Best Music Movies of 2010


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

7.5/10 IMDB

As bass guitarist for a garage-rock band, Scott Pilgrim has never had trouble getting a girlfriend; usually, the problem is getting rid of them. But when Ramona Flowers skates into his heart, he finds she has the most troublesome baggage of all: an army of ex-boyfriends who will stop at nothing to eliminate him from her list of suitors.

Starring: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Ellen Wong, Alison Pill, Mark Webber, Johnny Simmons, Anna Kendrick, Brie Larson, Aubrey Plaza ..
Directed by: Edgar Wright
Release date: 2010-08-12


6.1/10 IMDB

Pop star Christopher Wilde has fame, fortune and a big-budget Hollywood movie awaiting him. But after meeting Jessica Olson, a down-to-earth girl from the Midwest, he is faced with following his heart or doing what's best for his career.

Starring: Sterling Knight, Danielle Campbell, Maggie Castle, Chelsea Kane, Matt Winston, Toni Trucks, Abbie Cobb, Beth Littleford, Dan O'Connor, Alice Hirson ..
Directed by: Michael Grossman
Release date: 2010-02-14

Get Him to the Greek

6.3/10 IMDB

Pinnacle records has the perfect plan to get their sinking company back on track: a comeback concert in LA featuring Aldous Snow, a fading rockstar who has dropped off the radar in recent years. Record company intern Aaron Green is faced with the monumental task of bringing his idol, out of control rock star Aldous Snow, back to LA for his comeback show.

Starring: Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss, Colm Meaney, Sean Combs, Kali Hawk, Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll, Carla Gallo ..
Directed by: Nicholas Stoller
Release date: 2010-06-04

The Runaways

6.5/10 IMDB

Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, two rebellious teenagers from Southern California, become the frontwomen for the Runaways -- the now-legendary group that paved the way for future generations of female rockers. Under the Svengali-like influence of impresario Kim Fowley, the band becomes a huge success.

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Michael Shannon, Stella Maeve, Scout Taylor-Compton, Alia Shawkat, Riley Keough, Johnny Lewis, Hannah Marks, Keir O'Donnell ..
Directed by: Floria Sigismondi
Release date: 2010-03-19
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Les Misérables - 25th Anniversary in Concert

Les Misérables - 25th Anniversary in Concert

8.8/10 IMDB

This concert, recorded to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the landmark musical Les Miserables, gathers the casts of the show's 2010 original production at the Queen's Theatre, the 1985 original production by the London company, and the 2010 production at the Barbican together for one performance. Together with talents like Michael Ball, Hadley Fraser, and John Owen-Jones, the performers present the play's musical numbers in a semi-theatrical style, fully costumed and with all the emotion of the musical's heyday.

Starring: Alfie Boe, Norm Lewis, Matt Lucas, Jenny Galloway, Lea Salonga, Samantha Barks, Katie Hall, Ramin Karimloo, Earl Carpenter, Hadley Fraser ..
Directed by: Nick Morris
Release date: 2010-10-03

When You're Strange

7.6/10 IMDB

The creative chemistry of four brilliant artists —drummer John Densmore, guitarist Robby Kreiger, keyboardist Ray Manzarek and singer Jim Morrison— made The Doors one of America's most iconic and influential rock bands. Using footage shot between their formation in 1965 and Morrison's death in 1971, it follows the band from the corridors of UCLA's film school, where Manzarek and Morrison met, to the stages of sold-out arenas.

Starring: John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, Jim Morrison, Jim Ladd, Johnny Depp ..
Directed by: Tom DiCillo
Release date: 2010-04-09

Country Strong

6.3/10 IMDB

Soon after the rising young singer-songwriter Beau Williams gets involved with a fallen, emotionally unstable country star Kelly Canter, the pair embark on a career resurrection tour helmed by her husband/manager James and featuring a beauty queen-turned-singer Chiles Stanton. Between concerts, romantic entanglements and old demons threaten to derail them all.

Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Garrett Hedlund, Tim McGraw, Leighton Meester, Marshall Chapman, Lari White, Jeremy Childs, James DeForest Parker, Lisa Stewart, Jackie Welch ..
Directed by: Shana Feste
Release date: 2010-12-22
Best Music Movies of 2010 : StreetDance 3D

StreetDance 3D

5.8/10 IMDB

In order to win the Street Dance Championships, a dance crew is forced to work with ballet dancers from the Royal Dance School in exchange for rehearsal space.

