Best Music Movies of 1958



6.6/10 IMDB

A home, a motorcar, servants, the latest fashions: the most eligible and most finicky bachelor in Paris offers them all to Gigi. But she, who's gone from girlish gawkishness to cultured glamour before our eyes, yearns for that wonderful something money can't buy.

Starring: Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan, Hermione Gingold, Eva Gabor, Jacques Bergerac, Isabel Jeans, John Abbott, Corinne Marchand, Pat Sheehan ..
Directed by: Vincente Minnelli
Release date: 1958-05-15

Damn Yankees

7.0/10 IMDB

Film adaptation of the George Abbott Broadway musical about a Washington Senators fan who makes a pact with the Devil to help his baseball team win the league pennant.

Starring: Tab Hunter, Gwen Verdon, Ray Walston, Russ Brown, Shannon Bolin, Nathaniel Frey, James Komack, Rae Allen, Robert Shafer, Jean Stapleton ..
Directed by: George Abbott, Stanley Donen
Release date: 1958-07-23

South Pacific

6.8/10 IMDB

Can a girl from Little Rock find happiness with a mature French planter she got to know one enchanted evening away from the military hospital where she is a nurse? Or should she just wash that man out of her hair? Bloody Mary is the philosopher of the island and it's hard to believe she could be the mother of Liat who has captured the heart of Lt. Joseph Cable USMC. While waiting for action in the war in the South Pacific, sailors and nurses put on a musical comedy show. The war gets closer and the saga of Nellie Forbush and Emile de Becque becomes serious drama.

Starring: Rossano Brazzi, Mitzi Gaynor, John Kerr, Ray Walston, Juanita Hall, France Nuyen, Russ Brown, Jack Mullaney, Ken Clark, Floyd Simmons ..
Directed by: Joshua Logan
Release date: 1958-03-18
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Kiss Me, Kate

Kiss Me, Kate

8.1/10 IMDB

Abridged version of the classic Cole Porter musical as broadcast live on the Hallmark Hall of Fame series on NBC

Starring: Alfred Drake, Patricia Morison, Julie Wilson, Bill Hayes, Harvey Lembeck, Jack Klugman, Paul McGrath, Robinson Stone, Lee Cass, Jerry Duane ..
Directed by: George Schaefer
Release date: 1958-11-20

King Creole

6.9/10 IMDB

Danny Fisher, young delinquent, flunks out of high school. He quits his job as a busboy in a nightclub, and one night he gets the chance to perform. Success is imminent and the local crime boss Maxie Fields wants to hire him to perform at his night club The Blue Shade. Danny refuses, but Fields won't take no for an answer.

Starring: Elvis Presley, Carolyn Jones, Walter Matthau, Dolores Hart, Dean Jagger, Liliane Montevecchi, Vic Morrow, Paul Stewart, Jan Shepard, Brian G. Hutton ..
Directed by: Michael Curtiz
Release date: 1958-07-02

Tom Thumb

6.4/10 IMDB

A boy, no bigger than a thumb, manages to outwit two thieves determined to make a fortune from him.

Starring: Russ Tamblyn, Alan Young, June Thorburn, Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Bernard Miles, Jessie Matthews, Ian Wallace, Peter Butterworth, Peter Bull ..
Directed by: George Pal
Release date: 1958-12-04
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Free Radicals

Free Radicals

6.3/10 IMDB

In this powerful abstract film with a soundtrack of African drum music, Lye scratched "white ziggle-zag-splutter scratches" on to black leader, using a variety of tools from saw teeth to arrow heads. The first version of the film won a major award at the International Experimental Film Festival Held in Brussels in 1958 in association with the World's Fair. Stan Brakhage described the film as "an almost unbelievably immense masterpiece".

Directed by: Len Lye
Release date: 1958-04-23
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Wonderful Town

Wonderful Town

8.9/10 IMDB

Ruth Sherwood and her sister, Eileen, have moved to 1935 Greenwich Village. They're surrounded by colorful Village characters (including an out-of-work football player known as the Wreck, and Mr. Appopolous, a modern painter and their landlord) and embark on various New York adventures. Ruth, who's trying to make it as a writer, meets up with a sleazy newspaper writer named Chick and a kindly editor named Bob, both of whom take an interest in both her career and her.

Starring: Rosalind Russell, Sydney Chaplin, Joseph Buloff, Jacquelyn McKeever, Dort Clark, Jordan Bentley, Cris Alexander, Michele Burke, Jack Fletcher, Ted Beniades ..
Directed by: Mel Ferber, Herbert Ross
Release date: 1958-11-30
Best Music Movies of 1958 : The Very Eye of Night

The Very Eye of Night

6.2/10 IMDB

Dancers, shown in photographic negative, perform a series of ballet moves, solos, pas de deux, larger groupings. The dancers glide and rotate untroubled by gravity against a slowly changing starfield background. Their movements are accompanied by music scored for a small ensemble of woodwind and percussion.

