Best Mystery Movies of 1948


The Naked City

7.6/10 IMDB

The Naked City portrays the police investigation that follows the murder of a young model. A veteran cop is placed in charge of the case and he sets about, with the help of other beat cops and detectives, finding the girl's killer.

Starring: Barry Fitzgerald, Howard Duff, Dorothy Hart, Don Taylor, Frank Conroy, Ted de Corsia, House Jameson, Anne Sargent, Adelaide Klein, Grover Burgess ..
Directed by: Jules Dassin
Release date: 1948-03-04

The Big Clock

7.6/10 IMDB

Stroud, a crime magazine's crusading editor has to post-pone a vacation with his wife, again, when a glamorous blonde is murdered and he is assigned by his publishing boss Janoth to find the killer. As the investigation proceeds to its conclusion, Stroud must try to disrupt his ordinarily brilliant investigative team as they increasingly build evidence (albeit wrong) that he is the killer.

Starring: Ray Milland, Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Sullivan, George Macready, Rita Johnson, Elsa Lanchester, Harold Vermilyea, Dan Tobin, Harry Morgan, Richard Webb ..
Directed by: John Farrow
Release date: 1948-03-18

The Snake Pit

7.6/10 IMDB

Virginia Cunningham is confused upon finding herself in a mental hospital, with no memory of her arrival at the institution. Tormented by delusions and unable to even recognize her husband, Robert, she is treated by Dr. Mark Kik, who is determined to get to the root of her mental illness. As her treatment progresses, flashbacks depict events in Virginia's life that may have contributed to her instability.

Starring: Olivia de Havilland, Mark Stevens, Leo Genn, Celeste Holm, Glenn Langan, Helen Craig, Leif Erickson, Beulah Bondi, Lee Patrick, Howard Freeman ..
Directed by: Anatole Litvak
Release date: 1948-11-04
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Sleep, My Love

Sleep, My Love

6.8/10 IMDB

A woman wakes up in the middle of the night on board a train, but she can't remember how she got there. Danger and suspense ensue.

Starring: Claudette Colbert, Robert Cummings, Don Ameche, Rita Johnson, George Coulouris, Queenie Smith, Ralph Morgan, Keye Luke, Fred Nurney, Raymond Burr ..
Directed by: Douglas Sirk
Release date: 1948-02-18
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Station West

Station West

6.6/10 IMDB

When two US cavalrymen transporting a gold shipment get killed, US Army Intelligence investigator John Haven goes undercover to a mining and logging town to find the killers.

Starring: Dick Powell, Jane Greer, Agnes Moorehead, Burl Ives, Tom Powers, Gordon Oliver, Steve Brodie, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Raymond Burr, Regis Toomey ..
Directed by: Sidney Lanfield
Release date: 1948-09-01

The Woman in White

6.6/10 IMDB

A young painter stumbles upon an assortment of odd characters at an English estate where he has been hired to give art lessons to beautiful Laura Fairlie. Among them are Anne Catherick, a strange young woman dressed in white whom he meets in the forest and who bears a striking resemblance to Laura; cunning Count Fosco, who hopes to obtain an inheritance for nobleman Sir Percival Glyde, whom he plans to have Laura marry; Mr. Fairlie, a hypochondriac who can't stand to have anyone make the slightest noise; and eccentric Countess Fosco who has her own dark secret. The artist also finds himself drawn to Marion Halcomb, a distant relation to Laura for whom the Count also has plans.

Starring: Alexis Smith, Eleanor Parker, Sydney Greenstreet, Gig Young, Agnes Moorehead, John Abbott, John Emery, Curt Bois, Emma Dunn, Matthew Boulton ..
Directed by: Peter Godfrey
Release date: 1948-05-07
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Open Secret

Open Secret

6.4/10 IMDB

A couple discovers that their friend has gone missing. Their investigation leads them to believe that anti-semites are behind the disappearance.

Starring: John Ireland, Jane Randolph, Sheldon Leonard, Roman Bohnen, George Tyne, Morgan Farley, Ellen Lowe, Arthur O'Connell, Rory Mallinson, John Alvin ..
Directed by: John Reinhardt
Release date: 1948-02-14
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum

6.0/10 IMDB

A killer hides out in a small-town boarding house.