Starring: Nichola Burley, Rachel McDowall, Richard Winsor, Eleanor Bron, Patrick Baladi, Jeremy Sheffield, George Sampson, Chris Wilson, Ukweli Roach, Sianad Gregory ..
Directed by: Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini
Release date: 2010-05-19
Best Music Movies of 2010 : A Very Potter Sequel

A Very Potter Sequel

8.7/10 IMDB

Harry and his pals are back for more adventure than ever when they face off against dark wizards, demented monsters, and the most horrible woman in the world, Dolores Umbridge! So strap on your diapers because it's time to go back to Hogwarts!

Starring: Darren Criss, Bonnie Socha, Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez, Joseph Walker, Dylan Saunders, Brian Rosenthal, Brian Holden, Tyler Brunsman, Jim Povolo ..
Directed by: Matt Lang
Release date: 2010-07-22

I'm Still Here

6.2/10 IMDB

I'm Still Here is a portrayal of a tumultuous year in the life of actor Joaquin Phoenix. With remarkable access, the film follows the Oscar-nominee as he announces his retirement from a successful film career in the fall of 2008 and sets off to reinvent himself as a hip-hop musician. The film is a portrait of an artist at a crossroads and explores notions of courage and creative reinvention, as well as the ramifications of a life spent in the public eye.

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Bruce Willis, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson, Ben Stiller, Sean Combs, Casey Affleck, Antony Langdon, Yasiin Bey, Edward James Olmos ..
Directed by: Casey Affleck
Release date: 2010-09-10

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

5.2/10 IMDB

Mitchie can't wait to go back to Camp Rock and spend the summer making new music with her friends and superstar Shane Gray. But the slick new camp across the lake, Camp Star, has drummed up some serious competition – featuring newcomers Luke and Dana. In a sensational battle of the bands, with Camp Rock's future at stake, will Camp Star's flashy production and over-the-top antics win out, or will Camp Rockers prove that music, teamwork, and spirit are what truly matter?

Starring: Demi Lovato, Alyson Stoner, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Meaghan Jette Martin, Chloe Bridges, Maria Canals-Barrera, Daniel Fathers, Daniel Kash ..
Directed by: Paul Hoen
Release date: 2010-09-17


8.5/10 IMDB

Guna is a village labourer in the hinterlands of Maharashtra. Holding a passion for the 'tamasha' theatre shows, he decides to start his own troupe. Instead of the prestigious role of the king he always dreamed of, he ends up having to play a 'nachya', an effeminate, homosexual man. He goes ahead with the decision, which forever changes him and his family, as he ends up torn between his artistic passion and his societal prestige.

Starring: Atul Kulkarni, Sonalee Kulkarni ..
Directed by: Ravi Jadhav
Release date: 2010-01-01

Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage

8.3/10 IMDB

An in-depth look at the Canadian rock band Rush, chronicling the band's musical evolution from their progressive rock sound of the '70s to their current heavy rock style.

Starring: Sebastian Bach, Jack Black, Jimmy Chamberlin, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson, Taylor Hawkins, Terry Brown, Gene Simmons, Trent Reznor ..
Directed by: Sam Dunn, Scot McFadyen
Release date: 2010-06-29
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Family Guy Presents: Road to the North Pole

Family Guy Presents: Road to the North Pole

8.2/10 IMDB

Brian takes Stewie to the mall, only to get a rude brush-off from the Santa who works there when he leaves for the night. As a result, Stewie vows to kill Santa for blowing him off and forces Brian to take him to the North Pole.

Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Mike Henry, Drew Barrymore, H. Jon Benjamin, David Boreanaz, John G. Brennan, Karley Scott Collins ..
Directed by: Peter Shin, Greg Colton
Release date: 2010-12-12

Chico & Rita

7.2/10 IMDB

Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unites them, but their journey - in the tradition of the Latin ballad, the bolero - brings heartache and torment.

