Best History Movies of 1975


Love and Death

7.7/10 IMDB

In czarist Russia, a neurotic soldier and his distant cousin formulate a plot to assassinate Napoleon.

Starring: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Georges Adet, Frank Adu, Edmond Ardisson, Féodor Atkine, Yves Barsacq, Lloyd Battista, Jack Bérard, Eva Betrand ..
Directed by: Woody Allen
Release date: 1975-06-10

Picnic at Hanging Rock

7.4/10 IMDB

In the early 1900s, Miranda attends a girls boarding school in Australia. One Valentine's Day, the school's typically strict headmistress treats the girls to a picnic field trip to an unusual but scenic volcanic formation called Hanging Rock. Despite rules against it, Miranda and several other girls venture off. It's not until the end of the day that the faculty realizes the girls and one of the teachers have disappeared mysteriously.

Starring: Rachel Roberts, Karen Robson, Jane Vallis, Anne-Louise Lambert, Dominic Guard, Helen Morse, Margaret Nelson, John Jarratt, Jenny Lovell, Peter Collingwood ..
Directed by: Peter Weir
Release date: 1975-09-02

The Count of Monte-Cristo

6.9/10 IMDB

A TV adaptation of the classic Alexandre Dumas novel. Edmond Dantes is falsely accused by those jealous of his good fortune, and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the notorious island prison, Chateau d'If. While imprisoned, he meets the Abbe Faria, a fellow prisoner whom everyone believes to be mad. The Abbe tells Edmond of a fantastic treasure hidden away on a tiny island, that only he knows the location of. After many years in prison, the old Abbe dies, and Edmond escapes disguised as the dead body. Now free, Edmond must find the treasure the Abbe told him of, so he can use the new-found wealth to exact revenge on those who have wronged him.

Starring: Richard Chamberlain, Kate Nelligan, Isabelle De Valvert, Tony Curtis, Dominic Guard, Louis Jourdan, Trevor Howard, Taryn Power, Dominic Barto, Donald Pleasence ..
Directed by: David Greene
Release date: 1975-01-10

The Wind and the Lion

6.8/10 IMDB

At the beginning of the 20th century an American woman is abducted in Morocco by Berbers, and the attempts to free her range from diplomatic pressure to military intervention.

Starring: Sean Connery, Candice Bergen, Brian Keith, John Huston, Geoffrey Lewis, Simon Harrison, Polly Gottesman, Steve Kanaly, Vladek Sheybal, Nadim Sawalha ..
Directed by: John Milius
Release date: 1975-05-22

The Hindenburg

6.2/10 IMDB

In this highly speculative historical thriller, Colonel Franz Ritter (George C. Scott), a former hero pilot now working for military intelligence, is assigned to the great Hindenburg airship as its chief of security. As he races against the clock to uncover a possible saboteur aboard the doomed zeppelin he finds that any of the passengers and crew could be the culprit.

Starring: George C. Scott, Anne Bancroft, William Atherton, Roy Thinnes, Gig Young, Burgess Meredith, Charles Durning, Richard Dysart, Robert Clary, René Auberjonois ..
Directed by: Robert Wise
Release date: 1975-12-25


7.1/10 IMDB

During World War II, a young man is called up and, with an increasing sense of foreboding, undertakes his army training ready for D-day, June 6th, 1944.

Starring: Brian Stirner, Davyd Harries, Nicholas Ball, Julie Neesam, Sam Sewell, John Franklyn-Robbins, Stella Tanner, Harry Shacklock, David Scheuer, Ian Liston ..
Directed by: Stuart Cooper
Release date: 1975-07-01


6.4/10 IMDB

Warren Maxwell, the owner of a run-down plantation, pressures his son, Hammond, to marry and produce an heir to inherit the plantation. Hammond settles on his own cousin, Blanche, but purchases a sex slave when he returns from the honeymoon. Meanwhile, Warren buys a new Mandingo slave named Mede to breed and to earn money as a prize-fighter.

Starring: James Mason, Susan George, Ken Norton, Perry King, Richard Ward, Brenda Sykes, Lillian Hayman, Roy Poole, Ji-Tu Cumbuka, Paul Benedict ..
Directed by: Richard Fleischer
Release date: 1975-06-06
Best History Movies of 1975 : Winstanley


7.1/10 IMDB

Gerrard Winstanley is the leader of a 17th Century religious group that believes the land should be owned communally. His convictions bring him into conflict with both the state and the church.

Starring: Miles Halliwell, Jerome Willis, Terry Higgins, Phil Oliver, David Bramley, Alison Halliwell, Dawson France, Bill Petch, Barry Shaw, Sid Rawle ..
Directed by: Kevin Brownlow, Andrew Mollo
Release date: 1975-01-01
Best History Movies of 1975 : The Last of the Mohicans

The Last of the Mohicans

6.6/10 IMDB

An animated adaptation of the classic story. A young scout is befriended by a tribe of Mohawks.

