Best History Movies of 1940


Four Sons

6.4/10 IMDB

Four Sons is a 1940 film directed by Archie Mayo. It stars Don Ameche and Eugenie Leontovich. It is a remake of the 1928 film of the same name.

Starring: Don Ameche, Eugenie Leontovich, Mary Beth Hughes, Alan Curtis, George Ernest, Robert Lowery, Lionel Royce, Sig Ruman, Ludwig Stössel, Christian Rub ..
Directed by: Archie Mayo
Release date: 1940-06-14

The Man from Dakota

5.2/10 IMDB

A frontier scout (Wallace Beery), a Boston officer (John Howard) and a Russian girl (Dolores del Rio) escape with a map past Confederates.

Starring: Wallace Beery, John Howard, Dolores del Río, Donald Meek, Robert Barrat, Addison Richards ..
Directed by: Leslie Fenton
Release date: 1940-02-16

The Tragedy of Carpatho-Ukraine

0.0/10 IMDB

Documentary-filmed events in the Carpatho-Ukraine (aka Ruthenia) during 1939 drive this history of the Ukraine's struggle for independence as a nation.

Release date: 1940-03-01

Northwest Passage

7.1/10 IMDB

Based on the Kenneth Roberts novel of the same name, this film tells the story of two friends who join Rogers' Rangers, as the legendary elite force engages the enemy during the French and Indian War. The film focuses on their famous raid at Fort St. Francis and their marches before and after the battle.

Starring: Spencer Tracy, Robert Young, Walter Brennan, Ruth Hussey, Nat Pendleton, Louis Hector, Robert Barrat, Lumsden Hare, Donald MacBride, Isabel Jewell ..
Directed by: King Vidor
Release date: 1940-02-23

Abe Lincoln in Illinois

7.3/10 IMDB

Abe Lincoln in Illinois is a 1940 biographical film which tells the story of the life of Abraham Lincoln from his departure from Kentucky until his election as President of the United States.

Starring: Raymond Massey, Gene Lockhart, Ruth Gordon, Mary Howard, Minor Watson, Alan Baxter, Harvey Stephens, Howard Da Silva, Dorothy Tree, Aldrich Bowker ..
Directed by: John Cromwell
Release date: 1940-02-12

Edison, the Man

0.0/10 IMDB

In flashback, fifty years after inventing the light bulb, an 82-year-old Edison tells his story starting at age twenty-two with his arrival in New York. He's on his way with invention of an early form of stock market ticker.

Starring: Spencer Tracy, Charles Coburn, Lynne Overman, Rita Johnson, Gene Lockhart, Henry Travers, Felix Bressart, Peter Godfrey, Guy D'Ennery, Byron Foulger ..
Directed by: Clarence Brown
Release date: 1940-05-10
Best History Movies of 1940 : Brigham Young

Brigham Young

6.4/10 IMDB

Based on the story of the famous Mormon leader, it follows Brigham Young and his challenge to transport his people across the Rocky mountains to settle in Salt Lake City. The plot focuses on two fictitious characters, Jonathan Kent and Zina Webb and the hardships they have to face along the way.

Starring: Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Dean Jagger, Brian Donlevy, Jane Darwell, John Carradine, Mary Astor, Vincent Price, Jean Rogers, Ann E. Todd ..
Directed by: Henry Hathaway
Release date: 1940-09-27

The Sea Hawk

7.7/10 IMDB

Dashing pirate Geoffrey Thorpe plunders Spanish ships for Queen Elizabeth I and falls in love with Dona Maria, a beautiful Spanish royal he captures.

Starring: Errol Flynn, Brenda Marshall, Claude Rains, Donald Crisp, Flora Robson, Alan Hale, Henry Daniell, Una O'Connor, James Stephenson, Gilbert Roland ..
Directed by: Michael Curtiz
Release date: 1940-08-10

Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet

7.4/10 IMDB

True story of the doctor who considered it was not immoral to search for a drug that would cure syphillis.

Starring: Edward G. Robinson, Ruth Gordon, Otto Kruger, Donald Crisp, Maria Ouspenskaya, Montagu Love, Sig Ruman, Donald Meek, Henry O'Neill, Albert Bassermann ..
Directed by: William Dieterle
Release date: 1940-01-03

The Howards of Virginia

6.2/10 IMDB

Beautiful young Virginian Jane steps down from her proper aristocratic upbringing when she marries down-to-earth surveyor Matt Howard. Matt joins the Colonial forces in their fight for freedom against England. Matt will meet Jane's father in the battlefield.

Starring: Cary Grant, Martha Scott, Cedric Hardwicke, Alan Marshal, Richard Carlson, Paul Kelly, Irving Bacon, Elisabeth Risdon, Anne Revere, Tom Drake ..
Directed by: Frank Lloyd
Release date: 1940-09-19

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