Best Movies of 1903


The Great Train Robbery

7.3/10 IMDB

The clerk at the train station is assaulted and left tied by four men, then they rob the train threatening the operator. (They) take all the money and shoot a passenger when trying to run away. A little girl discovers the clerk tied and gives notice to the sheriff, who at once goes along with his men hunting the bandits.

Starring: A.C. Abadie, Gilbert M. Anderson, George Barnes, Justus D. Barnes, Walter Cameron, Frank Hanaway, Adam Charles Hayman, Mary Snow, Donald Gallaher, John Manus Dougherty Sr. ..
Directed by: Edwin S. Porter
Release date: 1903-12-07
Best Movies of 1903 : Life of an American Fireman

Life of an American Fireman

6.4/10 IMDB

Porter's sequential continuity editing links several shots to form a narrative of firemen responding to a house fire. They leave the station with their horse drawn pumper, arrive on the scene, and effect the safe rescue of a woman from the burning house. But wait, she tells them of her child yet asleep in the burning bedroom...

Starring: Vivian Vaughan, Arthur White, James H. White, Edwin S. Porter ..
Directed by: George S. Fleming, Edwin S. Porter, James H. White
Release date: 1903-01-21

The Divorce

3.7/10 IMDB

A husband walks out on his wife, leaving an incriminating letter behind. She hires a detective, who discovers the husband in a compromising position with another woman.

Release date: 1903-01-01
Best Movies of 1903 : Mary Jane's Mishap

Mary Jane's Mishap

6.6/10 IMDB

Mary Jane tries to light the oven. When she's unsuccessful, she plays around, getting black boot polish on her face. She mugs before a mirror. Then, it's back to work. When the stove still won't light, she pours in paraffin, winks at the camera, and lights a match. Kaboom! Is there any rest for the foolish, even in the grave?

Starring: Laura Bayley ..
Directed by: George Albert Smith
Release date: 1903-02-28

A Desperate Poaching Affray

5.9/10 IMDB

Three hunters surprise two poachers in the act. The hunters take umbrage and give chase over fences and through fields. The hunters fire away, but the poachers have guns as well, and a fight ensues with casualties for the hunters. Two cops appear and so do dogs as the chase continues. Will the poachers escape, or will they, like the game they were after, be trapped?

Starring: Sid Griffiths, Will Haggar Jr., Walter Haggar ..
Directed by: William Haggar
Release date: 1903-07-01
Best Movies of 1903 : An Extraordinary Cab Accident

An Extraordinary Cab Accident

6.2/10 IMDB

A man and a woman talk beside a street near a corner where a cop stands. Just as a horse-drawn cart rounds the corner, the man backs off the sidewalk saying good-by to his companion. The horse and cart flatten him and continue on, out of the camera's stationary range. The cop runs after the cab, the woman dashes to the body. The cop brings back the driver; is the victim dead?

Directed by: Robert W. Paul, Walter R. Booth
Release date: 1903-11-01

The Georgetown Loop (Colorado)

6.3/10 IMDB

Georgetown is a silver-mining town at 8,500 feet near the crest of the Rockies. Hooked somehow to the rear of a four-car passenger train is a camera that pans the scenery and, when the train goes around curves, looks ahead to see the engine and passenger cars: the passengers wave hundreds of white handkerchiefs out of the train's left-side windows for the benefit of the camera. The town comes into view; the tracks are above the town, so the camera looks down on dozens of modest rooftops as it pans the area.

Release date: 1903-01-01

Down the Hudson

5.7/10 IMDB

Film taken from a boat heading down the Hudson is shown at varying speeds, often giving a sense of rapid transit.

Directed by: Frederick S. Armitage, A.E. Weed
Release date: 1903-03-22
Best Movies of 1903 : Skyscrapers of New York City, from the North River

Skyscrapers of New York City, from the North River

5.9/10 IMDB

A beautiful panoramic view of lower New York from Barclay Street to Battery Park, showing a beautiful stereoscopic effect of the sky-scrapers in the business section of the city.

Directed by: J.B. Smith
Release date: 1903-05-01

A Daring Daylight Burglary

6.0/10 IMDB

A thief jumps a fence and removes the shutter from a house. He enters, but a lad who's witnessed the crime runs off to hail the coppers. The first officer on the scene climbs the fence, enters the house, and is soon fighting with the thief on the roof. The cop is injured and requires an ambulance. Meanwhile, the thief flees, pursued by more men in blue.

Directed by: Frank S. Mottershaw
Release date: 1903-04-01

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