Best History Movies of 1918


The Sinking of the Lusitania

6.9/10 IMDB

Winsor McCay recreates the sinking of the ocean liner Lusitania by a German U-boat in this propaganda piece designed to stir up anti-German sentiment during World War I.

Starring: Winsor McCay ..
Directed by: Winsor McCay
Release date: 1918-07-20
Best History Movies of 1918 : Salome


6.3/10 IMDB

Palestine, under the rule of Rome. Salome, daughter of Herodias and both niece and stepdaughter of King Herod, becomes infatuated with the prophet John the Baptist, who publicly denounces the depravity of the royal family and proclaims the arrival of a new messiah. (Film presumed lost.)

Starring: Theda Bara, G. Raymond Nye, Alan Roscoe, Herbert Heyes, Bertram Grassby, Genevieve Blinn, Vera Doria, Al Fremont ..
Directed by: J. Gordon Edwards
Release date: 1918-08-10
Best History Movies of 1918 : The Life Story of David Lloyd George

The Life Story of David Lloyd George

6.7/10 IMDB

A biopic of Britain's Great War Prime Minister.

Starring: Norman Page, Alma Reville, Ernest Thesiger, Douglas Munro, Thomas Canning, Judd Green, Winifred Sadler, Miriam Stuart, Eric Stuart, Leonard Tugwell ..
Directed by: Maurice Elvey
Release date: 1918-01-01
Best History Movies of 1918 : The Fall of the Romanoffs

The Fall of the Romanoffs

7.3/10 IMDB

The overthrow of Czar Nicholas II in Russia was such big news that the then-fledgling art of cinema couldn't help but jump on it immediately and create a couple of dramatizations.

Starring: Edward Connelly, Iliodor, Alfred Hickman, Conway Tearle, Charles Craig, Georges Deneubourg, Robert Paton Gibbs, William E. Shay, Lawrence Johnson, W. Francis Chapin ..
Directed by: Herbert Brenon
Release date: 1918-01-01

Frate Sole

5.6/10 IMDB

The intersecting lives of Francis and Claire of Assisi. Claire turns down the proposals of the wealthy and dedicates herself to the Lord. Francis is the son of a merchant who turns from his life of cavorting with courtesans to an ascetic life in service of the Lord-- Who opens up the path to sainthood for the both of them.

Starring: Rina Calabria, Silvia Malinverni, Lucienne Myosa, Umberto Palmarini, Bruno Emanuel Palmi, Filippo Ricci ..
Directed by: Ugo Falena, Mario Corsi
Release date: 1918-05-27

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