Best Movies of 1911


Her Crowning Glory

A widower becomes infatuated with his daughter's governess, to the displeasure of the child and her nurse.
Starring: John Bunny, Flora Finch, Helene Costello, Kate Price, Mae Costello
Directed by: Laurence Trimble
Release date: 1911-09-11

Fighting Blood

After the Civil War, an ex-soldier and his family settle in the Dakota Territory. The son quarrels with the father and leaves home. Riding in the hills, he spots a band of Indians attacking a neighboring homestead, and he races back to warn his family as the Indians chase him.
Starring: George Nichols, Kate Bruce, Robert Harron, Lionel Barrymore
Directed by: D.W. Griffith
Release date: 1911-06-28

Lady Godiva

The story of how Lady Godiva came to ride naked through the streets of Coventry.
Starring: Julia Swayne Gordon, Robert Gaillard, Kate Price, Harry Ward, Stanley Dunn
Directed by: J. Stuart Blackton
Release date: 1911-10-20


Those memorable words had just died upon the lips of the grand old general, as he gave Lieutenant Allen orders to reach Thomas. In order to do this, Allen had to pass through the heart of the enemy's country. Both men realized the excessive danger, and the younger officer salutes and leaves upon his mission. The message delivered, returning, the Lieutenant finds himself in close quarters. He feigns illness and is cared for at the home of Virginia Johnson, the sister of Robert E. Johnson, who is at the front. She unexpectedly receives a message from her brother, saying he will visit them that night. Allen, fearful of recognition even though he is disguised in Confederate uniform, plans his escape, only to be followed and captured. Later in battle Johnson and Allen are wounded and Johnson, feeling the end was near, places a little miniature in the hands of the Union soldier and asks him to find her.
Starring: Kathlyn Williams
Release date: 1911-03-30

From Death to Life

A chemist named Aratus invents a concoction that will turn creatures to stone, but only realizes the dangers of his creation when his wife falls victim to it.
Starring: Phillips Smalley, Lois Weber
Directed by: Lois Weber, Phillips Smalley
Release date: 1911-06-08

Are we down-hearted?

Cecil Hepworth’s Vivaphone film features Hay Plumb singing George Robins’ optimistic 1906 ditty concerning the mischievous responses of a poor family to regular visits from the bailiffs.
Starring: Hay Plumb, Madge Campbell, Jack Hulcup, Chrissie White, Alma Taylor
Directed by: Frank Wilson
Release date: 1911-01-01

The Musician's Daughter

Carl Wagner's good wife was dying. His heart bled at the thought of losing her, his life-long loyal helpmate. And his opera was almost completed, after spending months of weary hours to make it perfect. A pretty daughter tried in vain to brighten the overhanging gloom. Finally the composer, after a superhuman effort, and with a soul filled with sorrow, finished the last act of his score and hurried away to the impresario for a hearing. Here he was assured of an immediate reading and the return to his humble tenement was made with a much lighter heart. The doctor paid another visit to his patient and left a prescription to be filled. Carl reached home and realized how much depended upon the medicine ordered to possibly save a life most dear. Taking his cherished violin, the only article of value remaining, he rushed off to the pawnbroker and negotiated a loan.
Starring: Grace Scott, William S. Rising, Roy Applegate, John G. Adolfi, Dorothy Gibson
Directed by: Jay Hunt
Release date: 1911-12-12

When the Dead Return

acques and Antoine are both in love with the same girl, but Jacques proves the winner and marries Marcele. Three years after the wedding an accident deprives Jacques of his memory. Not knowing where or who he is, he wanders far from home and takes up a new life, all memory of the old having forsaken him. Years later, Marcele, convinced that Jacques is dead, marries Antoine. After ten years of happiness with Antoine, Marcele dies, leaving a little daughter. About this time, through an accident, Jacques' memory is restored and he arrives back at his old home just as his daughter is about to marry. Not realizing the lapse of years he attempts to stop the wedding, believing that his daughter is his wife Marcele. Explanations take place and Jacques is taken to the grave of his sweetheart and wife Marcele.
Starring: Gene Gauntier, J.P. McGowan, Jack J. Clark
Directed by: Sidney Olcott
Release date: 1911-05-05

Little Willie Goes Cycling

Little Willie, a tiny tot of three, mounts his equally tiny cycle, and starts gaily on his way. His fond father and mother, accompanied by the nurse, mount their cycles and follow. But whereas Willie, by reason of his diminutiveness, can accomplish such feats as riding between two people, and between a man's legs, the elder riders cannot, and sad accidents occur. China of all sorts, barrows, etc., are brought to the ground with a crash, the devoted parents actually bringing down the wall of a shop in their anxiety to follow their little son. Finally, at home, little Willie rides in a most wonderful fashion, up the walls and ceiling and down again. The film is sure to be the most popular item in the program.
Release date: 1911-01-27

His Double

A father who is determined his daughter should marry a count leading the boyfriend to dress up as the count to thwart his plans.
Starring: Blanche Cornwall, Darwin Karr, Lee Beggs
Directed by: Alice Guy
Release date: 1911-02-22

Charley Smiler Is Robbed

Charley has a watch stolen by a pickpocket.
Starring: Fred Evans
Directed by: David Aylott
Release date: 1911-08-22

An Elevator Romance

A wealthy, hustling young westerner comes east, and immediately calls up his boyhood chum, now a staid businessman in a New York skyscraper. The westerner is charmed by the sweet voice of the telephone girl who answers his call from the office switchboard, and determines to make her acquaintance. In fact, one of the first things he does after reaching his friend's office is to make inquiries, and he is made happy by an introduction. He soon finds that while the voice is charming, the girl's appearance and manner are much more so. But the girl, being modest and retiring does not approve of such an informal acquaintance. She practically snubs the westerner, and he sees that he has made little progress in his suit. And time is valuable for he soon must go back to his home, and he has already decided that he will take a bride with him. Love finds a way, as it usually does.
Starring: William Garwood
Release date: 1911-04-27

The Coffin Ship

A love story filmed in Long Island Sound with a stowaway and a shipwreck.
Starring: William Garwood
Release date: 1911-06-19

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