Starring: Kristina Holland ..
Release date: 1975-11-27
Best History Movies of 1975 : Antony and Cleopatra

Antony and Cleopatra

6.9/10 IMDB

Adaptation of Shakespeare's play.

Starring: Janet Suzman, Richard Johnson, Corin Redgrave, Patrick Stewart, Rosemary McHale, Philip Locke, Mary Rutherford, Raymond Westwell, Darien Angadi, Geoffrey Hutchings ..
Directed by: Jon Scoffield
Release date: 1975-01-04
Best History Movies of 1975 : The UFO Incident

The UFO Incident

6.6/10 IMDB

In the early 1960s, an interracial couple undergo hypnosis, which unlocks memories of a forgotten event on a lonely road. Soon they believe they were abducted by extraterrestrials.

Starring: James Earl Jones, Estelle Parsons, Barnard Hughes, Dick O'Neill, Beeson Carroll, Terrence O'Connor, Jeanne Joe, Lou Wagner, Vic Perrin, Joe Stefano ..
Directed by: Richard A. Colla
Release date: 1975-10-20

Seven Green Bottles

6.9/10 IMDB

Seven wayward juveniles (the "Green Bottles" of the title) spend their days truanting and thieving. One by one they are caught and made to face the consequences of the choices they have made.

Starring: Mark Gregory, Geoffrey Coleman, George Harkins, Terry Argyle, James McCaul, Gerald Cupples, Danny John-Jules ..
Directed by: Eric Marquis
Release date: 1975-01-01
Best History Movies of 1975 : Great


6.7/10 IMDB

An animated film about the British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who spearheaded numerous engineering marvels of the early 19th century - including the Thames Tunnel, the Great Western Railway, and the Great Eastern steamship (for 40 years the world's largest steamship). Various styles of animation are used to depict events in his colorful life.

Starring: Richard Briers, Harry Fowler, Barbara Moore, Angus Lennie, Peter Hawkins, Dick Graham, Imogen Claire, Cyril Shaps ..
Directed by: Bob Godfrey
Release date: 1975-03-17
Best History Movies of 1975 : Death Scream

Death Scream

6.3/10 IMDB

Loosely based on the true story of the killing of Kitty Genovese: A young woman's murder is witnessed by fifteen of her neighbors who do nothing to help and refuse to cooperate with the police.

Starring: Raul Julia, Ed Asner, Art Carney, Tina Louise, Cloris Leachman, Nancy Walker, Allyn Ann McLerie, Kate Jackson, Belinda Balaski, Helen Hunt ..
Directed by: Richard T. Heffron
Release date: 1975-09-26

The Old Curiosity Shop

6.8/10 IMDB

A kindly shop owner whose overwhelming gambling debts allow a greedy landlord to seize his shop of dusty treasures. Evicted and with no way to pay his debts, he and his granddaughter flee.

Starring: Anthony Newley, David Hemmings, Jill Bennett, Michael Hordern, Mona Washbourne, David Warner, Sarah-Jane Varley, Paul Rogers, Yvonne Antrobus, Rosalind Knight ..
Directed by: Michael Tuchner
Release date: 1975-11-07
Best History Movies of 1975 : Children of Rage

Children of Rage

6.0/10 IMDB

The viscous conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is now a generation old. For many of the children of the region, the terrorist war has been going on for their entire lifetimes, killing their family and friends, and overshadowing their lives. They are the Children of Rage

Starring: Helmut Griem, Olga Georges-Picot, Richard Alfieri, Simón Andreu, Cyril Cusack, Jacques Sernas, Gabriele Tinti, Simon Ward ..
Directed by: Arthur Allan Seidelman
Release date: 1975-05-28
Best History Movies of 1975 : Days of Hope: 1926: General Strike

Days of Hope: 1926: General Strike

7.2/10 IMDB

In 1925, the coal owners decided to reduce the miners' wages whilst asking them to work longer hours, resulting in a strike.

Starring: Paul Copley, Pamela Brighton, Nikolas Simmonds, Russell Waters, Neil Seiler ..
Directed by: Ken Loach
Release date: 1975-10-02
Best History Movies of 1975 : Days of Hope: 1916: Joining Up

Days of Hope: 1916: Joining Up

8.0/10 IMDB

The Matthews are country people. If they can get a living with their hard work they want no changes or dealings with the outside world. Their children are different. They feel the earth moving under them and are excited and full of hope. They could not imagine what will happen to their world during the next ten years. The war itself is to bring vast changes. For Ben the army is to open up disturbing new horizons; while for his brother-in-law Philip the war is a dilemma demanding morality and courage.