Starring: Don Freisinger, Richard Sandifer, Patricia Ferrer, Bud Bready, Genaro Gómez, Barbara Levin, Richard Englund, Rosemary Williams, Phillip Salem ..
Directed by: Maya Deren
Release date: 1958-05-03
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

7.0/10 IMDB

Grand Canyon is a 1958 American short documentary film directed by James Algar and produced by Walt Disney Productions. It is a pictorial interpretation of Ferde Grofé's Grand Canyon Suite. Grand Canyon is one of Walt Disney's more unconventional and experimental works, as it has musical accompaniment, but no dialogue or narration. The short won an Oscar at the 31st Academy Awards in 1959 for Best Short Subject (Live Action).

Directed by: James Algar
Release date: 1958-09-26

Merry Andrew

6.6/10 IMDB

When eccentric English teacher Andrew Larabee needs a raise in order for his fiancée to marry him, his interest in archaeology leads him to an ancient statue's burial site. But when he finds a traveling circus directly above the statue's location, he accidentally becomes part of the act. With a newfound passion for performance and an attraction to the beautiful acrobat Selena, Andrew must decide what is truly important to him.

Starring: Danny Kaye, Pier Angeli, Salvatore Baccaloni, Noel Purcell, Robert Coote, Patricia Cutts, Rex Evans, Walter Kingsford, Peter Mamakos, Tommy Rall ..
Directed by: Michael Kidd
Release date: 1958-03-20
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

5.4/10 IMDB

A military school cadet romances a visiting French actress during Mardi Gras. With songs, kissing and New Orleans locations.

Starring: Pat Boone, Christine Carère, Tommy Sands, Sheree North, Gary Crosby, Fred Clark, Dick Sargent, Barrie Chase, Bess Flowers, Robert Wagner ..
Directed by: Edmund Goulding
Release date: 1958-11-18
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Davy


5.7/10 IMDB

The Mad Morgans are a family song and dance act touring the British Music Halls. Young Davy is the star of the act but should he stay with his family or strike out on his own ? The last comedy to be produced at Ealing Studios.

Starring: Harry Secombe, Alexander Knox, Bill Owen, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Liz Fraser, Bernard Cribbins, Ron Randell, George Relph, Susan Shaw ..
Directed by: Michael Relph
Release date: 1958-01-02
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Date with Dizzy

Date with Dizzy

6.5/10 IMDB

A Hubley stand-in instructs iconic trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie on scoring a short commercial for an instant rope ladder.

Starring: Ralph Hertz, Don Keefer, Dizzy Gillespie, Sahib Shihab, Wade Legge, Nelson Boyd, Charlie Persip ..
Directed by: John Hubley
Release date: 1958-01-01
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Hot Rod Gang

Hot Rod Gang

5.2/10 IMDB

A kid who wants to enter his car in the drag races joins a rock band to make enough money to do it.

Starring: John Ashley, Jody Fair, Steve Drexel, Scott Peters, Helen Spring, Dorothy Neumann, Maureen Arthur, Doodles Weaver, Dub Taylor, Lester Dorr ..
Directed by: Lew Landers
Release date: 1958-08-01
Best Music Movies of 1958 : The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi

8.0/10 IMDB

A musical version of O. Henry's famous Christmas story.

Starring: Gordon MacRae, Sally Ann Howes, Bea Arthur, Ray Boyle, Allen Case, Sally Gracie, Tammy Grimes, The Home Town Quartet, Bibi Osterwald, Lee Richardson ..
Directed by: George Schaefer
Release date: 1958-12-09
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates

Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates

7.6/10 IMDB

In Holland, poor but industrious and honorable 15-year-old Hans Brinker and his younger sister yearn to participate in December's great ice skating race on the canal.

Starring: Tab Hunter, Basil Rathbone, Dick Button, Peggy King, Carmen Mathews, Jarmila Novotná, Ralph Roberts ..
Directed by: George Schaefer, Sidney Lumet
Release date: 1958-02-09
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Eurovision Song Contest 1958

Eurovision Song Contest 1958

7.3/10 IMDB

The Eurovision Song Contest 1958 was the third edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. It took place in Hilversum, the Netherlands, following the country's victory at the 1957 contest with the song "Net als toen" by Corry Brokken. This formed the convention that the winning country of the previous year's event would host the following year. It was the first time the Netherlands had hosted the contest. Organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and host broadcaster Nederlandse Televisie Stichting (NTS), the contest was held at the AVRO Studios on Wednesday 12 March 1958.

