Best Mystery Movies of 1969



6.2/10 IMDB

Copenhagen, Denmark, 1962. When a high-ranking Soviet official decides to change sides, a French intelligence agent is caught up in a cold, silent and bloody spy war in which his own family will play a decisive role.

Starring: Frederick Stafford, Dany Robin, Claude Jade, Michel Subor, Karin Dor, John Vernon, Michel Piccoli, Philippe Noiret, John Forsythe, Roscoe Lee Browne ..
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Release date: 1969-12-17

Night Gallery

7.4/10 IMDB

This anthology telefilm aired on NBC on November 8, 1969, and tells three strange tales: "The Cemetery," directed by Boris Sagal; "Eyes," directed by Steven Spielberg; and "The Escape Route," directed by Barry Shear. This film also served as a backdoor pilot for the TV series of the same name, which premiered on December 16, 1970.

Starring: Joan Crawford, Ossie Davis, Richard Kiley, Roddy McDowall, Barry Sullivan, Tom Bosley, George Macready, Sam Jaffe, Norma Crane, Barry Atwater ..
Directed by: Steven Spielberg, Barry Shear, Boris Sagal
Release date: 1969-11-08

What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?

6.8/10 IMDB

An aging widow hides a deadly secret which she will do anything to keep buried.

Starring: Geraldine Page, Ruth Gordon, Rosemary Forsyth, Robert Fuller, Mildred Dunnock, Joan Hungtington, Peter Brandon, Michael Barbera, Peter Bonerz, Richard Angarola ..
Directed by: Lee H. Katzin
Release date: 1969-08-20


6.4/10 IMDB

Mysterious Orfamay Quest hires Los Angeles private investigator Philip Marlowe to find her missing brother. Though the job seems simple enough, it leads Marlowe into the underbelly of the city, turning up leads who are murdered with ice picks, exotic dancers, blackmailed television stars and self-preserving gangsters. Soon, Marlowe's life is on the line right along with his case.

Starring: James Garner, Gayle Hunnicutt, Carroll O'Connor, Rita Moreno, Sharon Farrell, William Daniels, H.M. Wynant, Jackie Coogan, Christopher Cary, Bruce Lee ..
Directed by: Paul Bogart
Release date: 1969-09-19
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : Various Incarnations of a Tibetan Seamstress

Various Incarnations of a Tibetan Seamstress

6.5/10 IMDB

Originally, it was to be a serious look at Westerner's influenced by Eastern trends. As it developed, however it became much more humorous with characters in yoga positions with high heels and smoking cigarettes at the same time.

Directed by: Steven Arnold
Release date: 1969-01-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : The Monk

The Monk

5.2/10 IMDB

Underworld attorney Leo Barnes hires Gus Monk to safeguard a valuable envelope containing information on a mobster. Monk refuses — until he meets Mrs. Barnes and jumps on a merry-go-round of viciousness and murder.

Starring: George Maharis, Janet Leigh, Rick Jason, Carl Betz, Jack Albertson, Raymond St. Jacques, William Smithers, Jack Soo, Edward G. Robinson Jr., George Burrafato ..
Directed by: George McCowan
Release date: 1969-10-22
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : A Clue For Scooby-Doo

A Clue For Scooby-Doo

8.0/10 IMDB

Scooby-Doo And The Mystery Inc. Crew Investigates A Spooked Out Ghost, While The Fiend Interrupts There Beach Trip, They Search For Clues. -Written By Chase Otis

Starring: Nicole Jaffe, Casey Kasem, Don Messick, Frank Welker, Stefanianna Christopherson, Jean Vander Pyl, Vic Perrin, Hal Smith, John Stephenson ..
Directed by: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna
Release date: 1969-09-20
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : Secrets of the Pirate's Inn

Secrets of the Pirate's Inn

7.1/10 IMDB

A gang of kids helps a sea captain search for a pirate’s treasure that’s rumored to be hidden somewhere in the old dilapidated inn the sea captain just inherited from his dead brother. Along the way, they unravel a series of clues which lead to a variety of hidden passages and trap doors. But they are not alone in their quest for Jean Lafitte’s pirate goodies!

Starring: Ed Begley, Charles Aidman, Jimmy Bracken, Annie McEveety, Patrick Creamer, Paul Fix, Bill Zuckert, Fredd Wayne, Anne Whitfield ..
Directed by: Gary Nelson
Release date: 1969-11-23
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : The Lottery

The Lottery

7.1/10 IMDB

Every year, on June 27th, in a small village in New England, inhabited by no more than 300 people, a lottery is held in which a family is chosen as part of a ritual to ensure a good harvest.

Starring: Olive Dunbar, William Benedict, William Fawcett, Joe Haworth, Ed Begley Jr., Jim Boles, Donna Bowen, Blanche Bronte, Alan Brown, Nancy Hale ..
Directed by: Larry Yust
Release date: 1969-01-02
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : Honeymoon with a Stranger

Honeymoon with a Stranger

5.8/10 IMDB

While on honeymoon with her husband in Spain, a woman wakes up one morning to find he has disappeared. After reporting it to the police, a man shows up claiming to be her husband. But he's not the man she married and no one will believe her.

Starring: Janet Leigh, Rossano Brazzi, Joseph Lenzi, Cesare Danova, Juan Elices, Eric Braeden, Barbara Steele, Sancho Gracia, Raoul Anthony ..
Directed by: John Peyser
Release date: 1969-12-23

Fear No Evil

6.5/10 IMDB

A psychiatrist specializing in the occult becomes involved in the case of a man who is possessed by a spirit in an antique mirror. The man's fiance discovers that the mirror is able to bring back her former boyfriend, who had been killed in a car accident, from the dead.