Starring: Mario Guerra, Limara Meneses, Eman Xor Oña, Jon Adams, Renny Arozarena, Blanca Rosa Blanco, Jackie de la Nuez, Rigoberto Ferrera, Ken Forman, Ray Gillon ..
Directed by: Tono Errando, Javier Mariscal, Fernando Trueba
Release date: 2010-11-19

Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?)

7.6/10 IMDB

The life and work of the enigmatic singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson.

Starring: Harry Nilsson, Richard Perry, Doug Hoefer, Jimmy Webb, Micky Dolenz, Van Dyke Parks, Una Nilsson, John Lennon, Randy Newman, Mark Hudson ..
Directed by: John Scheinfeld
Release date: 2010-10-26
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words

Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words

8.1/10 IMDB

Bo Burnham is back with a new one-man show full of his patented songs and wordplay, as well as haikus, dramatic readings, blasphemy, and so much more in his first hour-long special, shot live in his home town of Boston.

Starring: Bo Burnham ..
Directed by: Shannon Hartman
Release date: 2010-10-16
Best Music Movies of 2010 : All Time Low: Straight to DVD

All Time Low: Straight to DVD

9.2/10 IMDB

This is a story of a band who never set out to change the world... and still hasn't. Take a journey with All Time Low as they travel America with one mission... to tell as many dick jokes as possible, with lots of laughs, a little bit of crying, and nude scene after nude scene after nude scene. Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, and Zack Merrick star in a film so massive that no theater can contain it. It's a documentary, it's a live performance, it's more than you have ever wanted to know... and it's going... Straight to DVD.

Starring: Jack Barakat, Alex Gaskarth, Rian Dawson, Zack Merrick ..
Directed by: Michael Thelin
Release date: 2010-05-25
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Everything In-Between: The Story of Ellipse

Everything In-Between: The Story of Ellipse

9.0/10 IMDB

Imogen Heap decamps to Maui, Hawaii in spring 2007 to start writing her third solo album. With only a video camera for company, she begins documenting its progress and doesn't stop until she's collected a Grammy Award for it. Aided by friend and film maker Justine Pearsall, every moment in the life cycle of the album is captured. From the writing trip; to her return to her family home to build a state of the art studio in her childhood playroom; to the songs themselves, their origins and journey to completion, This is an intimate and comprehensive portrait of the album and the artist. Including interviews with the people who know her best and appearances by Jeff Beck, Nitin Sawhney and Mika, Everything In-Between is part making of, part intimate diary confessional. A rare and inspiring insight into the life and work of a unique and exceptional artist and the creation of an acclaimed album. Filmed over three years and compiled from 374 hours of footage.

Starring: Imogen Heap ..
Directed by: Justine Pearsall
Release date: 2010-11-02


8.0/10 IMDB

A man falls in love with a half-woman-half-phoenix who fell to Earth from the sky.

Starring: Kanye West, Selita Ebanks, Radka Pavlov?inová, Pavlína ?erví?ková, Jade Clayton, Romana Novotná, Lucia Šenková, Hana Riegerová, Galina Sadirova, Lenka Bart??ková ..
Directed by: Kanye West, Hype Williams
Release date: 2010-10-23
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Blur: No Distance Left to Run

Blur: No Distance Left to Run

7.9/10 IMDB

A documentary film about the British rock band Blur. Following the band during their 2009 reunion and tour, the film also includes unseen archive footage and interviews.

Starring: Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, Dave Rowntree, Graham Coxon ..
Directed by: Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern
Release date: 2010-01-14
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Oasis: Time Flies 1994-2009

Oasis: Time Flies 1994-2009

8.7/10 IMDB

Time Flies contains all 36 videos ever made by the band (many previously unreleased) including versions made for the UK and American markets. The songs that comprise this DVD span 15 glorious years walked tall alongside a staggering seven consecutive number one albums. Starting with their irresistible debut, 'Supersonic' and finishing with their very last release, 'Falling Down', the album features clips for all of their singles, 23 of them Top Tens including eight #1's. Features 'Wonderwall', 'Live Forever', 'Don't Look Back In Anger', 'Champagne Supernova', 'All Around The World' and many more.