Starring: Charles Russell, Mary Beth Hughes, Dale Belding, Billy House, Fritz Leiber, Nana Bryant, Lee Patrick, Roscoe Ates, Eddie Parks, Eve Miller ..
Directed by: Lew Landers
Release date: 1948-10-15
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Trapped by Boston Blackie

Trapped by Boston Blackie

6.4/10 IMDB

Blackie is the natural suspect when an expensive pearl necklace is stolen while he is supposed to be guarding it.

Starring: Chester Morris, June Vincent, Richard Lane, Patricia Barry, George E. Stone, Frank Sully, Edward Norris, Fay Baker, William Forrest, Sarah Selby ..
Directed by: Seymour Friedman
Release date: 1948-05-13

Docks of New Orleans

5.6/10 IMDB

Detective Charlie Chan springs into action when top officials of a New Orleans chemical company begin dropping like flies.

Starring: Roland Winters, Virginia Dale, Mantan Moreland, John Gallaudet, Victor Sen Yung, Carol Forman, Douglas Fowley, Harry Hayden, Emmett Vogan, Howard Negley ..
Directed by: Derwin Abrahams
Release date: 1948-03-21
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : The Return of the Whistler

The Return of the Whistler

6.3/10 IMDB

When a woman goes missing on the eve of her wedding, her fiancee hires a detective to track her down

Starring: Michael Duane, Lenore Aubert, Richard Lane, James Cardwell, Ann Shoemaker, Sarah Padden, Abigail Adams, Ann Doran, Otto Forrest, Eddy Waller ..
Directed by: D. Ross Lederman
Release date: 1948-03-18
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : I Love Trouble

I Love Trouble

6.7/10 IMDB

A wealthy man hires a detective to investigate his wife's mysterious past.

Starring: Franchot Tone, Janet Blair, Janis Carter, Adele Jergens, Glenda Farrell, Steven Geray, Tom Powers, Lynn Merrick, John Ireland, Donald Curtis ..
Directed by: S. Sylvan Simon
Release date: 1948-01-15
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : A Woman's Vengeance

A Woman's Vengeance

6.8/10 IMDB

A cheating husband is charged in the poisoning death of his invalid wife, in spite of other women and suicide also being suspected.

Starring: Charles Boyer, Ann Blyth, Jessica Tandy, Cedric Hardwicke, Mildred Natwick, Cecil Humphreys, Hugh French, Rachel Kempson, Valerie Cardew, John Williams ..
Directed by: Zoltan Korda
Release date: 1948-03-02
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Blanche Fury

Blanche Fury

6.7/10 IMDB

Penniless governess Blanche Fullerton takes a job at the estate of her rich relations, the Fury family. To better her position in life, Blanche marries her dull cousin, Laurence Fury, with whom she has a daughter. But before long, boredom sets in, and Blanche begins a tempestuous romance with stableman Philip Thorn. Together, they hatch a murderous plan to gain control of the estate.

Starring: Valerie Hobson, Stewart Granger, Michael Gough, Walter Fitzgerald, Susanne Gibbs, Maurice Denham, Sybille Binder, Ernest Jay, Townsend Whitling, J.H. Roberts ..
Directed by: Marc Allégret
Release date: 1948-01-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Portrait from Life

Portrait from Life

6.7/10 IMDB

A British army officer becomes fascinated by the portrait of a young woman. He travels to Germany to find her, only to discover that she is suffering from amnesia.

Starring: Mai Zetterling, Robert Beatty, Guy Rolfe, Herbert Lom, Patrick Holt, Arnold Marlé, Sybille Binder, Thora Hird, Gerard Heinz, Yvonne Owen ..
Directed by: Terence Fisher
Release date: 1948-12-15
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Calling Paul Temple

Calling Paul Temple

5.9/10 IMDB

Paul Temple is called in to help Scotland Yard track down a serial killer who has murdered several wealthy women.

Starring: John Bentley, Dinah Sheridan, Margaretta Scott, Alan Wheatley, Abraham Sofaer, Celia Lipton, Jack Raine, Hugh Pryse, John McLaren, Ian McLean ..
Directed by: Maclean Rogers
Release date: 1948-12-13
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Shanghai Chest

Shanghai Chest

5.9/10 IMDB

Charlie attempts to solve a triple murder in which a dead man's finger prints show up at all three murder sites, and all three victims were connected with the conviction and execution of an evidently innocent man.

Starring: Roland Winters, Mantan Moreland, Tim Ryan, Victor Sen Yung, Deannie Best, Tris Coffin, John Alvin, Russell Hicks, Pierre Watkin, Philip Van Zandt ..
Directed by: William Beaudine
Release date: 1948-07-11
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Miracle in Harlem

Miracle in Harlem

6.0/10 IMDB

A crooked real estate tycoon tricks a trusting young woman out of her small candy store. When he is found dead, the girl is suspected of the crime.

