Best Fantasy Movies of 1987


The Princess Bride

8.0/10 IMDB

In this enchantingly cracked fairy tale, the beautiful Princess Buttercup and the dashing Westley must overcome staggering odds to find happiness amid six-fingered swordsmen, murderous princes, Sicilians and rodents of unusual size. But even death can't stop these true lovebirds from triumphing.

Starring: Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin, André Roussimoff, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Wallace Shawn, Peter Falk, Billy Crystal, Fred Savage ..
Directed by: Rob Reiner
Release date: 1987-09-25

Evil Dead II

7.7/10 IMDB

Ash Williams and his girlfriend Linda find a log cabin in the woods with a voice recording from an archeologist who had recorded himself reciting ancient chants from "The Book of the Dead." As they play the recording an evil power is unleashed taking over Linda's body.

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks, Kassie DePaiva, Denise Bixler, Richard Domeier, John Peakes, Lou Hancock, Ted Raimi, Josh Becker ..
Directed by: Sam Raimi
Release date: 1987-03-13


6.9/10 IMDB

After tinkering with a box he bought while abroad, sexual deviant Frank inadvertently opens a portal to hell, where fetish-demons led by Pinhead tear his body apart. When Frank’s brother and his wife move into his house, a skeletal Frank appears to his sister-in-law and asks her to supply him with corpses for his regeneration.

Starring: Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Sean Chapman, Oliver Smith, Robert Hines, Anthony Allen, Leon Davis, Michael Cassidy, Frank Baker ..
Directed by: Clive Barker
Release date: 1987-09-11

The Witches of Eastwick

6.5/10 IMDB

Three single women in a picturesque village have their wishes granted - at a cost - when a mysterious and flamboyant man arrives in their lives.

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Veronica Cartwright, Richard Jenkins, Keith Jochim, Carel Struycken, Helen Lloyd Breed, Caroline Struzik ..
Directed by: George Miller
Release date: 1987-06-12

The Brave Little Toaster

7.3/10 IMDB

A group of dated appliances, finding themselves stranded in a summer home that their family had just sold, decide to seek their young 8 year old "master".

Starring: Jon Lovitz, Timothy Stack, Phil Hartman, Deanna Oliver, Timothy E. Day, Thurl Ravenscroft, Joe Ranft, Judy Toll, Wayne Kaatz, Colette Savage ..
Directed by: Jerry Rees
Release date: 1987-07-09

The Monster Squad

6.9/10 IMDB

Count Dracula adjourns to Earth, accompanied by Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Gillman. The uglies are in search of a powerful amulet that will grant them power to rule the world. Our heroes - the Monster Squad are the only ones daring to stand in their way.

Starring: André Gower, Robby Kiger, Stephen Macht, Duncan Regehr, Tom Noonan, Brent Chalem, Ryan Lambert, Ashley Bank, Michael Faustino, Mary Ellen Trainor ..
Directed by: Fred Dekker
Release date: 1987-08-14

*batteries not included

6.6/10 IMDB

In a soon to be demolished block of apartments, the residents resist the criminal methods used to force them to leave so a greedy tycoon can build his new skyscraper. When tiny mechanical aliens land for a recharge, they decide to stay and help out.

Starring: Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Frank McRae, Elizabeth Peña, Michael Carmine, Dennis Boutsikaris, Tom Aldredge, Jane Hoffman, John DiSanti, John Pankow ..
Directed by: Matthew Robbins
Release date: 1987-12-18


5.9/10 IMDB

Jonathan Switcher, an unemployed artist, finds a job as an assistant window dresser for a department store. When Jonathan happens upon a beautiful mannequin he previously designed, she springs to life and introduces herself as Emmy, an Egyptian under an ancient spell. Despite interference from the store's devious manager, Jonathan and his mannequin fall in love while creating eye-catching window displays to keep the struggling store in business.

Starring: Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Estelle Getty, James Spader, G.W. Bailey, Carole Davis, Meshach Taylor, Steve Vinovich, Christopher Maher, Phyllis Newman ..
Directed by: Michael Gottlieb
Release date: 1987-02-13


6.3/10 IMDB

A precocious girl, her nasty parents, two punk-rock losers and a weak-kneed salesman inadvertently become the guests of two ghoulish senior citizens in their dark, haunted mansion. The old couple makes and collects dolls that, when not sitting still like good little mannequins, creep around in the night, offing the guests one by one.

