Best History Movies of 1958


A Night to Remember

7.9/10 IMDB

The sinking of the Titanic is presented in a highly realistic fashion in this tense British drama. The disaster is portrayed largely from the perspective of the ocean liner's second officer, Charles Lightoller. Despite numerous warnings about ice, the ship sails on, with Capt. Edward John Smith keeping it going at a steady clip. When the doomed vessel finally hits an iceberg, the crew and passengers discover that they lack enough lifeboats, and tragedy follows.

Starring: Kenneth More, Ronald Allen, Robert Ayres, Honor Blackman, Anthony Bushell, John Cairney, Jill Dixon, Jane Downs, James Dyrenforth, Michael Goodliffe ..
Directed by: Roy Ward Baker
Release date: 1958-07-03

The Vikings

7.1/10 IMDB

Einar, brutal son of Ragnar and future heir to his throne tangles with Eric, a wily slave, for the hand of a beautiful English maiden.

Starring: Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine, Janet Leigh, James Donald, Orson Welles, Alexander Knox, Maxine Audley, Frank Thring, Eileen Way ..
Directed by: Richard Fleischer
Release date: 1958-06-11

I Was Monty's Double

6.9/10 IMDB

The incredible but true story of how an impersonator was recruited to impersonate General Montgomery to mislead the German's about his intentions before the North Africa campaign.

Starring: John Mills, Cecil Parker, Sid James, Bryan Forbes, Barbara Hicks, Michael Hordern, Marius Goring, Vera Day, M.E. Clifton James, Patrick Allen ..
Directed by: John Guillermin
Release date: 1958-10-21

A Tale of Two Cities

7.1/10 IMDB

British barrister Sydney Carton lives an insubstantial and unhappy life. He falls under the spell of Lucie Manette, but Lucie marries Charles Darnay. When Darnay goes to Paris to rescue an imprisoned family retainer, he becomes entangled in the snares of the brutal French Revolution and is himself jailed and condemned to the guillotine. But Sydney Carton, in love with a woman he cannot have, comes up with a daring plan to save her husband.

Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Dorothy Tutin, Paul Guers, Marie Versini, Ian Bannen, Cecil Parker, Stephen Murray, Athene Seyler, Alfie Bass, Sacha Pitoëff ..
Directed by: Ralph Thomas
Release date: 1958-02-07
Best History Movies of 1958 : The Incredible Turk

The Incredible Turk

8.9/10 IMDB

This film is about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the modernization of the Turkish Republic.

Starring: Walter Cronkite, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ..
Release date: 1958-07-01
Best History Movies of 1958 : St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues

7.2/10 IMDB

Will Handy grows up in Memphis with his preacher father and his Aunt Hagar. His father intends for him to use his musical gifts only in church, but he can't stay away from the music of the streets and workers. After he writes a theme song for a local politician, Gogo, a speakeasy singer, convinces Will to be her accompanist. Will is estranged from his father for many years while he writes and publishes many blues songs. At last the family is reunited when Gogo brings them to New York to see Will's music played by a symphony orchestra.

Starring: Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson, Ruby Dee, Juano Hernández, Teddy Buckner, Barney Bigard, George 'Red' Callender ..
Directed by: Allen Reisner
Release date: 1958-04-07

Machine-Gun Kelly

6.2/10 IMDB

George Kelly is angry at the world and scared to death of dying. A career bank robber, Kelly gets his confidence from his Thompson SMG and his girl Flo. After a botched robbery, Flo, Kelly and his gang try their hand at a more lucrative job: kidnapping.

Starring: Charles Bronson, Susan Cabot, Morey Amsterdam, Richard Devon, Jack Lambert, Frank De Kova, Connie Gilchrist, Wally Campo, Barboura Morris, Lori Martin ..
Directed by: Roger Corman
Release date: 1958-05-01
Best History Movies of 1958 : Free City

Free City

7.4/10 IMDB

The heroic struggle of Polish post office workers in Gdansk on the first day of World War II.

Starring: Bronis?aw Dardzi?ski, Wlodzislaw Ziembinski, Kazimierz Wichniarz, Stanis?aw Jasiukiewicz, Jerzy Sliwa, Piotr Fronczewski ..
Directed by: Stanis?aw Ró?ewicz
Release date: 1958-08-31
Best History Movies of 1958 : Miss Stone

Miss Stone

7.1/10 IMDB

Macedonia on the turn of the century is enslaved by decaying Ottoman Empire. Freedom fighters, in order to raise money for their cause, kidnap American lady who works in Protestant mission.

Starring: Olga Spiridonovi?, Ilija Mil?in, Marija To?inoski, Dragan Ocokolji?, Ilija Džuvalekovski, Petar Prli?ko, Viktor Star?i?, Božidar Drni? ..
Directed by: Živorad 'Žika' Mitrovi?
Release date: 1958-01-01

The Winslow Boy

6.8/10 IMDB

In pre-WW1 England, a youngster is expelled from a naval academy over a petty theft, but his parents raise a political furor by demanding a trial.

Starring: Peter Bathurst, Florence Eldridge, Denholm Elliott, Norah Howard, Fredric March, Siobhán McKenna, John Milligan, Rex Thompson, John Warner, Noel Willman ..
Directed by: Alex Segal
Release date: 1958-11-13

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