Starring: Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Tony McCarroll, Paul McGuigan, Alan White, Gem Archer, Andy Bell ..
Release date: 2010-06-09

Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead Symphony

8.6/10 IMDB

Grammy award winning maestro of rock Serj Tankian is releasing his first live album that features a full orchestral performance of his critically-acclaimed debut solo rock album 'Elect The Dead'. With The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra at his side, Tankian's epic songs and operatic vocals take on a whole new sense of grandeur when accompanied with a full 70 piece orchestra.

Starring: Serj Tankian ..
Release date: 2010-03-09

Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010

8.9/10 IMDB

Often credited as being one of the all-time greatest guitarists, and known amongst his peers as one of the all-time greatest collaborators. The ultimate Clapton collaboration took place on June 26, 2010 at Chicago's Toyota Park. For one day only, Clapton gathered the past, present, and future of guitar music onto one stage for an incredible all-day musical event in front of a crowd of over 27,000.

Starring: Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, Doyle Bramhall II, James Burton, Citizen Cope, Eric Clapton, Gary Clark Jr., Robert Cray, Sheryl Crow, Pino Daniele ..
Release date: 2010-06-26

Gypsy Spirit - A Journey to the roots of Gypsy Music in India

7.8/10 IMDB

"I've always played Gypsy Music, that's what my father taught me. But I would like to know where this music is from". Willing to discover the roots of Gypsy Music, famous Austrian guitarist Harri Stojka goes on a journey to Rajasthan, India, to meet local musicians and play with them. There, he encounters several artists using the most original instruments, and always eager to share the joy of playing. More important, he realizes that the Gypsy spirit is something that brings them together. After all, they speak the same language: the language of music.

Directed by: Klaus Hundsbichler
Release date: 2010-09-03
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Sudden Death!

Sudden Death!

7.9/10 IMDB

Los Angeles has been overtaken by a virus known as Sudden Death Syndrome, a disease that causes its victim to die suddenly and has only one symptom... spontaneously breaking into well-choreographed song and dance.

Starring: Matt Lutz, Autumn Hurlbert, Doug Jones, John Larroquette ..
Directed by: Adam Hall
Release date: 2010-07-25


8.7/10 IMDB

Adrien Brody goes on a quest through the cosmos.

Starring: Adrien Brody ..
Directed by: Neil Cicierega
Release date: 2010-06-01
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Mogwai: Burning

Mogwai: Burning

8.8/10 IMDB

With much of Mogwai’s recent output having fallen uncharacteristically flat, one could be forgiven for thinking that this release, a live album and DVD set, signals the once-great band finally running out of ideas. Yet while Special Moves/Burning offers nothing in the way of new material, it serves as a timely reminder of Mogwai’s immense talent and eternal ability to inspire.

Starring: Dominic Aitchison, Stuart Braithwaite, John Cummings, Barry Burns, Martin Bulloch, Mogwai ..
Directed by: Vincent Moon, Nat le Scouarnec
Release date: 2010-08-24
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Blur - Live at Hyde Park

Blur - Live at Hyde Park

8.9/10 IMDB

Hyde Park Concert Film, July 2009. Blur: Live At Hyde Park is the definitive live Blur concert film. Directed by Giorgio Testi, the film was shot on the 2nd of July 2009 in front of a crowd of 55,000 fans in London's Hyde Park. The gigs were the climax of their hugely successful 2009 comeback tour and saw the band play a 25-song, career spanning set to a rapturous reception from fans. Shot using 18 cameras and featuring stunning HD cinematography, the film lovingly documents Blur's incredible Hyde Park performances. Intro / She's So High / Girls & Boys / Tracy Jacks / There's No Other Way / Jubilee / Badhead / Beetlebum / Out Of Time / Trimm Trabb / Coffee and TV / Tender / Country House / Oily Water / Chemical World / Sunday Sunday / Parklife / End Of Century / To The End / This Is A Low / Popscene / Advert / Song 2 / Death Of A Party / For Tomorrow / The Universal

Starring: Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, Dave Rowntree, Mike Smith, Phil Daniels ..
Directed by: Giorgio Testi
Release date: 2010-02-15
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Heaven & Hell: Neon Nights

Heaven & Hell: Neon Nights

8.6/10 IMDB

Live at Wacken Open Air July 30 2009.