Starring: Ian Patrick Williams, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Carrie Lorraine, Guy Rolfe, Bunty Bailey, Cassie Stuart, Stephen Lee, Hilary Mason ..
Directed by: Stuart Gordon
Release date: 1987-03-12

The Gate

6.0/10 IMDB

Three young children accidentally release a horde of nasty, pint-sized demons from a hole in a suburban backyard. What follows is a classic battle between good and evil as the three kids struggle to overcome a nightmarish hell that is literally taking over the Earth.

Starring: Stephen Dorff, Kelly Rowan, Jennifer Irwin, Deborah Grover, Ingrid Veninger, Linda Goranson, Louis Tripp, Christa Denton, Scot Denton, Sean Fagan ..
Directed by: Tibor Takács
Release date: 1987-04-21

Harry and the Hendersons

6.0/10 IMDB

Returning from a hunting trip in the forest, the Henderson family's car hits an animal in the road. At first they fear it was a man, but when they examine the "body" they find it's a "bigfoot". They think it's dead so they decide to take it home (there could be some money in this). As you guessed, it isn't dead. Far from being the ferocious monster they fear "Harry" to be, he's a friendly giant.

Starring: John Lithgow, Melinda Dillon, Margaret Langrick, Joshua Rudoy, Kevin Peter Hall, David Suchet, Lainie Kazan, Don Ameche, M. Emmet Walsh, Laura Kenny ..
Directed by: William Dear
Release date: 1987-06-05

Masters of the Universe

5.3/10 IMDB

The world of Eternia in the aftermath of Skeletor's war on Castle Grayskull, which he has won after seizing Grayskull and the surrounding city using a cosmic key developed by the locksmith Gwildor. The Sorceress is now Skeletor's prisoner and he begins to drain her life-force as he waits for the moon of Eternia to align with the Great Eye of the Universe that will bestow god-like power upon him.

Starring: Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, Meg Foster, Billy Barty, Courteney Cox, Robert Duncan McNeill, Jon Cypher, Chelsea Field, James Tolkan, Christina Pickles ..
Directed by: Gary Goddard
Release date: 1987-08-07

House II: The Second Story

5.4/10 IMDB

Jesse has returned to this old family mansion after his parents were murdered when he was a baby. While going through old things in the basement, Jesse finds a picture of his great-great grandfather in front of a Mayan temple holding a crystal skull with jewels in the eyes. In the background is a man Jesse learns is Slim Razor, a former partner of his great-great grandfather turned bitter enemy after a disagreement over who would get to keep the skull.

Starring: Arye Gross, Jonathan Stark, Royal Dano, Bill Maher, John Ratzenberger, Jayne Modean, Lar Park Lincoln, Amy Yasbeck, Gregory Walcott, Dwier Brown ..
Directed by: Ethan Wiley
Release date: 1987-05-14
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : The Black Dog

The Black Dog

7.7/10 IMDB

This rich, symbolic, intensely personal yet universal film wordlessly follows the path of a woman on a journey of self-discovery.

Directed by: Alison De Vere
Release date: 1987-11-06

Like Father Like Son

5.2/10 IMDB

Dr. Jack Hammond has best chances to become medical superintendent in the clinic. So he's completely absorbed in his work and has no understanding for his teenage son Chris' problems with school. By accident one of them drinks a brain-exchanging serum, and it switches their identities. This leads of course to extraordinary complications in school and at work, but also to insight in the problems and feelings of each other.

Starring: Dudley Moore, Kirk Cameron, Margaret Colin, Catherine Hicks, Patrick O'Neal, Sean Astin, Camille Cooper, Micah Grant, Bill Morrison, Skeeter Vaughan ..
Directed by: Rod Daniel
Release date: 1987-10-02

Mio in the Land of Faraway

6.3/10 IMDB

They're two best friends, a million miles from home. On an incredible adventure, beyond the boundaries of space and time. A fantasy about a lonely boy who is transferred from his dull life with his adoptive parents to the land where his real father is the king.

Starring: Nick Pickard, Christian Bale, Timothy Bottoms, Susannah York, Christopher Lee, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Gunilla Nyroos, Tomas Bolme, Lena Endre, Igor Yasulovich ..
Directed by: Vladimir Grammatikov
Release date: 1987-07-01

Made in Heaven

6.3/10 IMDB

Deceased drifter Mike arrives in Heaven and quickly falls for newborn soul Annie, soon to start her assignment on Earth. When Annie leaves, Mike follows.

