Best Fantasy Movies of 1984


Little Ears: The Velveteen Rabbit

7.6/10 IMDB

First published in 1922, Margery Williams' enchanting story about a toy rabbit is a classic of children's literature. This gentle rendition comes alive through Meryl Streep's soothing narration, George Winston's beautiful music score, and David Jorgensen's charming illustrations.

Starring: Meryl Streep ..
Directed by: Mark Sottnick
Release date: 1984-12-31
Best Fantasy Movies of 1984 : Furious


4.8/10 IMDB

Furious is an unexplored dimension populated by cackling sorcerers, whispering statues, fat adolescent warriors and lots and lots of live chickens. Furious is power. It’s magic. It’s a kaleidoscopic siege on the concept of storytelling. And Furious is “RED HOT KARATE ACTION! Filmed entirely on location in Southern California!”

Starring: Simon Rhee, Phillip Rhee, Howard Jackson, Arlene Montano, Loren Avedon, Peter Malota ..
Directed by: Tim Everitt
Release date: 1984-01-06

Dreams Come True

6.0/10 IMDB

Boy discovers how to dream travel. Only in this senerio he appears in real life at the location of his dreams while his "other" body lies in bed. He then teaches his girlfriend how to dream travel and together they share the adventures of their dreams.

Starring: Michael Sanville, Stephanie Shuford, Ken Charlton, Steve Charlton, Bert Kinyon ..
Directed by: Max Kalmanowicz
Release date: 1984-08-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1984 : The House of Dies Drear

The House of Dies Drear

6.6/10 IMDB

A young black man and his family move into a home in rural Ohio, and discover that during the Civil War it was used by a Dutch immigrant to smuggle runaway slaves to freedom. Soon they begin to suspect that the ghosts of slaves who passed through there are haunting the house.

Starring: Howard Rollins, Shavar Ross, Gloria Foster, Joe Seneca, Frances Foster, Hardee T. Lineham, Tichina Arnold, Kadeem Hardison, Hank Ross, Eugene Clark ..
Directed by: Allan A. Goldstein
Release date: 1984-06-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1984 : Aquaman: The Cast of the Angler

Aquaman: The Cast of the Angler

5.6/10 IMDB

The Angler claims he will use a toxin which will kill sea life unless a ransom is paid. Aquaman races to stop him.

Starring: Thomas Dewier, Thomas Farr, Jeff Klein, Gordon Goodman, Linda Phillips ..
Directed by: Thomas Farr, Jeff Klein
Release date: 1984-01-01
Best Fantasy Movies of 1984 : Blue Voodoo

Blue Voodoo

5.1/10 IMDB

A woman uses voodoo to exact vengeance on the man she loved.

Starring: Heather Young, Jean Dalton, Vanessa del Rio, Samantha Fox, Jamie Gillis, Robert Kerman, Lisa Marks, Sharon Mitchell, David Morris, Wade Nichols ..
Directed by: Armand Weston, Romeo Davis
Release date: 1984-09-30
Best Fantasy Movies of 1984 : King Dong

King Dong

4.6/10 IMDB

A spoof of King Kong, King Dong (or Lost on Adventure Island) . A young woman (Crystal Holland) runs away from home and sets off to sea with her 3 friends. Everything is fine until a battleship collides with their sailboat and leaves a young couple washed up on a prehistoric island with ferocious dinosaurs and the giant KING DONG.

Starring: Crystal Holland, Chaz St. Peters, Dee Hendrieth, Felicia Fox, Mikhael, Ken Monti, Angel Dials, Duke Shywasher, Venus Hut, Diane Speaks ..
Directed by: Yancey Hendrieth
Release date: 1984-02-19


0.0/10 IMDB

On a distant planet, descendants of a crashed spaceship are subjected to mysterious forces that cause them to age and die in just eight days. They must also live in caves to escape the bitter cold of night and the killing heat of day. One young boy is determined to find his way back to the ship that brought them there. But how will accomplish this in the short time left to him?

Starring: John Abbott, Noah Hathaway, David Comfort, Michael Mancini, Damian Cavalieri, Jay W. MacIntosh, Bill Erwin, Les Tremayne, Sam Fontana, Michael Wagner ..
Directed by: Saul Bass, Elaine Bass
Release date: 1984-10-01

The NeverEnding Story

7.4/10 IMDB

While hiding from bullies in his school's attic, a young boy discovers the extraordinary land of Fantasia, through a magical book called The Neverending Story. The book tells the tale of Atreyu, a young warrior who, with the help of a luck dragon named Falkor, must save Fantasia from the destruction of The Nothing.

Starring: Barret Oliver, Gerald McRaney, Noah Hathaway, Chris Eastman, Darryl Cooksey, Nicholas Gilbert, Thomas Hill, Frank Lenart, Silvia Seidel, Tami Stronach ..
Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen
Release date: 1984-04-05


6.2/10 IMDB

A successful businessman falls in love with the girl of his dreams. There's one big complication though; he's fallen hook, line and sinker for a mermaid.

Starring: Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy, John Candy, Dody Goodman, Shecky Greene, Richard B. Shull, Bobby Di Cicco, Howard Morris, Lowell Ganz ..
Directed by: Ron Howard
Release date: 1984-03-09

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