Starring: Ronnie James Dio, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, Vinny Appice ..
Release date: 2010-01-01
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Porcupine Tree: Anesthetize

Porcupine Tree: Anesthetize

8.8/10 IMDB

Last year Porcupine Tree released their latest album The Incident. The album marked another step forward in the incredible journey of the band from a solo studio project created by Steven Wilson in the late eighties to a Grammy nominated act and one of the world's most revered live bands, currently selling out arenas across the globe and wowing fans with their incredible performances. "Anesthetize" is a DVD which captures the power of the band's live show. Recorded on multi-cameras over two nights at 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland in October 2008, the concerts featured tracks from throughout the band's career. "Anesthetize" collects the highlights from the two shows. It is only the band's second ever DVD release.

Starring: Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri, Colin Edwin, Gavin Harrison, John Wesley ..
Directed by: Lasse Hoile
Release date: 2010-05-20
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Listen to Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart

6.9/10 IMDB

Danny Foster doesn't have much: an apartment as small as his paychecks, no family, and a struggling music career. Yet for him, "every day is a great day to be alive," an attitude he gained from his mother's unwavering optimism during her losing battle with cancer. It's love at first sight when Danny meets Ariana, a wealthy girl from Greenwich, CT who tragically cannot hear the music she inspires him to write. Ariana, hearing impaired since childhood, is torn between hanging onto the shelter her controlling mother provides and fighting for a love that, if given the chance, might just change her life

Starring: Alexia Rasmussen, Cybill Shepherd, Shirley Knight, Ernie Sabella, Matthew Albrecht, Kent Moran, Frank Watson ..
Directed by: Matt Thompson
Release date: 2010-08-14

Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy)

7.1/10 IMDB

Not The Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy) is a comic oratorio based on Monty Python's Life of Brian, which retells the tragic tale of Mandy, impregnated by a Roman soldier, giving birth to Brian, a reluctant revolutionary of the People's Front of Judea who falls in love with Judith, gets mistaken for a Messiah and is arrested by the Romans and sentenced to be crucified. It ranges in reference from Handel, through a naughty Mozart duet, to the Festival of Nine Carols, Bob Dylan, and the classic finale "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".

Starring: Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, Carol Cleveland, William Ferguson, Shannon Mercer, Rosalind Plowright, Christopher Purves, Neil Innes ..
Directed by: Aubrey Powell
Release date: 2010-03-25
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Big Time Christmas

Big Time Christmas

8.3/10 IMDB

Griffin assigns Big Time Rush to make their own Christmas EP, but in order to get back to Minnesota for the holidays, BTR has to make 3 songs as well as find guest stars for two of them, all in five hours before they can go to Minnesota for the holidays.

Starring: Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, Logan Henderson, Stephen Kramer Glickman, Tanya Chisholm, Miranda Cosgrove, Snoop Dogg, Ciara Bravo, David Anthony Higgins ..
Directed by: Savage Steve Holland
Release date: 2010-12-04
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Tokio Hotel - Humanoid City Live

Tokio Hotel - Humanoid City Live

9.2/10 IMDB

Humanoid City Live, is a live DVD released by the German band Tokio Hotel on July 20, 2010. It was recorded on April 12, 2010 at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, (Italy) during their Welcome to Humanoid City Tour.

Starring: Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Gustav Schäfer, Bill Kaulitz ..
Directed by: Jim Gable
Release date: 2010-07-20

The Big Four: Live in Sofia

8.6/10 IMDB

When the 'Big Four,' Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax, shared a stage together on June 22nd, 2010, in Sofia, Bulgaria, it was the moment their fans had waited for decades. That monumental show was beamed live into over 1000 theaters worldwide via satellite in a special HD cinematic event.

Starring: James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, Metallica, Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Shawn Drover, Chris Broderick, Megadeth ..
Directed by: Nick Wickham, Nick Levitt
Release date: 2010-06-22
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Sondheim! The Birthday Concert

Sondheim! The Birthday Concert

8.6/10 IMDB

Join us for a rousing celebration of the life and works of one of Broadway's greatest legends — the one and only Stephen Sondheim. For the master composer and lyricist's 80th birthday, many of musical theater's brightest stars gathered in March of 2010 to perform more than two dozen sensational numbers from Sondheim's illustrious career, and several of these enduring songs are performed by the original Broadway cast members. David Hyde Pierce hosts this magical event with Stephen Sondheim's longtime collaborator Paul Gemignani conducting the New York Philharmonic. Originally broadcast as an episode of the PBS series "Great Performances" (season 38, episode 2).