Starring: Timothy Hutton, Kelly McGillis, Maureen Stapleton, Ann Wedgeworth, James Gammon, Mare Winningham, Don Murray, Tim Daly, David Rasche, Amanda Plummer ..
Directed by: Alan Rudolph
Release date: 1987-11-06

Date With an Angel

5.6/10 IMDB

Aspiring composer Jim Sanders is engaged to spoiled rich girl Patty. But the morning after his bachelor party, Jim wakes up to discover a beautiful, broken-winged angel in his pool. When everyone finds out about his heavenly houseguest, Jim must cope with a dangerously jealous fiancée, an exploitive future father-in-law and a group of buddies with an outrageous business plan!

Starring: Michael E. Knight, Phoebe Cates, Emmanuelle Béart, David Dukes, Vinny Argiro, Bibi Besch ..
Directed by: Tom McLoughlin
Release date: 1987-11-20
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : In The Night Kitchen

In The Night Kitchen

7.1/10 IMDB

Mickey falls through the dark into the Night Kitchen where three fat bakers are making the morning cake and so begins an intoxicating dream fantasy in this animated short adaptation of Maurice Sendak's 1970 Caldecott Honor children's picture book.

Starring: Peter Schickele ..
Directed by: Gene Deitch
Release date: 1987-01-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : ThunderCats Ho! – The Movie

ThunderCats Ho! – The Movie

8.0/10 IMDB

Lion-O is haunted by nightmares of Thunderians being killed on Thundera while he fled to the safety of Third Earth with Jaga and the other ThunderCats. Jaga later tells Lion-O that three more Thunderians have, in fact, survived and are also living on Third Earth. The ThunderCats decide to search for the other Thunderians, but Mumm-Ra has plans as well and takes the new Thunderians as his prisoners to Fire Rock Mountain. Lion-O loses the Sword of Omens in an avalanche while Panthro battles the Fist-Pounder with the ThunderTank as the ThunderCats close in on rescuing the Thunderians from Fire Rock Mountain, but they'll need supernatural help if they are to pass through the Thundranium gasses to reach them...

Starring: Bob McFadden, Earl Hammond, Larry Kenney, Lynne Lipton, Earle Hyman, Peter Newman, Gerrianne Raphael ..
Directed by: Katsuhito Akiyama
Release date: 1987-11-16
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Running Out of Luck

Running Out of Luck

5.1/10 IMDB

A rock singer goes to Brazil to shoot a video, but winds up getting kidnapped and enduring a number of seemingly bizarre and hilarious events.

Starring: Mick Jagger, Rae Dawn Chong, Dennis Hopper, Jerry Hall, Norma Bengell, Grande Otelo, Jorge Coutinho, José Dumont, Carlos Kroeber, Geraldo Rosa ..
Directed by: Julien Temple
Release date: 1987-02-02

The Magic Toyshop

6.7/10 IMDB

After her parents are killed, a young girl is sent to London to live with her uncle and his family. Her uncle, who is a toymaker, secretly has the power to make his toys come to life, but he also maintains dictatorial control over his family and intends to exercise the same control over the new arrival.

Starring: Tom Bell, Caroline Milmoe, Killian McKenna, Patricia Kerrigan, Lorcan Cranitch, Gareth Bushill, Marlene Sidaway, Georgina Hulme, Marguerite Porter, Lloyd Newson ..
Directed by: David Wheatley
Release date: 1987-11-19


7.3/10 IMDB

A camera tracks through endless rooms while lives unfold.

Directed by: Zbigniew Rybczynski
Release date: 1987-01-01

Brain Dead

6.6/10 IMDB

A short experimental cutup film by Jon Moritsugu.

Directed by: Jon Moritsugu
Release date: 1987-01-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : The Puppetoon Movie

The Puppetoon Movie

7.1/10 IMDB

Animated characters introduce a compilation of George Pal replacement animation Puppetoon short films from the 1930s and 1940s. Originally released in 80 minutes length, The Puppetoon Movie also exists in a subsequently expanded ten minutes longer version.

Starring: Paul Frees, Dal McKennon, Art Clokey, Dick Beals ..
Directed by: Arnold Leibovit
Release date: 1987-06-12

Maid to Order

5.5/10 IMDB

Spoiled Jessie Montgomery, whose wild behavior and spending excesses cause her well-meaning but exasperated millionaire father Charles to wish he never had her, is visited by fairy godmother Stella. In an effort to save Jessie, Stella casts a spell which causes Charles to no longer have a daughter. Jessie, now penniless and without a friend, must take a maid's job to earn a living, and hopefully to learn her lesson.

