Best Movies of 1908


The House of Ghosts


A group of travellers go into a house for protection. Little do they know, it is filled with ghosts who make unusual things happen to them.

Directed by: Segundo de Chomón
Release date: 1908-01-01

The Thieving Hand

A one-armed street peddler notices that a well-to-do man has dropped his ring. He returns it to him. The wealthy man is very grateful and, to show his appreciation, takes the peddler to a 'Limb Store', where he buys him a new arm. The recipient soon discovers that this new arm has a will of its own - causing him considerable embarrassment.
Starring: Paul Panzer
Directed by: J. Stuart Blackton
Release date: 1908-02-01

The Electric Hotel


According to the rapid strides that electricity is making in this wonderful age we are not surprised to see in this picture an ideal hotel of the future in which everything is done by electricity. We see a couple entering the hostelry and, after registering, the clerk touches a button and away goes the baggage on to the elevator, which stops at the proper floors and the grips enter the room without the aid of anyone. Many amusing incidents follow. (Moving Picture World)

Starring: Segundo de Chomón, Julienne Mathieu
Directed by: Segundo de Chomón
Release date: 1908-10-31

Rescued from an Eagle's Nest

A woodsman leaves a hut followed by a woman with their baby. Nearby some men chop down a tree. The baby is left outside the hut, but an eagle flies away with it.
Starring: Henry B. Walthall, Miss Earle, Jinnie Frazer, D.W. Griffith
Directed by: J. Searle Dawley, Edwin S. Porter
Release date: 1908-01-16

Hallucinations pharmaceutiques ou Le truc de potard

There's a chemistry lab, in which one or two people ingest the wrong drug -- apparently -- and have a seriously bad trip. Then there's this wizard in his cave, and a fairy appears -- then there's this massive feast with about a dozen people. Then it ends.
Starring: Bleuette Bernon
Directed by: Georges Méliès
Release date: 1908-01-01

The Sculptor's Nightmare

At a political club, the members debate whose bust will replace that of Theodore Roosevelt. Unable to agree, each goes to a sculptor's studio and bribes him to sculpt a bust of the individual favorite. Instead, the sculptor spends their fees on a dinner with his model during which he becomes so inebriated that he is taken to jail. There he has a nightmare, wherein three busts are created and animated from clay (through stop-motion photography) in the likenesses of Democrat William Jennings Bryan and Republicans Charles W. Fairbanks and William Howard Taft. Finally an animated bust of Roosevelt appears.
Starring: Florence Auer, Edward Dillon, D.W. Griffith, Harry Solter, Anthony O'Sullivan
Directed by: Wallace McCutcheon
Release date: 1908-05-06

A Christmas Carol

Scrooge goes into his office and begins working. His nephew, along with three women who wish for Scrooge to donate enter. However, Scrooge dismisses them. On the night of Christmas Eve, his long-dead partner Jacob Marley comes as a ghost, warning him of a horrible fate if he does not change his ways.
Starring: Tom Ricketts
Release date: 1908-12-09

The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays

L. Frank Baum would appear in a white suit and present his live actors, slide shows and films as a live travelogue presentation of his popular fantasies. Highlights include Dorothy being swept to Oz in various ways, such as with back-projection tornadoes and storms in a chicken coop. Lack of financial backing forced the show to fold after appearing in only two cities, despite being a critical and commercial success.
Starring: L. Frank Baum, Frank Burns, George E. Wilson, Wallace Illington, Bronson Ward Jr.
Directed by: Francis Boggs, Otis Turner
Release date: 1908-09-23

L'apprenti architecte

Jim's mother brings him to an architect's office to secure a position for him, and he is accepted. After clinging lovingly to his ma, he is induced to abandon his strangle hold, and he is taken into the drafting room. Here two clerks make merry with him, but he managed to even matters unconsciously by leaning on the heavy end of a table, upsetting it and all on it. Now his employers tell him to carry a set of plans, papers and instruments, with which he is to accompany them to a building. In the course of construction, Jim reaches to the top of a closet for some of the papers, upsets it, breaks some more furniture and finally reaches the street, struggling under a mass of paraphernalia, with which he strews his path as he goes.
Starring: André Deed
Directed by: Henri Gambart
Release date: 1908-03-28


About an Acadian girl named Evangeline and her search for her lost love Gabriel, set during the time of the Expulsion of the Acadians, the forced removal by the British of the Acadian people from the present day Canadian Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island - parts of an area also known as Acadia.
Starring: Gene Gauntier
Directed by: Sidney Olcott
Release date: 1908-02-08

The Man in the Box

A poorly compensated bank clerk is, we may say, to that trying position of "Tantalus" in sight of tons of money but not a dollar of his own. This became more torturing as time went on, until at last, when the bank was arranging to ship a large quantity of cash to the West to relieve the recent money stringency, he made up his mind to heed the solicitude of that specter which had haunted him. Listening to the instructions given to the bank's messenger as to the shipment of the funds, he hustles off to a gang of crooks in whose company he had fallen.
Starring: Edward Dillon, D.W. Griffith, George Gebhardt, Gene Gauntier, Mack Sennett
Directed by: Wallace McCutcheon
Release date: 1908-06-19

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