Starring: Sheila Guyse, Stepin Fetchit, Hilda Offley, Creighton Thompson, Kenneth Freeman, William Greaves, Sybil Lewis, Laurence Criner, Jack Carter, Milton Williams ..
Directed by: Jack Kemp
Release date: 1948-11-29

Corridor of Mirrors

6.5/10 IMDB

A man falls in love with a beautiful young woman and begins to suspect that he may have also loved her in a previous life.

Starring: Eric Portman, Edana Romney, Barbara Mullen, Hugh Sinclair, Bruce Belfrage, Alan Wheatley, Joan Maude, Leslie Weston, Hugh Latimer, John Penrose ..
Directed by: Terence Young
Release date: 1948-02-23
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : The Argyle Secrets

The Argyle Secrets

6.3/10 IMDB

A framed reporter and the crooks on his trail scramble to locate a book containing the names of American war profiteers and traitors who collaborated with the Nazis during the war.

Starring: William Gargan, Marjorie Lord, Ralph Byrd, Jack Reitzen, John Banner, Barbara Billingsley, Alex Frazer, Peter Brocco, George Anderson, Mickey Simpson ..
Directed by: Cy Endfield
Release date: 1948-05-07
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : The Feathered Serpent

The Feathered Serpent

5.9/10 IMDB

In order to learn the location of a fabled Aztec treasure, a professor kidnaps his colleague, the only man able to read the ancient Aztec script that is supposed to reveal the location of the treasure. Charlie Chan and his #1 and #2 sons journey to the jungles of Mexico to find the victim and bring the kidnapper and his gang to justice.

Starring: Roland Winters, Keye Luke, Mantan Moreland, Victor Sen Yung, Carol Forman, Robert Livingston, Nils Asther, Beverly Jons, Martín Garralaga, George J. Lewis ..
Directed by: William Beaudine
Release date: 1948-12-19
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : The Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain

6.3/10 IMDB

The Iron Curtain is based on the actual 1945 case of Soviet cipher clerk Igor Gouzenko, (Dana Andrews), who, after careful training, was assigned to the U.S.S.R. Embassy in Ottawa, Canada in the midst of World War II. Eventually, Gouzenko defected with 109 pages of material implicating several high level Canadian officials, outlined the steps taken to secure information about the the details of the nuclear bomb via numerous sleeper cells established throughout North America. The scandal that resulted when details of this case were publicized by American columnist Drew Pearson in early 1946 involved Canada, Britain and the United States.

Starring: Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney, June Havoc, Berry Kroeger, Edna Best, Stefan Schnabel, Nicholas Joy, Eduard Franz, Frederic Tozere, Christopher Olsen ..
Directed by: William A. Wellman
Release date: 1948-06-16
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Larceny


6.9/10 IMDB

John Payne is the no-good lowdown rat who tries to capitalize on postwar patriotism and grief. He finagles a war widow into giving up her savings for a nonexistent memorial. When Payne falls in love with the widow he has pangs of conscience, but he reckons without his con-artist boss, who tends to bolster his arguments with muscle and bullets.

Starring: John Payne, Joan Caulfield, Dan Duryea, Shelley Winters, Dorothy Hart, Richard Rober, Dan O'Herlihy, Nicholas Joy, Percy Helton, Walter Greaza ..
Directed by: George Sherman
Release date: 1948-09-03
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Snowbound


6.0/10 IMDB

Good and bad characters are stuck in a ski chalet near buried Nazi gold in the Alps.

Starring: Dennis Price, Stanley Holloway, Marcel Dalio, Guy Middleton, Herbert Lom, Robert Newton, Willy Fueter, Mila Parély, Zena Marshall, Catherina Ferraz ..
Directed by: David MacDonald
Release date: 1948-03-23
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : 13 Lead Soldiers

13 Lead Soldiers

5.9/10 IMDB

Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond is called in to solve the murder of a man from whom two lead soldiers were stolen. Drummond learns that the two soldiers were part of a set of thirteen which formed the key to a hidden vault of treasure. Following some clever sleuthing and set-up on Drummond's part, the guilty man is trapped in the vault,which is hidden behind the fireplace.