Starring: Ally Sheedy, Beverly D'Angelo, Michael Ontkean, Valerie Perrine, Dick Shawn, Tom Skerritt, Merry Clayton, Theresa Randle, Begonya Plaza, Begonya Plaza ..
Directed by: Amy Holden Jones
Release date: 1987-07-10

Hello Again

5.2/10 IMDB

A suburban housewife chokes to death and is brought back to life by a spell cast by her wacky sister.

Starring: Shelley Long, Judith Ivey, Gabriel Byrne, Corbin Bernsen, Austin Pendleton, Sela Ward, Lynne Thigpen, Illeana Douglas, Kate McGregor-Stewart, Robert Lewis ..
Directed by: Frank Perry
Release date: 1987-11-06
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Mr. Corbett's Ghost

Mr. Corbett's Ghost

7.2/10 IMDB

Mr Corbett is a cruel employer to Ben Partridge. One night on New Years Eve Ben is sent out to deliver some medicine. Along the way he wishes his master was dead, little knowing that the man he is delivering to is the Collector of Souls.

Starring: Paul Scofield, John Huston, Mark Farmer, Burgess Meredith, David Parfitt, Alexei Sayle, Lill Roughley, Kenneth Gilbert, Ted Burnett, Veronica Clifford ..
Directed by: Danny Huston
Release date: 1987-12-31
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : The Dancing Princesses

The Dancing Princesses

7.8/10 IMDB

A king with six daughters who is extremely over protective locks them in their room at night. But for some reason they order shoes from the cobbler practically every day and the king has to pay for them. And when he ask them why, they don't give him a straight answer. So he sends word that whoever figures out why they need so many shoes, he will have the hand of the daughter of his choice. But so far none have succeeded cause they make sure no one can find out. But a soldier upon learning of this decides to find out after being given a cloak that renders him invisible.

Starring: Lesley Ann Warren, Peter Weller, Roy Dotrice, Starr Andreeff, Laura Harrington, Sachi Parker, Viveca Parker, Lora Staley, Ian Abercrombie, Zelda Rubinstein ..
Directed by: Peter Medak
Release date: 1987-11-14
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : The Little Troll Prince

The Little Troll Prince

7.0/10 IMDB

A little troll prince escapes his kingdom, perched atop a tall mountain in Norway, for the human world, where a family teaches him the true meaning of Christmas.

Starring: Danny Cooksey, Vincent Price, Jonathan Winters, Don Knotts, Cloris Leachman, Charlie Adler, Michael Bell, William Christopher, Laurie Faso, Ami Foster ..
Directed by: Ray Patterson
Release date: 1987-11-27

The Barbarians

4.9/10 IMDB

Orphaned brothers Kutchek and Gore are adopted by a tribe led by Canary the owner of a powerful jewel. The evil Kadar wants both Canary and the jewel. Attacking the tribe he kidnaps Canary but the stone eludes him. The brothers are taken to be trained as gladiators and years later have grown to be VERY big. They escape and set off on a quest to find the jewel and rescue Canary.

Starring: Peter Paul, David Paul, Richard Lynch, Eva LaRue, Virginia Bryant, Sheeba Alahani, Michael Berryman, George Eastman, Franco Pistoni, Raffaella Baracchi ..
Directed by: Ruggero Deodato
Release date: 1987-03-01


4.6/10 IMDB

A "devilish" tale about an ordinary guy who is visited by a beautiful apparition promising him popularity and drop-dead good looks in exchange for his soul. Transformed overnight into a "hunk," he soon discovers there may be hell to pay for his new lifestyle!

Starring: John Allen Nelson, Steve Levitt, Rebeccah Bush, Robert Morse, Avery Schreiber, Deborah Shelton, James Coco, Cynthia Szigeti, Melanie Vincz, Doug Shanklin ..
Directed by: Lawrence Bassoff
Release date: 1987-03-06
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Steps


6.5/10 IMDB

A tourist group is shown the latest in Soviet virtual reality technology through the Potemkin.

