved in the murder of a beautiful woman in a war for ratings.

Starring: Eric Roberts, Lisa Thornhill, Jason Gedrick, Jack Betts, Jennie Garth, Michael Mantell, Jim Fyfe, Stephen Tobolowsky, Sadie Stratton, Leslie Bega ..
Directed by: Jaime Hellman
Release date: 1996-05-17

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