Best Music Movies of 1938


Alexander's Ragtime Band

6.9/10 IMDB

Roger Grant, a classical violinist, disappoints his family and teacher when he organizes a jazz band, but he and the band become successful. Roger falls in love with his singer Stella, but his reluctance to lose her leads him to thwart her efforts to become a solo star. When the World War separates them in 1917, Stella marries Roger's best friend Charlie. Roger comes home after the war and an important concert at Carnegie Hall brings the corners of the romantic triangle together.

Starring: Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Don Ameche, Ethel Merman, Jack Haley, Jean Hersholt, Helen Westley, John Carradine, Paul Hurst, Wally Vernon ..
Directed by: Henry King
Release date: 1938-05-24
Best Music Movies of 1938 : Carefree


7.1/10 IMDB

Dr. Tony Flagg's friend Steven has problems in the relationship with his fiancée Amanda, so he persuades her to visit Tony. After some minor misunderstandings, she falls in love with him. When he tries to use hypnosis to strengthen her feelings for Steven, things get complicated.

Starring: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Ralph Bellamy, Luella Gear, Jack Carson, Clarence Kolb, Franklin Pangborn, Walter Kingsford, Kay Sutton, Bobby Barber ..
Directed by: Mark Sandrich
Release date: 1938-09-02

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

7.1/10 IMDB

Rebecca's Uncle Harry leaves her with Aunt Miranda who forbids her to associate with show people. But neighbor Anthony Kent is a talent scout who secretly set it up for her to broadcast.

Starring: Shirley Temple, Randolph Scott, Jack Haley, Gloria Stuart, Phyllis Brooks, Helen Westley, Slim Summerville, Bill Robinson, Raymond Scott, Alan Dinehart ..
Directed by: Allan Dwan
Release date: 1938-03-18
Best Music Movies of 1938 : Swing Cat's Jamboree

Swing Cat's Jamboree

7.0/10 IMDB

"Swing cat" Louis Prima and his jazz quartette play songs and accompany featured singers and dancers.

Starring: Louis Prima, Lloyd Shirley, Ted Gary, Mitzi Dahl ..
Directed by: Roy Mack
Release date: 1938-08-06

Listen, Darling

6.6/10 IMDB

To stop Pinkie's widowed, struggling mother Dottie from marrying a well-off older man they know she doesn't love, teenager Pinkie and her best friend Buzz kidnap her in the family travel trailer to live a carefree life on the open road. They then get the idea to find Dottie a financially secure husband whom both she and Pinkie would like.

Starring: Judy Garland, Freddie Bartholomew, Mary Astor, Walter Pidgeon, Alan Hale, Scotty Beckett, Gene Lockhart, Charley Grapewin, Barnett Parker, Edgar Dearing ..
Directed by: Edwin L. Marin
Release date: 1938-10-21
Best Music Movies of 1938 : Little Miss Broadway

Little Miss Broadway

6.6/10 IMDB

An orphan is provisionally adopted by the manager of a hotel populated by show business people. The hotel's owner doesn't like the entertainers and wants the girl returned to the orphanage.

Starring: Shirley Temple, George Murphy, Jimmy Durante, Phyllis Brooks, Edna May Oliver, George Barbier, Edward Ellis, Jane Darwell, El Brendel, Donald Meek ..
Directed by: Irving Cummings
Release date: 1938-07-29

Philips Broadcast of 1938

7.0/10 IMDB

Puppet animation of Bert Ambrose and His Orchestra performing. A Puppetoon animated short film.

Starring: Bert Ambrose, Sam Browne, Evelyn Dall ..
Directed by: George Pal
Release date: 1938-11-13
Best Music Movies of 1938 : Her Jungle Love

Her Jungle Love

6.9/10 IMDB

While searching the South Pacific for a missing aviator, Bob Mitchell and Jimmy Wallace are caught in a typhoon and crack up on an island, escaping unharmed with the aid of Tura, a beautiful jungle girl who is the only inhabitant of the island and is believed a goddess by the natives of the adjoining islands. The three are about to leave the island on a make-shift raft when a gang of savage tribesman land, headed by Kuasa, a half-mad potentate who informs them that all whites are his mortal enemies because an Englishwoman once spurned his love and he got his revenge by stealing her daughter, who is Tura.

Starring: Dorothy Lamour, Ray Milland, Lynne Overman, J. Carrol Naish, Virginia Vale, Jonathan Hale, Archie Twitchell, Edward Earle, Sonny Chorre, Tony Urchel ..
Directed by: George Archainbaud
Release date: 1938-04-15
Best Music Movies of 1938 : Straight, Place and Show

Straight, Place and Show

5.8/10 IMDB

The Ritz Brothers go to the race track. They raise training end entrance money in a wrestling match and help a young man train the horse of his fiancée.

Starring: Harry Ritz, Al Ritz, Jimmy Ritz, Phyllis Brooks, Richard Arlen, Ethel Merman, George Barbier, Sidney Blackmer, Will Stanton, Ivan Lebedeff ..
Directed by: David Butler
Release date: 1938-09-30
Best Music Movies of 1938 : The Duke Is Tops

The Duke Is Tops

5.5/10 IMDB

A theatrical producer puts aside his own success to boost the career of a talented singer.

Starring: Ralph Cooper, Lena Horne, Laurence Criner, Monte Hawley, Willie Covan, Neva Peoples, Vernon McCalla, Edward Thompson, Johnny Taylor ..
Directed by: William L. Nolte
Release date: 1938-07-15

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