Starring: Daniel Chapman, Chase Coleman, Reed Coleman, H. Roger Daisley, Drew Dix ..
Directed by: Zbigniew Rybczynski
Release date: 1987-01-02
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Rock Odyssey

Rock Odyssey

6.5/10 IMDB

The story of a mysterious woman named Laura, who embarks on a journey to find her true love. The movie's soundtrack is set to four decades of classic rock. Scatman Crothers provides the voice of a living jukebox who narrates the story.

Starring: Scatman Crothers ..
Directed by: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna, Robert Taylor
Release date: 1987-07-13
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

6.9/10 IMDB

A mermaid princess is willing to sacrifice anything for love.

Starring: Helen Mirren, Pam Dawber, Treat Williams, Karen Black, Brian Dennehy ..
Directed by: Robert Iscove
Release date: 1987-04-06

Deathstalker II

5.1/10 IMDB

Deathstalker helps Reena the Seer out of a few jams, and she solicits his help for a bigger task. She reveals that she is actually Princess Evie, but the evil sorcerer had her abducted and cloned in order to seize control of the kingdom. Together they travel to the evil sorcerer's stronghold to restore the princess to her rightful position, encountering challenges along the way both from the sorcerer's goons and the fierce Amazon women.

Starring: John Terlesky, Monique Gabrielle, John Lazar, Toni Naples, María Socas, Dee Booher, Jacques Arndt, Jim Wynorski, Marcos Woinsky ..
Directed by: Jim Wynorski
Release date: 1987-11-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

5.8/10 IMDB

Feature-length, live-action musical version of the classic fairy tale by Charles Perrault.

Starring: Tahnee Welch, Kenny Baker, Morgan Fairchild, David Holliday, Nicholas Clay, Jonny Phillips, Sylvia Miles, Jane Wiedlin, Orna Porat ..
Directed by: David Irving
Release date: 1987-06-12
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Snow White

Snow White

6.5/10 IMDB

A prince, seeking the greatest treasure, stumbles upon seven little men guarding a coffin. They tell him the story of Snow White, a beautiful princess who was forced to run away from home after her jealous stepmother tried to have her killed. When she realizes that the girl is still alive and living with the dwarfs, she sets out to destroy her only rival once and for all.

Starring: Diana Rigg, Billy Barty, Sarah Patterson, Nicola Stapleton, Mike Edmonds, Ricardo Gil, Gary Friedkin, Arturo Gil, Tony Cooper, Dorit Adi ..
Directed by: Michael Berz
Release date: 1987-05-14
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Barbara the Barbarian

Barbara the Barbarian

6.5/10 IMDB

See Barbara The Barbarian seek and conquer every sexual fantasy of your dreams... Watch Barbara The Barbarian destroy lover after lover, friend or foe, man or woman... Discover Barbara The Barbarian releasing the sex-hungry savage that lives only in your wildest erotic imagination... Barbara Dare... the body. Barbara Dare... the beauty. Barbara Dare... The Barbarian!!!

Starring: Barbara Dare, Nina Hartley, Erica Boyer, Jeanna Fine, Dina Deville, Nikki Knights, Randy West, Billy Dee, Scott Irish, Herschel Savage ..
Directed by: Gary Graver
Release date: 1987-10-26

Teen Wolf Too

3.4/10 IMDB

Although awkward college student Todd Howard is particularly adept at science, he's paying for school with an athletic scholarship that he will lose should he not fare well in an upcoming boxing tournament. Luckily for Todd, he has inherited the same family curse that once turned his cousin into a werewolf. As he transforms into the hairy, fanged, howling monster, he finds both his physical agility and his popularity skyrocketing -- but at what cost?

Starring: Jason Bateman, Kim Darby, John Astin, Mark Holton, Estee Chandler, Robert Neary, Stuart Fratkin, Paul Sand, James Hampton, Beth Miller ..
Directed by: Christopher Leitch
Release date: 1987-11-20
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van Winkle

6.8/10 IMDB

A lazy man falls asleep for twenty years.

Starring: Harry Dean Stanton, Talia Shire, Ed Begley Jr., Hunter Carson, Tim Conway, Chris Penn, Glenn Withrow, Sofia Coppola, John P. Ryan ..
Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola
Release date: 1987-03-23

Born of Fire

6.1/10 IMDB

For reasons unknown, a flautist and an astronomer find themselves drawn to one another. But, when the flautist stumbles upon a secret regarding his late father, the two wind up in a celestial duel against the ancient Master Flautist for earth's future.

