Best Fantasy Movies of 1989


The Gifted One

6.7/10 IMDB

A young boy can transfer his body energy into ESP and heal sick people. While the subject of scientists' studies, he runs away to try to find out about his past and why he is the way he is.

Starring: Peter Kowanko, John Rhys-Davies, G. W. Bailey, Wendy Phillips, Gregg Henry, Kristopher Kent Hill, James Eric, Shano Palovich, Lucky Hayes, Charles Benton ..
Directed by: Stephen Herek
Release date: 1989-06-25
Best Fantasy Movies of 1989 : From the Dead of Night

From the Dead of Night

6.0/10 IMDB

After having a near death experience Joanna finds her life in constant danger. She begins to believe that certain forces are trying to bring her back into the world of the dead. Her boyfriend Glen thinks she's crazy so Joanna turns to her ex-boyfriend, Peter. It just so happens that Peter is a strong believer in the supernatural and even teaches a course on it at a local college. Together they must confront the "walkers" so that Joanna can live to see another day.

Starring: Lindsay Wagner, Bruce Boxleitner, Robert Prosky, Robin Thomas, Merritt Butrick, Peter Jason, Joanne Linville, Dani Minnick, Diahann Carroll, Jeanne Bates ..
Directed by: Paul Wendkos
Release date: 1989-02-27
Best Fantasy Movies of 1989 : The Corsican Brothers

The Corsican Brothers

5.3/10 IMDB

A vendetta between two Corsican families is the background to Alexandre Dumas' story of the strange bond between twin brothers, who are separated at birth.

Release date: 1989-01-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1989 : CreepTales


5.2/10 IMDB

On Halloween night, two shabby, dimwitted hunchbacks dig up the anthology horror video CreepTales that was buried with their Uncle Munger, and show it to their dimwitted monster friends.Filming began in 1986 and was finished in 1989, but the video was never released until 2004.

Starring: Jess Sherman, Michael Minton, Alan York, Jason Minton, Kevin McKim, Kerry Gammill, Bill Peck, Mack Hayes, Tim Choate, Tom Kenny ..
Directed by: Ken Mandel
Release date: 1989-01-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1989 : Magic Moments

Magic Moments

5.7/10 IMDB

A drama directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark.

Starring: Jenny Seagrove, John Shea, Paul Freeman, Debora Weston, Sam Douglas, Stephen Hoye, Alison Sterling, José Yepes, Tony Caunter, Charles Collingwood ..
Directed by: Lawrence Gordon Clark
Release date: 1989-03-19
Best Fantasy Movies of 1989 : Family Reunion

Family Reunion

5.9/10 IMDB

Satan has a special way of bringing people together! Forty years ago Henry Adams rescued his son Tom from the hands of a satanic cult. Now, on holiday with his family, Tom finds himself mysteriously dragged back to Sutterville, the scene of his attempted murder all those years ago. Trapped in this chilling ghost town, the Andrews family must fight for their lives. Earthquakes, levitation and the darkest forces of the supernatural are thrown against them as they find themselves in a pitched battle against the power of Satan himself!

Starring: Mel Novak, Pam Phillips, John Andes, A.J. Woods, Kaylin Cool, Brad Kelly, Ken Corey, Victoria Hirsch, Summer Packer, Jessie Watts ..
Directed by: Michael Hawes
Release date: 1989-01-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1989 : Duke Bluebeard's Castle

Duke Bluebeard's Castle

8.3/10 IMDB

This highly acclaimed film version of Béla Bartók's searing psychological opera, performed by Robert Lloyd and Elizabeth Laurence, won the 1989 Prix Italia Music Prize. Bartók's short opera, one of the composer's most impressive early works, tells the macabre legend of Duke Bluebeard, who brings his young wife Judith to live in his remote castle. The dramatic intensity increases as sinister secrets are gradually unveiled, bringing the opera to its haunting conclusion.

Starring: Robert Lloyd, Elizabeth Laurence, John Woodvine, Leone Amis, Abigail Zealy, Natasha Zukas ..
Directed by: Leslie Megahey
Release date: 1989-04-12
Best Fantasy Movies of 1989 : The Wickedest Witch

The Wickedest Witch

7.9/10 IMDB

Avarissa, a witch so evil that she was banished to an underground kingdom, attempts to trick a human child into committing a despicable act so that she can switch places with him and escape.

Starring: Rue McClanahan, Raffi Di Blasio, Burgess Meredith, Ronn Lucas, Jackie Gayle ..
Directed by: Bernie Brillstein, Steve Dubin
Release date: 1989-10-29
Best Fantasy Movies of 1989 : Playboy: Sexy Lingerie

Playboy: Sexy Lingerie

7.0/10 IMDB

Nine Playmates and a host of male and female models illustrate the changing look of boudoir undergarments over the years.

Starring: Rebekka Armstrong, Cynthia Brimhall, Hope Marie Carlton, Terri Lynn Doss, Barbara Edwards, Ava Fabian, Roxanne Kernohan, Pía Reyes, Katariina Souri, Teri Weigel ..
Directed by: Michael Trikilis, Andrew Blake, Skott Snider, Stephen C. Confer
Release date: 1989-03-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1989 : The Black Cat

The Black Cat

4.4/10 IMDB

Mark Ravenna, a famous Italian horror film director, sets out to script his latest film entitled 'Suspiria : De Profundis'. His film is based on Dario ArgentoÆs 'Suspiria' and 'Inferno' and deals with the story of Levana, Queen of all Witches. Levana is the eldest of the three mistresses of darkness, mother of madness, most powerful of all evil. Ravenna is warned not to make his film in fear of actually summoning Levana to the present day. He does not heed these warnings and casts his wife Anne to play the lead role of Levana. Anne reads the script and is then haunted and terrorized by the evil witch who tells her she will suffer terrible tortures if she continues, and that everyone involved with the production will suffer dire consequences.

Starring: Florence Guérin, Urbano Barberini, Caroline Munro, Brett Halsey, Luisa Maneri, Karina Huff, Alessandra Acciai, Giada Cozzi, Jasmine Maimone, Antonio Marsina ..
Directed by: Luigi Cozzi
Release date: 1989-01-01

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