Starring: David Hyde Pierce, Laura Benanti, Michael Cerveris, Victoria Clark, Jenn Colella, Matt Cavenaugh, Jason Danieley, Alexander Gemignani, Joanna Gleason, Nathan Gunn ..
Directed by: Lonny Price
Release date: 2010-11-26
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Slipknot: (sic)nesses

Slipknot: (sic)nesses

8.5/10 IMDB

On June 13, 2009, Slipknot headlined the annual Download Festival in the UK, performing in front of 80,000 of their rabid fans. The performance was typical Slipknot, coming on the heels of one of the strongest years in Slipknot‘s illustrious career…annnd they filmed it for a DVD. 30 cameras captured ths (sic)ness on tape.

Starring: Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Slipknot, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson ..
Directed by: Shawn Crahan, Ruaru Mcphie, John Probyn, P.R. Brown
Release date: 2010-09-28
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Miley Cyrus: Live At the O2

Miley Cyrus: Live At the O2

7.8/10 IMDB

Miley Cyrus appears in her first network TV special. The concert was filmed at the famed O2 Arena in London during her sold-out worldwide tour "Wonder World" in 2009 and contains excerpts from her live show. The program captures how Miley, who has grown up in the public eye, has grown as an artist, and reveals her natural progression and sophistication. - Written by ABC Publicity

Starring: Miley Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus, Trace Cyrus, Braison Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Mitchel Musso, Tish Cyrus ..
Release date: 2010-06-21

Riverdance: Live From Beijing

8.5/10 IMDB

This new DVD was filmed LIVE in the Beijing Exhibition Centre to celebrate the shows 15th Anniversary as part of its 12 city tour of China in 2010. It showcases the incredible beauty, energy and skill of the dance combined with the captivating rhythms of the music. This recording, which is the first since 2001, was filmed to the highest specifications on RED High Definition cameras giving the quality of 35mm film. Every Riverdance fan will enjoy these superb DVD and Blu-Ray products with Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Directed by: John McColgan
Release date: 2010-10-11
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Carole King & James Taylor - Live at the Troubadour

Carole King & James Taylor - Live at the Troubadour

8.7/10 IMDB

In November of 1970 James Taylor and Carole King first performed together at the Troubadour on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. Taylor had just released his debut album for the Beatles' newly formed Apple Records and King was finding her way as a first time solo performer even though by then she was a famous songwriter with a string of hits for other artists. When they returned to the club for a two-week co-headlining run in 1971 their lives were somewhat different. That summer Taylor's "Fire and Rain" was topping the charts and King's landmark Tapestry was on its way to making her a music superstar. Thirty-six years later, in November 2007, James Taylor, Carole King and members of their renowned original band "The Section" (featuring guitarist Danny Kortchmar, bassist Leland Sklar and drummer Russell Kunkel) returned to the Troubadour for a three-night, six-show run to celebrate the venue's 50th anniversary.

Starring: Carole King, James Taylor ..
Release date: 2010-05-04
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Christina Aguilera: VH1 Storytellers

Christina Aguilera: VH1 Storytellers

9.2/10 IMDB

In this special, VH1 Storytellers featured the one and only Christina Aguilera in which she performed a mini-concert for fans.

Starring: Christina Aguilera ..
Directed by: Manny Rodriguez
Release date: 2010-06-13

Celtic Thunder: Christmas

8.3/10 IMDB

Track listing: 1. Christmas Overture, 2. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, 3. Winter Wonderland, 4. Christmas Morning, Donegal, 5. Amazing Grace, 6. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, 7. Last Christmas, 8. When You Wish Upon A Star, 9. Silent Night, 10. Going Home For Christmas, 11. Our First Christmas Together, 12. Christmas 1915, 13. Baby, It's Cold Outside, 14. Ave Maria, 15. Hallelujah, 16. All I Want For Christmas Is You, 17. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day, 18. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year/We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Starring: Damian McGinty, Keith Harkin, George Donaldson, Paul Byrom, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne ..
Release date: 2010-11-22
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Beyoncé: I Am... World Tour

Beyoncé: I Am... World Tour

8.0/10 IMDB

108 shows, 78 cities, 32 countries, 6 continents, 1.1 million fans. Beyoncé’s I Am... World Tour captures concert footage from numerous shows edited into one extraordinary concert. Weaved into this concert are highlights that give a rare glimpse into the dynamic and personal world of this multi-faceted icon. As a bonus is a behind-the-scenes documentary entitled Mic and a Light. I Am... World Tour Blu-ray captures not only an unforgettable performance from the superstar singer and entertainer, but showcases her astonishing talent as a filmmaker, director and producer.

