Best Music Movies of 1979



7.6/10 IMDB

"Hair" is a 1979 musical war comedy-drama film adaptation of the 1968 Broadway musical "Hair: An American Tribal Love-Rock Musical" about a Vietnam War draftee, Claude, who meets and befriends a tribe of long-haired hippies on his way to the army induction center. Claude heads to New York upon receiving his draft notice, leaving the family ranch in Oklahoma. He arrives in New York where he is rapidly indoctrinated into the youth subculture before reporting in for boot camp.

Starring: John Savage, Treat Williams, Annie Golden, Beverly D'Angelo, Dorsey Wright, Don Dacus, Richard Bright, Nicholas Ray, Charlotte Rae, Miles Chapin ..
Directed by: Miloš Forman
Release date: 1979-03-14

The Muppet Movie

7.6/10 IMDB

A Hollywood agent persuades Kermit the Frog to pursue a career in Hollywood. On his way there he meets his future muppet crew while being chased by the desperate owner of a frog-leg restaurant!

Starring: Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Dave Goelz, Charles Durning, Austin Pendleton, Edgar Bergen, Milton Berle, Mel Brooks ..
Directed by: James Frawley
Release date: 1979-05-31


7.3/10 IMDB

Based on the 1973 rock opera album of the same name by The Who, this is the story of 60s teenager Jimmy. At work he slaves in a dead-end job. While after, he shops for tailored suits and rides his scooter as part of the London Mod scene.

Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Phil Davis, Mark Wingett, Timothy Spall, Sting, Ray Winstone, Toyah Willcox, Michael Elphick, Hugh Lloyd ..
Directed by: Franc Roddam
Release date: 1979-09-14

The Who: The Kids Are Alright

8.1/10 IMDB

Through concert performances and interviews, this film offers us an "inside look" at this famous rock group, "The Who". It captures their zany craziness and outrageous antics from the initial formation of the group to its major hit "Who Are You", and features the last performance of drummer Keith Moon just prior to his death.

Starring: Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, Steve Martin ..
Directed by: Jeff Stein
Release date: 1979-06-15
Best Music Movies of 1979 : Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Rust Never Sleeps

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Rust Never Sleeps

8.1/10 IMDB

Neil Young's 1978 concert tour, documented in this acclaimed two-hour film that was directed by Young himself (using the pseudonym Bernard Shakey), is a treat for the singer-songwriter's fans. The concept of the show is high (for Young, anyway), if rather odd: roadies (here called "Road Eyes") decked out like Jawas from Star Wars, stage announcements from the original Woodstock during set changes, and giant amps, microphones, and so on for an "Incredible Shrinking Man" effect. Of course, it's the music that counts, and there's plenty of that, what with nearly 20 songs (including two versions of "Hey Hey, My My," his nod to the punk movement), acoustic and electric (with longtime companions Crazy Horse), dating back to his Buffalo Springfield days ("I Am a Child") and continuing through popular solo numbers like "Cinnamon Girl" and the extended "Like a Hurricane."

Starring: Neil Young, Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot, Frank Sampedro ..
Directed by: Neil Young
Release date: 1979-08-15
Best Music Movies of 1979 : Kate Bush: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon

Kate Bush: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon

8.4/10 IMDB

A live performance from Kate Bush's critically and commercially successful The Tour of Life, recorded on May 13th, 1979.

Starring: Kate Bush, Brian Bath, Alan Murphy, Paddy Bush, Ben Barson, Kevin McAlea, Del Palmer, Preston Heyman, Glenys Groves, Liz Pearson ..
Directed by: Keith "Keef" MacMillan
Release date: 1979-05-13
Best Music Movies of 1979 : Alice Cooper: The Strange Case of Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper: The Strange Case of Alice Cooper

8.2/10 IMDB

1. Intro 2. From The Inside 3. Serious 4. Nurse Rosetta 5. The Quiet Room 6. I Never Cry 7. Devil's Food 8. Welcome To My Nightmare 9. Billion Dollar Babies 10. Only Women Bleed 11. No More Mr. Nice Guy 12. I'm Eighteen 13. The Black Widow 14. Wish I Was Born In Beverly Hills 15. Ballad Of Dwight Fry 16. Go To Hell 17. How You Gonna See Me Now 18. Inmates (We're All Crazy) 19. School's Out The Strange Case of Alice Cooper is a must watch for any Cooper fan... a man in the prime of his career doing what he did best, entertaining kids and scaring parents.

Starring: Alice Cooper, Penti Glan, Steve Hunter, Prakash John, Davey Johnstone, Freddie Mandel, Sheryl Cooper ..
Release date: 1979-04-09
Best Music Movies of 1979 : The Last Of The Blue Devils - The Kansas City Jazz Story

The Last Of The Blue Devils - The Kansas City Jazz Story

7.7/10 IMDB

Documentary film detailing the history of Kansas City jazz.

Starring: Count Basie, Big Joe Turner, Dizzy Gillespie ..
Directed by: Bruce Ricker
Release date: 1979-10-01
Best Music Movies of 1979 : ABBA - In Concert

ABBA - In Concert

8.1/10 IMDB

ABBA's 1979 tour of North America and Europe, with emphasis on performances at Wembley Arena, London.

Starring: Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Björn Ulvaeus, Tomas Ledin, Birgitta Wollgård, Liza Öhman, Ola Brunkert, Anders Eljas, Rutger Gunnarsson ..
Directed by: Urban Lasson
Release date: 1979-12-31


7.5/10 IMDB

An animated visual interpretation of the song "Autobahn," by German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk. A fast-paced experimental film which proved to be a groundbreaking combination of electronic and manual animation. One of the first films produced specifically for video disk.

Directed by: John Halas, Roger Mainwood
Release date: 1979-01-01

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