Best Fantasy Movies of 1963


Jason and the Argonauts

7.3/10 IMDB

Jason, a fearless sailor and explorer, returns to his home land of Thessaly after a long voyage to claim his rightful throne. He learns, however, that he must first find the magical Golden Fleece. To do so, he must embark on an epic quest fraught with fantastic monsters and terrible perils.

Starring: Todd Armstrong, Nancy Kovack, Gary Raymond, Laurence Naismith, Niall MacGinnis, Michael Gwynn, Douglas Wilmer, Jack Gwillim, Honor Blackman, John Cairney ..
Directed by: Don Chaffey
Release date: 1963-06-19

The Three Lives of Thomasina

7.2/10 IMDB

Thomasina is the pet cat of Mary McDhui, the daughter of Scottish veterinarian Andrew McDhui. When Thomasina falls ill, McDhui declares that the pet should be put down. But when Mary and her father try to bury the cat, Lori MacGregor (Susan Hampshire), who is said to be a witch, shows up and attempts to steal it.

Starring: Patrick McGoohan, Susan Hampshire, Karen Dotrice, Laurence Naismith, Jean Anderson, Matthew Garber, Denis Gilmore, Vincent Winter, Finlay Currie, Elspeth March ..
Directed by: Don Chaffey
Release date: 1963-12-11
Best Fantasy Movies of 1963 : Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising

6.9/10 IMDB

A gang of Nazi bikers prepares for a race as sexual, sadistic, and occult images are cut together.

Starring: Bruce Byron, Bruce Byron, Ernie Allo, Steve Crandell, Johnny Dodds, Bill Dorfman, Nelson Leigh, Ernie Allo, Bruce Byron, Frank Carifi ..
Directed by: Kenneth Anger
Release date: 1963-10-07

The Damned

6.6/10 IMDB

An American tourist, a youth gang leader, and his troubled sister find themselves trapped in a top secret government facility experimenting on children.

Starring: Macdonald Carey, Shirley Anne Field, Viveca Lindfors, Alexander Knox, Oliver Reed, Walter Gotell, James Villiers, Tom Kempinski, Kenneth Cope, Brian Oulton ..
Directed by: Joseph Losey
Release date: 1963-05-19


5.3/10 IMDB

“ONAN is a work about desire (masturbation) which has no object but itself. The appearance of the large egg objectifies the man's desires. After colliding with the other (a girl), the hero falls down while still holding the egg, thus caricaturing the desire of the hero.” —Takahiko Iimura (

Starring: Natsuyuki Nakanishi, Akiko Kodaira ..
Directed by: Takahiko Iimura
Release date: 1963-12-28
Best Fantasy Movies of 1963 : The Balcony

The Balcony

6.1/10 IMDB

Shelley Winters is the madame of a house where customers play out their erotic fantasies, oblivious to a revolution which is sweeping the country. When her old friend, the chief of police (Peter Falk), asks her to impersonate the missing queen in order to reassure the people and halt the revolution, she offers instead three of her customers to play the general, bishop and chief justice, all of whom have died in the revolution.

Starring: Shelley Winters, Peter Falk, Lee Grant, Leonard Nimoy, Ruby Dee, Peter Brocco, Joyce Jameson, Jeff Corey, Arnette Jens, Kent Smith ..
Directed by: Joseph Strick
Release date: 1963-03-21
Best Fantasy Movies of 1963 : Captain Sindbad

Captain Sindbad

5.6/10 IMDB

After completing his voyages Sindbad the Sailor and his hearty crew have come home to find a palace coup d'etat has occurred and his home city is being run by a brutal dictator played by Pedro Armendariz. He's got designs on the beautiful young princess, Heidi Bruhl both lustful and political.

Starring: Guy Williams, Heidi Brühl, Pedro Armendáriz, Abraham Sofaer, Bernie Hamilton, Helmuth Schneider, Margaret Jahnen, Rolf Wanka ..
Directed by: Byron Haskin
Release date: 1963-04-12

Lancelot and Guinevere

5.8/10 IMDB

In and around the castle Camelot, brave Cornel Wilde (as Lancelot) and virtuous Brian Aherne (as King Arthur) vie for the affections of lovely Jean Wallace (as Guinevere).

Starring: Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Brian Aherne, George Baker, Archie Duncan, Adrienne Corri, Michael Meacham, Iain Gregory, Mark Dignam, Reginald Beckwith ..
Directed by: Cornel Wilde
Release date: 1963-06-02
Best Fantasy Movies of 1963 : Amirat el Arab

Amirat el Arab

4.7/10 IMDB

Directed by Niazi Mostafa.

Starring: Warda, Rushdy Abaza, Wedad Hamdy, Mohamed Awad, Fouad El-Mohandes, Abdul Ghani Qamar, Ragaa Youssef, Saeed Khalil, Mohamed El Helou, Omar Afifi ..
Directed by: Niazi Mostafa
Release date: 1963-03-18
Best Fantasy Movies of 1963 : El parque de juegos

El parque de juegos

0.0/10 IMDB

The fear of playing in a park comes to life.

Starring: Domingo Dominguín hijo, Wilhem P. Elie, Luisa Muñoz Schneider, Alberto Pimienta, Cecilia Villarreal ..
Directed by: Pedro Olea
Release date: 1963-01-01

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