Starring: Beyoncé, Madonna Grimes, Jay-Z, Kanye West ..
Directed by: Ed Burke, Beyoncé
Release date: 2010-11-30
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Regina Spektor: Live in London

Regina Spektor: Live in London

9.0/10 IMDB

“Regina Spektor: Live in London” — that’s what it’s called, and that’s what you get. Eighteen songs, performed in December 2009 at the Hammersmith Apollo, with an absolute minimum of onstage chatter and dollops of stylishly grainy, MTV-like filler: Ms. Spektor on the plane from New York, driving through London, applying makeup before the show. It’s perfectly tasteful, a fine showcase for her music and, more important, a fine promotional tool for the accompanying CD and DVD (which — surprise — contain four additional songs).

Starring: Regina Spektor, Yoed Nir, Dan Cho, Dave Heilman, Elizabeth Myers, Kishi Bashi ..
Directed by: Adria Petty
Release date: 2010-11-22

U2: 360° at the Rose Bowl

8.2/10 IMDB

U2's 360° concert at the famous Pasadena Rose Bowl was U2's biggest ever show in the United States with a box office attendance in excess of 97,000. The first live streaming of a full-length stadium concert, U2360° at the Rose Bowl streamed across seven continents, making history with over 10 million views in one week. Shot entirely in HD, this ground breaking concert was filmed with 28 cameras and directed by Tom Krueger who previously shot the concert film U23D. U2360° resumes in Europe in August with North American dates to follow in 2011.

Starring: The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr., Adam Clayton, Bono, U2, Terry Lawless ..
Directed by: Tom Krueger
Release date: 2010-06-04

Janie Jones

6.6/10 IMDB

A young girl who has been abandoned by her former-groupie mother informs a fading rock star that she is his daughter.

Starring: Abigail Breslin, Alessandro Nivola, Elisabeth Shue, Brittany Snow, Peter Stormare, Joel David Moore, Frances Fisher, Frank Whaley, David Lee Smith, Rodney Eastman ..
Directed by: David M. Rosenthal
Release date: 2010-09-17
Best Music Movies of 2010 : The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles

The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles

8.2/10 IMDB

This collection consists of four of the most cherished shows in television history. On February 9, 1964, The Beatles made their debut TV appearance in the U.S. on the Ed Sullivan Show. 73 million Americans watched and Beatlemania is born! Other shows included were February 16, 1964, February 23, 1964, and September 12, 1965. Includes 20 song performances, as well as the rest of the four Ed Sullivan shows. Also included in some special editions is the show rehearsal (Deauville Hotel, Miami - Feb.16, 1964)

Starring: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr ..
Release date: 2010-09-07
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Animusic HD

Animusic HD

8.4/10 IMDB

9 Hi-Definition music animations All 8 animations from Animusic 2 Pipe Dream, from Animusic 1 Bonus Feature.

Directed by: Wayne Lytle
Release date: 2010-11-27
Best Music Movies of 2010 : Taking Chances World Tour - The Concert

Taking Chances World Tour - The Concert

8.0/10 IMDB

Relive Celine's record breaking tour with the 'Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert'. Surrounded by musicians and dancers, Celine performs her greatest hits on stage. From the energetic opening track "I Drove All Night" to the moving and emotional grand finale ballad "My Heart Will Go On", it's the concert event you'll want to watch and listen to again and again. A full 80 minutes of Celine belting out 25 incredible performance. This was recorded during a Boston concert in August 2008. This concert shows once again that Celine is a true show-woman - on stage, she gives herself entirely to her audience.

Starring: Céline Dion ..
Directed by: Jean Lamoureux
Release date: 2010-04-30

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