Starring: Louis Jourdan, Lynda Day George, Carroll O'Connor, Bradford Dillman, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Marsha Hunt, Katherine Woodville, Harry Davis, Ivor Barry, Jeanne Buckley ..
Directed by: Paul Wendkos
Release date: 1969-03-03
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : The Mad Room

The Mad Room

5.6/10 IMDB

Ellen Hardy gets a rude awakening when she discovers that her brother and sister are scheduled to leave their mental institution. As children, they were put there after killing their parents. Ellen, who now lives in the house of an old widow, Mrs. Armstrong, takes them in. But if their secret gets out, it could jeopardize Ellen's plans to wed Mrs. Armstrong's stepson. She struggles with anxiety -- until Mrs. Armstrong suddenly turns up dead.

Starring: Stella Stevens, Shelley Winters, Skip Ward, Carol Cole, Severn Darden, Beverly Garland, Michael Burns, Barbara Sammeth, Lloyd Haynes, Jennifer Bishop ..
Directed by: Bernard Girard
Release date: 1969-05-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : Once You Kiss a Stranger...

Once You Kiss a Stranger...

5.4/10 IMDB

Jerry, a Southern California golf pro is the target for Diana a disturbed young woman who desires the death of her shrink, who alone realizes her psychotic potential and seeks to have her committed. She suggests to Jerry that they "swap" murders - she'll kill his golf rival and he'll reciprocate by killing her psychiatrist. When she holds up her half of the bargain, she expects him to follow through with his end.

Starring: Paul Burke, Carol Lynley, Martha Hyer, Peter Lind Hayes, Philip Carey, Stephen McNally, Whit Bissell, Ann Doran, Kathryn Givney, Orville Sherman ..
Directed by: Robert Sparr
Release date: 1969-11-12

The Witchmaker

5.2/10 IMDB

A psychic researcher and his assistants investigate a series of murders of beautiful young women.

Starring: Anthony Eisley, Thordis Brandt, Alvy Moore, John Lodge, Diane Webber, Shelby Grant, Tony Benson, Robyn Millan, Kathy Lynn, Sue Bernard ..
Directed by: William O. Brown
Release date: 1969-05-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : Target: Harry

Target: Harry

4.9/10 IMDB

Pilot Harry Black is hired to fly a man named Carlyle to Istanbul, where he's murdered. Now, mysterious Diane Reed and a local gangster, Rashi, are after Harry believing that he has the priceless plates Carlyle used to counterfeit money.

Starring: Vic Morrow, Suzanne Pleshette, Victor Buono, Cesar Romero, Stanley Holloway, Charlotte Rampling, Michael Ansara, Ahna Capri, Jack E. Leonard, Jacques Léonard ..
Directed by: Roger Corman
Release date: 1969-05-23
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : The Maltese Bippy

The Maltese Bippy

4.4/10 IMDB

A man buys a house and comes to believe that not only is the house haunted by werewolves, but a family of vampires lives next door.

Starring: Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Carol Lynley, Julie Newmar, Mildred Natwick, Fritz Weaver, Robert Reed, Dana Elcar, Leon Askin, Alan Oppenheimer ..
Directed by: Norman Panama
Release date: 1969-06-18
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : Justine


5.4/10 IMDB

In Alexandria, in 1938, Darley, a young British schoolmaster and poet, makes friends through Pursewarden, the British consular officer, with Justine, the beautiful and mysterious wife of a Coptic banker. He observes the affairs of her heart and incidentally discovers that she is involved in a plot against the British, meant to arm the Jewish underground in Palestine. The plot finally fails, Justine is sent to jail and Darley decides to return to England.

Starring: Anouk Aimée, Dirk Bogarde, Robert Forster, Anna Karina, Philippe Noiret, Michael York, John Vernon, Jack Albertson, Cliff Gorman, George Baker ..
Directed by: George Cukor, Joseph Strick
Release date: 1969-08-06

The Body Stealers

4.1/10 IMDB

A British military paratrooper disappears in mid-air during a jump from an army plane. Two investigators, Patrick Allen and Neil Connery, try to unravel how this happened. What they uncover is an alien plot to steal the bodies of earthlings by snatching them out of the air.

Starring: George Sanders, Maurice Evans, Patrick Allen, Neil Connery, Robert Flemyng, Lorna Wilde, Allan Cuthbertson, Michael Culver, Sally Faulkner, Shelagh Fraser ..
Directed by: Gerry Levy
Release date: 1969-03-21

The Big Cube

4.3/10 IMDB

A young woman and her drug addict boyfriend plot to drive the woman's stepmother insane with LSD in a plot to secure an inheritance.

Starring: Lana Turner, George Chakiris, Karin Mossberg, Dan O'Herlihy, Richard Egan, Pamela Rodgers, Carlos East, Regina Torné, Pedro Galván, Víctor Junco ..
Directed by: Tito Davison
Release date: 1969-04-30
Best Mystery Movies of 1969 : Strategy of Terror

Strategy of Terror

6.5/10 IMDB

A reporter and a New York City cop team up to find out who is trying to assassinate a UN leader. Film was a re-edit of two Kraft Suspense Theatre episodes.

Starring: Hugh O'Brian, Barbara Rush, Neil Hamilton, Frederick O'Neal, Will Corry, Mort Mills, Harry Townes, Jan Merlin, Eric Morris ..
Directed by: Jack Smight
Release date: 1969-01-01

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