Best Movies of 1905


The Night Before Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Santa feeds his reindeer and loads his sleigh, before going on his journey to deliver toys to the children of the world.
Directed by: Edwin S. Porter
Release date: 1905-12-16

Midwinter Bathing, L Street Bath, Boston

This film was photographed in the winter, much of it during an actual snowstorm, and snow can be seen on the ground in all scenes. The subject is a group of men, clothed only in swimming trunks, who demonstrate their physical prowess by doing calisthenics, playing handball, and swimming during freezing weather.
Release date: 1905-03-23

I.B. Dam and the Whole Dam Family

One at a time, we meet eight members of the Dam family.
Release date: 1905-07-08

The Life of Charles Peace

The story of Charles Peace, one of Britain's most notorious criminals. Peace was an expert in cat burglary. The film reconstructs Peace's real-life leap from a train on his way to trial for the murder of Arthur Dyson.
Starring: Walter Haggar, Violet Haggar, Lily Haggar, James Haggar, Henry Haggar
Directed by: William Haggar
Release date: 1905-09-01

On a Good Old 5¢ Trolley Ride

Amusing characters board an unsteady trolley at each stop, and then abandon the streetcar in order to chase a man who brought on board a basket full of snakes that got loose. A goose gets involved in the chase, and is stolen by a tramp.The chase ends when the crowd arrives at a stream that the tramp has already crossed, with the goose under his arm.
Release date: 1905-07-01

Mystic Shriners' Day, Dreamland, Coney Island

A parade of Mystic Shriners in ritual costumes and traditional hats, carrying a banner reading "Mecca"; some walk, some are mounted on horses, a few ride on camels and on one elephant. Many men and women in street dress walk casually in the parade. Single camera position from high angle.
Release date: 1905-08-07

The Mutiny on the Potemkin

Mutiny on a Russian Battleship.
Release date: 1905-09-22

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