Starring: Peter Firth, Suzan Crowley, Stefan Kalipha, Oh-Tee, Nabil Shaban, Jean Ainslie, Peter Penry-Jones, Morris Perry ..
Directed by: Jamil Dehlavi
Release date: 1987-01-01

My Demon Lover

4.6/10 IMDB

Denny has yet again been left by her thug boyfriend Chip. It seems as if she is doomed to be stuck with awful guys, this time she has to choose between nerdy Charles and the strange Kaz, who turns into a monster when sexually aroused.

Starring: Scott Valentine, Michele Little, Robert Trebor, Gina Gallego, Alan Fudge, Peewee Piemonte, Tasia Valenza, James Gleason, Franis James, Arnold Johnson ..
Directed by: Charlie Loventhal
Release date: 1987-04-24
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Sparky's Magic Piano

Sparky's Magic Piano

6.4/10 IMDB

A boy becomes a virtuoso pianist, but when he gets too big-headed the piano decides to teach him a lesson.

Starring: Mel Blanc, Coral Browne, Tony Curtis, Cloris Leachman, Nancy Olson, Vincent Price ..
Directed by: Lee Mishkin
Release date: 1987-01-01


4.8/10 IMDB

A young woman has eerie flashes of recovered memories of her brother committing a murder, despite her parents assurance that all is well.

Starring: Tessa Humphries, Shane Briant, Briony Behets, Tegan Charles, Susan Barling, Kit Taylor, Lee James ..
Directed by: Colin Eggleston
Release date: 1987-05-12
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Love at Stake

Love at Stake

5.0/10 IMDB

Salem, 1692. The mayor and judge are accusing land owner of witchery in order to grab their land. No one knows that are handsome stranger is a real witch and has evil plans for the town.

Starring: Patrick Cassidy, Kelly Preston, Georgia Brown, Barbara Carrera, Bud Cort, Annie Golden, Norma MacMillan, Dave Thomas, Stuart Pankin, Anne Ramsey ..
Directed by: John Moffitt
Release date: 1987-08-01

The Magic Snowman

6.2/10 IMDB

The story of a snowman that talks to the boy who built him and helps his family when a fishing drought threatens their livelihood...

Starring: Roger Moore, Justin Fried, Dragana Marjanovi?, Pavle Bojkovski, Aleksandar Balan, Relja Baši?, Boris Cavazza, Jack Aranson, Christian James, Dušan Jovanovi? ..
Directed by: Stanko Crnobrnja
Release date: 1987-12-04
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass

5.5/10 IMDB

Young Alice returns to Wonderland and is on her way to be crowned Queen, but she must dare to cross Chessland first. On her exciting journey, she encounters a magical jester, the feared Jabberwocky, Humpty Dumpty, Tiger Lily, and Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Starring: Janet Waldo, Phyllis Diller, Mr. T, Jonathan Winters, Booker Bradshaw, Townsend Coleman, Clive Revill, Hal Smith, George Gobel, Alan Young ..
Directed by: Andrea Bresciani, Ryszard S?apczy?ski
Release date: 1987-01-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : Bigfoot


4.9/10 IMDB

A family goes to the mountains for a few days, and there they meet... Bigfoot!

Starring: James Sloyan, Gracie Harrison, Joseph Maher, Adam Carl, Candace Cameron Bure, Bernard White, Colleen Dewhurst, Dawan Scott, Jerry Chambers, Timothy Brown ..
Directed by: Danny Huston
Release date: 1987-03-08
Best Fantasy Movies of 1987 : The Three Kings

The Three Kings

6.0/10 IMDB

The made-for-TV film stars Jack Warden, Lou Diamond Phillips and Stan Shaw as three patients in a Los Angeles-area mental institution. Dressed as the Three Wise Men for a Christmas pageant, the trio is suddenly struck with the delusion that they are really their Biblical counterparts on a quest to find the Baby Jesus. As TV cameras grind away, the three ersatz Kings surreptitiously ride out of the gates of the asylum—on camels—and into the mean streets of LA. As the story draws to its conclusion, the three escapees find themselves providing a Christmas miracle (but not in the form of rap) for a group of homeless people on the outskirts of the city.

Starring: Tiana Alexandra, Jane Kaczmarek, Richard Partlow, Lou Diamond Phillips, Art LaFleur, Kavi Raz, Charles Nelson Reilly, Pepe Serna, Stan Shaw, Tori Spelling ..
Directed by: Mel Damski
Release date: 1987-12-17

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