Starring: Paul Copley, Pamela Brighton, Nikolas Simmonds, Helene Palmer, Clifford Kershaw ..
Directed by: Ken Loach
Release date: 1975-09-11

What's My Line At 25

8.2/10 IMDB

A retrospective of the classic game show, What's My Line, in which a four-member celebrity panel attempted to identify a contestant's occupation through yes or no questions. In addition, each episode featured a celebrity mystery guest that the panelists tried to identify the guest while blindfolded. The show ran from 1950-1967 and prominently featured John Daly, Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis, and Dorothy Kilgallen. This documentary looked back on the show 25 years after it premiered.

Starring: Mark Goodson, Arlene Francis, John Charles Daly, Sam Kwasman ..
Release date: 1975-05-28
Best History Movies of 1975 : Days of Hope: 1921: Every Pit In Britain Is Idle

Days of Hope: 1921: Every Pit In Britain Is Idle

7.3/10 IMDB

The miners have been locked out because they refuse to accept wage cuts. Lloyd George has sent troops to the coalfields: the revolution in Russia is fresh in people's memory.

Starring: Paul Copley, Gary Roberts, Jean Spence, Christine Anderson, Alun Armstrong ..
Directed by: Ken Loach
Release date: 1975-09-18

The Moving Picture Boys in the Great War

6.6/10 IMDB

"The Moving Picture Boys in the Great War" is a compilation documentary narrated by Lowell Thomas, illustrating changing attitudes toward the war and its participants, as well as toward the movies themselves. Winner, Gold Medal, 1975 Chicago Film Festival.

Starring: Lowell Thomas ..
Release date: 1975-01-01
Best History Movies of 1975 : Days of Hope: 1924: A Miracle

Days of Hope: 1924: A Miracle

6.8/10 IMDB

Less than 20 years after its birth, the Labour Party forms a government with Ramsay MacDonald as Prime Minister. Although outnumbered in Parliament by Conservatives and Liberals, Labour is the largest party. Many feel the task of legislating socialism into existence can now begin.

Starring: Paul Copley, Pamela Brighton, Nikolas Simmonds, Brian Hawksley, Stephen Rea, Alun Armstrong ..
Directed by: Ken Loach
Release date: 1975-09-25

McCarthy: Death of a Witch Hunter

6.2/10 IMDB

Documentary of the U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, who rose to prominence in the early 1950s by trumpeting allegations of a vast conspiracy by alleged Communist agents whom he claimed had infiltrated the U.S. government, media, film industry, labor unions and other organizations. (IMDb)

Starring: Paul Newman, Roy M. Cohn, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mamie Eisenhower, Joseph McCarthy, Ethel Rosenberg, Julius Rosenberg, Robert F. Kennedy, Harry S. Truman, Roy Cohn ..
Directed by: Emile de Antonio
Release date: 1975-01-01
Best History Movies of 1975 : Sodom and Gomorrah: The Last Seven Days

Sodom and Gomorrah: The Last Seven Days

5.2/10 IMDB

After returning from Egypt, Abraham and his nephew Lot separate and Lot settles outside of Sodom with his wife and two daughters. Lot's eldest daughter Leah captures the eye of the city's king, Bera, but due to his impotency there is a ban on lovemaking. Meanwhile two astronauts, assigned to Earth to observe Sodom and to cure the people of a gonorrhea epidemic, institute a circumcision program with the aid of Abraham.

Starring: Priscilla Alden, Tom Bowden, Sean Brancato, Deborah Brast, Jacquie Brodier, Tom Carlton, Dan Carter, Susan Catherine, Stanley Kernel Cobb, Kip Cochran ..
Directed by: Artie Mitchell, Jim Mitchell
Release date: 1975-09-01

Ballad to Cornwallis

0.0/10 IMDB

A satirical history of Halifax, written and sung in honour of the city's founder by balladeer James Bennet.

Starring: James L. Bennet ..
Directed by: Diane Beaudry
Release date: 1975-01-01
Best History Movies of 1975 : Elton John at Dodger Stadium

Elton John at Dodger Stadium

0.0/10 IMDB

Documentary chronicling Elton John’s iconic two-day concert at Dodger Stadium in 1975.

Starring: Elton John, John Reid, Ray Cooper ..
Directed by: David Bell
Release date: 1975-10-31

The Mission of Apollo-Soyuz

0.0/10 IMDB

This 1975 NASA film entitled "The Mission of Apollo Soyuz" documents the historic Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, in which manned American and Soviet spacecraft docked for the first time. The astronauts and cosmonauts met each other in space and conducted science experiments together prior to returning to Earth.

Starring: Thomas Stafford, Vance D. Brand, Deke Slayton, Alexei Leonov, Valeri Kubasov, John Flynn ..
Directed by: Thomas Risch, Laurent Portes, Byron Morgan
Release date: 1975-01-01

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