Starring: Tom Conway, John Newland, Maria Palmer, Helen Westcott, William Stelling, Terry Kilburn, Gordon Richards, Harry Cording, John Goldsworthy, William Edmunds ..
Directed by: Frank McDonald
Release date: 1948-04-30
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Penny and the Pownall Case

Penny and the Pownall Case

5.5/10 IMDB

A glamour model helps Scotland Yard to catch a criminal gang.

Starring: Ralph Michael, Peggy Evans, Christopher Lee, Diana Dors, Frederick Piper, Olaf Pooley, Ethel Coleridge, Sam Costa, Dennis Vance, Shaun Noble ..
Directed by: Slim Hand
Release date: 1948-06-26
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Are You With It?

Are You With It?

6.6/10 IMDB

Milton Haskins, a math genius known for his infallibility with numbers, quits his job with an insurance company when he discovers he made a mistake, and hooks up with a traveling carnival. His knowledge of mathematics makes him a natural as an assistant at the wheel of fortune. His fiancée begs him to return to his job but he refuses, so she joins the carnival and becomes a striptease artist. When Milton attempts to drag her off the stage, a brawling mêlée breaks out and the entire troupe is arrested by the local police. The carnival is sold but Milton reveals that the new owner has conspired to defraud the insurance company. The insurance company has to accept the carnival in lieu of the money owed, and they allow Milton and his fiancée, Vivian, to stay with and help run the carnival.

Starring: Donald O'Connor, Olga San Juan, Martha Stewart, Lew Parker, Walter Catlett, Patricia Dane, Ransom M. Sherman, Louis Da Pron, Noel Neill, Julie Gibson ..
Directed by: Jack Hively
Release date: 1948-03-19
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Mystery in Mexico

Mystery in Mexico

5.8/10 IMDB

Insurance detective Steve Hastings is sent by his company to investigate the disappearance of a fellow agent. His first lead is the agent's fetching sister, Victoria, whom he trails to Mexico City. After charming his way into her confidence, Steve helps Vicki unravel the mystery.

Starring: William Lundigan, Jacqueline White, Ricardo Cortez, Tony Barrett, Jacqueline Dalya, Walter Reed, José Torvay, Jaime Jiménez Pons, Antonio R. Frausto, Dolores Camarillo ..
Directed by: Robert Wise
Release date: 1948-08-21

I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes

6.5/10 IMDB

Around Christmas time, a woman tries to prove the innocence of her dancer husband jailed for a crime she just knows he didn't commit.

Starring: Don Castle, Elyse Knox, Regis Toomey, Charles D. Brown, Rory Mallinson, Robert Lowell, Steve Darrell, Bill Kennedy, Esther Michelson, Ray Dolciame ..
Directed by: William Nigh
Release date: 1948-05-23
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : The Golden Eye

The Golden Eye

5.9/10 IMDB

A gold mine in Arizona, that was formerly losing a lot of money, suddenly turns into a veritable money-making machine. However, the owner, instead of being happy about his now profitable business, insists to Charlie that something is fishy and that someone is out to murder him. Charlie and his "crew" travel to the mine, pretending to be tourists staying at a nearby dude ranch so as not to arouse suspicion, and discover that the owner may well be right--it looks like the mine is being used as a cover for criminal activities, and that someone is indeed out to murder him.

Starring: Roland Winters, Wanda McKay, Mantan Moreland, Victor Sen Yung, Bruce Kellogg, Tim Ryan, Evelyn Brent, Ralph Dunn, Lois Austin, Forrest Taylor ..
Directed by: William Beaudine
Release date: 1948-08-29
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Devil's Cargo

Devil's Cargo

5.5/10 IMDB

John Calvert takes over as the Falcon in this Poverty-Row continuation of the film series.

Starring: John Calvert, Rochelle Hudson, Roscoe Karns, Lyle Talbot, Theodore von Eltz, Michael Mark, Tom Kennedy, Paul Marion, Paul Regan, Eula Guy ..
Directed by: John F. Link Sr.
Release date: 1948-04-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Homicide for Three

Homicide for Three

5.3/10 IMDB

While on shore leave to celebrate his first anniversary, Lt. Peter Duluth (Warren Douglas) takes his wife, Iris (Audrey Long), to a Los Angeles hotel but is turned away. When mysterious Colette (Stephanie Bachelor) offers them her suite, the young couple becomes entangled in a murder plot. Aided by two PIs, Peter and Iris find two corpses and are desperate to locate Colette before she becomes the next victim, but the killers are one step ahead.