Starring: Hannie Lips ..
Directed by: Dolf van der Linden
Release date: 1958-03-12
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Country Music Holiday

Country Music Holiday

6.0/10 IMDB

A small-town singer is persuaded by his Army buddies to try and crash big-time TV.

Starring: Zsa Zsa Gábor ..
Directed by: Alvin Ganzer
Release date: 1958-01-01
Best Music Movies of 1958 : 6.5 Special

6.5 Special

5.8/10 IMDB

A spin-off from the BBC television show. At the suggestion of her girlfriend, a young singer decides to try and make her name in London. Catching the overnight '6.5 Special' the two find the train full of 1950's British pop stars only too ready to burst into song. As the presenters of the show are also on board, our heroine is assured of a spot on the following Saturday's 'Six Five Special'.

Starring: Diane Todd, Avril Leslie, Finlay Currie, Josephine Douglas, Pete Murray, Freddie Mills, Lonnie Donegan, Dickie Valentine, Jim Dale, Petula Clark ..
Directed by: Alfred Shaughnessy
Release date: 1958-03-01
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Senior Prom

Senior Prom

5.7/10 IMDB

At a college party, a girl named Gay (Jill Corey) meets a guy named Tom (Paul Hampton) and they soon fall in love. Tom's bandmate, who goes by the nickname "Dog" with his own girlfriend whose nickname is "Flip", form a friendship quartet together with Gay and Tom as they plan for the Senior Prom. But Gay's childhood friend Carter has been convinced they are meant to be engaged and gets rather petty about her new love. Tom is also an aspiring singer whose debut record didn't take off when first released, but may be in for a revival. Which stars will end up performing at their Senior Prom? Tune in to find out!

Starring: Jill Corey, Paul Hampton, James Komack, Barbara Bostock, Tom Laughlin, Frieda Inescort, Louis Prima, Ed Sullivan, Mitch Miller, Peggy Moffitt ..
Directed by: David Lowell Rich
Release date: 1958-12-01
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Calypso


5.3/10 IMDB

CALYPSO (1958)

Starring: Cy Grant, Sally Neal, Louise Bennett, Carlton Gumbs, Didier Petrus, Paul Sauvain, W.E. Minto ..
Directed by: Franco Rossi, Golfiero Colonna
Release date: 1958-01-01


0.0/10 IMDB

This 1958 filmed version of Verdi's masterful Otello stars Mario Del Monaco, perhaps the greatest Otello of the 21st century, as the tragic moor who is consumed by jealousy thanks to the machinations of the villainous Jago.

Starring: Mario Del Monaco, Renato Capecchi, Rosanna Carteri, Gino Mattera, Athos Cesarini, Plinio Clabassi, Nestore Catalani, Bruno Cioni, Luisella Ciaffi ..
Directed by: Franco Enriquez
Release date: 1958-01-01

Jabulani Afrika

0.0/10 IMDB

A BAFTA award nominated documentary featuring native African musicians and dancers.

Directed by: Jamie Uys, Jok Uys
Release date: 1958-01-01
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Six-Five Special

Six-Five Special

5.8/10 IMDB

At the suggestion of her girlfriend, a young singer decides to try and make her name in London. Catching the overnight '6.5 Special' bound for the BBC television show, the two find the train full of 1950's British pop stars only too ready to burst into song. As the presenters of the show are also on board, our heroine is assured of a spot on the following Saturday's 'Six Five Special'.

Starring: Lonnie Donegan, Dickie Valentine, Jim Dale, Petula Clark, Russ Hamilton, Joan Regan ..
Release date: 1958-03-01

Living Stereo

0.0/10 IMDB

RCA Victor announces their new line of new 2-in-1 Stereo Orthophonic High Fidelity Victrolas in this 1958 promotional film for the introduction of Living Stereo.

Starring: Bob Banks ..
Release date: 1958-12-31
Best Music Movies of 1958 : Maleesh gheirak

Maleesh gheirak

0.0/10 IMDB

Singer (Ahmed) loves the horses, and he accidentally drives him to a stable in which he meets a friend he has not seen for years while he is (Adel). Bassima) to agree with Ahmed on acting that he loves her, will acting become reality?

Starring: Farid Al Atrache, Mariam Fakhr Eddine, Amal Farid, Aleya Bassim, Rushdy Abaza, Hassan Fayek, Omar El-Hariri, Farouk Ajrama, Mimi Chakib, Souad Hussein ..
Directed by: Henry Barakat
Release date: 1958-02-01

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