Starring: Warren Douglas, Audrey Long, Grant Withers, Lloyd Corrigan, Stephanie Bachelor, George Lynn, Tala Birell, Joseph Crehan, Benny Baker, Sid Tomack ..
Directed by: George Blair
Release date: 1948-12-08
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Appointment with Murder

Appointment with Murder

5.4/10 IMDB

The second Falcon film to feature actor/magician John Calvert sees the Falcon dealing with art thieves.

Starring: John Calvert, Catherine Craig, Jack Reitzen, Lyle Talbot, Peter Brocco, Ben Welden, Robert Conte, Jay Griffith, Michael Mark, Carlo Schipa ..
Directed by: Jack Bernhard
Release date: 1948-11-24
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : The Greed of William Hart

The Greed of William Hart

5.1/10 IMDB

Hart and Moore are grave-robbers who provide cadavers to the medical students of 19th-century Edinburgh. When the supply becomes low and demand still great, the two decide to create their own supply, a plan that proves profitable when they stick to vagrants, prostitutes and drunkards. But when they poison likable Jamie, the townsfolk retaliate. NB: This film was originally written to be about Burke and Hare, but after it was completed, the British censors refused to allow its release on the grounds those names themselves were offensive; thus the entire soundtrack was recut so that new names - Hart and Moore - recorded by the film's actors, were cut into the previously recorded lines, replacing the offending "Burke" or "Hare", sentence by sentence.

Starring: Tod Slaughter, Henry Oscar, Jenny Lynn, Winifred Melville, Aubrey Woods, Patrick Addison, Arnold Bell, Anne Trego, Edward Malin, Mary Love ..
Directed by: Oswald Mitchell
Release date: 1948-03-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : The Challenge

The Challenge

6.5/10 IMDB

Bulldog Drummond investigates the murder of a sea captain who died before revealing the location of his hidden gold.

Starring: Tim Conway, June Vincent, Tom Conway, Richard Wyler, John Newland, Eily Malyon, Houseley Stevenson, Terry Kilburn, Stanley Logan, Leyland Hodgson ..
Directed by: Jean Yarbrough
Release date: 1948-04-02
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Campus Sleuth

Campus Sleuth

6.4/10 IMDB

A photographer is choked to death just outside of where a college dance is being held. The body is discovered by Lee Watson, but promptly disappears, as it is being whisked from one point to another on the campus by a night watchman, who is an ex-convict.

Starring: Freddie Stewart, June Preisser, Warren Mills, Noel Neill, Donald MacBride, Monte Collins, Stan Ross, Bobby Sherwood, Mildred Jorman, Geri Galian ..
Directed by: Will Jason
Release date: 1948-05-04
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Lady at Midnight

Lady at Midnight

6.2/10 IMDB

A couple's (Richard Denning, Frances Rafferty) adopted daughter (Lora Lee Michel) has an inheritance someone else wants.

Starring: Richard Denning, Frances Rafferty, Lora Lee Michel, Ralph Dunn, Nana Bryant, Jackie Searl, Harlan Warde, Claudia Drake, Ben Welden, Sid Melton ..
Directed by: Sam Newfield
Release date: 1948-08-15
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : Half Past Midnight

Half Past Midnight

5.7/10 IMDB

In this mystery, a detective encounters a woman in a nightclub. He finds that she is being blackmailed by a dancer who is murdered that very night. Of course, the woman becomes the main suspect. She and the gumshoe team up and begin searching for the real killer.

Starring: Kent Taylor, Peggy Knudsen, Joe Sawyer, Walter Sande, Martin Kosleck, Mabel Paige, Gil Stratton ..
Directed by: William F. Claxton
Release date: 1948-03-01
Best Mystery Movies of 1948 : The Cobra Strikes

The Cobra Strikes

5.2/10 IMDB

A newspaper reporter investigates the near-fatal shooting of a medical scientist.

Starring: Sheila Ryan, Richard Fraser, Leslie Brooks, Herbert Heyes, James Seay, Richard Loo, Lyle Latell, Pat Flaherty, Philip Ahn, Fred Nurney ..
Directed by: Charles Reisner
Release date: 1948-04-24

Bungalow 13

0.0/10 IMDB

In this detective drama, a gumshoe must find a priceless hunk of jade. His several leads evaporate when the police succeed in killing all of the suspects.

Starring: Tom Conway, Margaret Hamilton, Richard Cromwell, James Flavin, Marjorie Hoshelle, Frank Cady, Eddie Acuff ..
Directed by: Edward L. Cahn
Release date: 1948-11-19

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